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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A pregnant pause

Sorry for the delayed blog post, but episode 203 is live. Discuss.


Jim153 said...

Well, I must say I had EXTREME doubts about this clip at first. Two things entered my mind: First, it may be hot seeing a pregnant girl put on a strap-on and bang out Ashley. Secondly, how weird it would be to see a pregnant girl get banged out in any fashion. But for whatever reason, probably because I'm a perv (lol), I found it super sexy. Don't know why, and I feel a little bad about myself because of it. Keep the clips of unwilling women having to do terrible things coming!
Oh, and keep it as sexual as possible. It makes it so much more intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I had to skip this one. A pregnant girl getting screwed is just not very sexually exciting to me, infact very much a turnoff. And call me a prude, but I had felt to this point the site had always been a fun, exciting place with some sexy girls and really creative games and occassional storylines, but there is such a thing as going to far and for me this was it. Just hope the unborn child never sees this video in the future, who knows how much that will warp them. I am also sorry because this breaks up my Ashley collection, I usually buy everything she is in, win or lose, but just can't on this one. Look to each their own and I will be back in the coming weeks to see what's next, I enjoy the site and there is not much I will object to, but hurting another in any fashion especially a unknowning, unconsenting unborn child is getting into really, really dark territory here.

Jack E. said...

I think the anon poster above did not see what this was really about... No one was hurt here! Of course it might be not good for the child to see this in some years. But isn't that the same with all vids here? Any future child of any of the losing girls will not be happy about what is shown here. I would not be happy to see a video of my mother do sexual things (no matter with whom). Is that what we have to argue about? Nobody was forced to do this or is forced to buy this.

In fact, I bought it and it was different but I will not put it to my favourites. The game is not really a game because it is too obvious who will win it. A strap-on put over jeans is not sexy at all. And the loser being tied up does not really help getting a good view on the loser...

brucemich said...

I gotta say that I also believe this was a really bad idea for a video. I guess it is all a matter of taste, but I always liked that "Lostbets" was sexy and naughty, not really sick and twisted, there are plenty of sites for that kind of thing that will go as far as anyone wants to go. But a girl who looks like she should give birth any minute. That's getting close to that sicko area. What's next kiddy porn, this was almost infant porn. I will not buy this video either for a couple reasons although I'm sure the video will find some audience. The fact that no one was forced to do this video is not the point and actually not acurate either, how about the yet to be born kid who was kind of forced along on the ride. Well, I'm sure you will find as many opinions on this subject as there are people out there, but as someone who has spent alot of money here and at other sites. bad show Redd.

UKfan said...

Hmm, seems we're 50-50 on this so far! I agree with Jack E - bought it, thought it was ok but not one of my favourites - definitely enjoyed it more than I thought (she's pretty hot, any chance of having her back in a few months?)

Btw to those saying this is sick, hey everyone's entitled to their opinion, but remember we all draw the line in a different place. Personally, since lots of people have sex during pregnancy, seeing it on lostbets doesn't bother me. And I'm not sure we can say things are suddenly twisted after the pussy pump...

Red, just curious - how have the sales gone for this clip?

LilBiGrrl said...

I'm wondering how women (other than myself) feel about these comments and the vid...?

For myself, having been pregnant (and working on it, again!), I find pregnancy to be very arousing... some women (myself included) feel very sexy when pregnant. I've never understood comments from female friends about how their mates don't want to have sex with them once they start showing, or freak out over the thought that there's a baby in there. Uhm... since when does the penis reach all the way into the uterus?!

Both partners were willing, no one was hurt (nope, not even the unborn babe...) Sure, in our current, sexually repressed society the baby might have some issues with the thought that mum was being sexual when she was pregnant, but comeon - how do you think babes are made in the first place?! (Well, okay, maybe not with strapons, but still!)

Kudos to Red, for not being a sexual stick in the mud and recognizing that women are sexy in all shapes, sizes, and fertility modes... Speaking of... when can we expect to see girls at that time of the month?? ;)

Red said...

Holy mackerel. I thought this episode might be a bit controversial, but I had no idea. I wonder if I could stoke the flames by somehow tying this to the abortion debate, get a link from one or more of the major political blogs, and increase my traffic a thousandfold.

Nah, better not.

First things first: old timers might remember awhile ago I talked about an ex of mine who might be interested in playing. Nothing came of it, because it turns out that her mouth was writing checks her pussy couldn't cash. Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet LilBiGrrl. Please taunt her all you'd like for not walking the walk.

Now, as to 203, my attitude towards it is very similar to @Jack E's and @UKFan's: good, maybe even very good, but not a favorite. I think I kinda outsmarted myself by picking a game I figured Ashley would win without considering the consequences of her dominating, leading to the strap-on-over-pants problem.

@brucemich and @Anon (please sign your posts): It's one thing for a video of this type not to be to your liking, but you seem to be going beyond that, to suggesting that this video shouldn't have been made or crossed a boundary into poor taste. While I respect your opinion, I also must respectfully disagree.

I believe (and any OB/GYN readers, please correct me if I'm wrong) that sex is safe for both mother and fetus through all stages of pregnancy. Certainly Rainy was unconcerned, and her husband didn't look like he'd been going without, and I'm pretty sure I would've heard if their daughter had been born with a giant divot in her head. So there wasn't a question of physical risk to either of them.

As for whether little Rainette will be traumatized by this video, well, I don't honestly see much difference between "mommy was in a porno while she was pregnant with me" and "mommy was in a porno before she was pregnant with me" or even "momy was in a porno after she was pregnant with me." You do know that lots of these girls are moms, right? Whether or not she ever learns of the existence of this video, I hope Rainy's daughter grows up with a healthy and positive attitude towards sex, but then again, I hope that everybody's sons and daughters grow up with healthy and politive attitudes towards sex.

One of my top values in doign lostbets.com has always been variety. I think the female body is beautiful in all sorts of forms and have tried to make the LB palette as diverse as possible. And call me old-fashioned, but I really do think moms-to-be have a special beauty of their own. I had a chance, and I took it, and I'm not sorry I did.

@UKFan: The sales have not been bad, and as I write this, it's at #2 on the hot clips list. It's not my fastest selling episode by any means, but it's doing better than last week's.

This was filmed several months ago, so Rainy might be up for a rematch. (Lactating, too, I bet... yeah, probably pushing some boundaries there again.) In the meantime, there's one more video featuring these two. But maybe I'll publish it as part of a double-update weekend so those who find the subject matter distasteful can still get an update.

Jasont said...

Hello Redd

I'm not a OB/GYN, but I am a doctor and generally there is nothing wrong with a woman having sex in an adavanced state of pregnancy, but the strap on issue could bring up other complications, and how intense the sex was could also possibly generate issues, but all of these are highly, highly unlikely. Infact, there are some studies showing some positives to sex during pregancies. I think your critics larger issue here was that your site to date has been very sexy, full of mischief and even had air of innocense in some videos. In short, it was different than alot of other sex sites while they may be hot as hell, they often come across as a little perverse and ugly. LB had generally stayed away from that impression to date. This video is definantely not of that vain. At least I think that is what these people feel. As far as what women think, I'm sure it's mixed as well. My girl friend thought you went too far. The lady who posted on here thought it ok and I agree with her that sex is the only reason any of us are here. However, I would also point out that being rammed by another woman
with a plastic dildo is not actually the same thing as pro-creation, so I don't think that argument hold up here. As for the
child's future mental state, well it would be hard to say that any sex video regarding either of its parents would be a good idea for viewing and this lady might have to deal with that one day. But, your statement about a healthy view of sex is right on the money, although I hardly think our society is sexually repressed as the one poster stated. You did post this video afterall, people are free to view it, and I assume there have been no cops knocking down your door. Finally, (and I will shut up after this)I won't buy the video partly because of my girlfriend's objections, and partly because I differ with you on one other point, I just don't find pregenant women all that sexy.
This pregenant girl is probably very attractive, but sorry sexy and with child just don't go together for me. During my marriage years ago, I was blessed with two children, and while their births were great events in my life, the nine months prior were among the most difficult and stressful I have ever had, and that so called woman's glow they have during that time, sorry I never saw it, saw alot of other things, but never, ever a glow.

brucemich said...

Dear Red

This is Brucemich, I wish to point out that I never said during my post that you should never have filmed this video. In fact, no one said or even suggested that other than you. Actually, I believe that I and the person who posted anonymously complimented your site. No one has stepped on your freedoms here, so please put the bill of rights back in your pocket. Yes, I and apperently some others believe the video was below "Lost Bets" normal standards, you and others don't believe so, and that is your right. It's your site, do whatever you want, but don't put words in my mouth. Afterall, this is nothing new, hell there are sites devoted almost entirely to sex with pregenant women and other things. You are hardly breaking new ground here. As I and some others here tried to point out that we thought "Lost Bets" was sexier, hotter and better than the other sites without going down this kind of road. We were obviously very wrong, and I now wish I would have just went about my business and not made the mistake of offering an opinion. Please excuse me, I will not make that mistake again.

Anonymous said...


"What's next kiddy porn, this was almost infant porn." Your exact words. Hell you even claimed the unborn child was an unconsenting participant. You later say "I never said [or suggested]...you should never have filmed this video." So you're saying you fully support the creation of what you classify as near-kiddy porn...

Take responsibility for your words, or retract them. Or you can do the really immature thing and take your toys and go home. Regardless of your decision, Red didn't put words in your mouth. Learn the difference between that, and calling you out on what you say. You definitely don't have it figured out right now.


GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, still keeping up the good work I see. Since pregnant women are not my thing, and in this case an extremely pregnant woman, I will be passing on this clip. This clip to me is for people into that particular fetish (pregnant girls). If that's your thing, go for it. It's not mine though.
I also have an inquiry on an old suggestion and am curious about the status of that suggestion. I'm still waiting for what I'm calling the Holy Grail game/forfeit, or what some others would probably call the mission impossible game/forfeit. This would be the clip where two girls play until one is naked and then the winner shaves both the loser's head and pussy bald and then vibrates the loser to climax. Any chance of that happening?

realnot said...

Well, since everyone else is offering their opinions, I'll offer mine. I don't find pregnant women very sexy, but there's nothing wrong with people who do. There is not a health or ethics issue here, so it's just a matter of taste. Just like every week, I get to vote with my wallet. In this case I voted against, but many people obviously voted in favor.

realnot said...

Also, any chance you're going to do a tease/denial shoot at some point? I've mentioned it before and you seemed intrigued. I'd love to see some girls play a game of Memory with a butterfly vibrator strapped in, controlled by the other girl. Competitors are not allowed to make the other girl orgasm, but anything else is fair game.

Anonymous said...

The people who think this clip shouldn't have been filmed or was going into "dark territory" are fucking idiots. Period.

It's people like you who are keeping our society repressed, who are keeping us from advancing to the point that other nations are in so many fields, that are spouting old wives tales and morals that should have been abandoned decades ago, like the rest of the civilized world has.

People have sex all the time while pregnant. Does this make a vast amount of fathers-to-be terrible people?

And I just have to lol at the fact that you consider someone having consensual sex with a pregnant woman to be dirtier or worse than a chick getting screwed by two guys at once, or a guy fucking a random chick while his girlfriend watches, or two girls going down on a guy while he covers them with his cum, or people being collared and forced to act like animals, all of which are far, far more "worse" on the typical "morality" scale.

Clearly you people have been extremely repressed and need psychological treatment by a psychologist who is not from 1800's America, who will help you greatly.

Oh, and yes, you both did basically say he shouldn't have shot it.

Red, keep up the videos and there's nothing you've shot so far that even touches on "bad" or "immoral" or "dark".

Ales said...

Hey the one guy just felt doing this kind of video was in bad taste, he did not tell Red he could not publish the video, show me where he said that. He compared it to some uglier kinds of things, and that is his right. The people who call this guy an idiot are even bigger idiots. I don't know, they may be right, maybe pregenant women should be off limits, I honestly don't have much of an opinion on the subject, never thought about it. But, I doubt that anyone who visits sites like these including myself is in any kind of position to take the morale
high ground. We may all be headed straight to hell. Also, Red is not some porno Thomas Jefferson here defending our rights, he is a pornographer trying to make a buck, so let's call it what it is.
Put all the soap boxes down. I did not see these people who didn't like the video(or the idea or it) stoop to calling anyone names until the the one poster did and I followed suit. I thought this thread was for posting opinions good or bad here. Red, if you want only positives comments then don't make the comments section available. Also I would say that anyone that thinks our country is repressive then go spend time in other countries. I severed three tours in Iraq and if anyone was doing what Red doses, we would have
found Red's body in one place and his head entirely in another. And I mean both heads, the one on his shoulders and one in his pants, literally. Think our society is repressed, then go to the middle east, we have freedoms galore here even for porn. All this mess being said, I bought the video, and let me put it this way, ever went to a movie and came out wanting your money back. Well that was my experience here. Sorry, this girl is probably very attractive under other circumstances, but a big yikes here. I bought it for the novelty, but that wore off real quick and I will never buy anything involving a pregenant woman ever again, plus the game, which is often one of the best parts of the video, was in short,
"it sucked". For all you guys who like pregenant women enjoy, it's all yours. To end this, the only reason I defend the people who disliked this video, especially since you Red, and others came after them with a meat cleaver, is that there are still some out there that believe a pregenant woman and a new life coming into that world are scared things, maybe even holy things, and that a video of a woman getting it put to them by another woman with a rubber dick, violates that, damages that, degrades that. Again, I don't know if I agree with that at all. After my military service and years of working in the general public, I
seriously doubt that there is anything much noble or scared about
the human race, it's all pretty ugly, I've seen alot of bad stuff.
People will always do what they will and what they want, and justify it somehow, I supect people who makes these videos, appear in these videos, buy or don't buy these videos do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

You know I thought this was a open forum, where you could express an thought without being attacked. But since it's not, here goes. First, let's establish you thing, I bought the vid and love it, hey Ashley fuck her good and hard. Hey Red since anything goes, since it's been a couple of months is the baby ready to be in a video yet, let's get mom, dad and baby together with Ashley, maybe she can give it to them all. Next, this clown saying what LB can post and what they can't. I read his post and he compared it to kiddy porn, it is a very long leap to compare this video to kiddy porn, but it's equaly a long leap for you to compare it to this guy saying the video should not be released. Talk about not taking responsibility for your words, you are the definition of it. Another guy is calling them an idiot. I guess you don;t believe in free speech, because that is what he did and you attacked him for it. You couldn't just say that you disagreed, but you insulted him. It amazes me how many claim they believe in free speech, until someone disagrees with them. Then all the sudden they are not so much about free speech. Also, this repressed thing is so laughable. I live in a town the size of Mayberry, we have three strip joints and an adult book store. There are adult books, videos and shows everywhere and all over the internet. So it's a repressed society because you can't do your old lady from behind at Walmart, that makes it repressed. And all this self righteous bull on both sides. IF you don't like it, fine don't buy it, and if LB can man up
enough you should be able rip them a new one on the blog without being attacked by the other customers, and the other customers should be able to defend their rights to watch it, buy it and praise it's artistic values without you throwing morality in their face. As for Red, I have no doubt that the guy would post a video of Mother Mary taking it up the backside by a roman solldier beneath Jesus on the cross if he thought he could sell it. He is not curing cancer here, he is not gonna win a noble prize. The line about the "Porno Thomas Jefferson"
was funny and makes a good point. He is selling porn for people to get off on for whatever reason they may have and I love it .
Don't like it, make comments if you
want, and stick to your guns regardless of what the narrow minded say, but then go to a another site or change the channel and move on. For all my fellow porn lovers, by all means defend your opinions, but if you got to also defend the opinions of those who disagree with you just as hard, otherwise you are a hypocrite and none of your arguments hold any water. Under any circumstances move on, the last thing I come to this site for
is anything of a serious nature, and this has all been so serious.
Maybe this vid wasn't the best move Red ever made, but then again
from a business stand point maybe it was. Controversey sells, plain and simple, it's been proved many times. Maybe Red is a genius, "Wiley E. Coycote, Super Genius". Going for a light moment there folks, and I come here for light, for fun, I have enough serious in all my other parts of my life or just watching the news. I come here to have fun, so everybody chill out. When I go to one of our locale disrobing establishments here in town, my friend often in tow says "We going to a PTA meeting", I'll let you guess what PTA stands for in this case. That's all this site is for me another PTA meeting, that's all it should be for anyone.

GayGuy said...

LilBiGrrl wrote, "Speaking of... when can we expect to see girls at that time of the month??"


I love it when losers have to do someothing they're REALLY uncomfortable doing. On this site, it might be a completely straight girl going eating out another girl for the first time. But I'd love it if a completely gay, neverbeenwithawomanbefore guy had to go down on a woman during her period. Not sure if there are health concerns with that, though.

The audience for this would likely be way too small, but my fantasy: two teams, one a straight couple, the other a gay guy and a lesbian. If the straight couple wins, the lesbian services the guy while the gay boy services the woman. If the gay team wins, the straight guy gives a blowjob while the straight woman performs cunnilingus.

Probably wouldn't please anyone else here, but I'd buy it.

Red said...

@Jasont: Thanks for the medical opinion, and I'm glad that it confirms that I didn't put anybody at serious risk. Also, thanks for the candid assessment of your ex-wife's pregnancies. I lolled. But c'mon, "rammed by another woman with a plastic dildo?" This is LB. We settle for nothing less than the highest quality latex, glass, or silicone for our dildos.

@brucemich: I'm sorry that you took my post as an attack, which it wasn't intended to be. It's up to you whether you choose to keep your opinions to yourself in the future, but I hope that you do not. I appreciate critical feedback even more than I appreciate compliments, and if you have any criticism of LB in the future I really hope you share it.

@PN: Thanks for the defense.

@GreenMonster: Believe me, I haven't forgotten your idea. It's just that it'd be very hard to pull off, mainly finding willing players.

What do other people think? Would you like to see a girl risking total hairlessness (hey GM: eyebrows too?) or would you think that went too far?

@realnot: It's exactly that sort of "vote with your wallet" concept that made me prefer the clip store model over the subscription model. I don't want people to buy videos they'll find unappealing.

As for the butterfly-vibe memory, thanks for reminding me of it. Maybe I can use it in a shoot I'm putting together for March. I'd better order some props.

@Anon 2/15 1:13 (please sign your posts): Whether or not the people who've responded negatively to this clip are "fucking idiots" is a matter of opinion. But they're also fellow human beings, real thinking feeling people just like you and me, and that's no opinion, it's a fact. We may have some fundamental differences, but there's no reason not to treat them with respect.

@Ales: First and foremost, thank you for your service. It takes a certain kind of man or woman to take the risks and make the sacrifices necessary for military service, and I'm extremely grateful that those men and women exist, and that I'm able to live under the security they provide.

Not everybody here is from the United States (UKFan, for example, I think is from France) so I hope they'll pardon a little American pride from me, but as flawed as American society is, as flawed as any society as rich and diverse as ours must be, as much room for improvement there is, I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Although I'm kind of bummed that I don't get to be the porno Thomas Jefferson. Can Tiana be my Sally Hemings?

(too soon?)

I was actually wondering how many of the sales were from people who just bought it out of curiosity or for the novelty and didn't like it. I'm sorry you didn't. Drop me an email at red@lostbets.com, maybe there's a way to make it right.

And for the record, there are precious few things I think are more sacred than motherhood. I just don't think that exploring its sexuality degrades it.

@Anon 2/15 12:10 (please sign your posts): Well, technically this isn't a free-speech zone, it's a private site where I am dictator, but in practice I'm a pretty laissez-faire autocrat. I'm glad you likedd the video, though. But please, do sign your posts. Otherwise, when I use your idea of Mother Mary taking it up the backside by a Roman solldier beneath Jesus on the cross, how will I send you your free copy?

Is that unserious enough for ya?

@GayGuy: Hey, I really like the oens where the loser has to do something they're truly uncomfortable with too! It's nice to know that kinks can cross the boundaries of sexual orientation. And I'm pretty sure you're not alone in finding the prospect of people risking that particular taboo pretty hot. I don't know if I could find people willing to take that risk, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Anonymous said...

Gayguy's idea actually is quite interesting (& horny) but as Red says difficult to find people who would go along with that kind of forfeit!

Anonymous said...

To Ales and other repressed individuals,

"I severed three tours in Iraq", "is that there are still some out there that believe a pregenant woman and a new life coming into that world are scared things, maybe even holy things" are statements that immediately make you = a repressed person trying to repress others. Humans are animals. We are not some sacred, god-loved race, we have higher intelligence than animals (although posters like you don't really show this off too well) and that's it. To think that we deserve a "heaven" or "hell" or "afterlife" is just hilarious. Also, after saying all that stuff about pregnancy being "holy", why would you say "After my military service and years of working in the general public, Iseriously doubt that there is anything much noble or scared aboutthe human race, it's all pretty ugly"? That completely contradicts your statement and shows that your beliefs are not strong, that you are willing to bend to the stronger power, which is a terrible thing to do and indicates even more repression. "People will always do what they will and what they want, and justify it somehow" is exactly how I would describe your post, Ales.

As for the other anonymous poster after you who also clearly should take an english class, just like you should Ales (isn't it a requirement to be decent at English when entering the military? If not, it'd explain a lot), I'm bashing the other posters because there is a massive difference between free speech and outright slander and repression. Is it ok if I go around spouting Nazi ideals and that everyone should be free to be a Nazi if they choose? No? Why? Because Nazi's hurt people? News flash, religions and repressive beliefs like yours and the other posters have hurt humanity infinitely more than anything the Nazis, Communists, Republicans, Democrats, terrorists, and Islam has ever done combined, and it's done it emotionally instead of physically, stunting mental growth and intelligence globally. Your ability to tell jokes is pretty terrible also, your typing style reminds me of people who have not had much social contact and therefore have a very altered and skewed perception of reality. Why would you come in here telling everyone to "chill out" at the end of your message after insulting everyone?

Finally, to Red, (and I'm not counting you in the repressed individuals) I gave them no respect because clearly they were giving you and many others no respect. They want to act as if you and other viewers are some terrible, sinful people for watching a video that is downright harmless compared to anything on the daily news, then they'll get the same kind of disrespect back: likely these people are used to repressing others with their beliefs and not getting anyone fighting back, leading them to assume everyone shares their ideals.

-Anti-Repression Guy

GreenMonster89 said...

Red, I'm glad to see you haven't forgotten my idea. You are right. It probably is hard to find willing players for a game with that type of forfeit. As for the eyebrows, I could go either way. Having said that, if you can get two girls willing to put the hair on their heads and their pubes on the line, why not go for the eyebrows too.
You are also right about everyone here being human beings, and about everyone here being treated with respect. Everyone has their own opinions, and there is no reason for anyone to call anyone else a "fucking idiot" or any other name.

Rick said...

I'm not into prego videos personally but to each their own. I think the fun and innocence of the site is refreshing, although some hardcore is always nice. Great site - please add more closeups of the girls as they lose their clothes and during the forfeit...zoom in.

Rick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

whats the upcoming forfait for episode 204? ty

Anonymous said...

204 should be good those three girls are all hot. Episode 197 was very VERY good so...


Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to this site. Pregenant women wow, that's pretty sick, that's pretty disturbing and I think I;m gonna throw up. I think I won't be back.

WilliamC said...

Have to say that if pregenant women is your thing, in my, and it;s just my humble opinion, then you are in serious need of years of professional help. Red, you are constantly thumping your chest about how the games are so legit and so real, but in your commentary about the video, you personally were so over the top horny to have this pregenant girl lose and almost admitted that the game was fixed or slanted or at the very least you were really rooting that this pregenant girl would lose that I think you have lost some of your creditibility about the intergrity of alot of these games. I found that troubling even before I looked at the preview of the game. No I did not buy it, because it holds no appeal to me, but yes I think you have the right to post it if you want and I have read all these words posted here carefully and absolutely no one said you don't have the right or should not post the videos. The ones who say that are lying or fabricating things.
But you have to undersrand the thoughts and feelings of those who don't. I mean, I am as sexually interested or should I say driven as anyone out there. I have personally tried a few things, but for me to use a title of a segment on Howard Stern, "That's Just Wrong". Maybe that is what you were going for, well then congrats. I'll be back to check out your future videos and I have absolutely no doubt that there will be games and girls that I will absolutely love and spend more of my hard earned money on your site, when I should be spending on bills or other things
of much, much greater importance and meaning. But, this week I guess I will be spending on those important and meaningful things, because gotta pass on this one.
Luck to you in the future.

NexMiles said...

The main issues are as followed:

1) It was too much way too fast. I personally did not like the video not my cup of tea. However I understand that Red as a businessman you must spread out your range of collection to get more viewers and guessing from your comments this is in your cup of tea. That being said if you would have done a softer forfeit first then you might have had a easier time passing it off. IE a twirl or writing on the body. Nothing bad and it is easy on the body and would reduce alot of the complaints. Then over time you could make it more extreme.

2) You cheated. Fair and simple Red you created a situation where it was a 100% chance of your favorite out come to happen. How do we know you didnt do that with others? I always was happy to think these games are fair and that the outcomes are random but now I am not so sure. Amber Heaven eating a girl out for example how do we really know that huge event wasn't prescripted?

I honestly dont care about the video. This is a porn site there will be stuff that I would not like but as I said before I am not pleased with finding out that this was a rigged game. I now have doubts about all past and future games....May not be coming back not sure at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Finally! The strap-on! Nice to see it at last... So would you please throw the (completely over-exposed)vibrator out the door, please?? For me??

One more thing: I think the pregnant thing was okay, but what really stung was the complete lack of libido during the forfeit!! Please work on that, it seems to be a recurring problem in a lot of your clips..

Big Ed said...

I'm really in two minds whether to buy the clip or not to be honest. Despite suggesting a strap-on forfeit about a month or two ago my reservations is mainly that the game was rigged but also a slight minor one regarding 'looking 11 months pregnant,' not being completely my cup of tea. Would have been willing to give it a try if not for the rigging.

Also just because after 5 days nobody's got round to make the obviously lame pun but there was no need to apologise for the, 'delayed blog post,' being overdue can be more common than many people realise...

I'll get my coat before the rotten tomatoes start a'flying

Unknown said...

Hey everyone this is Ashley Edmonds :) Red was telling me how much controversy this clip has created and thought I would put in my 2 cents.

I did give pause when considering it in the first place. Then I realized that the other model knew better than me as far as what she was ok with. Pregnant women want to play, have fun, and have some kinky fun too! In fact pregnant is a very large niche in the industry. A friend once said "Im pregnant not disabled!" This was never intended to insult anyone but I am glad some of you have enjoyed it. Just like in ANY fetish or porn-to each their own.

Thanks to you all for taking the time for feedback and for being fans! Im headed out to work with Red NEXT WEEK so there will be TONS of fun, hot clips for you to enjoy. Much love.

GreenMonster89 said...

I totally agree with Ashley's comments regarding this clip. If porn with pregnant women is your thing, then this clip is for you. If it isn't, then keep looking. Red has plenty more clips to offer.

Red said...


I wrote a big long comment, then deleted it, then wrote a different one, then deleted that one too. I really don't think that this is the place to debate political issues and seriously, we're all here to have fun. And I just want to say that treating other people with respect is free and actually feels pretty good, even if they don't return the favor. And who knows? It just might change the way they think about you.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm kinda after the fact but when Red posted about this being a big long debate I was curious. I figured there wouldn't really be much to talk about, went without saying that this clip was a little wrong to most but that's what some are looking for.

I had to chuckle when I read some annonymous fool say,
"there's nothing you've shot so far that even touches on "bad" or "immoral" or "dark"."
If someone's reading this than they're not worried about it, but it would be incredibly naive to think that a site which hosts restricted content has no immoral implications to some people.

Not meant to be preachy, it was just a funny statement. People love to say dumb things online as well.