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Friday, May 27, 2011

2 for 222

The original version of episode 222 had an error in it. If you purchased and downloaded it, and your video cuts off after about 12 minutes, email me at once at red@lostbets.com. Include a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale and I'll send you a link to download the good version. Also, please pick out any other video from my collection that you'd like, and I'll send you a link to that too, by way of apology for the mistake.

Everybody else: episode 222 is published and (knock wood) should be working. And hot.

This will be a double-update weekend, the other update being episode 225 published out of sequence. Snip Surgery with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire. I've gotten tons of requests for more Claire, and I've promised this one for awhile, so I won't let it wait any longer.


Anonymous said...

I want to comment very about two very positive trends I have seen in recent games.

1. Girls with think bush.

2. Girls fingering each other.

I will take a particular interest in updates that contain either one of these.

On that note, a suggestion:
Two losers fingering each other in an orgasm race with an extra forfeit for the loser.

Keep up the good work.


realnot said...

Great game, hope you do that again. Some things I'd suggest:
- Keep it to 30 seconds, or maybe 45. One minute seemed too long.
- Didn't seem like the contestants were all that competitive. Would be great to see a different set of players.
- I don't have any good ideas for this, but I'd like to see the game change to something that requires the competitors to concentrate and focus. Would be fun watching them try to focus when they're really horny.

Also, Sammy has lost a *lot* of weight and it looks unhealthy. She still looks good, but she was much better with some curves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, say the way the girls played game 222 gave me an idea. How about playing to win rounds in a game. Say you have two contestants and they agree to play eleven rounds of a game. They each have only three articles of clothing on, and the first three rounds lost by a given player would remove their clothing but any rounds lost after that would involve some foreplay, etc. The player who lost six rounds (or more) gets the forfeit.

By the way, did Julie agree to have you in the room for that game?


ps: I remember a drink called Orange Julius. When Julie hasn't shaved that's another version of "Orange Julie-us!"

Anonymous said...

great game, and great close ups of all three girls.
and a nice device, too, lets you see everything.

i would like to recommend that device be used in one or more screw forfeits.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I think you could also make photogalleries of the games. You should write a text to each photo like in captioning. I think these photo storys would sell also great.
You could make Photos out of your old video material, there is software which can do this.
Or you could publish a DVD.



Old Man said...

The comment on photogalleries brings up a subject that I have often wondered about, why not have photos of all the players in these blogs. The small pics in the recaps do not do justice to the beauty of your contestants. It would be nice to see a more clear picture of each individual on the site.

Anonymous said...

Great game. The only disappointing part (for me) was that they didn't mix up the ways they were trying to get the other girl off.


Anonymous said...

Those stockades are really nice. Maybe next time you could place a big mirror in front so loser and winner(s) can still see each other's face(s). Personally, I also like the idea that the loser can see her own face as she is forced to come and we in turn get to watch that.

Also still waiting for the door jam cuffs to see some use.


Anonymous said...

I think that's the hottest game I've seen on here yet. If used again, a couple of suggestions:

- whenever a girl loses her final item of clothing, the other two oil her up.
- oral. I kept waiting for someone to plunge in and make the game even more interesting.


RS said...

I really like the idea of photo galleries with each player, perhaps with a link to each game they're in. Similarly, I'd love to see a way to cross reference each game by (1) the type of game and type of forfeit. Though I guess the search function on Clips4Sale essentially accomplishes that.

Mindworm said...

This was a really great game! It’s probably the most action-filled game I’ve seen on your site so far!
You’ve had a great development regarding the games. The early games had forfeits like a twirl or something like that, and though I don’t like to disapprove of your work, those games were a bit boring. Then things got heated up, and pussy-play was a quite usual forfeit. At game 222, pussy-play is the actual game in itself, and the forfeit is even hotter! I really like the way this is going! :)

Red said...

Sorry I've fallen a bit behind in replies, folks. Catching up:

@Anon 9:12 (please sign your posts): Well, I hope you liked it. As for masturbation, believe me, I too would love to see Claire masturbate. But I can't make it happen unless I can get in touch with her :( I haven't given up.

@Herman: Orgasm race with fingers rather than toys, excellent! It could take significantly longer than an orgasm race with the massager, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

@realnot: Glad you liked it, and I'm definitely going to use this game again. About your specific points: we increased the time to 1 minute rather than 30 seconds after one girl expressed the opinion that she'd never be forced to orgasm getting her stimulation in such small bites. Maybe 45 seconds would be a good compromise. Or another thing I've considered is having it be 30 seconds for the first loser, then 35 seconds for the next loser, then 40, and so on. And after, say, ten minutes with no winner, let the winners use toys.

As for a game that would make the girls have to focus, that'd be cool. It was already pretty hot watching the losers try to comport themselves, all flushed and breathless, after each round. But it's tough to think of a game that both requires concentration and is also very fast. (I wanted the rounds to go by really quickly, so the losers wouldn't have time to cool off between rounds.)

And yeah, I wished there were more competitiveness too. But I think I know some girls who'll put up much more of a struggle. I'll let you know how it goes.

As for Sammy, I noticed the same thing myself, and told her so during the shoot. I was actually worried that she might not be getting enough to eat, but she assures me that she is, and her weight loss was a matter of choice. I fully agree that she looked better when curvier (I also kinda preferred her as a redhead) as I tend to like my women with a bit of substance. I think i mentioned that of all my girls, RyAnne probably comes closest to my ideal of female beauty, and she's not exactly a stick figure.

@Gordon: Cool idea, but the problem with setups like that is that you need to come up with enough forfeits to cover the case where, say, one girl loset every round (in this case you'd need eight) but odds are good you would onl yget to use a few of them. Seems wasteful. But then, there's no reason why unused forfeits couldn't be used in a different game, and it'd be kinda fun to have eight forfeits written on cards and making naked losers draw each time they lose again. Will try.

Yes, Julie did let me film this game. The pattern seems to be that first Julie refuses to do something, then she later agrees to risk doing it but won't let me in the room while it's happening, and finally she loosens up enough to let me be there. The BJ was Stage 2, this one was Stage 3. (Full-on sex is still Stage 1, but I've gotten hints that she might be able to be persuaded to take this next step. Would y'all be intertested in that?)

Orange Julie-us is still around, selling overpriced but delicious beverages.

Red said...

@CA Fan: The stockade will be used in screw forfeits. (It also came with a "fucking rod" that attaches to the back and has a dildo on one end, but I seem to have lost some of the parts. Sigh.) This week's update, episode 223, also features the stockade, although with vibrating rather than screwing, and IMHO it's an even hotter forfeit than this one. The poor loser can't hold back orgasm after orgasm and ends up visibly dripping.

@Ravenfan: Well. I've done one photoseries (albeit vidcasp rather than true phots) and published it for free, back when I was just getting started. You can download it here. Never really did any others, but if there's demand for them, maybe I'll do more.

@Old Man and RS: I actually worked on a nifty little online episode guide, featuring pictures of all the players, indexed by game, players, and forfeit. It was looking pretty slick when I decided I wasn't happy with the underlying tech and decided to rip it out and replace it. That was months ago. Sigh. Someday. Especially because, while it might get the job done (or might not), C4S's search function is a really poor substitute for a true illustrated catalog.

In the meantime, you can see headshots in a gallery on our Facebook Page. I totally haven't done nearly enough with that page, but at least it does have the gallery. And a very, very interesting wall post from a fan, two weeks ago. Still haven't gotten the promised email from the fan in question, but I'm hopeful.

@Len: Yeah. I think part of the problem (which also contributed to the lack of competitiveness noted by realnot) is that when I brought out the stockade, the girls were sort of fascinated. Sure, they didn't want to lose, but they were all curious, and maybe were not as motivated to win as I would've liked. Next time I need to use a forfeit the girls really dread; that should get them frantically using fingers, tongues, and anything else they can think of to get the loser off and avoid that fate themselves.

@AV: A mirror in front of the loser when she's in the stockade? That, my friend, is sheer genius. It'll make an already hot forfeit even hotter, and can be used with other forfeits as well. Thank you veyr, very much for the idea!

@SC: Glad you liked it! I love hearing "that was your best game yet!" and I hope never to stop hearing it. Oil would've been good... but that was my leather couch they were sitting on :) I'll use oil when they're playing on somebody else's couch. As for oral, see what I said to Len: I need to do this with a forfeit the girls are desperate (or at least really, really eager) to avoid. That'll set tongues wagging, I'm sure.

@Mindwork (and also SC): Thanks very much! I love hearing things like "that was your best game yet!" and I hope to never stop haring it, that is, I hope to keep on making better and better games. I never want to peak. And on that note, re. not liking to disapprove of my work, I wish you would. Hearing what people don't like about these videos is the best way for me to improve them.

@Anon 10:47 (please sign your posts): Unfortunately, that was the last game played that day. For various reasons I'd like to publish them in order, so it probably won't get published until July. Sorry.

realnot said...

How about a reflex-type game, like the old card game Slapjack? If you're not familiar with that game, grab a deck of cards and split up the cards evenly. Players take turns, each one putting a card face up in the middle of the table. If a jack or a pair comes up, everyone slaps their hand down on the card. First one in wins, although in our case it'd be last one loses. If you slap when you're not supposed to, you lose too. If that takes too long then make them go every time a particular suit comes up.

Should be quick, and it requires some concentration. If they're particularly violent, it may result in fingers/hands getting hurt though. Maybe there's some sort of electronic system that does something like this?

Anonymous said...

^^^ I think Sammy should do whatever makes her happy and she looks great no matter what. Red, you have more balls than me for outright asking her about it. I hope she wasn't offended at all. You know how some girls can be about that kinda stuff. It's important to me that the girls are relaxed and happy during the games. :)


Red said...

@realnot: Slapjack! That'd make a pretty good stripping game in its own right, and I think it'd be great for Earth and Fire. (Still gonna call it that, even if we use different methods to pick the round loser.) I'll give it a go.

This is as good a time as any to remind people that if I use an idea you suggest, you get a free copy of the first clip using that idea. You're responsible for reminding me, though.

@RJ: Eh, it was a fairly good gamble. Few women will take offense at being told that they're too thin, and many will be secretly pleased to hear it.

And you're right, Sammy is totally hot and would be at any weight (within reason) and I did tell her so.

BB said...

Speaking of Julie, I do not believe you have a promo of Julie having lost her clothes at Lost Bets dot com, an oversight that needs correcting, but with the head to toe view lasting longer than a mere 10-seconds. She is too cute with that little pout having lost to give us only a quick glance. Help make us Julie fans happy (hint, hint). Actually my ideal would be another POV with her. Nor has she gotten a spanking/paddling - in every game where that was the penalty she won.

Anonymous said...

Idea for a different sort of forfeit that I think a few of us would like. I want to see (maybe from POV) a different sort of orgasm race. Simply, find two girls who are at least mildly apprehensive about cum. One girl has to sit on her knees for a designated time (30 seconds?) while the other works some guy's cock, aiming it right at the one sitting girl's face. After the time, they switch places. Simple but HOT. Of course the winner stays dry, the looser gets a warm gooey shower. The game could even get worse as it progresses; say the kneeling girl has to hold open her mouth, or then even swallow. Of course visual stimulas always helps as well :P

Also I am very much a fan of the photogalleries idea. Do it!

Jack E. said...

Suggestion for keeping competitivety high and try to talk players into forfeits they didn't do before (like Julie having sex):

Take four players who have not had sex in front of a (porn) camera. Pay all of them the price you usually pay for girls risking to get fucked. Play until there is one loser.
Let the three winners play another game and double the price. Play again until there is one loser.

So we see two girls get fucked. And the girls try their very best to win because three girls earn triple money and two of them do not even have to show it all.

After all you have two clips which will be the highest selling I guess (so the double money should not be a risk for you), because everybody is keen to see a real game with a hardcore forfeit and maybe some embarrassement (and within four girls most guys will find a favorite). That unites all what makes lostbets so attractive!
Not to forget that everybody would be keen to see the winners if they risk similar forfeits in future games.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed too that many of the girls don't seem to dread the forfeits that much. The forfeits that seem to stick in my mind as the ones that the girls truly dread are the ones where they have to be naked in public or outside or nearly naked in front of others. The slingshot bikini in public forfeit that I read 2 weeks ago would be interesting. Call me a sadist, but if the girls don't dread the forfeit, it just isn't the same.


Anonymous said...


I like Anonymous's idea.

Perhaps, I should clarify. (Red, why don't you tell people to sign their posts?) I am refering to the milking contest, perhaps between two losers, to give each other a facial.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
your photogallerie is great.

Please please do more of this.



Anonymous said...

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