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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pizza 'n' pregnancy

The third consecutive (and, phew, final for now) double-update weekend concludes the Pizza Trilogy. In truth, it's not really a "trilogy" in the sense of telling a single coherent story, it's just three pizza videos shot on three different days in the same location. Figured it'd be nice to get 'em all published reasonably close to each other. Episode 216 is a new twist on the pizza guy forfeit (which, honestly, was getting a wee bit overdone) and it's all 100% genuine.

First, though, the return of Ashley and Rainy. If you don't find pregnant women attractive or if you find the concept of pregnant women expressing their sexuality in this sort of setting offensive, please stay away. If on the other hand you think seeing super-pregnant women in sexual contexts is exciting, hawt. Don't miss 215.


Anonymous said...


There was no response from anyone to my Sorry Sliders/ peanut pushing proposal last month *sob* but that's okay - there are plenty more good ideas where that came from.

You need more trivia games, without having to come up with dozens and dozens of good non-copyrighted questions, and you, let's face it, could use another game for large groups besides Screw Your Nieghbor, so I suggest the following game, loosly based on a old drinking game.

Have everyone sit in a circle and give them a title of a list you have printed out, for example "Dead U.S. Presidents. The first player has, say, twenty seconds to either toss out a new name on that list or an article of clothing. It keep going around in a circle until all the name on the list are crossed off or until a number of clothes are lost equal to the number of players, then you go onto the next list until the loser(s) are determined.

You might also want to give an additional penalty, such as a swat, to the first person to miss on each list.

Sample lists:
Dead U.S. Presidents
Films Directed by Steven Spielberg
Countries in Europe
N.F.L. Teams
People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Winners
Plays Written by William Shakespeare

The list can be anything, as long as it's not too long and is something that they ought to know.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing those clips!
As you seem to be answering to the blogs with assiduity these days thought I'd drop a few line and suggest a few ideas (nothing would be hotter IMHO than seeing one of my ideas online!)

First of all thanks and congrats for all your work, I find it mostly very hot!

Here are a few ideas, perhaps you'll like one.

1. The most interesting games I think are when you have double games such as two loosers masturbate, the looser get's another (first or last to cum) gets another forfeit. You've done that before. Would be hot if it was a blowjob race instead of a masturbation race, first girl to make a guy cum wins. Looser gets a humiliating forfeit.

2. A game of “who's is this“ could be fun, girls and guys are turn to turn blindfolded and have to identify to whom a given part of body belongs, guess right they keep clothes, guess wrong they remove, or some variation of the kind.

3. Do a group game, now instead of having players strip, use the token concept like you did before, last player to have a token left is a WINNER, so this time around not choosing loosers in a group but choosing winners, the winner can choose two players of his or her choice, have them do anything winner wants together or ...to the winner...

Ideas of forfeits

-Agree with earlier post: forced orgasm in public with remote controlled egg.

-loosers have to go on cam with a very happy random guy found on the web and masturbate for him

-looser blindfolded and perhaps bound, winners (ideal if large group) have 20 minutes to do what they want with looser. Looser doesn't know who's doing it nor what's coming next.

once again congrats and thanks for keeping it up!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the warnings for the one video, although I skipped the first one of this nature anyway. Sorry, just not my idea of a good time, but I look forward to the posting of the pizza delivery video and the weeks yet to come.

t3mporary said...

I just watched the recent POV game and I have to admit it was pretty hot without even without any true hardcore. Although, maybe you could push it a bit farther and make the loser give a handjob (or blowjob or even sex although this could be a bit hard for pov) and the guy finger or something for losing. Hell, since you can't see the guy (except his hand and penis if he wins), it could be the girl's boyfriend if he's okay with it (might make it easier on the girl). It would be sexy as hell :D

Anonymous said...

I love your pizza trilogy and am looking forward to the final episode and whatever the twist in the forfeit may be!

Since we're on the subject of pizza forfeits, I kind of had one that I would love to see in one of your future games.

The forfeit would still entail for the loser (or losers) to get naked for the pizza delivery guy but it'd be a lot more enjoyable if the losers had to masturbate for the pizza delivery guy. Perhaps have a chair set up facing the door and have the loser in the chair with their legs up in the air already masturbating then when the pizza delivery guy shows up, have the winner open the door, while hiding behind it so that the first thing the pizza delivery guy sees when the door opens is the loser or losers masturbating right in front of him.

That's just a forfeit that I thought would be really cool and hope to see in a future game.

Red said...

@Dex: Sorry sorry sorry. I have in fact ordered Sorry Sliders (and Tumblin' Dice) and will try them when I get a chance. Peanut-pushing is a definite maybe, too. I wonder what I should call those two games rather than their (presumably) trademarked titles?

Believe it or not, I had almost the exact same idea for list-based trivia. There are lots of good (and public-domain) lists that could be used.

@yoyoma: Thanks for the compliments, and I'm glad you like my stuff. And defintely thanks for the ideas. Specifics:

1. I've actually done a blowjob race... in the almost mythical You Bet Your Ass, which remains unpublished to this day, but so help me God, it will be. Someday. In the meantime, while we wait for hell to freeze over, I really ought to do another blowjob race. It could make a good game for couples... each woman frantically trying to make her opponent's man cum, each man frantically trying to resist, lest he and his lady get a humiliating forfeit. Should be hot.

2. Another good idea. I actually did a game called "Guess Whose Boob Is In My Mouth", or at least tried to. Went on for a few rounds, when Jaime, one of the players, stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I can't do this" and left. One of very few real refusals I've had in the four years I've been doing this.

3. Interesting variation, but itdepends an awful lot on the winner's creativity. Could work well with imaginative players like Ashley.

I like the forfeits, too. As for masturbating for a random lucky guy on webcam, hell, why not have her masturbate for a whole lot of lucky guys on webcam? I've been looking into ways to do live streaming content.

Thanks again for the kind compliments.

@Anon 6:58 (please sign your posts): I probably went a bit overboard with the "WARNING: PG CHICK", with one warning in the clip description and at least two on the blog, but I would much rather somebody not buy one of my clips than buy it and be disappointed, and since the last one provoked stronger than expected negative reactions from some, I overcompensated.

As for the upcoming pizza game (in about 3 hours from now), I hope that you find it a fitting conclusion to the series.

@t3mporary: That's a great way to extend the POV games to another level. Thanks!

@Anon 9:09 (please sign your posts): That's also a great idea, but it starts to touch on the whole fantasy vs. reality thing. As much as possible, I like to keep it real. And I promise you that in the Pizza Trilogy, it was. But having an unsuspecting pizza delivery boy (or girl) open the door to see a girl masturbating, well, that might be pushing the bounds of reality a bit much. If I really did it, I could be risking, oh, all sorts of negative consequences if the driver wasn't a good sport about it. I could do it, but there'd probably have to be an element of fantasy involved.

I agree that it would be really cool (and really hot). Just not sure how practical it'd be, at least if I remain determined to keep it real.

Anonymous said...


In regards to the pizza delivery masturbation forfeit that another blogger had proposed, I agree that it would be hot as hell to see but I also understand your idea of wanting to keep it real.

Perhaps you can have both the pizza delivery person and the girl that is masturbating both be unsuspecting in the forfeit, which would make it in a sense real. A way to do that would be to have the girl close her eyes while she is masturbating, like she is all into it and then when the pizza delivery person arrives, she would open her eyes and see the person watching her masturbate then embarrassingly stop and try to cover herself.

Just thought this would be the best way to get the most real reactions and still be able to do this forfeit.


Anonymous said...


Oh, cool.
New names? Uh...
Strip n' Slide?
Bouncin' Dice?


Mindworm said...

I like the idea of having "who is this" games. Too bad the boob-mouth game didn't work out, but you could try doing it again with other players. What I would like even more though, is a "who is kissing me" game, with only girls. As you know, I was a fan of the Darering-games, and they used this on a few occasions, and I just love watching girls kiss each other.

Btw, I'm still hoping you would make some games using the Darering aspect. Any chance of this happening?

I also once mentioned that I think a 3-girls game where they have to arm-wrestle each other to find a loser, would be fun to watch, and you seemed to like the idea. Any chance of making any such games?

As for blowjob race, that would have no interest to me whatsoever. I don't enjoy watching other men's penises, but I know a lot of guys here do, and I like the way you try to make games for all kind of different interests! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hi Red

it is great news to here julie is back on the site for more games, hoping to see a lot more of her literaly and figuretively :-) but any news for my favourate girl on you site and that is claire, any plans for more games with her in them ?


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the blowjob race and the boob in the mouth. I hope that you revisit them some time.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a game, and a comment about manstubating for pizza.

First, the game. Would you rather. We all know it, you say two things, and the other person says which they would rather do. Except, in this version, they'd actually have to do it. Either have a bunch of scenarios in a hat, they pick out two, and pick one, or the opponents come up with the two scenarios. Examples: strip, have player one strip off a peice of clothing, strip off everything, make out with player two, ect.

As for masturbating for the pizza dude, maybe you could get a guy nobody/or at least the people there has seen yet, and have him pretend to be a pizza delivery dude. I know you hate rigging things, and like 'em genuine, but we get a masturbating-for-the-pizza-dude episode, you know he'll go along with finding a masturbating chick behind the door, since they don't know he's a phony, you still get the embarrassment, and you could also do a post-game interview with the loser, and tell he was a fake for her reaction.

Yo Momma

Red said...

@JBL: Um, I think either I don't understand you or you don't understand me, but it seems like your suggestion would make the problem worse. I mean, I'm concerned that if an unsuspecting stranger opens the door to see a sex show and takes offense, it could lead to all sorts of bad outcomes. If I'm also surprising the person providing the sex show... well, the potential bad outcomes multiply. Again, I could do this, and it'd probably be hot as hell... but the pizza guy would probably be an actor, or at least forewarned about what was going to happen.

@Anon 9:01 (please sign your posts): No, it's not the editing that was the problem... or rather, not in the sense that you're thinking. It's a long and sad tale involving Nazis, or at least white supremacists who liked Nazi symbology enough to tattoo themselves with it. I've got it edited and swastika-free, and maybe I'll get off my lazy ass and publish it one day.

@Mindworm: Yes, there's a chance of a game in the style of DareRing. (I'd want to put my own unique stamp on it, though... don't wanna just rip off someone else's idea.) And as for more girls kissing, I'll be sure to get more games of Strip Candy Passing done.

@john: I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is that I haven't seen Claire since I last saw her exactly two years ago today. I've emailed her asking -- no, begging -- her to come back and haven't heard back from her. I'm sorry. I'd love to get her back, too.

But the good news is this: I have a lot of unpublished footage, including literally dozens of "lost episodes", and it turns out, there's one from that day with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire. And it's a good one. I'm gonna get it into production before too long.

@Hugh: Duly noted. I think it'll make a great game if I can recruit a couple of couples, or maybe three couples playing a game where the two losing couples have to do the blowjob race on each others' partners.

@Yo Momma: Thanks for the ideas! As for the game of "I'd rather", I think the success would very much depend on the players. When I leave the girls to their own creativity (by picking forfeits to write on cards), some of 'em do great, others not so much. As for the pizza thing, that's ingenious. It's a way to get some genuine surprise and embarrassment there without risking possible criminal charges. I'll give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, you could write the forfeits on cards and put them in a hat for the girls to pick so you know they're good forfeits.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

Here's just an idea about the pizza/masturbation problem. Play a game with 2 losers, one will masturbate for a camera but not in view of the door, and the other will answer the door naked and ask the pizza guy if he wants to come in and see her friend masturbating. The pizza guy could probably hear the girl masturbating either way, but I don't think that would be too risky (maybe I'm wrong). Even if the guy says no, you get both answering the door naked and masturbating for the camera forfeits (I'm not sure how you would edit it so we could see both, I guess you'd have to focus on one at a time) with the added bonus that someone can hear the girl masturbating, and she's doing it knowing that there is a chance someone will come in and see her. I'm not sure if it's all doable, but it's less dangerous and still retains the realism.

- Mr X

UKReader said...

Just wondering if there is any updates on something mentioned a few weeks ago, some new longer preview videos being uploaded to Daily Motion?
As I said a few weeks ago, discovering the Derek and Gin videos on there is what got me to this site in the first place so I think some new videos may get you a few more customers.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

mpopecr said...

Red- I have sent several emails trying to cancel my subscription to the membership site. Please email me mpopecr@yahoo.com. I want to cancel so that I will have more money to spend on the clip store. Please grant my wish... thank you

Red baron said...

Hi Red;
I've emailed a couple of times over the past few week about the footage and I haven't heard anything back yet. Can you just send me the footage when you're all done with it?

Anonymous said...

This might not be the best place to ask, but I hope it's not a problem: Does the hardcore (pretty much any kind of sex -- masturbation, oral, penetration, whatever) stuff come on to the member site? I don't mind if it's a few months behind, I just want to see it eventually. Are there any clips that never make it to the member site?

Anonymous said...

I like what you're doing here. Different things resonate with different people and the idea of sex with the element of chance really gets me. I love the idea of what happens sexually is not dependent on the relationship of the people but rather luck/skill. I like it when there are guys involved as I can then live vicariously through them. I also like the "realness" to the girls on the site. I have a thing for the ones that are a little heavy and the ones that aren't shaved as it really makes it a little more real for me. I love the big groups and really love the ones that end in guys having some kind of sexual encounter. The idea of being in a game where you may or may not wind up having sex with a girl, and that girl could be one or more of several just really gets me going. Someone else mentioned Dare-ring, they did a decent job of capturing that.
Are you limited to the amount of posted videos by the amount of time it takes to prepare them? If so have you thought of hiring and making this a bigger venture? daily updates? I have no idea how big the market is, but you seem to be the only one covering this niche.


UKfan said...

Great way to end a great series, thanks Red. The lapdance-pizza-guy forfeit was really hot, more please! Also any more with Natalia and/or Elise coming up?

Red said...

@Yo Momma: Hold that thought.

@Mr X: That, sir, is genius. That's the perfect way of using a real pizza guy, making sure not too terribly to offend him (or her!) if unwilling, and still have an excellent chance of the blushing loser performing for a gawking pizza kid.

But I'd change it a bit. Masturbation is good, but self-driven. An embarrassed or unwilling loser do it in a way that doesn't expose much, c.f. Mary in episode 200. Rather than leaving it in the hands of the loser (har), I'd lock her in the stockade and let the winner use whatever toys she likes on her. (Stockade? You'll see. Around about episode 222.) Ooh! Or even... wait, I'll keep that one to myself. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise :)

@UKReader: Yeah, I keep meaning to do more promos, and I keep not doing it. Y'know, anybody's free to repost any of my promos to anyone you think might be interested. I mean, not that it's your job to do my marketing for me.

@Furrychris: I will, but I'm curious: if you were disappointed with what you've seen, why do you want more?

@mpopecr: Email sent. Sorry for taking so long, and also sorry that the membership site's webmaster isn't responding to youy in a timely way.

@Bryant: I'm really sorry, bro, but it's just not very high on my priority list, and I've got more to do than I can handle. Right now, I'm trying to put together the outdoor shoot I've wanted to do for years. Ashley's coming back to town. I'll get to it sometime this year, that's the best I can promise.

@Anon 8:02: This is a fine place to ask questions, but please pick a nickname for yourself and sign your posts with it. To answer your question: there are clips that never get to the membership site, but not the way you think. Certain clips, especially non-game clips like Lily Trims Her Bush and very short clips like Introducing Kala I don't think are worth a week's subscription and I don't send over to the membership site for that reason.

Hardcore clips still get sent over to the membership site, but the wait will be more than a few months. With a few exceptions, the clips in the membership site were first published over a year ago.

@Eluse: Thanks for sharing what you like about my videos. I like Dare Ring's stuff (I think the really big games like episode 200 have that sort of feel to them) and I've had multiple requests to do games like theirs. I don't like poaching on somebody else's turf, but they haven't published anything new for years...

As for what limits the publication rate, yeah, pretty much production time/effort/cost. I could hire to increase the production rate... but daily?? If I were publishing daily, I'd have to shoot weekly at the very least. And I'd have to come up with 365 creative ideas per year, yikes! I don't think I could handle it.

@UKfan: I'm really glad you liked the Pizza Trilogy. It was fun to do, and I'm sure it's made the house very popular with the local pizza establishments. As for Natalia and Elise, there are two more games featuring both, involving some really hot forfeits.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
what I meant was that it wasn't shown in its entirity. Which was disappointing considering that stuff was shown but I wanted to seen all that was shot.