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Friday, February 4, 2011


Today's update, the last in the series featuring Tiana, Amani, Alicia, Serena, and Jessie, features a nice combo of kissing, stripping, vibrating, and bottle-fucking. After all they've been through, most of 'em aren't exactly shy or embarrassed anymore (although Jessie still looks like she can't believe she's doing this) but all have a good time and show off the candid, unscripted interplay LB is famous for.

In the last blog post, I offered a contest: whoever could guess which previously-unused C4S category I used for episode 203 would get a free copy. Nobody got it (except PN came up with an alternate correct answer), so here's a hint:

Some of the C4S categories describe the activity in the video, like STRAP-ON or GAMES. Others are about the people who appear in the video, like ASIANS or REDHEADS. Every guess was a category of the first sort, but the intended answer is of the second sort.

One guess per poster, please. If you've guessed in the earlier thread, you can guess again in this one.


Anonymous said...

hey red is the category

parallel-universe@hotmail.de said...

mmmh.. I guess

Anonymous said...


hey, its worth a shot...

Ca Fan

realnot said...

18 & 19 years old

NexMiles said...

Not sure if this counts but added in with my hues I was going to say rainy was native American decent....

Anonymous said...

My guess is pregnant.


Anonymous said...

hopefully that isn't the category though because no offense to transsexual people/porn, but i'm not into that too much haha

-same guy who suggested the fucking machines

Jack E. said...

Can't wait to see the game, but my credit card is exchanged, so I have to wait some days...

For the dating game suggested in the last thread, and which might be a really good thing, I have some ideas:
Let some girls (3 or even more) the guy doesn't know (well) fill in some questionnaire. Answers in categories of body measurements, sex experience, likes and dislikes in sex or any similar things. Let the guy pose these questions in an order he likes best, so that he tries to figure out the girl which fits to his likes and dislikes.
For example let him ask: Which one of you has the biggest boobs? (if he likes big boobs) Then all girls tell their size, the two with the smallest boobs take off one piece of clothing. Same with: Who likes doggy style best? The girl(s) who have not put it in their favourite sex positions must take of one piece.
The game ends when two girls are naked. The third girl is the guy's choice and has sex with him. As the two really fit together you can make it even a really nice longer scene with stripping down (the rest), kissing, maybe a bath and a nicely made bed - as in a perfect blind date of dreams ;-)
If you want to put something on top make it a "real" blind date with the guy blindfolded or behind a wall, so that only the lostbets-viewers see the girls undress and let the naked girls pass by the guy at last before he gets to know his "win".
So it is not quite a game but should be a very sexy highlight on lostbets.com

And for participants - I would love to see Ashley in this one :-)

Anonymous said...

Now that you are ahead in games, maybe its is time to catch up on your episode guide (only up to game 156). Thanks, Jack.

Unknown said...

stab in the dark but "goth"?

M Hill

Jack E. said...

To put my dream cast for the dating game complete:
Ashley, Elise, Sassy
(three different cuties that recently participated in games and my all-time-favourite Ashton is not a choice anymore and Julie maybe too shy for at least this)

For the guess: As pregnant has been already named I would vote for mature (if I'd like that? Depending on what the mature girl looks like...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

in the last post there was suggested dance to music.
This has great potential. It would be great if you could have a game with two female losers. The two losers have to do a lap dance contest. You have a jury of three guys they choose which lap dance was best.
The girl with the worse performance has to do another forfeit like getting tied up and forced to an orgasm.


Red said...

We have a winner! Sorry, Jack E, but TZ beat you to it. I'm always trying to get a greater variety of players, so I was very happy to get Rainy, who is (well, was) extremely pregnant.

Congrats, TZ. Drop me an email at red@lostbets.com to collect your prize.

Lotfw said...

Simple game to attempt


GayGuy said...

I hope this isn't an inappropriate question, but it's a different audience. Does anyone know of a gay site like this, either all guys or a good ratio of guys? There used to be one awhile ago that never seemed to get off the ground. Any ideas? And my apologies to Red if it's rude to ask referrals for another site. (If it's any consolation, I have purchased several of yours that include male opponents.)

Red said...

@GayGuy: No apology necessary. The only site I know of that takes this theme to the other side of the street is Big Gay Stripping Games, which might be the one you're thinking of. Their website seems to be gone, but their Clips4Sale store is still up, although it hasn't been updated in over a year.

GayGuy said...

Yeah, that's the one I was thinking of. I was hoping maybe more people were doing it. Oh well. In the meantime, I'll keep checking back here for your co-ed games.

GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, still keeping up the good work I see. I'm still waiting for what I'm calling the Holy Grail game/forfeit, or what some others would probably call the mission impossible game/forfeit. This would be the clip where two girls play until one is naked and then the winner shaves both the loser's head and pussy bald and then vibrates the loser to climax. Any chance of that happening?