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Friday, August 26, 2011

Credit where it's, deux

First off: this week's update, the first featuring the four new girls I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, is out. It features a new game which I'm calling Strip O'Connell. The first person to "get it" and post it on the blog gets a free clip of his choice.

Another person who's become a big part of lostbets.com is my new intern, Casper. (He wanted to be called "Ghost" but I felt that was just too dignified for an intern.) If you're liking the B-Sides, if you're glad to see some of these long-lost videos that might never have seen the light of day, thank Casper. If he hadn't gone through every last bit of my footage, cataloging every second, making note of what had been published and what had been missed, then most likely the B-Sides would still be gathering dust.


Reno said...

Is it a drag racing thing?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Red said...

Dex, no fair, you already get your free clip out of this one. Let someone else have a shot.

Anonymous said...

it's because of Jerry O'Connell's role in the show Sliders


Anonymous said...

Good looking girls, Red. Any harder videos with these girls coming up? The exercise forfeits aren't my thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, my 2 cents not referring to this week but rather to games in general. I think for mixed hardcore forfeits your concept would be better served by involving the guys in the games more often. For instance the male winner gets to fuck the loosing girl or any type of variation. I find having only the girls play out the game takes out some of the fun. But then again, maybe it's just me.

As always, thanks for your good work.


Anonymous said...


Jut checked the preview and that is very promising. Have to download quickly. WHAT a cuties

Thanks for finding these girls.

Regards, LBF

Canadian said...

Red, well done. Love the new girls, keep 'em coming. With Kodak in particular, anything else planned? Would give an eye to see her do a streaking forfeit, course assuming she lost the game. Kudos on the mix of soft and hardcore pay ups for the losers.

Canadian said...

Posted for clarification (my post above): this weeks clip is not a mixed pay up. this last comment was more broadly summarizing many clips, as in some soft, some hardcore pay ups - which again I think is great for variety.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bsides. Not sure of the numbering system. Seems to be all over the map. Order please. Jack.

Red said...

@E-Male: Correct! Drop me an email, tell me which clip you'd like.

@Anon 10:27 (please sign your posts): That depends on what you consider harder. They played a total of four games. The third and fourth game have what I'd consider fairly tame forfeits: ticking and wet-and-messy. The next one, though, features two losers having to masturbate. That's as hard as I was able to talk these four into, I'm afraid. What makes that one interesting, though, is that one of the girls claimed never to have masturbated. In her life. Seriously. It seems incredible to me (and there's no chance I'd believe it if she were a dude, none) but I can't think of why she'd lie about it. Not gonna say whether she was one of the losers, at least not yet.

@yoyoma: I'd like to do more winning-guy-does-losing-girl forfeits, and I will, it's just that the opportunity doesn't often present itself. I've done it before (see episode 186) and will do it again.

@LBF: Thanks for thanking me for finding these four, because it gives me the opportunity to highlight the contributions of yet another person who helps make lostbets.com happen: my production manager Lauribella. She deserves 100% of the credit for finding all four of these girls and convincing them to play.

@Canadian: Thanks, eh? Kodak's one of my personal faves, too. There's no streak forfeit planned for these four, but you will get some very nice views of the young Ms. K before we're done.

@Jack: The numbering scheme of the B-Sides is shrouded in mystery, and must remain a secret for now.

Anonymous said...

Did you get my e-mail?


Anonymous said...

So, when will we see the next hardcore forfeit?


Anonymous said...


What! There was nothing in the rules about having to be fair. It's an outrage, I tell ya.

Well, I guess I'll have to win my next free clip the old fashioned way: with a another brilliant game idea.
Drawing forfeits from a bag has been suggested. That might work, but what about this, instead.

Play one game of Rock/Paper/Scissors (or maybe best two out of three) and the loser has to strip completely and go over to a bulletin board with a bunch of penalties on it and select her "favorite", like so: "If I lose again, please spank me" or "please let me masturbate for you" Then do one RPS throw again as normal, except the loser now loses all ties. If she wins, she's free, but if she loses she has to perform the penalty and then go and select another even worse penalty and play for that until she finally wins.

A fun variant would be to have two sets of the penalties and have both the contestants rank them all ahead of time in case they lose. It would be fun to compare the lists and have someone interview them and maybe tease them about their preferences. Let's see what are they willing to do to avoid a spanking.

Items on the Big Board of Bad could include: spanking, paddling, streaking, masturbating, being tied and tickled, pet play, exercise, putting your hands on your head and being groped by the director (Wait. I forgot I'm still mad at you for being fair. Forget I mentioned that last one.), toe sucking, the bar walk of shame, waxing, blowing Johnny, etc.

You could also throw in a few outrageous ones. Loser shaves her head. Loser gets an "I lost on LostBets.com" tattoo on her butt cheek. Either let them bury them safely at the bottom of the stack, or if you want to do it all above board, give them a limited number of vetos at the beginning to get rid of the ones they obviously wouldn't do if it somehow got down that far.

What do you think?


Red said...

E-Male: Yup. Did you get my response?

Len: Well, if you're willing to settle for a B-Side, tomorrow. If not, longer.

Dex: Fair play is always the rule here at lostbets.com. And your idea has merit, especially the part about getting groped by the director. I'll need to invest in a bulletin board, though.

Red said...

Oops, forgot the @ signs. Contrary to what my Twitter-pated friend led me to believe, the world didn't come to an end. Y'all understood what I was saying, right? Good. I'm dropping the silly convention, starting... now.

Anonymous said...

I did and I loved the clip. The girls were great. thought they had great chemistry and were all really fun and there was at least some embarrassment too, which is key.
Thanks and keep it up.


RS said...

Any idea when we might next see a co-ed game where the guys are players, not just getting to do stuff to the losing girls?

How about a game where it's just two (or more) guys playing. Of course, there are girls present, just not playing -- and the girls are naked or in underwear the whole time (perhaps the losing girls from a previous game are naked while the winning girls are in their underwear). At the end, each girl gets to decide one thing that the losing guy(s) have to do: suck the girl's toes, get spanked, get tied up (or held down) and tickled, shaved, etc.

Red said...

RS: You'll see the next guy-vs-girl game in about two hours, on the B-Sides store. As for future coed games: some of your suggestions are already in the works, and some are new and I'll think about 'em.