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Friday, February 18, 2011

Deja vu

Okay, so I'm taking a break from the clusterfuck that is the previous blog thread to announce the publication of Episode 204. It'll cause less controversy than 203 -- I hope -- and maybe have wider appeal.

One of my hottest early shoots was Mary vs. Amber in a series of games that culminated in first Amber being restrained and forced to orgasm, then Mary having the masturbate herself. When I invited them back it didn't even occur to me until much later that I was putting Mary at risk of having to masturbate herself (in episode 200), and now I'm putting Amber at risk of being restrained and forced to orgasm (in 204). History repeated itself for Mary, who ended up naked and rubbing one out for the audience next to Dante and Kamora... will it repeat itself for Amber? Will she find herself once again struggling in vain to keep from exploding in orgasm at the winner's hand?

Tune in tonight at 7:20 to find out.

Also, there's a minor change in plans to the publication schedule. Episode 205 is Maya vs. Je C, with the loser doing the nearly-naked bar walk. As I mentioned before, they encountered somebody in the elevator who was intrigued by what she saw and wanted to play. Originally, that game was going to be episode 207, but it turned out to be much shorter than I thought it would be. So instead it'll be published as 205a as part of a double-update weekend. I'll find something else to be 207.


Anonymous said...

The last episode was great. Is there any way we can get access to the older videos? Some are pretty interesting, and with only one new video a week it can get pretty repetitive. A general response to the whole audience is fine. Thanks

Anonymous said...


How close is the game in this week's episode? Are we talking a total blowout or will we get to see some private bits of the winners too?


Red said...

@Anon 2:10 (please sign your posts): I'm not sure what you mean by "access to the older vids". Do you mean ones that have already been published? All are still available at the clip store and a good many are available at lostbetsgames.com. Or do you mean older material that never got published? I'm working on it. I'm putting together a collection of "Lost Bets B-Sides", featuring videos that for one reason or another never got published. Includes some girls we haven't seen in literally years.

@PN: Sadly, no. One of the players was significantly worse than the others ("EASTF?") and as a result neither of the other two even showed a boob.

realnot said...

Enjoyed this one, because all three girls are hot. Unfortunately the game wasn't very close, and the one girl that I wanted to see barely lost anything. Hopefully you have some more games with her in the future.

Red Baron said...

Hey Red,
You have any questions for me about the Anna footage? I'll be happy to give you any help you need.

Anonymous said...

Loved the game, and the forfeit was pretty hot. A couple minor quibbles, though:
First, it seemed as though some angles were shot with significantly lower quality cameras, which didn't bother me TOO much, but still a little weird.
Second, I really didn't care for the "over-the-shoulder" camera trying to see the words. It wouldn't be too hard in post to just add the letters at the bottom of the screen in the original order, then show the correct word when the time is up (or the player correctly guesses it), would it?

Overall, though, I'm glad I spent the money on this one, but I would have liked to see a few more tits.


GreenMonster89 said...

In her previous appearances, Amber had the worst luck. She lost almost every game she played, but she was always a good sport about it. Hopefully her luck changed this time around. I guess I'll have to buy this clip to find out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

in one of the last post there was suggested dance to music.
This has great potential. It would be great if you could have a game with two female losers. The two losers have to do a lap dance contest. You have a jury of three guys they choose which lap dance was best.
The girl with the worse performance has to do another forfeit like getting tied up and forced to an orgasm.


Anonymous said...

This episode was great using the leg spreader again would be fantastic.
I have a suggestion using it:
You tie the losing girl up with the leg spreader, then the winner begins to tickle her asshole. The winner can also spread the losers cheeks with the other hand so she has better access to tickle her mad.
This was suggested a time ago.
What do you think of it?

Red said...

@realnot: Believe me, you're not the first one to notice that a certain girl did not show much. There is other material featuring her. But so far, I'm not happy with the quality of the videos that have gone through post. (It's not the video quality, it's the quality of the game and/or forfeit. Things don't always work out.) But I'm pretty sure I've got at least one good video where she loses, and I'll get it published ASAP.

@Matt: One of the cameras was indeed worse than the others, but this is the last shoot when it'll be used. Got something better to replace it.

The "over-the-shoulder" cam was actually way up high, on a loft. I was worried that the little LCD displays wouldn't show well on film. What did everyone else think?

I'm sorry you didn't get to see more tits, but that's one of the risks of playing fair games. Alas.

By the way, "minor quibbles" are exactly what I want to hear. If they're minor, they're usually easy to fix :-)

@GreenMonsterGuy: You do know that you can highluight the spoiler on the Clips4Sale page to see who won, right? And whether or not the outcome is what you hoped for, I hope you liked it anyway. And by the way, I'm going to ask some of my girls if they'd be willing to risk losing their hair. I doubt it, but we'll see.

@Panther: Nice idea! I'll do it, once I have some good music. But how do two girls give simultaneous lapdances with three guys? Maybe a total of three songs, with the girls rotating between the guys, with one guy sitting out each dance?

@Ravenfan: Actually, I've already filmed a game where the loser was attached to the leg spreader and tickled, including on her asshole. It's one of the not-so-great videos I told realnot about. In this case, the leg spreader wasn't nearly wide enough. It held her ankles apart, but she could still close her knees, and she did. Sigh. Gonna have to try again... maybe when Ashley's here next week.

GreenMonster89 said...

Red, I know all about highlighting the spoiler to find out who wins the games. Most of the time, that's what I do. Other times I don't want to know until I watch the clip. As for this clip, I know who won but won't comment at this time so not to spoil it for someone else.

GreenMonster89 said...

Forgot to mention this: good luck with finding two girls willing to risk their hair. Keep in mind when I say shaved bald, I mean bald. I'm talking razor and shaving cream bald.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I read in the previous post that Ashley Edmonds is scheduled to do a shoot with you this week. A while back you said you were buying some machines like Kink uses on their site. If you've received those machines, Ashley would be a GREAT contestant to introduce those machines as a forfeit on LostBets. The Sybian forfeit you had a while back is a classic!


Red said...

@Green: Of course I knew that you knew how to reveal the spoilers... I was trying (and apparently failing) to be funny. And whether or not it met your expectations, I hope you liked it anyway.

It's going to be really, really tough to get the girls to do a head shave, but again, I'll ask. BTW, eyebrows might be a problem, for the simple reason that they can't be covered by a wig.

@Gordon: You'd better believe it! I've got two brand-new (and rather pricy) toys that I will get to see in action in a mere 4 days. And whether Ashley ends up on the receiving end or is working the controls, I can't think of a better girl to be there for it.

Anonymous said...

Red, LOVED the forfeit on this one. She's easily my favorite loser, I love how she resists her fate until the bitter end. Keep up the good work! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I have an idea for a game/forfeit. You play a game with a timer (doesn't matter what game). One you already played so you know about how long it takes, say 30 minutes. You add 5 or 10 minutes and play. And when someone is naked, they continue playing, but if they lose another round of whatever you're playing, they have to do a short...activity/forfeit, like being paddled for a minute, or ten swats. This continues till time (remember the timer?) runs out, with the other players playing normally. And then you may or may not have a forfeit (since you basically already had one/a couple. This would probably require so tinkering/rigging to get the time right (the timer part).


Anonymous said...


This is an in game thing. You have a series of spinners. One lists clothes (shirt, pants, bra, underwear), the other, a series of mini forfeits (twirl, pose, jiggle your boobs, jump uP and down ten times, ect.). If you lose a round, you spin both. If it lands on shirt and twirl, you take your shirt off and twirl. If you already took that peice of clothing off, you could have to spin again, or be spared the stripping (this would be a game rule, if you land on a piece of clothing you already removed, you don't have to strip that round).
Additionally, if the clothing item is under another (you land on bra, but your shirt is still on, you could have to take off
your shirt, take off your bra, (do the mini forfeit) and put your shirt back on (or do the mini forfeit here).
Also, if it is a game where you choose who strips (like that one game of strip basketball a while back, if you made the shot, you chose who striped), that could be another spinner (a spinner with every players names on it).


Anonymous said...

more Camilla, Taylor and Niclole.
find them, whatever it takes!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Strip truth or dare. Two players, normal T or D rules. However, if you are unwilling to do/answer the dare/question, you strip. (insert forfeit of your choice here) (For three or more players, you could go in a circle. (Player one does it for player two, two for three, ect))

Or, after you lose a round, you strip and do a dare from another player, winning player, whatever.

What do you think?


Mindworm said...

Reply to Logan:

I suggested something like this a long time ago, and Red said he would consider doing it. Once there was a great site called DareRing, where they gathered 5-6 girls (or sometimes 4-5 girls and 1-2 guys), and they played several rounds. The first one was a truth-round, but the others were dares. They drew cards, and had to perform the action written on these cards, and those actions got more and more daring throughout the rounds. There were mild dares like using the marker on someone, or popping a balloon between two people, and there were more daring cards like "If you're not already naked, you may remove one item of clothes, but if you are naked, a player (roll the die) has to perform oral sex on you for 30 seconds. These games lasted quite some time, and Red wanted some ideas on how he could do it. I sent him some ideas, I think it must have been a year or so ago, on how it could be done with 4 players, making the game faster, but never got a reply. I have still hopes that he would make something like this, as the DareRing site was fun and sexy and unique, and not too different from what Red is already doing, so I think this kind of game would fit excellently with his other games.