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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Here's a quick peek at something we've been working on. Probably will be published in the late 220s. I hope it's as fun to watch as it was to make.


Englishman said...

Smoked too much crack, you have... Mmmmmm!

Englishman said...

Mean that in a good way, I do.

Loser dressed in gold bikini and tied to Jabba the Hutt is? Lostbets.com moving upmarket I see. Rates for Hutt porn actors expensive they are.

More Yoda talking in the comments there will be, mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Umm that could be funny.

Anonymous said...

Not for me.

RRFrope said...

I dont know if this is the best place to suggest some new gamos or forfeit.

I am a bondage fan, and I love armbinders. Could I suggest to make an azar game, for example strip high card, strip dice or whatever you want. Four sexy girls, they know about the frightening forfeit, so none of them want to lose.
Two girls lose, one of them is going to be armbindered and ballgagged, the other just handcuffed. A mini game should decide the ultimate loser. Then the winners performs the forfeit. Tied the losers, and the use with them some interesiting devices, strap-on vibrators, ice cubes or whatever you decide.

I would be pleased if it can help you and you decide to make it real. I know this could be a little "hard" for the the girls, but seeing their faces with this kind of game may be priceless.

Thanks for the attencion.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a POV game. Normal POV game, two girls, playing rock paper scissors, or whatever. The forfeit is masturbation. If the opponent loses, you get a girl masturbating, which is great but if the other girl loses, you get a video that looks like a girl looking down on herself as she masturbates. Or, instead of masturbation, bondage. You get a girl looking at herself, while she gets "violated."

Yo Momma

BillyBiffycakes said...

FYI: I just tried to download episode 222, and there appears to be a problem with the video at the 12:30 minute mark. I'm not sure if it's a bad upload, or if it's just me.

Red said...

@Bobby: Yikes. I watched the video myself around that time and didn't see any glitches. The file size should be 460,281,787 bytes, please check to make sure you got the whole download. If not, contact C4S support and they can re-enable your download. Sorry about this.

And if anyone else has this problem, please let me know immediately.

@Everyone Else: Will be responding to your comments in the near future. A potential problem with a clip has to take priority though.

Red said...

Er, Billy, not Bobby. Oops.

Red said...

Shit. I've just gotten a second complaint about Billy's problem, and looking at the C4S register, it seems to have a highly truncated file size. I've pulled the clip until I can fix it. If you've downloaded this clip and are having a problem, email me at once. red@lostbets.com. I'm truly sorry for this, folks, and will do my best to make it right.

Lotfw said...

I like the vid. Looks great and I like the premise. Wouldnt mind seeing what you can do with scripted stuff.
There are lots of ideas for scripted vids out there. Just need some acting ability.


Red said...

Re. the upcoming Dickdueler fight, what can I say? It seemed like a cute idea. I hope people like it when it's published.

@RRFrope: This is as good a place as any to make suggestions, at least until I get a better community site than a blog, which will hopefully be before hell freezes over. Armbinding is a good idea, and one I hadn't thought of. Thanks! Do they make hardware that makes armbinding easy, or will I need to find players (or perhaps a spectator who just steps in for the forfeit) who are experienced with rope work? Also, what's an azar game?

@Yo Momma: A POV game with a female POV? Interesting idea. Sensuous Stripteasers, who made some of the best and only stripping game videos available many years ago, typically had POV poker games with the girl playing against fictional colleague "Linda", also generally with fictional spectators. Linda always won, but having the POV female lose would be something really novel. Thanks, and I'll give it a try.

(Hmm, could also do a POV game with a female POV vs. a male opponent... needs thinking over.)

RRFrope said...

I am pleased that you liked my idea. Asking your questions, I think armbinding is easy, there is quite easy hardware, I am sure that you or your helper could use it without problem. And in case that you have problems, it would be easy to find someone who have experience using it.
I dont think you need any special requeriments. Maybe make sure that the girls are enough flexible, (depend on the armbinder, the elbows are going to be quite close).
I think that it would be better that the girls have few or none experience with the ropes. (I would like to see them afraid of the armbinder). So it would be nice to have an spectator who help the girls with the devices.
Sorry, "azar" is an spanish word that I believed I can use in English with the same meaning. It is like "Random". By the way, sorry for my English.

I hope you can make a video with this idea. It would be nice to see it.

See you

GreenMonster89 said...

I like the idea of this video, but what would the forfeit be?

RRFrope said...

Hello Green.

Compiling all I said. The vidio I would like to see is something like that:

4 girls, The only condition is that they should be fit, and it would be better they have few experience with bondage so they dread the final forfeit (Suggest for example Jane, Elise, Sassy, Isis, Addie, Sammie, Kamie, Nicole, Taylor...you know this kind of girl). They play a ramdom game, I prefer this because in hability games is usual that you know the girl who is going to lose from the beginning. (I suggest srrip high card). The girls have 5 pieces of cloth (including shoes).
The girls who get naked have to lose one more round to become "loser" (the severity of the restraint deserves a second oportumity for the girls to avoid it).
When two girls loses the game ends. One of the losers is going to be armbindered an the other just handcuffed for the final forfeit. To decide who is "super-loser", they play a mini game, they take 5 uncover cards, discover the cards one by one, the first girl who have three lower cards loses and gets armbindered, the other handcuffed.
For the forfeit I suggest one or two minutes seeing the armbindered girl struggling (if the armbinder is good and it is well used this device is almost unescapable), while the winners prepare a vibrator and a dildo to stimulate the losers until they cum.

I am excited about the interest you have in this idea. Thank you very much I hope you could make that video and any others using this kind of devices.
Red, if you want ideas for models of armbinder or internet places to view or uy them, please send me an e mail, (RRFrope@hotmail.com)

Anonymous said...

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