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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pizza 'n' masturbation

Another double-update weekend begins today. First, today the Pizza Trilogy continues with the second game in the series, as seven girls compete to find out which three of them will have to reveal their charms to the pizza boy.

Then tomorrow, a POV game featuring Lily and new girl RyAnne. I really, really like this one, but that's just my opinion, which may be biased by the fact that I think RyAnne is among the sexiest girls I've ever met.

Next week, the double updates continue as the Pizza Trilogy concludes with an interesting twist, and Ashley and Rainy return to play their second (and final) game. The week after that, it's back to single updates (sorry), as Kandie, Kamora, and Isis compete to see who's gonna get tied up and banged by Dante. And then on Friday, April 29, the hotly anticipated Episode 218 featuring Julie vs. Vince in a very high-stakes game of Battlestrip. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Any clues about the interesting twist? Would you say it was interactive?

Anonymous said...

^ PN

Red said...

Sure, why not? Clue: the pizza guy got more than just a peek.

Anonymous said...

"the pizza guy got more than just a peek" Yessiree, tipping is not a city in China...lucky bastard...

So, Red, any movement on that TSA /strip search idea for a game I floated some weeks back? Just asking.

Tony A in So Fla

Anonymous said...

Game idea:
As we have seen you have got back amber, mary and lily but in seprate games. Why don't you see if you can get them back together for a game. if you remember lily mary and amber played basketball the loser got ganged up by the other girls. why not have a game between mary and amber with lily on the sidelines not playing but part of the forfit the loser get ganged up on by lily and the winner. Just like what happend at the end of basketball. you could call the game lilys revenge.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say Red but I was really disappointed with this one. One of the losers didn't get "completely" naked for the second week in a row, the camera work was really fuzzy at times and we didn't get a good look at the losers at all. I have bought over 100 of your clips and this is probably the first I have been really unhappy with.



UKfan said...

Must say I really liked this one Red - my three favourites all got naked and I thought we got some great views.

Am enjoying the pizza series - have liked a lot of the recent harder stuff but I do miss the older, softer forfeits...

Red said...

@Tony A: Haven't done it yet. I actually meant to do it in the shoot with Ashley, Zayda, Elise, Lucretia, and Natalia (I figured Ashley would make a great TSA agent) but things went much slower than anticipated and we never got to it. But I will.

@RS: Might be a little tricky. I think Lily moved out of the country, or is planning to soon. But while I don't have a "revenge" game, I do have plenty more with Lily, Mary, and Amber. That's kind of an unusual situation: I lost all the raw footage in a hard drive crash after publishing only a few games from that shoot. I recently re-captured all my lost footage from tape, hired a college kid to catalog everything for me, and I'm just about ready to start rolling out some very, very old stuff (Pettles and Elora, anyone?) that fell through the cracks.

@G: I'm sorry you didn't like it... but speaking of "sorry", you said it twice in your comment, and you didn't even need to say it once. Nobody ever has to apologize to me for offering criticism. On the contrary, I welcome it: while praise is nice, criticism drives improvement. Please (and this goes for everybody) let me know about the things you don't like.

But I am glad that I have over a 99% satisfaction rate with you :-) (Well, at least a 99%+ "not really dissatisfied" rate) Drop me an email at red@lostbets.com; I'd like to talk to you.

@UKfan: Thanks! Glad you liked... and it goes to show, it takes all kinds. As for the softer forfeit: yeah, this has sort of surprised me. I've been focusing more on the harder forfeits because I've thought they were much more popular, but both 212 and 213 have been snappy sellers. I guess the milder forfeits are more popular than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Sounds ominous... I've dropped you an email.


realnot said...

I definitely prefer the hardcore forfeits. I only bought 212 because of Sassy.

parallel universe said...

speaking of POV, will there be another flash-game? maybe with a forfeit, jumping jacks or so..

Sasha/VivianFan said...

Any thoughts on maybe doing an alternate ending game? Eg sudden death strip high card with two different clips with a different girl losing each time?

Anonymous said...

Idea for a game/forfeit. it's a twist on the orgasm race of the past.

needs at least 4 girls. play a game to two losers. the two winners then take one girl each and try to force them to orgasm first or keep them from the first orgasm. (I think either way works). the person that can't make the girl cum gets stripped naked and then brought to orgasm herself (or whatever forfeit is chosen).
just an idea that I'd love to see.

love the site. hard or soft core I love it all. thanks for everything.


Anonymous said...

also, I'd love to see some more public nudity.
how about for a pizza guy forfeit the girl meets the pizza guy out in the driveway or the hallway or something. that would be awesome. I know that it's risky but I'd love that.
I think that's it for me now. lol


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great pov game!
Loved it!
Because you guys told me you have so much interactive pov footage and you're not doing anything with it..

My suggestion: you could create another membership site, for instance lostbetspov.com next to the already existing lostbetsgames.com!

To reduce size isseus you could possibly chop the games up in smaller parts and use a password to save progress when moving on in between parts.

It's just a suggestion.

Red said...

@realnot: Duly noted. I've still got a few more things with Sassy awaiting publication. She's certainly proven to be very popular, and I'll see about getting them published.

@parallel universe: Someday, yes. But I've given up on promising a specific timeframe. Just suffice it to say that I really want to do more interactives -- in fact, when I first got started doing this, I envisioned interactives being my primary focus. So it'll happen, I just can't say when.

@SashaVivianFan: Yep, I've thought about it. I'm more likely to have alternate endings for a POV game rather than a regular game, though: doing it for a regular game would involve fixing the outcome of the game, which I really don't like doing. Since a POV game is already sorta "fixed" anyway (considering that one of the players isn't actually there at the time of shooting) they seem like better candidates for it.

BTW, I've said things like this before, but one of the reasons I prefer not to fix the games is that I think that I get better reactions and performances from the girls if they truly don't know what's going to happen and the suspense is as real for them as it is for the viewers. These girls ain't actresses, and if they're trying to fake their reactions, it usually looks fake.

@E-Male: Actually, your suggestion is similar to a game I came up with and have already used (although not yet published). Check it out:

Earth and Fire is played with three girls. Each round, the girls do a rock-paper-scissors/Mogadishu-style throw, except they can only throw two things: rock/earth, or scissors/fire. If all three throw the same thing, they throw again. If not, the two who match win the round, and the odd one out loses. The whole purpose is to just arrive at a single loser for the round simply and quickly. The two winners get to do whatever they want to the loser for one minute, and then they throw again for the next round. First girl to have an orgasm loses.

Used it once. Worked well. Will definitely use again.

As for more public nudity, will try. I don't want to get my girls (or myself!) arrested, but I'll keep looking for ways to push the envelope. Been a really long time since I sent Lily through the drive-through naked, maybe it's time to revive that one.

@Anon 12:19 (thanks for the feedback, but please sign your posts): First off, I'm glad you liked episode 214. I was a little worried that I might have oversold it, 'cuz RyAnne is really close to my personal ideal of feminite beauty. (Short, red hair, blue eyes, fair skin, generous tits... yowza.)

I've thought about opening a site for interactives. It's an option I'm still considering. Again, I really do want to get these out there.

Viredae said...

Red, I could kiss you for 214 right about now, this really is my favorite POV so far.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Glad to hear you're keeping the "TSA" theme game in play. You'll prob do it while I'm on vacation (next 4+ weeks), always seems to work out that way for me...but I will be looking once I get back.

Tony A in So Fla

Anonymous said...

Red, who were the girls in the Earth and Fire game?


Anonymous said...


can you try to have a loser masturbate standing up instead of on a couch or bed? Or maybe, parade before the winners while they control a butterfly to make her come. Loser must keep walking during her orgasm or gets spanked.


RS said...

Regarding public nudity, this one might require some planning and expense, but could be totally worth it. Rent a booth at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco (last Sunday in September), where nudity is legal. Bring some of your favorite players and you may even get some people in the audience (male, female, straight, gay) to sign the appropriate waivers and play against your regulars. You'll get a lot of footage, including players you won't even need to pay, and all of the spectators with cameras will give you tons of free publicity (make sure to have large LostBets signs in the background). Nudity at the fair is legal but actual sex is not, but you can save the hard core forfeits for your hotel room afterwards. You could lead some of the losers on a leash who are otherwise completely naked (except for handcuffs) through the fair back to your hotel for more extreme forfeits. You might have to blur out the faces of anyone who didn't sign a release, but it would be worth it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about RyAnne. She is really special. Is she going to appear in anything else? Maybe with a hard forfeit?


Anonymous said...

New here...
I really love the idea of games and sex. There is very little of it out there. There was a site I liked a few years ago but they only did 12 shoots then stopped. I'm glad you have taken up the mantle. I have a couple of question, maybe somebody could help me out?

Is there full crossover between the clips and the subscription site?

Is the episode guide going to be updated?

Thanks in advance

Red said...

@Viredae: Glad you liked it. But as for kissing me, let's just keep this professional, shall we?

@Tony: Well, all I can say is if I do it while you're on vacation, it'll still be here when you get back.

@Len: If you don't mind, I'd rather keep that to myself until it's actually on the publication schedule. Don't want it to slip unexpectedly and disappoint people.

@AV: Standing masturbation or forced O, you got it. Will do it next chance I have.

@RS: I've thought about attending the Folsom Street Fair (or some other public event where nudity is tolerated). Never been, though. Might be a good opportunity, I'll look into what it'd take to travel and get a booth.

@Hugh: Ah yes. Heh heh. Yup, we'll be seeing more of RyAnne, in some (IMHO) fairly hard stuff. ("Hard" is in the eye of the beholder. I've met quite a few people whose definition of "hardcore" includes only dick-into-nether-orifice.)

Another double-update weekend (the last for awhile) starts today.

Red said...

@Anon 10:21: Welcome! Always good to see new folks here. One thing, though: I don't mind if you post without logging into Blogger, but please choose a name for yourself and sign your posts with it.

Yup, I know there's precious little material out there for fans of games and sex. That's why I started lostbets.com: I got tired of waiting for somebody to make the sort of videos I wanted to see, so I just decided to do it myself.

The episode guide has been updated. Sorry about that.

There most definitely is not full crossover between the membership site and the clip store. Everything on the membership site can be found on the clip store, but the reverse is not true. The short of it is that newer clips are only available on the clip store, and they age awhile before they show up on the membership site.

Welcome to the site. Please feel free to post any ideas, suggestions, or feedback you might have (or email me at red@lostbets).

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I was fairly disappointed with the first two pizza trilogies as one of the paricipants (namely Sassy) did not get completely naked for both of the games.

It's just my opinion, but I feel that with these stripping games, the loser(s) should be "COMPLETELY" naked, not naked except for shoes or socks. Since those are also articles of clothing, it should definitely be counted and so should be an item of clothing that needs to be taken off.

Perhaps in you should make this a rule in your future games, that shoes and socks count as an article of clothing and must be treated as such so we do not see losers still with shoes or socks on.

I hope that for a future game involving Sassy that she will not be allowed to keep her socks on if she loses so that us foot guys can get a gander at her feet.