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Friday, October 7, 2011

The cake is no lie

This test features four girls you know and love jumping around with butterfly nets. And then there will be cake, or at least a whole lot of cake batter, with eggs and shortening and frosting. If you like to see extremely cute girls getting covered in colorful goop, you'll like 244. Bon apetit.


Anonymous said...

Red did Aleis And tony become a couple afther cilp 186? Wow if they did that a great story did they become a cuople because they had sex? MJ

t3mporary said...

I forgot to ask for 243, but is there mutual masturbation (masturbate each other) in it? Or do they do it solo?

t3mporary said...

I suppose with the risk of having to chance masturbating the same sex, it would be uncomfortable. I suppose they could also be uncomfortable with having the masturbate someone on camera as well (well maybe not Tony and Alexis, unless they have changed).

T3mporary said...

Forgot to add, is there any type of hardcore forfeits coming up or is it going to be a while?

Out of curiosity, would more girls be more comfortable with a simple handjob as forfeits? Or is the simple act of having to sexually touch another as a forfeit like a hard limit for most?

Red said...

@t3mporary: Well, when you're talking about having couples play games, you also have to take into account that when people are in committed relationships, often they're not comfortable with their partner having sexual contact with others. In the upcoming handjob race, for example, it had to be a handjob race only because neither lady was willing to let her husband/boyfriend stick his dick in another girl's mouth.

When you ask about whether there are "hardcore" forfeits in the future... see my blog post awhile ago about the ambiguity of the word "hardcore". What exactly is it you're hoping to see? Straight-up boy-girl sex, I'm afraid not for a while, I've been having a bit of a dry spell there. And yes, there are plenty of girls who might be willing to risk having to give an HJ or a BJ or several other dirty acronyms who would have serious misgivings about betting the whole enchilada, so to speak.

t3mporary said...

First, do you know when you plan to release the handjob race?

Second, the true definition of hardcore consists of full view (lower genitalia) sexual activity. Admittedly, this would include masturbation. For me though, I would only consider sexual activity between partners to be considered hardcore. This includes hand jobs, blowjobs, and sex to be hardcore.

Personally seeing a forfeit for a hand job or a blowjob would be better than sex. I know tamer girls would be willing to go to such lengths which makes it sexier. Once sex is involved, it ... loses something (I suppose it takes a sort of mentality to risk so much which turns me off). At least the girl would be in control if she was giving a hand job or blowjob.

dac99x said...

I saw this game on Jimmy Fallon's show and thought it'd be a good addition to the lostbets game roster with the addition of two pretty girls wearing two new white T-shirts.

It was War, only the winner of each hand threw a glass of water on the loser. If there was a "war" situation, the winner dumped a pitcher of water on the loser. They played to five.

I think it's perfect: An easy game, two girls, two wet T-shirts, and the ultimate loser stripping off and doing a forfeit.

Anonymous said...

whats the forfeit for the handjob race? P.U.

GreenMonster said...

After reading the description for the latest video, I can believe it would be hard for the loser to get the shortening out of her hair. That stuff is THICK.

Red said...

@t3mporary: Not sure when I'll release the HJ race. I was thinking maybe episode 250: I don't have anything specifically filmed for that milestone, and it's an epic enough game that it might fit the bill.

If you count HJs and BJs as hardcore, then yes, there's some more hardcore stuff on film awaiting production. Stay tuned.

@dac99x: Check out episode 047, Ashton and Mia play Wet Rock-Paper-Scissors. I should sue Fallon for plagiarism, do you think?

Seriously, it was a good game and I haven't done anything like it in way too long. I'll work on an encore.

@P.U.: The guy who wins the handjob race (by not having an orgasm desite the girl's best efforts) is rewarded by getting finished off by both girls, after the losing girl strips naked for him. The winning girl gets to sit on the losing girl's face.

@GreenMonster: Absolutely true. It's not like we told the winners to rub the shortening in the loser's hair, but they did it anyway. She was a good sport, at least.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Sorry for posting the kink-links I won't do it any more.
I have another idea for a forfeit.
The borat thong thing was great, but I have a variety of this one the losing girl has to wear a minimal string like this
The nice thing is the front and back is barely covered. I also think the loser should be shaved so why not combine this game with pubic hair as last item of clothing to bet to make sure you can see almost everything which isn't hidden by the minimal string.
To complete the wardrobe of the loser she has to wear nipple tassles and bounce around with her boobies while streaking the hotel lobby with that sexy outfit.

What do you think



Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I wanted to thank you for replying to my first post a couple of weeks ago. As for my forfeit idea with the pubic hair as last item of clothing before a bigger forfeit, I'm really glad that you (and quite a few other people, it seems) think it's a good one.

The three things that I would most like to see combined with it would (in no particular order of preference) be:

1. Full sex;
2. Headshaving; and
3. The idea about a full body shave with two further naked losers licking to check everything was properly smooth...and then fixing it if they found somewhere that wasn't! (I must admit, I would stack the odds with that one and play three girls and one guy in the game, but hey).

There are loads of other good possibilities, though, and the tiny bikini idea was also good.

I'd love to know who you might have in mind to participate in this one, but I'm guessing that you might not feel able to put it on the board in case it binds your hands in persuading the girls in question to take the risk...but if you feel able...

Also, are you able to give us any more hints about what Julie might have been risking on her last visit? You seem to be teasing us with that one!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Congrats, u r doing a fabulous job and i love ur vids. Wish to see a forfeit where winner/s will finger and torment the looser, making her scream and beg till she reaches her big orgasm or even multiple ones and even may go on and on so that she cant hold on anymore and squirt eventually......just to make it more humiliating, may even tie the looser during the process so that she is absolutely helpless. Hope to hear from you on this.

Red said...

@Ravenfan: No worries re. the Kink links, just in the future please sign out of your account there to make sure you're not posting a members-only link.

As for that string-thong, it's hot as hell but I worry that it might be too minimal for public. I've taken some liberties with public decency laws in the past, but this one just might cross a line.

@Grandmonsterslam: Yes, asshole tickling is on my list. I actually did it once before, but it turned out kind of unsatisfying. (That one would be on B-Sides already, except it seems like the edited video file got corrupted and needs to be redone.) Cum-on-face roulette is also on my list, but not as easy to accomplish. I'll need some girls with looser limits than usual for that one.

@TrueS: You know, the biggest obstacle to doing pubic-shaving forfeits is that so many girls these days don't seem to have pubic hair. There are days when I miss the 80s.

Probably won't be too tough to talk the girls who are willing to risk having their heads shaved into also risking their pubic hair. I'll just have to make sure they know to let it grow out a bit first. Other than those two girls (whom you haven't met yet) I don't have anyone specifically in mind. Personally, I think it would be fun to see that thick red bush slowly come off RyAnne, but I don't know if I could talk her into it. And then there's this new girl I'm negotiating with... 18 years and a few weeks old, blonde, fresh, cute, and nervous as hell about playing. Dunno how she wears her pubes, but when I see her tonight, I'll ask.

As for Julie, I wrote up a long document with a hint about what she did, but before I publish it, I have to go over it with a fine-toothed comb, to make sure every character is perfectly placed, not a single punctuation mark is used wrongly. I'll be far more picky than I need to be, stressing over every tiny detail, before I'll be comfortable publishing it. Is that enough of a hint for you?

@Anon 11:36 (please sign your posts): Winner fingers loser to ecstasy, got it. I've actually been getting a little tired of forced orgasms using the back massager... not that there's anythign wrong with them, they're just getting a wee bit stale. Fingers will make a good change of pace. (BTW, this is not too different than the game of Earth and Fire. Second game of that will be published before the year is out.)