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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Declaring bankruptcy

Folks, as previously noted, I've fallen terribly behind on responses to blog comments. Ordinarily, I try to respond to every comment, since I figure that if somebody cared enough to write it the least I could do is care enough to read it and reply, but looking at the backlog that's accumulated, it seems like such a daunting task that it's difficult even to get started... which means the backlog continues to grow... which makes it even more daunting, etc. I've reluctantly concluded that unless I declare Comment Bankruptcy, I'll keep falling farther behind. So if you've commented since (yikes) May 31, I apologize but I can't give you an individual reply. If it's something you really want an answer to, please repost it.

A few general comments:

I had no idea there'd be such an interest in photogalleries. I guess it's because I personally prefer my pr0n in video form that it just didn't occur to me that there'd be a demand for stills. I can certainly publish photogalleries, especially if autogenerated sequences of framegrabs look good. I'll look into it this week.

I saw several good ideas in the blog comments for new games and new forfeits. You can bet I'll be combing through them when planning my next shoot.

I'm glad that the latest videos all seem to have been well-received, and I hope things keep getting better. We've been paying attention to what people have suggested, especially re. camera angles and close-ups.

I hope the upcoming 228 lives up to everybody's expectations. By the way, this game had been filmed long before the recent requests to see Julie in a game with a spanking forfeit, and was already lined up for publication. It's a karmic coincidence that I'm able to oblige the requests so soon after they're made. And I don't want to give any spoilers, but... I'm hopeful that not too many people will be disappointed with the way it turned out.

Finally, I want to apologize once again for allowing myself to fall so far behind. (If you're awaiting an email response from me, you should probably consider this an Email Bankruptcy, too. Please email me again if you'd like a response.) I'll try not to let it happen again.


Anonymous said...

you've always been good about responses, Red.
it was to the point that i was amazed, and impressed, with how you did it.

i'll grant your BK request, and the next 2 or 3 to come, too.


Anonymous said...


After my shock in seeing your "Declaring bankruptcy" headline, I was quite relieved to see that you just aren't commenting on a few old blog comments. Don't even stress about it. It's not a big deal. I'm sure everyone understands.

Anyway, there's not a lot to say about my posts besides "another genius idea, Dex" which would just get repetitive after awhile.


GreenMonster89 said...

Red, based on the quality of the work you do here on this site, it doesn't surprise me that you could get overwhelmed by the amount of comments you get on your posts. I don't think anyone expects you to reply to every comment or suggestion made. All you can do is try your best to keep up. Don't stress yourself about it though.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. I'll say, for the good of everybody, we forgive you. It's fine , and I'm personally surprised it happens so few times. Anyway, have forgiveness from us all. Now we don't need fifty replies saying the same thing.

Yo Momma

realnot said...

I will never forgive this injustice.

Anonymous said...


I have posted a few comments and you have responded to them all so far.

I again want to urge the following hardcore forfeit (and I know the last time you indicated that the lack of such a movie was the inability to find a girl to go that far, but) ...

Two couples, two (at least) male spectators, and a game of skill. The guys compete against each other and the winner of each round of whatever the game is gets to take a piece of clothing off the other guys' girl.

When one girl is naked, the losing guy has to strip and watch his girl get fucked by all three, or four, or however many guys (and the winning girl) until they are all satisfied.

Then the losing guy has to masturbate.


- JW

RS said...

JW, love your idea, I'd buy that one!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great idea! I'd buy it too (but only if they were REAL couples who clearly hadn't done something like this before)-JP

Anonymous said...

i'd go with say, three couples who play to one losing girl.

i still would like to see a blindfold fuck, too. where the girl doesnt know which of two or three guys are doing her

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting camille, taylor and nicole back for another round of games?
they are my favorite grouping.


Anonymous said...

Red, Love the site but I like to see some action in the preview before I decide whether to buy. Today's "preview" of the "18+ Logo" doesn't really do it for me (nor the recent one that was just the introductory credits).


Red said...

Thanks, everybody, for your support, and Dex, sorry to give you a shock. I'm not fishing for praise here, but I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to responsiveness because, well, you guys give me your hard-earned money for this stuff. That's an extraordinary compliment, and what kind of person would I be if I repaid it with neglect?

@JW, @RS, @JP, and @Anon 4:42 (please sign your posts): I agree, that's an incredibly hot concept, and I've been trying to get more couples involved.

And Anon 4:42, I will definitely try to get a blindfolded fuck going.

@CAFan: Lord, how I'd love to get them back. I've lost touch with all three, but recently I found some possible contact information for Nicole, and I know she's good friends with Taylor and might know how to find her. Will keep you posted.

@Curious: Yeah, sorry about that. The problem is that Clips4Sale only gives me the following options for preview clips:

Start at beginning of clip
Start 10 seconds in
Start 1/4 of the way in
Start 1/2 of the way in
Start 3/4 of the way in

And that's it. I generally choose the one that offers the best preview without too much in the way of spoilers. I didn't realize that I had one that showed the 18+ warning, though... will fix that. (By the way, as I write this today's video hasn't been published yet. The video I published earlier today was the standard definition version of last week's update, which I forgot to publish at the right time.)

Anonymous said...


I keep forgetting to ask. Who is the really pretty dark haired girl who, smiling and looking up towards the camera, takes off her top in the beginning of the promo?

She is really, really cute, and something about her expression makes the shot really hot.

- JW

Sweden guy said...

A contest between the two couples would be very exciting. The guys are competing and the girls are involved in stripping. Winning guy has sex with losing girl while she gives oral sex to the winning girl. Meanwhile, the winning girl the opportunity to mock the losing guy. Perhaps also shave his pubic hair.

Would be a dream of Sassy and Dante met Kandi and some guy. Maybe in the pong.

Red said...

@JW: The girl is the lovely (but sadly no longer available for more games) Raven. Crosis made that promo, and he thinks that the specific clip is from episode 051, Raven and Alan play Strip Dice.

@Sweden guy: Actually, what you suggest is pretty close to what happened in episode 186, Strip Fuck-It with Ashley and Tony vs Alexis and Johnny, although without the pubic shave.