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Saturday, November 20, 2010

If you've ever fancied yourself David Letterman...

...or maybe Jon Stewart, or Barbara Walters, or any other witty interviewer, here's your chance to shine. I'm going to start doing pre- and post-game interviews with the players, and I could use suggestions for questions to ask. I've got pornographer's block here. If you've got a question you'd like to see the players answer, let's hear it.


Anonymous said...

*What's the one thing you dont wanna see happen in this round?

*Do you have any special techniques that are going to get you to win?

*Anyone you'd prefer to lose against?


*What was your thought right before that last dice roll?

*...this is hard, isnt it. you're right, red!


Anonymous said...

Ultimate Surrender does a good job with pre and post-game interviews. Check them for a sample.


Why do you look forward to getting your opponent naked?

To the loser: How did you survive the penalty?

Anonymous said...

You know, I really enjoy how some un-named australian pornographers have before and after segments with their lesbian shoots, and the girls supposedly havent met before. They show each getting ready by herself, chatting excitedly about what she's heard the other girl will be like. Afterwards they have a lovey-dovey clip with them sitting topless together on a couch, orgasm rashes covering their freckled teen faces, as they relax and ooze into the camera.

i LOVE the closeup shots you do red, and dont feel like i get enough of them. thinking back to my favorite scene ever, the taylor and camilla getting fucked.. that had quite a bit of dialogue and closeups. i would have paid double if you had caught the end with camilla closeup. sigh.

anyways this isnt a vote to bring them back (OH WAIT---); but more closeups of introspective girls thinking about stuff is hot hot hot. it makes me so hot that i reach down into my pants.. for the visa card -getty

Anonymous said...

I agree with Getty... you don't need interviews so much as you need to keeep the camera rolling after the forfeit so people can see the players talking about the experience, mentally processing what just happened, getting their breathing back to normal etc... if you do have interviews, I would say they would enhance the game more at the beginning than at the end to help us get to know the girls and what's going through their minds before the game


Anonymous said...

Loved the scenes where the girl showered off after. It's like an extra session of looking into some vulnerable private aspect, it's sweet and it's still very hot. That's always a great coda for a clip. -getty

Jack said...

I'd like to get to know the girls a bit more.
Introduce new girls, why they take part in that, what they like, what they would never do in front of the camera. Make it some kind of bonus material, so the game itself doesn't get too long.
It would have been a great thing to hear that perhaps Julie before her first game said she would never ever open her legs and some time later see that she's willing to do. And it would be interesting to have heard why she did so: Good money, more self-confidence or because some others did. Any reason would give personal information and make it all more "real". The more realistic, the better is the video in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

What Jack said.

Pre-interviews can hype the forfeit for girls who are honestly shy, but could end up as a bad acting segment for those who aren't.

On the flip-side, post interviews for girls who are less shy could show that the forfeit was more embarrassing than they thought it would be, so they could add a bit to those match ups. And if they are done while the model is still naked, then BONUS.

-Piss Tron

Unknown said...

If did not notice there a spam post in here with just a bunch of links.

Anonymous said...

Red, personally I think it'd be great to see all the players interviewed before hand (quickly) just to see how nervous they are etc (& to hype the forfeit if the girl is shy etc)... the afterwards is a quick interview with the winner to see how relieved they are (and "rub it in" to the the loser), before finally interviewing the loser, using lots of probing questions to humiliate & embarrass them further - obviously loser is asked questions whilst naked (& hogtied / covered in cream etc if the forfeit included it)

Example Questions:
[nb in all cases X refers to the specific forfeit for that game]

"Before" Interview:

"Are you worried about the thought of doing X?"
"Have you ever stripped in public before? & If not does the idea worry you?"
"How humiliated would you feel if you had to do X?"
[to a girl who's lost a streak]
"How much do you want to get revenge? Are you worried about losing again? How humiliated would you be if you did lose again"
[to a girl who's won a streak]
"Are you worried about losing given all you've done to him/her?"
"How humiliated would you be if you lost"
[for unknown forfeit]
"What's the forfeit you most dread having to do?" (could be interesting doing that in front of other girl before a game where "winner does what she likes to loser" as it might provide some good ideas)

"After" Interview:

[to winner]
"How relieved are you that you won?"
"Did you enjoy inflicting the forfeit on the loser"
"What's the best thing about winning?"
[to loser]
"How does it feel to be stripped naked & doing X on the internet?"
"How humiliating is it to know that hundreds of guys are masturbating as they watch you strip & do X?"
"Have you ever been so humiliated before in your life? If not what was worse than doing X?"
[if forfeit involves oral sex]
"What does she/he taste like? Do you like it?"
"Have you ever had to swallow so much semen"
"Have you ever licked a girl out before? Did you enjoy it?"
[to a girl who's just lost after winning a streak]
"How humiliating does it feel to be on the receiving end?"

Hope these get used - especially if you could have a Zeyda vs Ashley game w/ an audience of 1/2 dozen guys & a forfeit of bukkake for the loser.

Simon Templar

Charlie said...

If you do exit interviews with the losers, I think it's a good idea that they remain naked. And fully exposed, like made to stand with their arms at their sides, not covering, or their arms and legs spread wide while being interviewed, or tied up in a very revealing position.

Myself said...


If you're going to start with before and after interviews. I know this before and after thing from an australian adult-content website. Please give people the option to buy your clips with and without the before & after interview. I think I'm going to stick to buying the clips as they are now (without interviews).

Just my personal opinion. But since I'm not the only guy around, and other people fancy the interview idea : I appreciate your efforts to make everyone happy. Keep the variety on your site.