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Friday, February 25, 2011

Haven't had one of these in awhile...

Way, way a long time ago, episodes 030 and 036 both had epilogues. I published then as 030a and 036a respectively, but havne't had a "-a" episode since. That changes this week, with Episode 205 today being followed by 205a tomorrow.

It was the nearly-naked bar walk I've used a few times lately, but with a bit of a twist. We actually encountered somebody in the elevator who was interested in playing, and she came back to the room with us. Her first game is the epilogue. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I think the dance competition suggested could run like this:

Each girl does a single dancing performance in front of the jury. When shes finished it's the other girls turn and after both performances the jury votes.

The girl with the worse performance has to do another forfeit like getting tied up and forced to an orgasm.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea using the leg spreader without the problem of the girl closing her knees:
I think you should tie up her thighs to the bedposts so she can't move her thigs downwards and you must tie up also her feet so she can't move forward. I hope I haven't forgotten something. I would suggest you should attempt it before the shooting. Tie her a way she can't close her knees. I think there are some ways.

I find the idea with the timer of Mori is great. It would be more risk for the losing girls because they could suffer multiple forfeits as long as the timer runs.
Please do this.

What do you think of it?

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated to this week's clip, but I have four words...Please bring back London. She's wicked hot. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't complain if Berenika came back again. For that matter, I would not mind if Julie came back, especially if she continues to do more explicit work.


Red said...

@Panther: That sounds like a great idea. It also sounds like the sort of thing that could work really well in some sort of live, Internet-streamed event. Hmmm.

@Ravenfan: I'm sure that we will find a way to effectively utilize the leg spreader. Maybe when Lily comes back next month with her tall redheaded friend with the natural DDs. Or perhaps when Julie and Claire return; we're talking about making that happen later in March.

I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of the timer. I think it could encourage slow play on the part of losers, and also be maybe anticlimactic. But there are other ways of having losers keep on playing and keep on doing more and more (and riskier and riskier) forfeits. I'll work it into something soon.

@Dignan: I completely agree with you about London's total hotness. However, I tried to get her back and she was a no-show, with her excuse being, if I recall, that she had partied too hard the night before and was hung over. I might give her a second chance... but I'll definitely make her do some sort of on-camera penance for her transgression.

@Hugh: As said above, Julie and I are talking about her coming back. As for her doing more explicit work, would seeing her receiving a strap-on in the shower suit you? Wait for episode 208. Berenika I haven't heard from in awhile, but I can try to look her up.

Anonymous said...

i take it Nicole, Camille, and Taylor are not available?


UKReader said...

Hey Red.
Loving all the latest episodes.
I was just wondering if you'll ever be uploading longer preview clips to Daily Motion again? I remember finding the Derek and Gina series of clips there and following Lost Bets ever since.
Also, I second the return of London but she should definitely get a punishment for her hang over no show. I think that a severe paddling followed by a near naked bar walk would be a good one. Imagine the extra embarrassment of have a nice red ass in that tiny little thong!

Anonymous said...

I think with Ashley as winner the girl wouldn't have closed her knees during the legspreader forfeit. I'm sure Ashley would have done everything, that she can't or won't close her knees. For example she could have said: "Ok honey if you're not willing to let us see everything by closing your knees I will tickle your bottom of feets as long as you stay your knees closed.
Please please make a very good Spreaderbar forfeit.
P.S. you could also tie up a girl with her feet above her head and her feet spread wide this would be also a great view.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
what about the Forfeit-Memory game suggested a time ago?

DaC said...

Do we have to wait for #208 for that Julie game or can it move up to be the new #207? Is Sammy also in it?

Red said...

@CAFan: I'm trying, I'm trying. I've gotten sooo many requests for all three to come back that believe me, I'm doing my best.

@UKReader: Longer previews to DM, got it. I stopped doing it (and YouTube promos, too) since both sites started getting a bit persnickety about my content, but I'll try again. I'm trying to figure out this Face-Book thing, which I understand all the kids use these days to share video, and I'll put promos up there once I've got it going.

Excellent ideas for London's punishment. Especially the near-naked bar walk, which I think works even better with larger, fleshier girls who have more skin to be on display behind the teeny thong and duct-tape pasties.

@Legspreaderfan: The spreader will be getting a good workout in the future, believe me. And I definitely like the idea of the forcibly held-apart legs being tied above the girl's head. Lemme think about logistics.

@Anon 3:45 (please sign your posts): It's on my list of things to do, but didn't make it to the last shoot. In general, things that require more elaborate prep or props (like making additional memory cards) probably will take me a little longer to get to than simpler ones.

Speaking of the last shoot, that went down on Friday. It was a mixed bag: we only got to four games, which means we didn't do several of the forfeits and games I'd haped to do, but the four games themselves were all excellent. New girls Lucretia and Natalia fit in just fine with Ashley, Zayda, and Elise, and I'm looking forward to bringing the results to you guys.

@DaC: Yes and no. The video will still be episode 208, but you won't have to wait for it: it'll be published as part of a double-update weekend with 207. In general, when I have a video that I think a large number of people might find disappointing, my new plan is to make it part of a double-update weekend.

So why do I think people might find 208 disappointing? Mainly for the game, which wasn't much of one. It was Julie head-to-head vs. Mika, with the forfeit being winner's choice. The thing is, Julie and Mika had been dating for a few weeks, and when she heard that the winner got to do whatever she wanted to the loser, Mika told Julie that if she won, she intended to re-enact on camera the first time they had sex, which involved Mika drilling Julie with a strap-on in the shower. After that, the game was pretty much a formality. Julie was excited and horny, distracted, and not particularly motivated to win.

(There were also some video quality issues. As she's tended to do when stretching her limits, Julie refused to let me be there filming it. Instead, cameras were held by Julie's friends Vince and Jaime, neither of whom was an experienced cameraman. It shows.)

Anyway, that's the main reason I've sat on this footage for so long. But Julie really is a cutie, and it's not fair of me to keep this to myself. But for the sake of those who find a really competitive game important, I'll publish it alongside something else.

Anonymous said...

Red, you read my mind with the near-naked bar walk comment. I was re-watching Chrissy and Kym and thought if Kym had lost, there was no way she was hiding those beauties behind duct tape! They would have been swinging free! Still, a great clip. Krycek

Red said...

Wow. Guys, I dunno what I was on when I watched the rough cut of the video that would become Episode 208, but my impression of it was completely bogus. Far from being a disappointment, this is some seriously hot shit. I think you'll like it.

Anonymous said...


I was browsing lostbetsgames.com and I couldn't find a price per month. Can you tell me it?


Red said...

You can find out their prices by clicking the "join now" link and choosing a method of payment. For the record, I have no control over the prices they charge.

(Also for the record, if you choose to subscribe, if you do so by clicking the "Visit our sister site" link above, I get a bigger cut of the revenue. Just sayin'.)

Anonymous said...

I liked both of these, but you hadn't commented on them, so I copied them over.


This is an in game thing. You have a series of spinners. One lists clothes (shirt, pants, bra, underwear), the other, a series of mini forfeits (twirl, pose, jiggle your boobs, jump uP and down ten times, ect.). If you lose a round, you spin both. If it lands on shirt and twirl, you take your shirt off and twirl. If you already took that peice of clothing off, you could have to spin again, or be spared the stripping (this would be a game rule, if you land on a piece of clothing you already removed, you don't have to strip that round).
Additionally, if the clothing item is under another (you land on bra, but your shirt is still on, you could have to take off
your shirt, take off your bra, (do the mini forfeit) and put your shirt back on (or do the mini forfeit here).
Also, if it is a game where you choose who strips (like that one game of strip basketball a while back, if you made the shot, you chose who striped), that could be another spinner (a spinner with every players names on it).



Strip truth or dare. Two players, normal T or D rules. However, if you are unwilling to do/answer the dare/question, you strip. (insert forfeit of your choice here) (For three or more players, you could go in a circle. (Player one does it for player two, two for three, ect))

Or, after you lose a round, you strip and do a dare from another player, winning player, whatever.

What do you think?


Also (this is from me), I loved Strip Win Lose or Take It Off. Could you make another?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Has Amy from the 200th Spectacular filmed any other videos with you?


Anonymous said...


I hope you don't mind, I've re-sent a few emails which seem to have "slipped through the cracks" and gone un-answered. Your vids are over-all very good, and I've bought a few recently/

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

would LOVE to see julie risk getting the Dante treatment in a future episode insetad of a strap on.

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a good idea, Julie vs Mika with Dante getting his way with the loser.

Anonymous said...

no. no mika.
anybody but mika.

Red said...

Hi, folks. Sorry for the delayed responses.

@Kyle: I'm working on games similar to what Logan and Bare suggested. I'm especially eager to get the "microforfeit" idea going, since at least one of 'em will let me feel up the girls :) Also, Win Lose or Take It Off worked out pretty well but I managed to break my easel. I'll get a new one and do it again. (Was Ashton's guess of "Sit on my face and tell me that you love me" awesome, or what?)

@Marcus: I'm not sure but I don't think so. I'll ask her.

@SimonTemplar: Nope, I don't mind that you re-sent me some stuff. As long-timers well know, I have this annoying habit of dropping off the face of the planet and ignoring emails from time to time. Worse, when it comes time to catch up, I use a kind of LIFO approach, meaning that mail that's been ignored for a long time tends to stay that way. Your best bet is to pester me until I finally answer.

(Of course I still haven't actually answered the emails you re-sent. Today, promise.)

@Three Anons (please sign your posts): Look, I'd love to see that too, but I don't know how likely it is. Julie has loosened up a lot (a whole lot) over the last couple of years, but every time I ask she still adamantly refuses boy/girl. I'll keep working on her, though.