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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pissed pigeons

Yes, I still have a contest to judge. Winners to be announced shortly. I've been busy: getting this oen ready for production, plus I had some guests yesterday, named Ashley, Kandie, and Julie. Good games were played and good times were had. But who would've thought that I'd ever shoot a game with Ashley and Julie, and Ashley's comfort zone would be the limiting factor?

Anyway, today's update features some veteran girls playing a new game. It also features the voice-acting debut of Johnny, Hippo, and myself. Go easy on us, we're new at this kind of gig. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

you can see all the spoilers at the moment.


Red said...

Grr. Some C4S thing, I imagine. The spoilers look like they're working now.

GreenMonster89 said...

I just checked and the spoilers were still uncovered. Not really a big deal since the newest video doesn't appear to have been posted yet.

GreenMonster89 said...

OK, the spoilers are now covered, but the newest video isn't up yet. I guess you post it when you post it, right Red?

Red said...

Naw, I always set the video to publish at 7:20 PM Eastern time every Friday. Sometimes C4S delays it by a few minutes but it shouldn't be much longer than that.

By the way: you know that one special forfeit you've been asking me to try to do? The one that I told you not to get your hopes up too high to see because it'd be just about impossible to get girls to agree to it? Well... I just might (and I emphasize might) be able to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

My First post here. I have, however, been reading the blog for quite a while and I have downloaded quite a few videos. I have really liked some of the videos and I will buy more in future.

I must admit I'm hoping that you have shot more shaving forfeits in your new stuff. If you're looking for new ideas for that, why not treat the pubic hair as the last piece of clothing? (i.e. once a player is naked if they lose again, they get shaved; once naked and shaved, lose again and perform the ultimate forfeit).

I don't think that we have yet seen a guy shave a girl or vice/versa, so that might also be something to use.

As for GreenMonster's idea (if it's what I think it is - head shaving) I would love to see you make that happen! Ideally, combined with my pubic hair as last piece of clothing idea.

Glad you got Julie back. I'm hoping that she risked something big - lots of posters have been hoping for hardcore - and that she lost (sorry Julie).

Hope this isn't too long a post.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I've got another suggestion:

You should have a male and a female loser with these two have to perform a 69 with the girl trying to make the guy cum, while the guy tries not to cum and to distract her by makeing her horny by fondling her sensitive points. The girl has let's say 5 minutes to make him cum. If she succeeds within time he will have to do another forfeit, but if she fails she will have to do another forfeit. As bonus if he brings her to orgasm without cumming he can do to her whatever he wants. Yeah I know it will be hard for him not to cum but I think it will be fun viewing him trying to make her so horny, that she isn't able to concetrate any more at him. Maybe the guy should have an extra time of let's say 1 minute to make the gir hot before she can start her play at his balls.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thanks Ravenfan


RS said...

I like the idea of pubic hair being the last item of clothing to go. I also like of shaving forfeits. Perhaps a game with two girls and two guys, not as teams. The first two to lose (of any gender) are shaved of all body hair from the next down. Each loser then has to use their tongue to confirm that the other loser has been shaved properly and there's no inappropriate stubble left.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a question about the latest B-Side clip. When you say "make out with" are we basically just talking about kissing? Or did they go farther?

RS said...

Speaking of the B-side, the nonspoiler part says:

"Three girls. Two guys.... They play until one entire gender is naked, and then the members of that gender have to make out with each other."

I'm not at all speaking to the final results hidden by the spoiler. Other readers, please don't read anything about the results one way or the other into my comments.

Multiple girls, I could see. But I'm amazed you were able to find two straight guys willing to risk having to make out with each other. Not just that if they lose, they make out with someone who might be a boy or might be a girl -- in this case, if they lose, it will definitely be the same sex.

One of the things I loved about the long-defunct DareRing site is that in addition to having to do a dare that the player might or might not want to do, they were sometimes paired with a random opponent whom they may or may not be attracted to, perhaps even of a gender they're not attracted to. That's the ultimate in embarrassing -- not only doing something you don't want to do, but also doing it with someone you really, really don' want to do it with.

Anonymous said...

I like RS's idea. Four players, one big loser and two smaller losers who have to do the licking...and one winner who gets to watch. Genius!


Anonymous said...

DirtyOldMan says: DareRing was the first site to do this fetish, but Red has taken the production quality to a new level and we all owe him a huge thanks, those of us that are stuck with this fetish.(footnote 1)

I loved that about DareRing - there were several episodes with two guys that were clearly "open", but not attracted to each other. One particular time, one of them had to go down on the other. The forfeit had a count down timer, done manually by the other girls - the matchup was always girl-heavy, 5 girls and 2 guys was the most guys they ever did. The girls counted SO_SLOWLY for that bj scene.

Anyways, I don't think Red is a bad business person and therefore I don't suspect we'll ever see any guy on guy action on lostbets. That's fine; it's just too niche to risk upsetting the group ranging from homphobic all the way over to "honestly, just not into paying to watch it".

But that's the risk that I like. The humiliation. The getting "owned".

Footnote 1: "this fetish". Lostbets satisfies a ton of fetishes and I could have meant any of thousands. My fetish seems to center around non-determinism and loss of control from it. I absolutely get off on watching those crappy horror movies where everyone gets killed off by sharks, piranhas, snakes, boogey men, and discount european student hotels. Lostbets sells the same giddy goodness to me - Red is smart to mask the spoilers, because the games age like the news does: those 20 or 30 minutes before I know who's going to lose.. even I myself am playing a risky game, maybe I just bought a clip that won't end up the way I like. It's great.

The jerk off fantasy I've had since age 16, some 18 years ago - me and three buds and four other girls are all horny and split into two random groups of four. The genders balance is left to the coin flip. Each team plays a video game (mariokart in my head) to figure out first through last place. First place gets to watch, second place gets head from last place, third place gets last place's tail end. Ultimate. Fantasy.

RS said...

DirtyOldMan said: "But that's the risk that I like. The humiliation. The getting 'owned'."

Absolutely. There's no tension if the forfeit is something the players don't mind doing, or worse yet, actually *want* to do. There are plenty of things in real life that I wouldn't do if asked to do it, or even dared to do it, but I'm a huge fan of this genre (stripping games, risque bets and forfeits) that I'd be willing to *risk* doing something on a bet thay I wouldn't otherwise do.

One time, after a game of strip poker, we had all gotten dressed when the host dared me to a single hand of high card. If I won, nothing happened. If I lost, I had to give the host all of my clothes and go home completely naked. I had a car, but it was parked a block away at the corner of a busy intersection. Even though the challenge had all downside and no upside, I was so revved up from the game that I took the challenge. I ended up winning, but the adrenalin rush from the fear and anticipation when I drew my card was intense. I often wonder what it would have been like if I had actually lost.

RS said...

TrueS, I like your variation even better. I like the games where there's several losers and only one winner.

GreenMonster said...

Hey Red,
First of all, if you're suggesting there is a chance, even a small one, of the forfeit I suggested happening, that's awesome. If it happens, that would be even more awesome. I had all but written it off since I didn't think you would be able to find two ladies willing to risk it. The main thing I have been looking forward to is a POV video featuring Julie. It is much more realistic to expect to see that one than the special forfeit I suggested. If you can make that special forfeit happen, you will be THE MAN.

I'm not getting my hopes up, but might is a lot better than no chance in hell. No chance in hell is what I expected on that particular forfeit.

Anonymous said...

Still waitin for the POV myself


Anonymous said...

So are you going to give us any more clues about this game between Ashley and Julie?


mismanager said...


I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in this week's B side. Way back in 2007 you had a promo for an interactive game involving a girl called Anna. Did she ever record anything else for you and, if so, will she be appearing as a B side in the future?

mismanager said...


Its is a small point, but I've noticed that on your B sides site the SD version of a clip is listed before the HD version. The opposite is the case on your main site. This may cause some errors. I know that buyers should take case and are responsible for their own orders but you might like to make it easier for us - and if you are going to change the order on the B sides site, it would be better now whilst there are relatively few clips on there.

RobB said...

Some questions:
1. In the game with Charlie and Cyndi, there is mention of revenge, but I don't rememeber seeing this pair before.
2. Why wasn't Cody punished for not even trying to cum? She should have been held down and vibrated by the other girls.

Red said...

Dangit, I am not going to let these get out of hand again. From the top:

(and I'm back to the @thing, it'll help people pick out their response in what's gonna be a long post)

@TrueS: Thanks for writing, and I'm sorry to make you wait so long for a response. Welcome to the blog.

I'm afraid that I don't currently have any shaving forfeits in the queue. I will make a concerted effort to get some in the future... I think I have a couple of girls in mind for it. And I like the idea of the pubes being counted as an article of clothing. I can think of some great forfeits that can be performed when the newly-shaved loser loses again.

As for GreenMonster's idea, yes, it's what you thought it was. However, I've just this day heard some bad news on that score. The brave young ladies willing to take the risk had been planning to travel to this area in OCtober, but those plans fell through. It'll now be February when I see them... or posswibly as late as August. I hope not.

And as for the return of Julie... why yes, she did risk something big. Something she's certainly never risked here before. Something few girls have. Coming soon.

@Ravenfan: The idea sounds good, and I'll try it the next time I have a couples game. The winning couple gets to enjoy the entertaining show whoever wins as the losing couple work at each other to avoid being the humiliated ultimate loser.

Please stop posting links to kink.com's shoots. They're a fine operation and all, but I'm not an advertising platform. They have stores that sell physical goods, and you can post links to those that you suggest I buy and use in my shoots, but please don't link to their vids.

@RS: That's a heck of an idea. I'll need four very free-spirited people willing to risk being on the losing end of that one (especially if it's possible that two men might lose) and I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to pull that one off.

@Anon 6:56 (please sign your posts): No, I can't say that B029 featured particularly hot and heavy making out. Each pair of girls basically kissed, there was sone boob fondling, and that was about it. October 10, 2007, that's when I shot that one, and we were all so much more innocent back then. This one's about the interplay between the players more than it's about the forfeit.

@RS (again): Considering my answer to Anon above, the gents weren't taking too much of a risk. Plus, we tricked the girls a little. As I recall, the ladies wore 4 pieces each and the gents 6. We convinced the girls that this made it even at 12 pieces per side, but if you do the math on that one, the girls are at a disadvantage.

@DOM: If you think you owe me a huge thanks, all I can say is that the feeling is mutual. I still haven't found the words to express how grateful I am to everybody who's been a part of this wild ride, and the fact that people like my work enough to give me their hard-earned money for it and then thank me for it, it's like... like I said, no words. But thank you.

I'd take issue, though, with the claim that I'm not a bad businessman. I'm a terrible businessman. I suck. As for games where the players are risking unwanted male-male interaction, I'm not at all sure that'd be bad business. Pretty sure you're not the only one who'd buy it.

@GreenMountain: See above about the unfortunate news today. I still have high hopes that it'll happen, it just may be awhile.


@Marcus: No more than I have already, at least not for now. Other than to say: I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

Red said...

@mismanager: The only footage I have of Anna is of her playing four interactive games: Rock-Paper-Scissors, Surgery, Battlestrip, and Pong. If/when I ever get around to developing (or hiring someone to develop) engines for these games you may see it. Or I may cobble some of it together into a makeshift POV.

As for the sorting on the B-Sides, it's like this. C4S lets you put in a "clip order" field, by which your videos will be sorted. In the main store I use epissode numeer * 10 + 5 for HD, +3 for SD, which sorts the SD clips lower. But the B-Sides aren't published in numerical order, so if I used that scheme the newest clip might be buried. Instead I tell C4S to sort by date, and since I publish the HD versions a bit earlier than the SD versions, they sort lower. It's not that big a deal, is it?

@RobB: Charlie and Cyndi have been in two videos together, Episode 116 (Strip No-Name) and Episode 125 (Strip Jester). As for Cody, I think she was trying, she just had no idea how. It would've been nice if the other girls had held her down and vibrated her but I don't think the idea occurred to us... and even if it had, the girls do have limits, and I'm not sure if they'd have allowed for that. I think it still made a pretty good video. And if it could've been better, well, that means it'll be better next time. Bet your ass I'll do my best to get these girls back for more.

Anonymous said...

If you get could a Sybian and put Cody on it, that would make for a great vid, methinks ;)

Red said...

@AS: I'm not at all sure Cody would be willing to sit on a Sybian even if I owned one. I will ask her, but don't get your hopes up too high. But don't rule it out, either. The extreme popularity of these clips will help, I think... telling girls how much the fans love them always seems to help get them in an adventurous mood. Will do what I can.

GreenMonster said...

Regarding my idea Red, if it happens, great. If not, we know you tried.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Congrats, u r doing a fabulous job and i love ur vids. Wish to see a forfeit where winner/s will finger and torment the looser, making her scream and beg till she reaches her big orgasm or even multiple ones and even may go on and on so that she cant hold on anymore and squirt eventually......just to make it more humiliating, may even tie the looser during the process so that she is absolutely helpless. Hope to hear from you on this.