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Friday, November 5, 2010

An example of what pure chance can bring

I've said a lot on this blog that I really hate to (and hence really rarely) rig the outcomes of the games. Maybe we've experienced some disappointments because of that. But sometimes, when you trust the fates and let the game be played fairly, you get great results.

Episode 188 is an example. Completely fair, and yet the outcome was as good as if I'd picked it myself. In fact, it's better than if I'd picked it myself, because I didn't even know about the one loser's special talent.

This was great, although definitely more in the category of "hilarious" than "erotic." I made the following promo, consisting of footage one camera took after the game and forfeit were over. This therefore contains SPOILERS as well as NUDITY. If you're offended by the latter, don't watch this. If you're offended by the former, buy the video, watch it, and then watch this. If you're offended by neither but like the sight of candid naked and half-naked girls, then watch away.

Please do not click these links unless you are over 18 and willing to see nudity.
Also, please right-click-save-as.
HD version (SD version coming later)


Anonymous said...

re: clip store tcp disconnects... I know you're not super involved Red, but enough that I dont feel like I am abusing your blog, either.. i've been really disappointed with the clipstore downloads.. regardless of the client i am downloading from, it's always a crapshoot if you get the whole file or not. i almost suspect the server running the website is being randomly rebooted. the server headers indicate the file size, so i (my client) can calculate the remaining total.. and then poof, the connection will close off. example, i am getting a 306 meg file, which reset at the 48 meg point. i'm almost curious enough to watch the session with a packet sniffer to see if i am getting sent a reset, but i am in wank mode, not work mode. anyways Red, just venting into the air, don't expect you can do anything about it. i know these websites are run on cheapie hardware and you just roll with what you are given. the clipstore site will have a db query hang up every here and there, while everything up til the first clip lodas.. a while later it'll be ok again. i think the clipstore is hosting a thousand other niche fetish sites though. ha! thanks for letting me be a whiner. ~OverAndOut

Anonymous said...

OverAndOut here again. I just spent another 20 minutes trying to get a single video to save... I ran a packet sniffer and did some stats for myself. It's definitely decaying, with lots of tcp retransmissions and duplicate packets. I'll stick with it until my membership runs out, but as it sits, I cannot really enjoy my lovely videos. I feel awkward posting here about it, and the reason is I know you're not directly involved, but they're using your logo and you're getting money out of my subscription indirectly, so... I am rocking the boat a little. But I am going to stop rocking now, since you're aware. Just being a frustrated customer who paid for something and can't have it. Thanks for understanding.

Myself said...

So, I'm the first to comment on your newest video.
I consider this as one of the best you produced (to my taste, ofcourse - can only speak for myself).
Loved the playful game. And loved the great - simple - forfeit. No complaints at all ;-)

Red said...

@OcerAndOut: Of course your post is not blog abuse. As you surmise, I have little direct control over what goes on at lostbetsgames.com. You're also correct that they are using my trademarks and that poor performance by them threatens to undermine a reputation for customer service that I'm honored to have earned over the last three years. You have every right to take your complaint to me, and maybe you're "rocking the boat" but you're also warning me of a problem.

(I'd be interested to see the logs of your sniff. Please email them to me, if you don't mind. Are you seeing any ICMP traffic between the failing TCP packets?)

The folks with the power to investigate and fix your technical problem are the folks who run lostbetsgames.com. I've complained to them about the distressing number of customer complaints coming from their side. They've promised me to respond to support emails more quickly, and I'd post the email address of their support staff, but the "Contact Us" link on their site appears not to be working. Terrific. You should've received a support email address or link with your subscription confirmation; hope you still got it. Please let me know how it goes, via email or blog comment, your choice. Believe me, you don't need to walk on eggshells when saying something negative. While I love all the compliments, complaints help me improve.

@Myself: I know! I was a bot bewildered by the lack of comments. I thought for sure this one would provoke comments. But I'm glad you liked it. I like it too, mainly because it was so damn much fun to shoot. To have been there to experience the energy in that room was a privileg.

UKReader said...

Hey Red.
I recall you saying a few months back that you still had an old game featuring London that you hadn't yet published. Any idea when this is going to appear? She is one of my favourites, fingers crossed it features her losing.
Also, will we see any more games featuring London or Derek?

Red said...


Yeah, sorry. I still haven't dug out the tape. Many shoots have some "lost episodes", games which were never postproduced and published because newer material took precedence. Maybe someday I'll publish a collection of these. Anyway, all of my captured footage from mid-1998 to early 1990 was lost. I still have the footage archived on tape, but I've got over 500 tapes and they're not very well-organized. I'll get around to it eventually, and when I do, you'll get a free copy by way of apology for making you wait so long.

London was supposed to return, but she was a no-show for a shoot. Derek is another story. She played a few games against Betty Jo, so you'll definitely see her again.

Anonymous said...

So excited to see Derek back again! Love her stuff. Awhile ago someone asked about Camilla and friends returning, I just wanted to add that Camilla is amazing her and Derek got me buying clips.

Major Lurker

Viredae said...

As usual, enjoying the new video, you just keep outdoing yourself, Red.

Incidentally, I happened to be looking over my files and I found an old promo for the SGU games, whatever happened to those?

Red said...

@Major Lurker: Welcome, glad you de-lurked to post. Unfortunately... well, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up unnecessarily. Let's just say that Derek hit a winning streak. She makes a great winner, but there's not a lot of her to see :(

@Viridae: It's nice to hear that I keep outdoing myself, in your eyes at least. One of my biggest goals is to keep this from getting stale, and I'm glad it's still fresh.

Ah, SGU, does that take me back. Lovely Anna, from my second shoot ever, March 3, 2007. I shot footage for four interactive games that day: Surgery, Pong, Battlestrip, and Rock-Paper-Scissors (with branching paths). Never got around to actually writing the game software (closest I came was with my toy Flash RPS vs. Mia). At this point, I doubt anything will come of it... if I decide to go interactive (which I'd really, really like to do at some point) I'll probably shoot new footage for it.