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Friday, June 24, 2011

Because Seagate gives me kickbacks

First: today's update is published, featuring another fan request: door-jamb handcuffs. They worked okay, but I think I'll buy another pair and use it to restrain the loser's feet as well next time. Also, a new game, and I'm eager to hear what people think of it.

Also, I've upped the bitrate of the high-definition videos, which will hopefully be reflected in the video quality but will definitely be reflected in the file sizes. Would like feedback on whether people think it's worth it.


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as RyAnne in too much high-def! The download time is just the price of excellence. I do notice though that some of your cameras at different angles are lower resolution or something. Finally at the risk of being critical... RyAnne has such fair skin and the background is so light, that the video is a bit overexposed (no pun intended) at times and she's a bit washed out. Even Lilly is a bit washed out too against the white walls. This was noticible in "Lilly and RyAnne play strip Mogadishu against you" around the 9:00-10:00 mark. It's such a minor issue, I even debate whether to bring it up. I love your vids, keep up the good work!


Red said...

Jim, thanks very much for writing. First off, regarding "at the risk of being critical"... for crying out loud, people, be critical! Please! It's great to hear how much you like my videos, it really is, but hearing what you don't like about them is how I get better. I'm not some prima donna who's going to go off and kill myself if I hear a word of criticism, trust me.

For example, the info about the washed-out picture against the white background is extremely valuable. I didn't go to school for this sort of stuff and am mainly picking it up as I go along, so feedback like this is enormously helpful. I'll try to make sure we have the white balance properly adjusted when shooting pale-skinned girls against white backgrounds... either that, or just put up a backdrop of a different color.

As for the camera resolution, when I first started shooting HD, it was on a single HDV camcorder, which records at 1440x1080i. That eventually increased to four HDV cameras, then I gradually started replacing them with AVCHD camcorders, which record a much better 1920x1080p. All four cameras have now been replaced, but there were several shoots that were a mix of HDV and AVCHD, and that may be what you're noticing.

Thanks again for writing. The good news is that there's more RyAnne coming.

Anonymous said...

soon, several new co-eds will be showing up in your city, along with sorority pledges and stuff like that.

ever tried fishing those waters for new girls, fresh faces?

just a thought...
maybe a move toward the more amateur girls who would blush more?


Anonymous said...

Personally,I'd buy a softcore forfeit of a girl just having to show her breasts as long as she is clearly shy about it. (Still hoping for a small breasted girl stretched out by the door jam cuffs who's clearly embarrashed/annoyed at the fact that everyone gets to see this for their amusement).


Nigel said...

Much as I've loved the videos of Lily and Julie, I do prefer the girls either to be shy about taking their clothes off or not to want to perform the forfeit.

I would like to see more hard forfeits, though not necessarily with men in the games. I don't think I've seen any Rabbit vibrators here.

How about a game with four girls in teams of two, where one girl answers questions/plays a game, but the other loses her clothes and pays the forfeit? Then the girls swap places for the second round.

mismanager said...

You asked for feedback about increased bitrate. I think it is worth it. I am all for higher quality and higher definition too. File size is not a problem these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do that? I already sent an email, but got no reply. My subscription renewal is tomorrow, so please reply ASAP.

Red said...

@CAFan, @AS, and @Nigel: I'm a huge fan of the shy, embarrassed loser, too. Finding players to fit that has been a real challenge: it's sometimes possible to talk a shy girl into taking a risk of having to expose her breasts on camera, or even her whole body, or maybe even having to do an embarrassing forfeit, like jumping jacks or spreading her legs. But most of the girls who are willing to risk, say, sucking a stranger's cock on camera aren't really shy about it. There are exceptions and I've sought them out avidly, but they're hard to come by.

But maybe I could find shy girls who are willing to take big risks among the ranks of... college girls, on their own for the first time, ready to spread their wings and be adventurous. So thanks for the great idea, CAFan. Here's to the further corruption of America's young adults!

@mismanager: Thanks for the feedback.

@Anon 2:15: I don't run the membership site, but if you want to cancel and their own cancellation mechanism isn't working, your best bet is to cancel through CCBill's page at https://support.ccbill.com.

@RS: Sounds good, but the tricky part will be finding dudes willing to risk the forfeit. But it shouldn't be impossible. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Red, cancellation was successful. I very much enjoyed the video, just the matter of money. Just curious though, how come we never saw the three girls at the top of the page on lostbets.com, especially the girl in the middle. I think they are really how

Anonymous said...


Old Man said...

Gotta love the idea of shy girls. Seeing them have to show all would beat any of the hardcore forfeits as far as I'm concerned. It would be fun to see real life boyfriends getting to undress their girlfriends or better yet cut their clothing off.

Mindworm said...

RS said: " The losing guy gets fucked by the winner girl with a strap-on."

I can understand that some people are interested in hardcore games featuring men, even if I don't like such games myself, but I kind of doubt many are willing to watch a guy being fucked! I might be mistaken though, and maybe it's the kind of forfeit bisexuals might enjoy?

I like the idea about college-girls though! Much as I love many of your games, some of the girls do look and behave a little bit too professional. I liked the type of girls featured at the late DareRing site. Cute as many of these girls were, they looked like "ordinary" girls, maybe college-girls. I wonder what the guy running this site did to find girls willing to play the games for his site!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I came across a site selling pasties, just passing the url along for inspiration:


As for shy girls, it seamed that you found some good candidates because they were friends of girls you were working with.

Some time ago the owner of Dare Ring blogged that it was so hard finding new models for his type of site from the college town he lived in, I'm pretty sure he was living in Eugene. Not being nosey, Red, but I think you're from the same general area too. It would be great to hear that college girls are knocking down your door trying to get on LostBets, but the college girl thing could be a bit of a fantasy too.


Anonymous said...

gordon: the dare ring guys biggest problem was getting 5 or 6 of them to actually agree to show up at the same time, and then following through.

i'm thinking Red might be able to get some sororities to offer up their pledges with the $ going to the house.

a multi-part strip-poker with a mixed group would be fun,too.


Red said...

@Anon 11:39: Glad you were able to cancel successfully. As for why you haven't seen the girls at the top of the page, it's simple: I have no idea who they are, and they've never posed for me. I wouldn't use girls who aren't actually on the site as my header, and I don't exactly approve of the practice, but like I said, it ain't my site, I just license them content. The guy who runs lostbetsgames.com just liked the way they look, I guess.

But they sure are cute. If anyone knows who they are, please let me know and I'll try to get in touch with them.

By the way, you're welcome to post anonymously (without needing a Google account) but please pick a nickname for yourself and sign your posts with it, so I know who I'm talking to.

@Old Man: I'll try to get more girls to play with their real-life partners... although I think it's hotter for the boy to get to undress the other girl, not his own, as the other girl's boyfriend has no choice but to watch his girl getting stripped.

@Mindworm: well, I've said things like this before, but I don't think you need to be gay or bi to enjoy a video that may feature a losing guy taking a strap-on in the hinder. It's not so much the sight of the forfeit itself, it's the concept. Plenty of perfectly straight guys find the concept of a man being humiliated at the hands of a woman to be plenty hot.

@Gordon: Actually, I'm trying to get pasties that have the lostbets.com logo on them. Looking forward to sending girls to the bar wearing them :)

Yes, DareRing is/was based out of Eugene. I'm in Seattle, which is sort of like Eugene-lite. Actually, it's more like Portland-lite, while Portland is Eugene-lite. Quite a few of my girls are Oregonians. I think trying to recruit college girls is a fantastic idea; judging from the sights I see around the U-W, there are plenty of hotties out there who might be lured into a compromising position. I'm gonna see if the college newspaper would accept an ad from me. And I think it's pretty likely I'll get some nibbles. College girls are often eager to experiment, in need of money, and lacking in the sort of mature judgment that causes a lot of "real" girls to say no way.

@CAFan: another excellent idea. I'll look into that, too. I wonder which sororities at U-W have a reputation for partying.

Anonymous said...

you're in Seattle? I thought you were in Eugene as well.

i trip there often, and stay in the U district...
yeah, lots of nice looking babes, and plenty of asians, too.
you site is lacking in asians (too bad).


Red said...

Nope, I'm in Seattle, although again, surprisingly many of my ladies hail from Oregon. If you're familiar with the U district, do you know Dante's? (The bar, not the lostbets.com dude. Or the poet.) I came this close to renting it for some games. They've got foosball, pool, air hockey, it would've been awesome. But literally the night before the shoot, the owner called me up and said that his landlord had found out about it, told him it'd be a violation of his lease, and threatened him with eviction. Sucked.

ForfeitFan said...

Red, I posted this one just before your bankruptcy. Here's the repost, hope you like the idea: I thought of a game you might be interested in. Start off with the girls (3 or more) all wearing a similar outfit, maybe bra, thong, tiny shorts and a tight t-shirt. For each round, have the girls play a game of high-card. The loser will have to choose a card from a basket in the middle of the table. Each card in the basket will be labeled either "thong", "bra", "top", or "shorts", the girl has to take off whatever is on the card, and anything else she needs to remove to get to that item stays off. Here's the catch... Each card also has a forfeit written on it. If the girl that chose the card doesn't have the piece of clothing on that card, she must do the forfeit listed. The game continues until only one girl has any clothes. Some forfeits I thought of are: Let every other player spank you OTK 5 times. Let the player to your left place # clothespins anywhere on your exposed skin (nipples would be fun), they stay there til you draw an Ace. You get held down and tickled for 1 minute. For the next 5 rounds, any time you don't draw a face card, the girl with the highest card swats you with the LB paddle 3x. All the other players get to use ice cubes on you any way they want until you draw a 2. If you're still wearing a thong, the girl to your right will fill it with ice, don't remove it until you win 2 times, if you're bottomless, you get to do the punishment to the girl on your right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the photogalleries were great. It would be great, if you could do more of them. Please please.

I've got some new suggestions. I've emailed them already on 17. of june 2011. And I've posted them a few times. I know you're a busy man but pleas answer what you think of the ideas.

P.S.: I've got a suggestion for the next episode. You could let the girl wear some nipple tassels and a minimal string as forfeit.
Please tell me what you think of the idea. Thank you.

I've got another suggestion for an forfeit. you could use suction cups for the breasts of the losing girl.

I've got also some suggestions for new games:

1. You could make a limbo dance competition. Each time a girl raises the limbo stick she has to remove an item of clothing. First girl naked and hits the stick is the ultimate loser and has to do a forfeit.

2. You have 3 naked girls. You give them toilet paper and let's say 2 minutes to cover their nude body as good as they can with the toilet paper. Then you handle a water gun to each of them and they have to shoot at each other. During the water shoots the toilet paper gets wet and will be destroyed. The first girl whos boobs and pussy is not longer coverd under toilet paper loses and has to do the forfeit. I think you should play this one outside where the girls can move free without being seen by strangers.

3. You have 2 nude girls tied up. Each girl has fixed a massager on her clit. At the beginning the massager of each girl is off. Then you ask alternatly quiz show questions to the girls. Each time the asked girl answers wrong you turn up the massager one step higher. Loser is the girl who orgasms first. She has to do another forfeit.

4. You have two girls and tense two ropes at the height of the snatch of each girl. Then the girls have to run tiptoe from one end of the rope to the other end with the rope between their legs. The slower girl of each run has to remove an article of clothing. Soon one girl won't have many clothing between the rope and the snatch.
The rope will burn on her nude snatch and make her slower. The view of the girl straining against the burning rope will be great. First girl nude and slowest loses and has to do another forfeit.

I've got also some new forfeit suggestions:

1. Cum on her face roulette. You have two losers and one guy whos made to cum by the losers. You determine a period of time let's say 1 minute. This is the time the one girl has to kneel in front of the guy so that the cum would splash on her face. During this time the other girls tries to make the guy cum on the face of her opponent. When the minute is over the girls change places and now the short time ago kneeling girl tries to make the guy cum on the kneeling girls face. They play until the guy cums on the face of the kneeling girl. That's why I call it cum on her face roulette. To make it more embarassing the kneeling girl must keep her eyes and mouth wide open so she can get the full load.

2. You could rub the pussy and asshole of the tied up loser with chili oil. This will let her a burning feeling on her sensitive points. She is allowed to remove the oil after let's say five minutes.

3. You have two losers and a selection of dildos of different sizes. Then each girl hast to put each size of dildo into her pussy. you begin with the smallest and each round the dildos get bigger. First girl who can't take the next size any more loses and has to do another forfeit like getting her pussy pumped up with an anal plug.

4. The loser should clean the bathroom of the hotel naked. She should spread her legs wide open during the complete procedure, so we can see all of her pussy.
If she doesn't spread enough you could use spreader bars to help her.

5. The loser will be examined gynaecologically with the use of a speculum while she is tied up with her legs spread wide open.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the clip Number 222 with Leilani was great. The stockade works great.
I've got another idea how to use it next time:

You have three girls. The losing girl is placed in the stockade and then the other two tickle her asshole I mean her anus with a feather or a paint brush. One girl makes sure that the buttlocks of the user are spread wide so the other girl has easy access to her anus. Every girl is very ticklish at this very sensitive point of her body. It would be much fun seeing a loser getting helpless tickled at this point of her body.



Red said...

@ForfeitFan: Sorry I didn't get to your earlier comment. That's a really good idea. It's a variant of a request I've had from lots of people: games with "micro-forfeits" that happen during the gameplay. One of the toughest parts of putting together such a game is coming up with the micro-forfeits, so thanks for including a whole bunch.

@Ravenfan: Same apology as to ForfeitFan: sorry I didn't get to your comment earlier.

I can do more photogalleries, but first, a question for those who are interested in them. The one photogallery I've done and published for free has a caption attached to each photo. How important is that to you guys? Because that would make photogalleries way more time-consuming to produce. (Also, makes it a tougher challenge to keep things from getting stale. There's only so many different ways you can say "there goes her shirt" before it starts to feel repetitive.) But I don't want to make photogalleries that people will find boring, so I'd really like to know if photos lacking captions would be acceptable.

Tassels and g-string seems like an interesting alternative to the duct-tape and thong approach. I'll see about buying some.

Limbo is a great idea! The views will be awesome. I like the toilet-paper-dress water fight too. The gradually increasing massager intensity is a good one, but the massagers I have right now only have two settings (three, if you count "off") I wonder if putting a lamp dimmer between the massager and the outlet would work. It's also a game that definitely calls for being played as a "penatly game" between two girls who've already lost a main game... hardly seems fair to make someone who hasn't lost get stripped and vibrated.

And I like the rope game as well. I've seen similar sorts of things where a girl has to straddle something that's just a bit too high for it to clear her snatch... I've seen it done with a tennis net and a hobby horse. And yeah, this could produce some awesome shots, as the camera catches the rope splitting the girl's lips, while she gingerly proceeds along it as fast as she can on tiptoe, trying to keep her clit clear. Shouldn't be too hard to rig something to make the rope vibrate.

I'm pretty sure I saw something very similar to "cum on her face roulette" in a story posted to Usenet many, many years ago. There were some interesting strategies, such as using a slow, measured pace at the beginning, then moving into a sprint during the last few seconds of her turn so the guy will be just about ready to pop when she turns him over to her opponent.

I'm concerned, though, that often the girls play not to lose, and this game seems like it could take a very long time (possibly forever) if the girls play it smart and stimulate the guy very little during their turns. What would you think of a variant where the two players are kneeling side-by-side, and while she's on the stick (so to speak) a girl can aim the dude's cannon at her opponent. Then, each girl would be trying frantically to make the guy come quickly, rather than blowing him as slowly as possible to keep him from coming.

As for the chili oil idea, you're a cruel, cruel man. Chili oil would burn like a mofo, and it's not that easy to wash off. I'll consider it... but this seems like the sort of thing that a lot of girls would refuse to risk.

I do like the "who can take the biggest dildo" idea, but one problem is that if a girl can tell early on that she's outclassed, she has an incentive to just concede as quickly as possible. Let me think about that one.

For #4, I haven't done a cleaning forfeit yet. Will add it to the list.

I definitely want to use some of that extremely revealing medical gear. Talk about having absolutely no body secrets left...


Red said...

And finally, I've tried doing a "tickle her asshole" forfeit before, which sadly didn't work out because the spreader bar was too short and she could keep her nethers pretty tightly squeezed together. The stockade would've worked very well for that. Will give it a try.