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Friday, June 3, 2011

Pow! Right in the kisser

New episode, new game. It's a classic two-player game that makes a pretty decent stripping game, and I've really been remiss in not using it sooner.

Last week saw the debut of my brand-new stockade. This week sees its return... and as hot as last week's forfeit was, I think this one was even hotter. You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

I understand what you're saying about keeping the website diverse as far as the girls go, but this isn't the US Postal Service, it's an adult web site. To each his own, but in my personal opinion, feel free to have as many and busty white girls like RyAnne as you wish!


Anonymous said...


I agree, having the girls genuinely horrified at the forfeits is what makes the stakes so high and guarantees the girl's enthusiastic participation in the games. Forced exhibitionism even makes a few of the experienced LostBets girls cringe. What was the post you're referring to about a slingshot bikini?

-Mitch D.

Anonymous said...

@Mitch: I posted a forfeit suggestion several weeks ago about having a forfeit where some of the girls who are curvy on top would have to wear a slingshot-style swimsuit at a pool/ beach/ in public. A slingshot swimsuit is basically a one-piece thong bikini bottom that's held up by suspenders that do a poor job of covering the breasts. It's technically legal for the girl to wear the suit in public, but at the same profoundly humiliating to be so exposed.


BB said...

Speaking of Julie, I do not believe you have a promo of Julie having lost her clothes at Lost Bets dot com, an oversight that needs correcting, but with the head to toe view lasting longer than a mere 10-seconds. She is too cute with that little pout having lost to give us only a quick glance. Help make us Julie fans happy (hint, hint). Actually my ideal would be another POV with her. Nor has she gotten a spanking/paddling - in every game where that was the penalty she won.

Anonymous said...

So Red, what's upcoming in the next few weeks?


RAJ said...

I'm really glad to see someone out
there besides me wants to see
dear Julie take a spanking. My faith
in mankind has been replaced.
The only solution is to have her pick some cards.If she picks low
she gets a short spanking. If she picks high, a longer one. She can
give a spanking. That was so hot. Yes BB I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of RyAnne and would love to see her wager that beautiful bush of hers...


Mindworm said...

I agree! This forfeit was even hotter than the last one, much as I also enjoyed that one! The loser looked extremely sexy in that stockade, and there was some excellent views to be seen! I also love the reaction by the winner! Seldom have I seen a happier winner, who really seemed to enjoy the situation. How many times did she gleefully say that the winner was dripping? I loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

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