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Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is no April Fool's joke

Yeah, sorry about yesterday's post. Here's something that's definitely not a joke to make it up to you.

So I mentioned that Julie and some of her friends came over to play some games last week. Well, here's a promo for the first game they played. Many people have asked for this. I've thought it'd be impossible, and I'm still astonished that I was able to talk her into putting this on the line. Currently planning to publish this one as episode 218.

Sammy and Mika in the background are flanking new girl Leilani, a petite young lady of Japanese/Hawaiian descent.

By the way, the game was played completely fairly, and despite enormous temptation I resisted the urge to rig things so I'd get the outcome that I (and I suspect most of you) wanted to see. If you like to see real, genuine tension over what's going to happen, here it is.


t3mporary said...

Err, I hate to sound forgetful, but what was the wager again :O Sounds like an awesome one from your description.

t3mporary said...

Sigh... Sorry for the double post. I really should watch THE VIDEO you posted before asking that last question :/ BTW an excellent bet :D

Anyhow, ignoring my previous post, will you ever considering posting some more of You Bet Your Ass (I remember reading comments on it)? Or is that an automatic no (cause I really wanted to see the bj race that crosis42 mentioned)?

Anonymous said...

What were the other games played that day? e.g game, players, forfits

Red said...

@t3mporary: YBYA isn't quite a dead letter yet. In fact, I've got it all edited and authored into a DVD, along with box and label art and everything. Just please don't hold your breath waiting for it, but there's still a good chance you'll see it someday. Maybe even before the year is out.

I'm also making plans to hold YBYA 2, this time hopefully without the Nazis.

@RS: Six and a half games were played that day. In addition to Battlestrip for either CMNF masturbation or a Julie BJ, they were:

★ Earth and Fire. I made this game up, and it's sexy as hell, I can't wait to use it again. The loser of this one gets locked in a stockade and played with by the other two players. Not only that, she has to be the bunny for...

★ Pin the Tail on the bunny. The Bunny scampers around the room while the other players crawl on their knees wearing blindfolds trying to catch her and slap a tail on her ass. The winner gets to take the bunny with a strap-on.

★ Jerk-a-Mole with Julie vs. Kandie. Gonna keep the details of this one secret for now.

★ Ring Toss. The target is a jelly cock held by one girl between her legs. The losers get barehanded spankings.

½ Slut Slut Loose. As part of my never-ending quest to corrupt every single sweet, innocent childhood game, I've been wanting to play this for awhile. Still do, but had to abort this game after an accident and an injury.

★ Screw-Your-Neighbor. Used this as a last-minute replacement for Slut Slut Loose. Forfeit was the traditional loser's group masturbation while winners watch.

Red said...

Er, that should be CFNM, not CMNF, obviously.

Peanuth O'Toole said...

Sounds good and very creative!
No Musical Chairs yet?

Anonymous said...

@Peanuth O'Toole: Didn't Red do that in game 187?

-- Mycroft

Peanuth O'Toole said...

@MyCroft: he did indeed, but I'm anxious for a new one which might feature a silly tune I wrote ;-)

Red said...

Yeah, @Peanuth did indeed compose a silly tune for musical chairs... makes me think of clowns and the circus. Unfortunately we didn't get to musical chairs this time. Things took longer than expected, we were running late, and the game had to be cut. (This is not an infrequent occurrence.) We'll get to it next time.

Anonymous said...

So my spanking request was granted.
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

i'm sooo looking forward to the up coming weeks of updates.


realnot said...

You have any more games with Sassy either in the vault or lined up to shoot? She looked amazing in #212.

Red said...

@Anon 5:47: You're welcome. I'm always glad to be able to fulfill a request. But please sign your posts.

@CAFan: Yeah, there's some pretty exciting stuff coming up. I think a lot of people will be happy with it.

@realnot: There are at least two games filmed and awaiting postproduction featuring Sassy. I'm not sure if I could get her back for another shoot. I could try, but honestly I'm not planning any more shoots in quite awhile. I've shot a lot lately and I'm sitting on a ridiculously huge stockpile of unedited footage. Not only that, but I've finally, finally gotten off my ass and started cataloging my old footage to find all the games that slipped through the cracks and never got published.

Anonymous said...


Two requests for your next shoot whenever that may be. Please try and get Sassy back and definately try to get Asia back. She was... wow.


GreenMonster89 said...

As much as I love Julie, I'll have to pass on this video. Either way we'll see the guy's dick, which is not why I buy these videos. Julie in a POV video where she masturbates if losing is a video I would buy! I see she hasn't done one of those yet, unless you count the one where she and Sammy had to make out if they lost. (which I don't!)

RAJ said...

Sure I'll sign. Anything with Julie
is good. Any chance we may get to see
her spank a older babe? That would be hot.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is please keep the Sassy video coming, and I hope she loses everyone.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this one. #218 can't come soon enough for me.

Crosis said...

I don't think I have ever anticipated a game more than this one. A long time ago, I commented that the hardest part of doing good strip game videos was keeping it real. It is very difficult to get people to do things on camera that they really don't want to do (although Red has made it it something of an art-form). The tension in this game should be real, as I'm fairly sure neither player wants to do their forfeit.

Think about it for a minute, would any of you guys be willing to risk having to jerk off in front of 4 giggling girls for the chance that you get a blowjob from one of them while other 3 play with themselves?

Anonymous said...


For a bj from Julie? In a heart beat.


JW said...

A forfeit that is rarely discussed on these forums, and one that I very much doubt I would do no matter what the reward might be, is for the guy to have to suck off another guy should he lose.

I wonder reward your male talent might think would be worth the risk of a load of cum in his mouth?

I wonder what your female talent might be willing to risk in order to see this happen?

I suspect that the tension in that room would be something awful. :)

Crosis said...

@Pirate --- you have a good point there, a very good point (just don't tell Mrs. Crosis).

@JW -- Agreed, it would be very difficult to find 2 straight guys willing to risk a mouthful of cock for a private game, let alone one on camera to be sold on the web. If the guys were already into sucking dick, it would show, and definitely take away from the authenticity of the game. Don't get me wrong, the thought of Julie and Mika threatening a couple of guys with such a forfeit could be somewhat hot. I might be willing to risk it if my reward for winning would be on demand blowjobs for a month from 2 girls, but not for much that would fit into a 20 minute clip.

It also might be more palatable if the game was something like Screw Your Neighbor with 3 girls and 2 guys played to 2 losers (with the 2 losers doing to each other whatever the winners say). The girls wouldn't really be able to gang up on the guys in the game, and even if you were one of the losers, there would still be only a 25% chance that the other loser was also a guy.

Red said...

@G: I'm not sure how possible it'll be to get Sassy back, but I'll certainly try. As for Asia, which one do you mean? Asia, who appeared with Berenika, Tatiana, and Iris, or Asia M., who Je C and Maya picked up on the elevator ride back to the room?

@GreenMonster: Well, sorry this one won't be to your liking. There are some pretty good other, penis-free clips coming up too, and hopefully they'll be more to your taste. Still no luck getting a girl (much less two) willing to risk a head-shave but I'll keep asking.

@RAJ: Julie fans will not be disappointed in the series of games to come, I don't think, but unfortunately seeing Julie spank someone else is not in the cards, at least not in the near future. There was a spanking forfeit, but the spanks were delivered by a non-player (although not a non-participant). And I probably won't be seeing Julie again for awhile. But when I do, I'll keep that in mind. (And a POV game with a masturbation forfeit)

@Anon 3:37 (please sign your posts!) Sassy is going to be in the very next video published, which is the second episode of the pizza guy trilogy. As to whether she loses, well, that would be a spoiler.

@Anon 12:28 (sign your posts!) and everybody: I hope you like it. For that matter, I hope I like it: I haven't seen it. For the fourth time when Julie's stretched her limits, I was not allowed to be present while the forfeit was being filmed. (This isn't a spoiler. Before the game, it was decided that if Vince lost, he probably would find himself incapable of doing what he needed to do if I was there, so either way, I was outta there before the forfeit.) The other three times were the first time she did open-leg, when Sammy forced her to orgasm on camera for the first time, and when Mika banged her in the shower. And those all turned out pretty okay, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

@Crosis: Not only did neither player want to do the forfeit, but both of them wanted to see the other player do it. Made for a nice dynamic.

@JW: That's a tough one. I will try, though. One thing I'm worried about (with this and with other particularly harsh forfeits) is having a losing player renege on the bet, but then, that might make for interesting viewing, too.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the pov game with Zayda!!
Nicely done:)
A long time ago you guys were flirting wirh the idea of an interactive pov game, any chance of bringing those idea's back to life??

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

To clarify it was the original Asia I was hoping you could get back. She never did have a "proper" loss and the last game where she got down to one item but STILL kept covered was just frustrating!


Red said...

@Anon 2:59 (please sign your posts): Thanks! I'm very glad you liked it. I'm making an effort to shoot and publish more POV. And if you liked 211, just wait 'til you see 214.

As for interactives, I still really want to do them someday. For one thing, I've got tons of footage for them... I used to shoot footage for one or two interactive games every shoot. The problem is that they are a lot of work, which I wouldn't mind except I have no way to monetize them. C4S won't let me sell them (although maybe I can talk them itno changing their mind). I've published one interactive game, which you can play here.

@G: Roger. I haven't seen Asia in quite some time, but as luck would have it I may be in her neck of the woods in a few months. I'll see about looking her up. As for her not getting naked last time... yeah, that's one of the perils of playing fair games. But I think the benefits make up for it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you got Julie to risk so much. Good job. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.


realnot said...

For the record, I'm not a fan of the POV games at all. They just feel very fake to me. Even if they're real, they still feel fake.

But as always, if everyone else likes them, by all means keep making them.

RS said...

I'm probably in a minority here, but I love JW's suggestion and Crosis' modification of it. I love seeing losers totally humiliated.

Red said...

@Hugh: Yeah, I kinda can't believe it either. But it happened. And by the way, I've finally seen the video. I'd call it pretty good.

@realnot: Well, I'm sure that not everybody except you likes the POVs, but a lot of people do. Sorry you don't, but I hope there's enough other content to keep you satisfied.

@RS: Well, you may or may not be in the minority, but it's still a forfeit I'd like to do, if I could only find willing participants. (Hmm. That may not be as hard as I'd thought. I get unsolicited requests from single males who want to play all the time. Generally, I turn them down, but maybe I'll start telling them, "Sure, but...")

Anonymous said...

Jerk-a-Mole, hmmmmm, rhymes with Glory Hole...any significance to that?

Tony A in So Fla

Red said...

Nope, I'm afraid not. It's actually like Whac-a-Mole, except instead of mallets, the players use dildos.

Anonymous said...

If I may ask... "episode 218" means when, time-wise speaking? A week? Maybe longer?

Anonymous said...

Concerning embarrassing forfeits for the guys, who end up losing to the girls... someone brought up the idea of some forced-bi action. Personally, I also would love to see those types of scenarios played out on your site. Especially since you have so many sassy women who love to trash talk.
Agreed, finding male actors into forced-bi won't be easy, but I'm sure it can be done. It's just got to be believable.

Another possible embarrassing forfeit for the guys, and this would absolutly be the ultimate for me (being that it's my fetish)... would be some "forced feminization". Nothing too fancy, say, if the guys lose, they got to put on a pair of panties and pose for some pictures... or answer the door for the pizza guy (or pizza woman... touch wood) with the girls in the back ground giggling away like crazy. You sometimes have actual couples play your games... maybe a male actor could have already "lost a bet" to his girlfriend and under his clothes he's wearing her panties, making it extra embarrassing for him since he'll be playing a stripping game.

You played a little on this in one of your earlier episodes... Wednesday and Ashley played strip poker against a guy... they asked him if he was wearing male underwear. For me, that was the highlight of the clip.

Anyways... just some food for thought. I've been a HUGE fan of your site since the very first week you openned for buisness. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Mr. Anony :D

Red said...

@Anon 10:25 (please sign your posts): Well, last weekend I published episodes 213 and 214, this weekend will be 215 and 216, then 217 next weekend and 218 the weekend after that, so we're looking at April 29.

@Mr. Anony: Yeah, forced feminization is something I haven't done much of, and would definitely be easier to get guys to risk than forced bi. Would make a good combo with public forfeits like the bar walk, with the victorious ladies parading their male prizes around in humiliation. Will see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

what about instead of forced bi, do some of the strap-on action for guys that loose. Ashley does it on other C4s sites, I'm sure she'd be down for that.

Anonymous said...

What you should do man is do another with a forfeit like the one with Malloy, where it was like both girls would spank the loser and then whichever cheek was redder, the other girl would get spanked too. Also, I like clothes ripping!