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Friday, September 9, 2011

I've never...

Some of you may be familiar with the game of "I've never", where you say something you've never done, and everyone who has done it has to drink. (Or strip. Hmm.) Well, if you're 20 years old, surrounded by 20-year-old peers, and you can say "I've never masturbated", you will probably get all your friends to drink (or strip). I find it unimaginable that anyone that age would never have masturbated, but apparently it's true of one of the players in today's Episode 240. Or at least it was true. Won't be true anymore if she loses. Enjoy.

Update: Here's what's on tap for the coming weeks.

Episode 241 isn't done being edited yet; hopefully it'll be ready in time. It's Chrissy and Tiana playing a new game: Cranky Canaries, with the loser finding herself secured hand-and-foot with doorjamb cuffs while the winner vibrates her to ecstasy.

Ashley and Candle return in episode 242, and are joined by Cory, making her first appearance in quite awhile. They play Strip Candy-Passing, with the loser being the first to endure the slingshot swimsuit, being sent down to the cafeteria to buy a muffin wearing very, very little.

A lot of people have requested to see more couples games. The first one of several will show up in Episode 243, as Alexis and Tony, now a couple, return with new players Whitney and AJ. We'll see them play as couple vs. couple, and we'll see them play as boys vs. girls, but for this one (our second game of O'Connell), it's a free-for-all, with two losers having to masturbate for the winners.


Anonymous said...

Any winners on the contest? Just curious.


Red said...

Entries are closed. Now begins the laborious task of judging.

Anonymous said...

Any word on when we're gonna see any of the games between Xena and Zayda? You really peeked my interest with that introduction and I hope to see them soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Again a great session with your four cuties. After the lost bets B-side you should now open a c-side for C-(uties) like these.


Anonymous said...

i just ordered a B side, with Mike and Brandy.
shame on you Red, for hiding Brandy and keeping her from us all this time.
I sure hope there is more of her. tell me there is.

She's cute as could be, and we could use a bit more of her around here.


Mark said...

will I rely did not think the last one was and one thing saying you never mastebate but she said that she did not no what to do I d not belive her

Anonymous said...


This is actually my promised review of ep #237 (four player Strip O'Connell). I'll post it here since the new clip has the same contestants and the conversation has moved on.

Short answer: I give it an A. Beyond that, spoiler warnings are in effect.

The actual game of O'Connell worked well, if I do say so myself. The women have good chemistry and were all super cute and charming. I believed every word when they started bragging on how many traffic tickets they've gotten out of.

As other posters have already mentioned, Kodak is smokin' hot. And the other loser has a perfect body for doing 20 nude jumping jacks (speaking from the point of view of the spectator, of course, not the doer). This was followed by an enjoyable (for us)twenty leg lifts. To think that briefly spereading your legs once used to be the entire penalty.

I was a little disappointed when the losers talked the winners out of making them do push-ups, but that's just sheer greed on my part. My only real note was on the crunches. I like what you were going for, but there was not enough light on the worms-eye view shots. You need to fix that next time or switch to another exercise. Cherry Pickers would be nice.

Since I already engaged spoiler warnings, and since I am no gentleman, I would be remiss not to mention another interesting feature of the game. No one came out of it with their dignity fully intact. The woman who lost the least clothing, lost just enough to reveal an embarrassing personal secret, the public revelation of which is a risk of stripping games for some women that may not have occurred to some people.

Take a good look at the pictures of those four ladies again, guys. One of them pads her bra.


Red said...

Anon 2:49 (please sign your posts): I think I can have one ready in time for 244. No promises though.

LBF: Yeah, these four were a great find, and I'm glad you like 'em. I don't think I can maintain a three-times-a-week publishing schedule though :)

CAFan: Very sorry to break the bad news, but the two B-sides are all I have featuring Brandy. I can see about getting her back.

Mark: If I were watching a video featuring a girl who claimed never to have masturbated, I'd doubt it too. But I'd suspect that the script called for her to say that, or that the director had told her to say it. Well, in this case, there was no script, and I didn't tell her to claim never to have masturbated before. It's up to you whether to believe me or not, but if she was lying about being a masturvirgin, she was lying to me too. And maybe she was, but I can't think of why she would.

Dex: Thanks for the review! A couple of comments:

I agree about O'Connell being a good game, and a big part of the reason is that it doesn't require a whole lot of concentration on the part of the players, freeing them up to banter among each other. (That being said, it does tend to run a little long. In the future, I think I'll limit each player to three pawns, instead of four.)

Agreed re. the poor lighting of the worm's-eye view, a problem which I'm not sure we fixed in future games with similar forfeits. Either way, it'll be solved permanently with a camera-mounted light, or with a new exercise.

Anonymous said...


I've got a suggestion you should make a contest with two loosers, which girl can put the most ice cubes into her pussy and ass and hold them in her holes for let's say 10 seconds. Ice cubes in the ass count double. The girl with the less ice cubes will be left to the mercy of the winner for 20 minutes so that the winner can do whatever she wants to. What do you think?
I checked the link this is the right one:




Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I've got another suggestion:

You should have a male and a female loser with these two have to perform a 69 with the girl trying to make the guy cum, while the guy tries not to cum and to distract her by makeing her horny by fondling her sensitive points. The girl has let's say 5 minutes to make him cum. If she succeeds within time he will have to do another forfeit, but if she fails she will have to do another forfeit. As bonus if he brings her to orgasm without cumming he can do to her whatever he wants. Yeah I know it will be hard for him not to cum but I think it will be fun viewing him trying to make her so horny, that she isn't able to concetrate any more at him. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

a time ago there was suggested a forfeit with girls having to walk through a rope tensed between their snatch. I have some ideas to make this more interessting place some dildos on the rope or at least electric sextoys like at this link:




Red said...

Mr. T, I removed your comment, sorry. I'd rather that people not talk about which of the players have professional experience on the blog.

dac99x said...

How about a chutes and ladders game? Every time a girl has to go down a slide, off comes a piece of clothing. If she's naked and the game is still going, she has to do a tame forfeit. The ultimate loser(s) get a big forfeit.

mismanager said...


A while ago you asked for ideas for forfeits for Julie; you said you were running out of ideas. Has she ever had to masturbate for us? I know she has paid most other penalties but can't remember that one.

Anonymous said...

any news on the contest?

Anonymous said...

have you any pictures of the new player Whitney and AJ

Anonymous said...

I'm thiking on purchasing episode 242 Strip Candy Passing but the main decision maker is whether or not the loser goes down to the cafeteria barefeet?