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Friday, November 19, 2010


New poll in the sidebar to the right. Just curious.

Episode 190 publishes today. I gotta think of something special to do for Episode 200, but that's down the road. As for today's episode, I like it, and I think many of you will as well. Enjoy.

Next week, I'm planning a double-update weekend with two "lost episodes" from the shoot at Candle's house with Addie and Malloy. The weekend after that, Maia and Catherine return to play Elefino, with the winner giving the loser 20 good whacks with the lostbets.com paddle. After that, I'm not sure. There's still another game with Ashley and Alexis, and another with Tiana and friends. Or maybe something else... I did promise to bring back Derek. But you haven't met Hollis yet. Or Kym. Decisions, decisions...


Anonymous said...

episode 200? you gotta do something new and kinky you havent delved into.

or do something classy, as far as porn goes. get a showdown of your all time favorites meeting for the first time. the pillars of lostbets. zayda, amber, addie, ugh.. well this is subjective, so everyone will make their own list.

on second thought, just do something kinky. we're not looking for mindblowing revelations. i'd like to see one of the pruder girls finger herself in the butt. heck. -pervbot

realnot said...

Sammie! We want more of Sammie! Or at least I do...

Viredae said...

I'm sure you'll think of something, but I seriously urge you to do something memorable, something on a scale bigger than you've ever done before!

Also, I loved this week's game's result.

Anonymous said...

Hi there !

Great update, and looking forward to seeing that ep200 milestone.

How about Julie going one step further (thinking of a something related to her mouth ? You get the idea) ? Would be a nice gift.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 200 episodes is on the near horizon! I’ve been around from the beginning when Lostbets was just a blog. I’ve bought about 60 episodes over the past 3 plus years.

Here’s my wild idea for a epic 200th that chronicles the 200 part journey and involves 4 girls play 3 games and forfeits. Four girls draw numbers out of a hat labeling them girl 1-4. Girl 1 and Girl 2 play Rock Paper Scissors (a tribute to episode1) until one is naked. She does a naked twirl and jumping jacks. The winner advances to play Girl 3 in a strip memory card game using your lostbets clothing cards. Loser either takes a shower or gets her bush shaved. Winner advances to the final match. It is the dice roulette game against Girl 4. Loser is the feature in the final forfeit. She is walked naked down the hotel hall (a bit of public nudity) to another room. There before a select crowd of former players and supporters she either is screwed by one of the guys or masturbates to orgasm. Oh, and while she’s at work the other two naked losers are brought in. They’re posed spread eagle wide to frame the action and the winning girl writes Lost bets 200 on their inner thighs…

Keep it up.


Red said...

@Krycek: I can't tell you how grateful I am to the long-time fans like yourself, or how much I appreciate your support and how much it's meant to me over the 3 years (!!) I've been doing this. And you know how much I love fulfilling fan requests, but I don't think there's enough time before Episode 200 to put something like that together. In fact, given the lead time to produce clip, Episode 200 will have to be either something I've got in my inventory right now, or something I might film in the next, oh, day or so.

So by the way, @realnot, this unfortunately lets out Sammy. I don't think I have anything suitable in my inventory at the moment.

But maybe I'll shoot something fresh tomorrow. When I see Kandie. And Dante. And Amber (C, not H). And between 1-3 new girls. Most of whom are fairly flexible in what they'd be willing to risk.

@Viredae: Yeah, I've already been tossing around some ideas and I think I'll come up with something good. As for the outcome of 190, it's another example of the goodness that can come out of leaving the games fair. My only regret is not having a camera that captured that one moment... if you've watched the video, you know which one I mean. Dang it.

Don't forget to vote on the new poll, if you haven't already. The results so far don't surprise me. One of my inspirations was Ernie Cline's Nerd Porn Auteur.

Anonymous said...

The spanking forfeits are getting a little old Red. There must be some different things you can come up with.

Myself said...

Episode 190 was a great game, and I loved the outcome.
The 'team'-work for the screw-your-friend in the video was nice too ;-)

I have a variation on this theme : next time you can have the girl who scores roll a dice.
1 = top
2 = skirt/pants/shorts
3 = bra
4 = panties
5 = shoes (and socks/stockings)
6 = item of her choice
The scoring girl can point one of the co-players who has to remove that item.
In case she rolls a 1 (= top), and nobody of the co-players has her top left, it automatically means 'item-of-her-choice' to be removed by the girl of choice. (same for 2 to 5 ofcourse),
That gives an interesting twist to the game. The girls can still team up, but in some cases they will have to point to a partner-in-crime since their 'victim' isn't wearing the rolled item any more.

Another interesting add could be :
6 means item of choice PLUS another roll of the dice.

Other idea : same as above, BUT the pointed-out girl may also roll the dice. If she rolls a 6, she doesn't have to remove the item, but
Possibility 1 : the pointing girl has to remove that item (or any other item left).
Possibility 2 : pointed girl may choose a co-player to remove the item (or any other item left).

Ofcourse you can also have those girls roll the dice for a 6 ...

Red said...

@Anon (please sign your posts): I must admit I'd never heard of 5 pin quoits before. Now that I have, I ordered a set. I'll use it next chance I get. Thanks!

Jack E said...

If talking about a rememberable episode - if 200, 222, 250 or whatever - I would prefer a multi-player game which gives the players realistical chances not to be the loser. Therefore the forfeits are more than the players would be willing to risk in a 50-50-game.

For example play screw-your-neighbor like in the 9-player-game with perhaps even more participants.
Play until there are at least two female and one male loser.
The first female loser is fucked by the winning guy (that one with most clothing left) - if you make it maximum the guy could choose if he prefers vaginal or anal.
The second girl to lose has to give the second-placed guy a blow job (with swallowing).
To make it interesting for the girls and riskful for the guys the losing guy is the first one to be fucked anal in Lostbets.com history. The winning girl may do that with a strap-on dildo and dominate him as she wants to.

That would be the greatest game ever as there would be competitive play, real emotions, embarrasement and hardcore action - I guess that's what most of us want to see.

As players I would of course prefer girls never been in fucking action before.

High challenge for you, Red, but in the end the outcome might be two or three videos (game + forfeits) or an extra-long-video to celebrate the jubilee!

Red said...

@Jack E: Those are some good ideas and I'll make use of what I can, but about this:

"I would prefer a multi-player game which gives the players realistical chances not to be the loser. Therefore the forfeits are more than the players would be willing to risk in a 50-50-game."

Once, I'd had the same thought, but it doesn't really work that way. If a girl is unwilling to do something like have sex with a stranger (as, oddly enough, most girls are), telling her that she's only got a 1-in-10 chance of having to do it doesn't help. If I push too hard in that direction, I run the risk of having losers refuse to honor their bet.

Red said...

P.S. As a matter of fact, screw-your-neighbor with a large group of people is exactly what I had planned. I think the forfeit might need a little work, though.

Unknown said...

I think spanking forfeits have a ton of potential but can be executed better than they are on this site, to make them more dynamic and give them a less 'scripted' feel. When you just specify the number of whacks and implement in advance, there's nothing particularly exciting or unpredictable about it; it just happens and it's over.

A better spanking forfeit would be if the winner got to put the loser over her knee, pin down her legs, and slap her butt until the winner's heart's content. This could introduce a nice little D/s element to the scene. Depending on the winner's personality, the forfeit could range from playful to kinda brutal. If there were some tension between the players, or one girl wanted "revenge" against another for a past loss, the winner could spank the loser until she was in tears and squirming from the pain and loss of control. This would be a lot hotter than "20 whacks with the paddle."

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I just bought the latest vid and really liked the spanking forfeit. Even though it was a bit scripted, the winner did a good job of making the loser regret losing. I had an idea for a different game/ forfeit you might try:

Start off with 2 girls both wearing a skimpy white t-shirt and mini-skirt with no panties. Have the girls lie next to each other on a bed, then tie both of their legs to the bottom of the bed in such a way that they can't close them. Then handcuff each girls hands to the top of the bed so each one looks like an upside down 'Y'. Maybe add in blindfolds/ gags for effect.
Now, here's the game. You have a key for each girl's cuffs at the end of a long string, and give each girl the other end of her string. And just so it's not too easy, have a 3rd person squirting ice cold water up their skirts and on their breasts. The first one to escape cuts the other one's string so she's stuck there, proceeds to cut off the rest of her clothes, and tickles the crap out of the helpless loser. And for good measure, when she's done, have her flip the loser over and give her 20 whacks.

Thanks for the great work!