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Friday, August 5, 2011


I appear to have picked up some sort of bug while traveling and am a bit under the weather. Been spending most of my time in bed. As such, don't have much to say about this week's update other than it's the last game with Bijou, Elise, Zayda, and Jane, and they go out with a bang, playing a classic game for a classic forfeit. Now go away and let me rest.


damndable said...

Get well soon Red! Anxiously awaiting the update!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, Get well soon. Long time no chat from the LBF. But as you know my greatest hero's are Cory Chase and Isobel Wren. Noticed on C4S they started to work together. WOW. Gives oppertunities. Any chance you can get them in a game together? I see a lot of pizza deliveries and hotel bars in front of me as forfeits.

Red said...

#damnedable: Thanks. I do feel quite a bit better, now that I've managed to go through all the hassle needed to buy some friggin' pseudoephedrine.

@LBF: Good to hear from you again! I have some good news... maybe not as good as you'd hoped, but still pretty good. Yes Cory and yes Isobel, although not together. I've been looking forward to telling you about Isobel's imminent return, since you've been waiting so long. Took me three years to finally hook up with her again, but I think it was worth the wait. Again, she wasn't with Cory, but she did just fine with Candle plus new girls Graham and Kitty. As for Cory, she also found herself playing Candle, as well as Ashley. Three of my most dynamic, outgoing, and fucking sexy girls... putting them together was dynamite.

Anonymous said...

I knew I could trust you! ;-) GREAT!!!! Looking so much forward to it. For some new ideas check on dailymotion the vid "nude waitress game". I could imagine some of your girls in a game like this ;-) Keep up the good work Red. LBF

RRFrope said...

Get well red!
By the way, Cory and Isobel are great girls. Great notice!!!

Anonymous said...

Graham is a girl's name?
This illness is worse than you thought!

Red said...

@LBF: I've seen that video, and it's hot. I'm working on trying to devise more public forfeits that will be extremely embarrassing to the losers yet not subject them to substantial risk of arrest. No promises on when or if it'll happen, but I'm trying.

Speaking of answering requests, if @GreenMonster89 happens to be reading: I just may have the opportunity to film a game with the extreme forfeit you've been requesting for so long. No promises, and if it happens it probably won't be 'til early 2012. But the chances of it happening have gone up significantly.

@RRFrope: Candle is among my favorite girls. She really is the complete package: she's brainy, sharp-witted, and has an etherial, angelic beauty that looks even better in person. She did not disappoint.

@Anon 6:37 (please sign your posts): That's what I used to think about the names Ashton and Derek, too.

Anonymous said...


Now that you seem to be working hard (err, so to speak) on getting some requests done, have you had any luck in getting some couples games going?


- JW

Red said...

@JW: Would you call it a couples game if you had a girl and her boyfriend, and another girl and her husband, and each girl had to jerk the other girl's guy off and try to get him to cum while he resists, with the losing girl first having to finish off the winning guy with the aid of his partner, and then having to get the winning girl off with her tongue?

Because if so, then yes.

Bored1982 said...

Dear Red,

Get Well! And think of more interesting games.

I purchased quite a number of clips on the clipstore as well as got a membership from the LostBets websites. And finally subscription was over. Phew! The last clip that i purchased was B-side Strip High Card with Raven and Alan. And i know that you are Alan! You are right! If not are you featured in any of the clips and as who? Im curious to know.

I have some ideas to share. Hope they get materialised. Probably, you should hire a few college going nerds or any real couples with no experience in adult videos. That will make it even more exciting. The actors in LostBets especially the male and especially JOHNNY keeps coming back again. And that makes it less exciting. And these guys with their large dicks make it seem like mainstream porn, which i feel its definitely not. I like Johnny though...

As for the games,

1) we can have some bowling game for those who do not know how to bowl. Strip Bowling
2) Strip Badminton (Table-tennis and tennis requires skill)
3) A Modified safe Water Polo Game (Males Vs Females with the losing team performing anal on another in the pool. If the losing team happens to bemales, the girls may have to wear dildos)

As for the forfeits, we can see:

** some penile ring toss as a penalty for males and an anal ring toss penalty for females.

** Exercising naked in a gym

** Getting an anal x-ray (I remember seeing this in a japanese film. Can be quite embarrassing considering the amount of deposits inside)

** Facesitting (Smelling anothers ass)

** Getting thrown with eggs (face being covered)

** Facial Bukkake by more than 5 guys

Ok ill stop here..

Get Well...

Anonymous said...

Don't want to rush your master pieces, but wondering if we are getting that double ending POV anytime soon or if there is an estimated month where We can be expecting it?


Red said...

@Bored1982: Thanks very much for buying so many clips and subscribing to the site. I'm glad you like my stuff.

However, I am not Alan. For one thing, I have more hair. And it's red, which is where I get my nickname. There was one video in the mid-100s where my face appeared for a few frames, and a couple of others where I think you can see the back of my head, but other than that I haven't appeared in any of my own videos. If I ever do, I'll be in there as Red and won't pretend to be someone else.

For a long time I've wanted to recruit college folks (especially geeky girl engineering majors) and this fall when the school year starts I'm finally going to try. Wish me luck. I also definitely feel the need for more variety in my male players. For the record, most of them are not actors or even models, but are usually friends or boyfriends of some of the girls.

Speaking of Johnny, I'm getting mixed signals here: you say you like him, but you say it's bad that he keeps coming back. Well, there's good news on both fronts: if you like him, you'll see him in a couple of weeks in episode 236, and if you're unhappy that he keeps coming back, this will be his last appearance for awhile, if not forever.

Your three games are all good ones, but they all require special locations that might be hard to get. Badminton would probably be easiest: I'm still hoping to pull off an outdoor shoot this year (although it's getting late; a few plans fell through) and it's easy enough to string up a net. Actually, volleyball might work even better than badminton. More jumping = more tits bouncing.

Water polo of course requires a pool. I don't have one. But that doesn't mean that there aren't home swimming pools, and maybe some kind folks who will let me use their pool. If there is, there are lots of great swimming pool games in addition to water polo. Strip bowling would be completely awesome but would require a very, very accommodating bowling alley owner. I can try...

As for the forfeits:

It's amazing how difficult it is to get most girls to agree to anything involving their asses; I swear they guard that orific like they've got diamonds in there. It's like they want to retain their anuses all to themselves. (I wonder if there's a word for that?) I can't tell you how many times I've asked a girl what her limits were, and she's said, "I'm open to anything... except anal."

That being said, I did recently film a game where the unfortunate loser was subjected to a rather vigorous anal fucking with a strap-on. That one might take awhile to get into production.

I also recently filmed a game where the loser got pelted with eggs, among other things. And as for 5+ guy bukkake, I'd love to. But it runs into one of the biggest hurdles I face when making this videos.

You said that you didn't like when the players look like porn stars. Neither do I. But the sad truth is that most of the girls out there who are willing to take cumshots from multiple strangers are porn stars. Most regular girls or even models are horrified by the thought.

Which doesn't mean they can't be talked into it. I apparently have a knack for talking girls into stretching their limits, and by now I'm pretty well practiced at it. I think a bukkake forfeit would be incredible: the winner tauthing the degraded loser as man after man squirts in her face. It'll be tough to pull off, but I want to make it happen. Just be patient, is all. As plenty of people here can tell you, sometimes it takes me years but I get it done.

Thanks for writing and for the ideas.

@DAM: I'm so sorry... that last shoot was so hectic that a few things slipped my mind, and one of them was the multi-ending POV, or any POV at all for that matter. I'm kicking myself. I'll try to remember next time. (Which may not be that far away... stay tuned.)

Anonymous said...


Nice B-side this week, i'm hoping some Nicole clips appear soon, her career was way too short on lostbets!


Anonymous said...

^^^ you see Red, that is one of the reasons why i keep coming back here. you actually take the time to address certain issues involved in the process of getting these videos to us. i like that i not only get to watch porn, but learn about it's production as well.

i'm cheering you on with the college girls. good luck. that whould be a true 'lostbets' amateur type thing. geeky science girls, or freaky art majors... look under every rock.

maybe it could be part of a pledge week thing for a sorority. the girls earnings go to the sorority she is pledging for? it might get the 'house' to apply pressure on your behalf.

idk... just thinkin...


Anonymous said...


That works! :)

Can you give away who the girls are in the HAWT video you described yet?

Thanks! Keep the couples games coming! (Errr, so to speak.)

- JW

Red said...

@PN: There is one game featuring Nicole (and Camilla and Taylor) that will be a B-side. It's actually not too bad... the only reason I didn't publish it is that the game itself wasn't that engaging, but the forfeit is nice. I'll try to rush the production on it, although it'll still be at least a three weeks I'm afraid.

@CAFan: I'm glad you like the inside look into things, as long as you keep in mind that you're seeing how I make porn, which is not necessarily the same way that others do. It's not like I went to Porn School to learn the right way to do this. I pretty much made it up as I went along.

I've tried to find out what sororities at the U-W are known for being party girls. If anyone has any leads, I'm all ears.

@JW: The only girl in that game that we've seen before is Jessie. Last time, she didn't even expect to play, she was just the driver for Amani, Tiana, Alicia, and Serena. But she had a good enough time that she really wanted to come back. She brought her friend Chelsea. The other two were Ember, who's actually the sister of Rainy (pregnant chick) and Nyssa.

Anonymous said...

"There is one game featuring Nicole (and Camilla and Taylor)..."

i knew you were holding out on me. i knew it along. >:(


GatorFan said...

Hope you are all better, love all the videos, have bought quite a few. First time posting to the blog though

Red said...

Feeling much better, GatorFan, thanks (and thanks to all who wished me good health.) Welcome to the blog, and thank you very much for buying my clips.