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Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking care of business

So I've now fallen waaay behind in responding to both emails and blog comments. Lostbets.com regulars know this happens from time to time: I just drop off the planet for awhile without so much as a by-your-leave. I can assure you that it's not because I've been in Kazakhstan doing a mission for the CIA. But I hope I can make up for lack of attentiveness with quality of content, and there's some pretty good stuff coming up.

But first, prizes. In this post, I announced that I had a new intro coming, and needed four "magic moments" to appear in flybys, and started a contest to pick the moments that should appear. Well, I couldn't narrow it down to just 4, so I had the designer design the template so I can swap them around. So congratulations to the winners:
  • damndable
  • Gordon
  • JAD
  • kanister666
  • Strip Game Fan
  • OD99x
  • Tim
Email me at red@lostbets.com to say which clip you'd like. We use the honor system here, so remember, only losers impersonate winners. If you'd like to see all the winners, they're here, please right-click-save-as. Contains no nudity, but not really safe for work. (Then again, if you're at work, what the hell are you doing on this blog? Are you trying to get fired?)

So what'll be the first few clips with the new intro? Well, it starts with today's update, episode 226, a fun and lively game of musical chairs with two losers having sex with a robot.

Episode 227 will be Lily and RyAnne playing a new game (Funky Dice) with the loser strung up in door jamb handcuffs and given a good long tickly.

228: Strip Ring Toss with Julie, Mika, Sammy, and Leilani. Two games in one! First, a quick round of high card, sudden-death style. Whoever gets the lowest card has to strip completely naked, and hold the target for the ring toss game. That doesn't sound too bad, unless you know that the target is a dildo, and the unlucky loser has to hold it somewhere specific. And it's not in her hands. She gets her chance at revenge, though: the two losers of the ring-toss game both have to submit to bare-handed over-the-knee spankings from her. Didn't a few people just recently request to see Julie risking a spanking?

Also coming in the near future: the Dicksaber Duel with Lily and RyAnne I teased earlier, another game with those two that results in quite possibly the hottest wet-and-messy forfeit I've done yet, and more.


BB said...


You fulfill our wishes far better than anyone could hope for. Thank you for the chance to see Julie with a red bottom - I just hope she loses! Love ya, Julie - keep coming back for more.


Anonymous said...

Please please please tell me there is more Sassy. I also hope she will be involved in some sort of hardcore forfeit.

She is truly the most real innocent person on the site.


Anonymous said...

was kinda awesome knowing that i was responsible for this video coming into creation (well, the spark for the video, i mean)!

-youtube guy

greenaway said...

This might not be the right place. But I wanted to say that I just saw episode 223 with RyAnne and that was clearly the best clip on the site as per now. And your site features many great clips.
The forfeit is perfect and RyAnne is, too!!! I hope to see more of both (even though RyAnne micght not return before August). Please make her come back - and lose - often! And in terms of orgasm play one can push her way harder; she wants it.

Again: great job!

GreenMonster89 said...

Whether Julie loses this game or not, I hope there are many more videos featuring her. I've given up on my original forfeit idea, since I doubt any of your girls will ever be willing to take that risk. Now I'm hoping for a POV video featuring Julie and a masturbation forfeit.

Anonymous said...

nice job again, Red.
especially the close up shots, which are the best ever so far.


ForfeitFan said...

Can't wait for Ep 228. One suggestion... since ppl seem to want the spanking forfeits to be harder (I generally agree), maybe you can give the girl holding the dildo a little extra incentive for revenge. For instance, don't tell the other 3 girls who will be spanking the losers of the ring toss, just that the forfeit is a spanking. Then for the ring toss, anyone who gets a ringer gets to swat the girl holding the dildo twice on each cheek. The holder might take her revenge a little more seriously if her ass is still stinging.
Also, I thought of a game you might be interested in. Start off with the girls (3 or more) all wearing a similar outfit, maybe bra, thong, tiny shorts and a tight t-shirt. For each round, have the girls play a game of high-card. The loser will have to choose a card from a basket in the middle of the table. Each card in the basket will be labeled either "thong", "bra", "top", or "shorts", the girl has to take off whatever is on the card, and anything else she needs to remove to get to that item stays off. Here's the catch... Each card also has a forfeit written on it. If the girl that chose the card doesn't have the piece of clothing on that card, she must do the forfeit listed. The game continues until only one girl has any clothes. Some forfeits I thought of are: Let every other player spank you OTK 5 times. Let the player to your left place # clothespins anywhere on your exposed skin (nipples would be fun), they stay there til you draw an Ace. You get held down and tickled for 1 minute. For the next 5 rounds, any time you don't draw a face card, the girl with the highest card swats you with the LB paddle 3x. All the other players get to use ice cubes on you any way they want until you draw a 2. If you're still wearing a thong, the girl to your right will fill it with ice, don't remove it until you win 2 times, if you're bottomless, you get to do the punishment to the girl on your right. Sorry, that ended up being longer than I thought. Hope you like the idea, at least in principle.

RAJ said...

Pure genius. We request a spanking
scene with Julie and get two.
You guys will have to purchase
the one posted,I think it is
#225??, just like I did. I've been waiting for the one coming up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the photogalleries were great. It would be great, if you could do more of them. Please please.

P.S.: I've got a suggestion for the next episode. You could let the girl wear some nipple tassels and a minimal string as forfeit.
Please tell me what you think of the idea. Thank you.

I've got another suggestion for an forfeit. you could use suction cups for the breasts of the losing girl.

I've got also some suggestions for new games:

1. You could make a limbo dance competition. Each time a girl raises the limbo stick she has to remove an item of clothing. First girl naked and hits the stick is the ultimate loser and has to do a forfeit.

2. You have 3 naked girls. You give them toilet paper and let's say 2 minutes to cover their nude body as good as they can with the toilet paper. Then you handle a water gun to each of them and they have to shoot at each other. During the water shoots the toilet paper gets wet and will be destroyed. The first girl whos boobs and pussy is not longer coverd under toilet paper loses and has to do the forfeit. I think you should play this one outside where the girls can move free without being seen by strangers.

3. You have 2 nude girls tied up. Each girl has fixed a massager on her clit. At the beginning the massager of each girl is off. Then you ask alternatly quiz show questions to the girls. Each time the asked girl answers wrong you turn up the massager one step higher. Loser is the girl who orgasms first. She has to do another forfeit.

4. You have two girls and tense two ropes at the height of the snatch of each girl. Then the girls have to run tiptoe from one end of the rope to the other end with the rope between their legs. The slower girl of each run has to remove an article of clothing. Soon one girl won't have many clothing between the rope and the snatch.
The rope will burn on her nude snatch and make her slower. The view of the girl straining against the burning rope will be great. First girl nude and slowest loses and has to do another forfeit.

I've got some new forfeit suggestions:

1. Cum on her face roulette. You have two losers and one guy whos made to cum by the losers. You determine a period of time let's say 1 minute. This is the time the one girl has to kneel in front of the guy so that the cum would splash on her face. During this time the other girls tries to make the guy cum on the face of her opponent. When the minute is over the girls change places and now the short time ago kneeling girl tries to make the guy cum on the kneeling girls face. They play until the guy cums on the face of the kneeling girl. That's why I call it cum on her face roulette. To make it more embarassing the kneeling girl must keep her eyes and mouth wide open so she can get the full load.

2. You could rub the pussy and asshole of the tied up loser with chili oil. This will let her a burning feeling on her sensitive points. She is allowed to remove the oil after let's say five minutes.

3. You have two losers and a selection of dildos of different sizes. Then each girl hast to put each size of dildo into her pussy. you begin with the smallest and each round the dildos get bigger. First girl who can't take the next size any more loses and has to do another forfeit like getting her pussy pumped up with an anal plug.

5. The loser should clean the bathroom of the hotel naked. She should spread her legs wide open during the complete procedure, so we can see all of her pussy.
If she doesn't spread enough you could use spreader bars to help her.

6. The loser will be examined gynaecologically with the use of a speculum while she is tied up with her legs spread wide open.



RobB said...

Love your latest scene and clip, but I still can't get over clip 222 which I watch over and over - the game is better than the forfeit.

Mindworm said...

I really loved the game featuring the fucking-machine! I'm so glad you bought one of those, that was a great investment, and I hope to see it used very regularly!

Some weeks ago I posted a suggestion to a game featuring leg-wrestling, but as it was the last post at that thread, it might have been overlooked, so I take the liberty of posting the suggestion again. The forfeit I leave up to you, but I think the game in itself would be fun to watch!
If you're looking for physical games, how about a game of leg-wrestling? That should be fun to watch, and I believe the girls will get a lot of fun out of doing this as well!

An example of what leg-wrestling is, can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFFaoGAdE74

Peanuth O'Toole said...

Nice new clips!
Did you happen to use my circus music for the Musical Chairs game?