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Friday, April 22, 2011

Have it your way

Episode 217 is up, featuring a forfeit requested by a fan. I love it when I can fulfill these.

Falling a bit behind on blog replies. Somebody noted that I was more responsive lately, and jinxed it.

Edit: Hey, geeks (62% of you, anyway). Anybody got a suggestion what I should use to safely (and hopefully not too expensively) to keep this beast backed up?

Raw video files are big. Who knew?


GreenMonster89 said...

I'm still waiting for the forfeit I requested to show up in video form. Any luck on this Red?

Anonymous said...

Red, about your storage dilemma. Not sure what you would call expensive but I would invest in one of these:


and fill it with four of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136514

That will give you 8TB of raw storage and 6TB if you put it in a Raid 5 array. You could get larger 3TB drives for 12TB raw, and 9TB in a raid 5.


Anonymous said...

Red, was I the guy you were talking about who requested this video?

If this was the one you were gonna give me for free, I already bought it :X

-The "youtube guy" m*********@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, Red.

hey guys, Red really does try to do requests. i can vouch for that. :)

nice video, and was as good as i was hoping.


t3mporary said...

Just got this clip. Bondage really isn't much of my thing, but I figured it might work here. I have to admit it was pretty hot. Although I really wish Isis had lost. I hope you get her to participate in more hardcore themed bets (maybe that blowjob race one someone suggested :D ). Anyway just get her if you can :O

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,
you could copy the files to two HDs and send them to me.
I`ll saveguard this set of copies ;-)


Red said...

If you were waiting for a response in the last comment thread, it's done.

@GreenMonster89: Noooope. I've continued to ask, and the girls continue to laugh. I could probably talk some girls into it if I offered them a large enough bribe. Do you have, like, fifty thousand dollars?

@Val_BDF: As far as "too expensive", well, it's cheaper than the Drobos. By a lot. And while their X-RAID isn't quite as flexible as Drobo's system, it's still pretty flexible. Looks like it could be a good choice. Thanks for pointing it out.

@youtubeguy: Actually, I was thinking of CAFan, who'd requested this specifically. Sorry if you'd suggested something similar and I'd forgotten. But thanks for buying it, and I hope you liked it.

@CAFan: You're welcome, and thanks for the idea. Let me know if you've got any others.

@t3mporary: Thanks for taking a chance on a clip you didn't think you'd like, and I'm glad the gamble paid off. As for bondage not being your thing, doing this has put me in close contact with a wide variety of fetishes, and one of the things I've learned is that something doesn't have to be your thing for you to appreciate it every now and then. I remember one incident where I watched a girl get a half-gallon of heavy cream slowly poured over her head and down her naked skin, and I found it way, way hotter than I thought I would.

As for Isis, I do need to get in touch with her. The first day she played, she mentioned she has access to a horse ranch. Strip Polo, anyone?

@Jan: Thanks for the offer, I'll take it under advisement.

GreenMonster89 said...

In other words Red, your girls are all too scared to take the chance on having their heads shaved bald. I understand it is a big risk. No, I don't have 50 grand. I work too hard for what money I do get.

Red said...

@GM: Well, my girls are a diverse bunch, and I certainly haven't asked all of them. But so far, the universal reaction has been pretty firmly negative.

Anonymous said...

Red, no problem haha: what I suggested to you was fucking machines, I think you said you had a video coming involving that.

-youtube guy

t3mporary said...

Just throwing out some ideas.

You know how I was talking about a possible hardcore POV game? Do you think you might be able to convince RyAnne to do it herself and give a titjob for losing. She is like the perfect candidate for doing it (plus if you make her significant other [if she has one] the silent person she is doing it to it might make it much easier).

Hell, you might be able to bring back Isis through that (since she seemed to OK with possible bondage, a handjob or blowjob seems tame).

RBM said...

Do have anymore girls who would bet thier bush? I saw a girl posing with Lily Cameron who would be quite interesting to see playing one of the games. The following will take you to her website: http://www.southern-charms4.com/ryanne/ry227x010.jpg

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Really liked the pizza forfeits - the camera outside the door in game 213 was a great idea. I have a suggestion for a variation on that forfeit. If you have multiple losers who have to meet the pizza guy, would it be an idea to have just one open the door. Have your remote cam set up again. The other loser or losers would be waiting in a vehicle outside, or they could just sneak out the back door. When the pizza guy is standing in the open door the other ladies would run up the stairs from behind him and walk in.


t3mporary said...

Wow Ryanne has her own site... Damn that's pretty hot. Well if you still want to use her I bet getting her to do a POV bet for a blowjob or something wouldn't be too hard O_o

plphotog316 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
plphotog316 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
plphotog316 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Footfan said...

I have to say that I was fairly disappointed with the first two pizza trilogies as one of the paricipants (namely Sassy) did not get completely naked for both of the games.

It's just my opinion, but I feel that with these stripping games, the loser(s) should be "COMPLETELY" naked, not naked except for shoes or socks. Since those are also articles of clothing, it should definitely be counted and so should be an item of clothing that needs to be taken off.

Perhaps in you should make this a rule in your future games, that shoes and socks count as an article of clothing and must be treated as such so we do not see losers still with shoes or socks on.

I hope that for a future game involving Sassy that she will not be allowed to keep her socks on if she loses so that us foot guys can get a gander at her feet.


realnot said...

I want to mention this before this weekend's video is released, so as not to appear like a spoiler. I hope that for this forfeit, and any future Julie forfeits, part of the deal is that you get to film it. The camera work is noticeably worse when someone else takes a hold of it.

RS said...

I agree with Realnot. Red and his trained crew should do all of the filming. If the losers are embarrassed about that ... well, that's the point! The more embarrassed they are, the better.

Red said...

@youtubeguy: Well, I did buy and use a fucking machine, and as soon as it's edited, you'll get your copy. Sorry it's been so long.

@t3mporary: I haven't seen RyAnne's site, but I'm pretty sure she told me that she wouldn't be willing to risk doing things with guys. Maybe her limits have changed? In any case, a POV game with a BJ is a great idea and if I can't get RyAnne to do it, I'll get someone else.

@RBM: Yeah, it's been awhile since I've done a shaving forfeit. Might be time to bring that one back. By the way, the girl in the picture you linked looks an awful lot like RyAnne, who does have a nice full red bush.

@Gordon: Interesting variant. I'll see what I can do.

@Footfan: I responded to you via email. Did you not get it?

@realnot: Sorry to tell you this, but no, I was not permitted to film the forfeit for episode 218. (This is not a spoiler. I was told beforehand that whoever won, I'd be asked to leave.) This is, admittedly, outrageous... who ever heard of a producer being kicked off his own set? But Julie can get away with it because I'd still much, much rather have a game where Julie risks a BJ but I'm not allowed to film it than have no film of Julie risking a BJ at all.

Red said...

@RS: Well, my "crew" and I aren't that well-trained :) And it's good to increase the loser's embarrassment... but not if it's increased so much that she refuses to go along with it. Again, given the choice of Julie filmed by somebody else or Julie not filmed at all, I know which one I'd take.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I did not get your email. Which email address did you send it to?


Red said...

@Footfan: I'm sorry that you were disappointed. I'm hesitant to make a hard-and-fast rule that footwear must come off though... I'm skeptical of any rule that applies universally, since it goes against my drive for variety. And after all, some people think the sight of a girl totally nude except for socks is sexy. And in the large majority of the games, the losers do end up with naked feet.

What I can do is try to remember to mention in the clip description if the loser doesn't lose her footwear. I hope this helps keep you from future disappointment.

Tonio said...

RAID is nice and all, but ultimately only protects against hardware failures. To thoroughly ensure the safety of your data, you also need an offsite rotation. That way you have a backup somewhere else in case of fires, tornados, etc. destroying both the original data and the onsite backup drive.

My recommendation: For now, forget about RAID enclosures. Your immediate need is any kind of hardware backup at all, and an offsite solution.

Get two cheap 4TB drives. Use one for regular onsite backups. Keep the other offsite but bring it in every week or 2 weeks to update the backup. Most importantly: while the "offsite" drive is there, take the "onsite" drive somewhere else. They should never be in the same place for more than the time it takes to switch them.

As you approach closer to the 4TB limit, you can upgrade the drives to RAID arrays. Also, as time goes on you may want to hire a service that will handle the rotation logistics for you. Iron Mountain is one option, but there are many such companies.

Just whatever you do, don't overlook the importance of an offsite backup. Too many small companies neglect that aspect of disaster recovery and end up losing everything.

Red said...

@Tonio: Thanks very much for the advice... but I can't seem to find any 4TB drives for sale, let alone cheap ones.