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Friday, November 12, 2010

Two new cuties in the mix

A couple of freshmen make their debuts against each other this week. Say hello to Maia and Catherine, who showed up to play a series of three games. Here's their first. Enjoy.


Myself said...

Awesome game and awesome forfeit too.
And this is the first in a series of 3 ? Oh my, I hardly can wait for next episode. Are the forfeits as good as this one ?

Anonymous said...

Red, some people are good at Football, some at Baseball, some play Basketball, some paint, some sculpt, some run multi-million dollar corporations. We all have a secret talent.

Yours is apparently the ability to get sexy women to let you film them taking off their clothes. I envy you. I'd get decked if I tried that. And you're a goofy looking dude, go figure.

I'd love to know what else you have in store for these two, as well as what you have in store for us in the next couple weeks. You really should post a release schedule.

~Random Guy

Viredae said...

exciting, this brings me back to the days of Tristen and Stephanie,I hope they continue with the site fora longtime.

P.S. Now I'm excited to see the other player lose a match.

Red said...

@Myself: Depends what it is about this forfeit that you found so awesome, I guess. The second game, the forfeit was twenty good whacks with the paddle. The third was winner's choice, so I consider giving away the forfeit to be a spoiler. It's something new, though.

@RG: I think that I've been blessed with many gifts, but if talking girls into playing stripping games is one them, I'm happy to use it for the good of mankind. The problem with release schedules is that I rarely know myself exactly what I'll be publishing on any given week. But I can tell you what's coming up now:

Episode 190 features Elise, Jane, Zayda, and Bijou playing basketball to one loser. The other three gang up on the loser with a whole assortment of toys from the collection I've amassed over the years.

The next week, I'm thinking of having a double-update weekend featuring two "lost" clips featuring Addie, Candle, and Malloy.

@Viridae: Well, I've just got the three of them for now, but I know either or both would love to come back. As for whether the other girl will lose... that would be telling :)

Anonymous said...

I have a love/hate relationship with double update weekends. I love that there are two videos, but my wallet aches a bit. It's more love than hate, actually.

One thing I forgot to mention. You really need to build a box or something to put the Noname machine in. Every video has one of the girls hurling the little disks off the table, and that's cheating. It's fun to watch them dive and squeal, but it can be irritating if you're hoping someone is going to lose. Or you should build in a rule where you're DQ'd if the disk goes off the table when you toss it, and it causes the game to end.

Just a thought

~Random Guy

Myself said...

What made to forfeit so awesome to me ?
Just the fact the winning girl was dominating the loser, having her way with the loser and she absolutely loved it, no doubt about that.
If the same girl wins again in the video with the paddle forfeit : I'm feeling sorry for the loser already ;-)
On the other hand : if the current loser wins in that game, she could take some revenge ;-)
Curious question : did these girls know eachother before ?

Anonymous said...

Second that! Box the noname. I prefer a little skill. Jack.

Red said...

@RG and Jack: I can't say I agree with you that throwing the puck off the table is cheating. In fact, I think it's a key element of the game. Noname strategy consists not only of shooting the right puck, but shooting a puck that will be hard for your opponent to return. It's the job of the receiving girl to play defense and try to prevent the serving player from getting a puck past her.

@Myself: I think you'll probably be happy with results of the other games. And to the best of my knowledge, these two were meeting for the first time.

Anonymous said...

[qoute] The next week, I'm thinking of having a double-update weekend featuring two "lost" clips featuring Addie, Candle, and Malloy. [/quote]

Is it as good as the sybian??? And is this weekends episode the fall of the Mighty One?

So much questions, so long to wait for the answers.


Red said...

@Pete: To be honest, no, I don't think that these two are quite as hot as the sybian was. There is a reason why some games become "lost episodes", and it's not because they're the hottest games from their sets. But I don't think they're bad per se, and one of them I really should have published long ago. (It features a foot worship forfeit, which I've had a number of requests for over the years.)

As for whether the Mighty One will fall, that'd be a spoiler. I'll tell you this, though: I tried to set it up for her to lose. I thought I'd found a way to play a completely fair game at which she would nevertheless stand no chance. I was wrong. Through a combination of skill and cunning, she put herself in a position to win. Did she? Again... that would be telling.

P.S. <blockquote> is what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I would like to join your pay site, but I'm a little unsure because I don't see any option on the site to end a subscription if I decide to cancel later. I don't want to be stuck with something for the rest of my life! How easy is it to cancel my subscription later if I want to (which probably won't be for a long time, but just for my piece of mind I'd like to know the option is easy)?


Red said...

@JP: I don't run the membership site, but they use CCBill for their billing, and I'm pretty sure that CCBill has a "universal" cancellation page that you can use to terminate any recurring billing with them. There should also be a cancellation link in the email they send you to confirm your subscription. Please let me know if you have any problems.