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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The up-and-coming

A quick look at what's on the way in the near future:

Tomorrow's episode 235 brings to a close the awesome series between Lily and RyAnne. Basketball is the game, getting a whole lot of sweet and sticky stuff dumped all over you is the forfeit. With the help of some fine folks at umd.net, I think this is my best wet-and-messy forfeit to date. People who've complained that previous WAM forfeits left the victim's hair untouched will not be disappointed.

Episode 236 introduces new girls Erica and Daisy Rae. The loser, whoever she may be, is gonna get boned. For those who've wanted more hardcore. I could still do more on that front, and will.

Episode 237 also introduces new girls: Tori, Cody, Bibi, and Kodak. Three blondes and a redhead, loaded with personality. They play a new game (which reminds me, Dex, if you're out there, drop me an email) with two losers being put through a revealing calisthenics routine. We used a high-speed camera with this one. Jumping jacks look fantastic in smooth slow motion.

Episode 238 introduces yet more new girls, in the form of Brianna and Angel. Brianna is hella cute and smart. Angel is five months pregnant. I realize that last time I had a mom-to-be over to play, there was some controversy, with lots of people not happy with the choice. For them, I'll try to have something ready to make this a double-update weekend.

Good times ahead.

UPDATE: Per the request of an anonymous commenter (please sign your posts!), here are pictures of six of the new girls. (Didn't have pictures of Erica and Daisy Rae hand, sorry). Also, I should say that I don't think these are very good pictures, and in fact I think all six are cuter than they look here. But here they are anyway.








Anonymous said...

Any teaser images of the new girls? Just to leave us hanging?

Anonymous said...

Has any slingshot swimsuit shooting taken place or is it planned yet?


Red said...

@Anon 1:27: Done, but please sign your posts.

@Eric: Yup! Shot several games where the losers were paraded around in public in slingshot swingsuits. The random passers-by who happened to be in the area were very appreciative. And let me tell you, public embarrassment forfeits have sure changed, in this day and age where nearly everybody carries a camera around constantly. Lots of cellphones clicking away.

I even told the losers who suggested that I do this, so they could curse you out by name. In fact, the first one will probably be published as 239, and the only reason I didn't include it in this list is that it's not done being edited yet.

damndable said...

Sorry Red, I thought the blogger thingy left the name thing in every time I commented! Thanks though! Bibi looks especially cute!

Old Man said...

Thanks for the pictures. I am one who has asked for photos of the girls in the past. Could you slowly post photos like this of all the contestants (at least the female ones). Those were much better than the photos in the store.

GatorFan said...

I would be one of those fans hoping for more hardcore stuff :) although the other videos are fun to watch as well. Did you really have a high speed camera? Like 1000fps high speed camera?!

Anonymous said...

Wow looking good for the next issues Red! Bibi looks CUTE.


Anonymous said...

I understand you never like to say who's more pro or amature, but Bibi(and some of the others) look as the kind of girls who might get a little red in their face. Can't wait till it gets published :)

Red said...

All y'all who were admiring Bibi, take note: I goofed and put her picture in place of Cody's, and vice versa.

@Old Man: I'm working on it, but in the meantime you can see headshots of most of the players at our Facebook page.

@GatorFan: Believe me, the 120fps camera is plenty. Played back at 30fps, it's silky-smooth at a quarter of normal speed.

GatorFan said...

@Red sorry I am a little bit of a camera geek and when you said high speed camera I thought you meant like a legit high speed camera. But yeah for human action 120fps is gonna look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to have two losers engage in a tit-shaking contest?
Have them on hands and knees and whoever does the longest/hardest/wildest shaking wins. Forfeit for the loser must be something she really dreads,so the girls really want to win. Maybe a (little) spanking on her breasts. Both forfeits would be nice to watch in slomo.

Anonymous said...

hi red!

on Lisa the prod' assistant's facebook she accepted a challenge back in may to play a game. did she ever make it into a game? super cute!!! perv11

Red said...

@GatorFan: Well if you're a camera geek, you might know more about it than I do. The camera didn't actually belong to me, it belongs to Propmaster Hippo. It's a Casio DSLR that Hippo says they don't make any more, but I believe it probably has the same high-speed processor as the Exilim FC100. The resolution goes down as the speed goes up, with it able to do 120fps at 640x480. Truthfully, it's a little grainy even at that resolution, especially when cut into 1080p60 footage. It's not like it's bad or anything, but it definitely could be better. Got any recommendations for a decent high-speed cam I can pick up for next time?

@Anon 11:44 (please sign your posts): Interesting idea. I'll give it a try next time I've got some competitors with the proper, uh, endowment to do such a forfeit.

@Anon 11:49 (please sign your posts): Lisa isn't my production assistant, Lauri is. Again, there's no chance that Lauri will pose. Lisa, on the other hand... I'd love to get her in front of my camera, and she said she'd do it. She said she'd let me know when she would be traveling to my area, but I haven't heard from her in awhile. Maybe she lost her nerve. I'll ping her to see what's up.

GatorFan said...

@Red I'll be honest High Speed cameras aren't exactly my forte, but it's gonna be really tough to find an HD high speed camera for under $7000. But most HD high speed cameras will have a super high fps, like way higher than you would need.

Anonymous said...

I am liking Lisa's idea of the loser (hopefully her) being spread-eagle tied and used/played with.
I hope you can contact her.


Anonymous said...

I had a quick thought for a game that might appeal to many types of people. You play a version of memory, but also add in forfeit cards, so you could add in quick small forfeits like something messy or a spanking or anything else you could think of. My thought was if you do it in a multiple player game who ever picks the match of that forfeit would get to pick who performs it. I think this would give a lot of different outcomes since a player might have forfeits but not lose overall. Also this leaves room for a hardcore forfeit for the final loser and tamer things in the same game.


Anonymous said...

Some nice looking new girls, but also please bring back Raven and Julie as often as possible.

GatorFan said...

@blue I really, really, really like that idea!

Sam said...

OK: First time poster. Love the site. I have a comment, a question, and a suggestion:

Comment: In addition to the main theme of the stie, I love your focus on *light* bondage. The girls are restrained for the point of embarrassment, but not gagged, there is no pain theme, and no suggestion of fear. I find it really hard to find anything like that on that net -- you search for bondage, and its hard to find anything that isn't hard core.

Question: Any chance of getting Raven back? Amazing girl, and the shoot that ends with her on the leash in the hall is fantastic. Most of her spanking scenes don't do much for me, but I'd *love* to see her is some more (light) bondage.

Suggestion: A forfeit that I think could be fun/hot. A three girl game (preferably all non-lesbians) with two losers. The losers have to "film a porn scene" with the winner directing. That is, they essentially engage in lesbian sex, with the winner telling them step-by-step what to do. ("Start kissing"..."Raven, move your hands lower"...) I'd even, in this case, be fine with a faked orgasm on command (so long as the action leading up to it is real). I don't know if you can get girls that could act it well -- but it really doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Slingshot swimsuits in SEVERAL forfeits! YESSSS!!! You ROCK! Thanks!


bored1982 said...

Hi Red, Its me again,

Where are episodes 237, 238 and the rest?


Anonymous said...

Here is a hardcore game-forfeit that I am sure many would like. Only Red however knows if he can put together the player for this.

Required 2-3 male participants
2-4 women contestants (3 would be ideal)

Game: Guys are blinfolded and receive in sequence a 2-3 minute blowjob sequentially by girl 1-2 and 3.

Afterwards guys have to give a grade to girls 1-2 and 3.

The girl with the lowest cumulative grade (must be sure grading system does not allow a tie) then must suck off to completion the 2-3 guys and has the choice of either having them cum on her face or in her mouth.

Guys and girls watching can then either humiliate or give advice to the girl who does not know how to suck good cock.

May be more hardcore than what has been done previously on lostbet but think it fits with general concept


Red said...

@GatorFan: Yeah, that's pretty much what I concluded after my brief investigation into good high-speed cameras awhile ago. Too expensive to be worth it. Not that I'm at all shy about buying equipment, but I think the money could be better spent elsewhere.

@Sooner: I liked Lisa's ideas too, and in fact in the email exchanges I've had with her, I think we managed to improve them, even. But again, I haven't heard from her in awhile. I hope she's okay. She certainly seemed sincere about making good on her promise to play… we'll see.

@Blue: Yep, I've gotten numerous requests for "mini-forfeits" to be doled out in the course of a game. I'm gonna do it, I just haven't gotten to it yet

@Anon 3:06 (please sign your posts): Julie I could probable get back… but honestly, I'm having a tough time thinking up new and exciting things for her to risk. Got any ideas?

As for Raven… see below.

@Sam: Welcome! Always good to see new people posting on the blog.

I'm glad you like the light level of bondage here, especially since it apparently fills an underserved niche, which is the whole reason I started doing this in the first place. But do keep in mind that one of my top goals is variety, so future forfeits involving bondage may be harder or softer.

As for Raven… alas. I would dearly love to get her back but it seems unlikely that I will. When it comes to appearing in naughty videos, my players span the range from complete amateurs to experienced professionals. Raven happens to be one of the pros, and awhile back, she signed an exclusive agreement with another producer, and so she's been unable to return. However, that was awhile ago, and I haven't really heard from her since, and I don't know if that agreement is still in effect. I'll try to contact her and see if getting her back might be an option.

Finally, I really like your suggested forfeit and I'll use it when I can. It'll have to wait until I have players that I think can pull it off. Some of my girls are better than others at coming up with their own creative ideas for embarrassing the losers.

@Eric: De nada, my friend. I'm really happy with the results and I think you will be too.

@bored1982: Not published yet. 236 will be published this week (tomorrow, actually), 237 the week after that, and 238 the week after that. Sorry to make you wait so long.

@Yoyoma: It's a good one, as most of your ideas are, but might be tough to pull off. Again, it boils down to finding girls who're willing to blow strangers. (Finding guys who are willing to be on the receiving end isn't so tough.) I know a few girls who might be willing… I'll bring it up with them.

Sam said...

@Red: I take it that, for some reason beyond my understanding, you are concerned with pleasing customers other than me? Darn! Well...you will keep me happy so long as the light bondage shows up from time to time.

Another girl I though was fantasically gorgeous was Idelsey. (Wait: do I have that right -- she was the darker one of the Idelsey/Sienna pair, right?) I was very glad to see her on your B-clips. But its been forever since you filmed her -- I assume she is no longer available?

Another slightly-less-hard-core forfeit I'd love to see is "restrained and groped" a non-participating man. Loser is tied up (bed, door jam, cross, whatever) and a man is given a certain amount of time to feel her up. Hands only, perhaps a rule against penetration. I have no concept of what you can talk girls into, but it seems like you are more likely to get a non-pro, more inhibited girl (relatively speaking) to risk this, which is what would really make it.

Red said...

@Sam: Well, I've long said that if anybody likes all of my videos, I'm doing something wrong, not having enough variety.

I haven't seen Idelsy in a long time, but that doesn't mean there's no hope of seeing her again. I haven't really tried to re-establish contact because I haven't heard much demand to have her back. Now that I have, I'll see if I can find her email address around here somewhere.

Good idea for a forfeit. As for what I can talk girls into, I seem to have a knack for it, but that sounds like a good one to spring on the more reluctant girls. (And frankly, I think that seeing a reluctant girl blushing hard as she's forced to open her legs for the camera -- or get groped by a gleeful guy -- is at least as hot as watching a less-reluctant girl doing hardcore.)

Sam said...

@Red: I speak for nobody but myself, but I thought Iselsy had an amazing body. And the episode where she was handcuffed to a chair was good, but the view was somewhat obstructed. Love to see one with a better view.

Regarding my suggestion about "directing a porn scene". If finding a sufficient number of girls who could do the directing is a problem, find only one girl and don't have her participate in the game. Have three or more players competing, with the two losers acting out the scene directed by her. Then she can even prepare ahead of time (meaning, think of embarrassing sex acts to have them act out). It might also work to have her, at the beginning of the game, provide the players with some motivation to win by describing a little of what she is planning for the losers.

Anonymous said...

Sam's idea is a good one. Hopefully it will avoid the problems of the Earth and Fire (or whatever that game was called). That game had so much potential but was a bit disappointing. Any chance you'll try Earth and Fire again (with some modifications)?