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Friday, May 13, 2011

Strapping young ladies

...some of whom who aren't too good at math. Bijou, Jane, Elise, and Zayda return in Episode 220 to play Bizz-Buzz. Two winners, two losers, two dildos, two strap-belts to hold them in place. Enjoy.


nexmiles said...

This is close to a suggestion I made awhile ago my question is does this mean we might see the forfeit up ahead?

If you forgot what it was the forfeit was 4 girls play a game where the two losers have to give a blowjob to 2 guys. The person to make their guy come last gets a strap-on by the other girl and the original winner.

Nexmiles said...

my mistake 3 girls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

If someone doesn't want to do a forfeit, they shouldn't be allowed to 'downsize', but you should up the ante instead.


Red said...

@nexmiles: It's a good idea, it's just a little tough to pull off. But thanks for reminding me of it, and I'll look for opportunities.

@Pete: What would you have suggested? However I handled it, nothing was going into her nethers. Is there something I should have offered instead?

Anonymous said...

She could have go down on the winner or the loser could have gone down on her, while being ravished from behind with the strap-on, to name one idea.


Anonymous said...

Yo red didn't know where to put this comment but wondering when the next PoV is comming out and when are you planning to release another interactive game.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the vid bery much but I agree Jane owes a forefeit. I understand and can appreciate her personal circumstances and I appreciate her personal loyalty to her man. However, maybe she should not have competed this time, or maybe her boyfriend should go her on Lost Bets.

Anonymous said...

Jane is a super hot girl, but I agree that she owes all Lostbets fans something. A couple of nice leg spreads and bend overs would work I think.

Anonymous said...

Looks hot... but if someone's not doing the forfeit, it kind of defeat's the whole purpose so I'm not going to buy it I think...
Thanks anyways for the hard work,


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of most of the hardcore forfets. I would only want to see straight sex if I were to buy a hardcore clip. The suggestion that Jane's boyfriend getting to take her would be a good alternative that I might be tempted to buy.

My favorite (among many of the older games including clothes destruction, wet, food play and the showers to clean up)of all time is Ashton and Mia Playing Strip High Card. I am still looking for an update where Ashton gets her revenge and has Mia spread as Ashton did. The shaving forfeit was good, but Mia did not have to open her legs as much as Ashton. Is it possible for a rematch?

I have been most tempted to buy Strip Bender with Camila, Taylor and Nicole when discussing hardcore forfits. Not into bondage, strap ons, forced orgasims,etc. Maybe when I have some extra money, I'll go for the Strip Bender to see if I enjoy it.

GreenMonster89 said...

Red, I think I know what Pete was saying. I think he was saying if one girl won't do the forfeit, then you should find another girl who will. The one girl "downsizing" on the forfeit in this video wasn't exactly fair to the other girls who were actually willing to risk having to do the forfeit.

Anonymous said...

I think she should have at least had to pose a little bit, while having the strapon somewhere. reather than revealing herself, in a very minor way.

Anonymous said...

Whats comming up over the next few weeks?

Red said...

Okay, guys. Obviously a lot of you weren't happy that Jane was allowed to slide on this one. If I have an excuse, it's that this game was played late in the day, after several others. When that happens, people (including me) get a bit looser and more ready to be flexible. As for unfairness to the other players, there was unanimous agreement to do it this way. (She made a very heartfelt plea on behalf of her dude.)

Next time something like this comes up, I'll find an alternate forfeit, or change the game.

@D: Szdly, I don't have any more POV games on fim, but they've proved popular enough that I will make a point of shooting more of them. As for interactives, workin' on it but no timetable.

@MG: Hmm. I hadn't decided yet, but I guess now's as good a time as any. Coming up:

221: Snippety-Hop Race with Ashley, Zayda, Lucretia, and Natalia. Two losers have to 69 in front of the winners, Dante, and us. A Snippety-Hop Race is like a Strippety-Hop RAce except the clothes get cut off the loser. A Strippety-Hop race is a race on space hoppers.

222: Earth and Fire with Julie, Sammy, and Leilani. I talked about the rules of this game in an earlier blog post. It's hawt. The losre gets locked in the stockade (you'll see) and played with by the winners. Not only that, she has to be the bunny in episode 224, below.

223: Fuck 'Em Suck 'Em Robots with RyAnne and Lily. Loser gets locked in the stockade and vibrated repeatedly. IMO this is one of the best forced O scenes I've filmed yet.

224: Pin the Tail on the Bunny with Julie, Mika, Leilani, and Sammy. The bunny hops around. The other players are blindfolded and have to find her, then slap a cotton puff ball on her ass. Winner gets to fuck the bunny with a strap-on.

None of these are set in stone, but the schedule will probably look something like this.

Anonymous said...

looking forward tot the coming ones.


claudias said...

hi red
how about a race outside.perhaps round the garden.girls get a head start.if caught by a guy has to pay a forfeit.

RAG said...

When is the spanking scene with
Julie coming?

Red said...

@claudias: I'm trying really hard to put together an outdoor shoot sometime this summer. Wish me luck.

@RAG: Oh yeah, I did promise that soon, didn't I? Tell you what, I'll make it 225, but I'll publish it as part of a double-update weekend with 222, which will make it May 27. Hope that's soon enough.

This means that three of the next five updates will feature Julie. Hope it doesn't lead to Julie overload.

Mindworm said...

After the somewhat disappointing last episode (I agree with the comments some others have made regarding the game), I really look forward to the upcoming games, as they all sound very promising. As for 221, I just love the 69-forfeit, and watching the girls jump around on a space hopper, sounds fun! I hope Dante won't participate actively in the game though, and only will be there to watch?

RAJ said...

Looking forward to the spanking clip

Red said...

@Mindworm: Sorry you were disappointed with 220. (I can't help but wonder, though, how the clip would have been received if I'd marketed it as "the losers have to go down on their knees and give blowjobs to strap-ons worn by the winners... and as a bonus, one of the winners sticks hers in her loser's pussy!") As for 221, I'm happy to report that as comical as it might have been, Dante does not take part in the race, and we're spared the sight of his junk flapping around. Instead, he's there to watch, to referee, and to help cut the clothing off the losing girls.

@RAJ: Well, I hope you like it, and I hope all the people who've wanted to see more of Claire like it too. Keep in mind that this is a very old game and so isn't nearly as technically proficient as more recent games... two cameras rather than the four I use now, that sort of thing. But I think it's pretty good anyway.

Mindworm said...

Red said: " I can't help but wonder, though, how the clip would have been received if I'd marketed it as "the losers have to go down on their knees and give blowjobs to strap-ons worn by the winners... and as a bonus, one of the winners sticks hers in her loser's pussy!"

Well, that would at least had been a more hones approach, but I'm not sure I would have bought it had I known that sucking plastic dicks would be the main forfeit in the game. I have always found the act of sucking plastic dicks/strapons to be rather ridiculous, especially when it looks like the girl wearing the strapon is close to getting an orgasm when this is done! There can't be any sexual stimulation from this act, and compared to many other recent forfeit, it can't be very embarrassing for the girls either, probably only silly! Knowing this, the whole thing is a turn-off for me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...