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Friday, May 20, 2011

B Baker Street

Episode 221 publishes today, with the return of Ashley, Zayda, Lucretia, and Natalia. (Elise sits this one out, and acts as a spectator/referee/clothes-cutter.) I've been trying to do more physical games, games that get the girls up and moving and (hopefully) bouncing, and I think this game fits the bill nicely. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Game idea!

Five, six girls, all with flag football "flags." They run around and if a girl rips off your flag, you strip. Any girl can rip off any other girl's flag. Don't have any great forfeit ideas for this.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

nice Sherlock Holmes reference


Anonymous said...

Building on Yo Momma's idea, have a three-on-three flag football game where each team has four plays to score. If a team scores, the opposing team has to take something off. If a team is kept from scoring, that team has to take something off. Obviously this would have to be played on something much smaller than a regulation field or the girls would all be too tired for any sort of active forfeit.
If you have one to three male referees, the forfeit could be that the losing team has to be act as sex slaves for the refs. Or they could be the winning team's sex slaves.

-Diffey Helman

Red said...

@Yo Momma: Good idea, and one of several I've been considering for the outdoor shoot I'm trying to arrange. A lot will depend on the location we manage to get.

@E-Male: Thanks. I recently finished rereading the complete Sherlock Holmes, hooray for the public domain.

@DH: A real football game would be awesome, if I could pull it off. One of the best stripping game scenes in cinematic history involved strip football. Again, a lot will depend on the venues I can get into. Love your key-exchange protocol, BTW.

Anonymous said...

@Red - The scene in H.O.T.S. is one that virtually every male should see if he enjoys watching breasts in motion.
And thanks, I think my key exchange is much better than RSA.

-Diffey Helman

Anonymous said...

I'm having a problem accessing lostbetsgames.com. It wont load when I go there, but I can get it to come up through a proxy or on my phone, but I can't downloads the videos over a proxy or phone. Any idea what could be going on?

Anonymous said...

With the flag chase idea, it could be done over a smaller area indoors if the players are on their knees. You could also do it with hands tied behind their backs and have them pull the flag with teeth. This could give some great/awkward/revealing movement shots.

Also as there seem to be more racing games now, you could have a pick up and drop race under timed conditions. A very embarrassing forfiet would be that the naked loser would have to do an additional round picking up, carrying, and dropping the item (cherry tomatoes work for this) with their buttock muscles. Highly revealing, and could be good for the girls and guys who won't do hardcore.

Love the updates, they keep better and the variety in the forfiets keeps things fresh. More power to you.

Rotten Rope

BB said...

I think Rotten Rope is referring to these videos - part 1 and 2.
http://www.spankwire.com/The-Tomato-Game-One/video122219/?utm_source=PBWebMedia&utm_medium=TubeTraffic AND http://www.spankwire.com/The-Tomato-Game-Two/video122220/?utm_source=PBWebMedia&utm_medium=TubeTraffic

RS said...

I love the idea of athletic games, like strip football and strip basketball, because there's so much physical action and the need to use your hands prevents players from covering up their nudity. Especially if the rules are structured so that some players will be completely naked before the game is over and will have to continue playing stark naked.

How about strip dodgeball?

Strip wrestling? Players start wearing very little and the goal is to literally rip their opponent's clothing to shreds? Could be an interesting co-ed game. If you're worried about the guy being much stronger than the girl, you could make it a three way wrestle with only one winner.

Strip volleyball would involve lots of jumping up and down, though that somehow conjures images of old 70s nudist camp pictures.

Strip freeze tag? If you're frozen, there's no way you can stop the camera operators from carefully examining your naked body.

Red said...

@DH: What really kind of surprises me is that even 32 years (!!) after the release of H.O.T.S., no other stripping game scene in a movie comes close to it in terms of awesome. At least, none that I've heard of. If anybody knows differently, please let me know.

@Anon 4:36 (please sign your posts): Sounds to me like you're behind a firewall that doesn't like my stuff very much. Are you trying to access the site from school or work?

@Rotten Rope: That sounds like a good one! I'll give it a try. And as for variety keeping the site fresh: thanks. I've tried to keep it from getting stale, and I've been greatly helped in that goal by the great ideas I've gotten from fans.

@BB: Thanks for the links. Pretty hot stuff, although the ad with the picture of Leela bottomless and bent over was slightly disturbing.

@RS: Johnny and I were just discussing which games to use if we manage to pull off the outdoor shoot, and both volleyball and freeze tag specifically came up. Both have definite possibilities. (Freeze tag has the additional benefit of not requiring any equipment. The need for specialized equipment might make regulation basketball difficult.)

Probably won't have enough people for Red Rover. Probably will have enough for Slut Slut Loose, which I've wanted to play for awhile. Anyone got any more playground games I can corrupt?

Anonymous said...


Your newest Episode 221 sounds like a really good one and from who the losers are in this one, I am really considering purchasing this one. But before I do, I just want to know if both of the losers are bare feet in this one as that would be one of the main determining factors of whether or not I decide to purchase this clip. Please let me know.


RS said...

I will have to think of more childhood games, especially ones that involve minimal equipment. I do think that all stripping games should always include all clothing. In an athletic, outdoorsy game, that could make for an interesting choice if players get to choose which items of clothing to remove. Do they remove their shoes and socks first, thereby preserving their modesty but potentially at the expense of having to play barefoot on a difficult surface? Or do they sacrifice their modesty, keeping their shoes on as long as possible in order to better their game play and potentially avoid the forfeit, even though they may end up essentially naked? Looking forward to this series.

Red said...

@Footfan: Yep, both losers in 221 end up barefooted. If you try it, I hope you like it.

@RS: Yep, that same thought had occurred to me. Or it could work if the opponents get to choose what comes off: embarrass your opponent by taking a vital piece of clothing, or handicap her by taking her shoes?

I should stress though (probably too late) that this is in the planning stages and I haven't even firmly nailed down the location yet. It's probably a bit late to start worrying about getting people's hopes up for nothing.

Mindworm said...

I enjoyed this last game! It was fun watching the girls bouncing around on those balls (though I got a bit worried about that little dog!), and the forfeit was very sexy!

If you're looking for physical games, how about a game of leg-wrestling? That should be fun to watch, and I believe the girls will get a lot of fun out of doing this as well!

An example of what leg-wrestling is, can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFFaoGAdE74