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Friday, November 11, 2011


Episode 250 publishes today. Julie vs. Ashley, head-to-head, loser gets stockaded, vibed, and (maybe) anally violated.

I've been sitting here staring at the "New Post" screen for Blogger for ten minutes, trying and failing to find words to adequately express how grateful I am to everyone who helped take us this far. I can't come up with anything, so just: thanks, guys. Thank you all.

I mentioned that I had a shoot scheduled yesterday with two new girls. Here they are:

Please welcome, from left to right, Salem, 21, and Lumen, 18. Look for them to make their first appearance in December.

So here's what's coming up after 250:

251 brings back Tiana and Chrissy, who play Strip Mogadishu. The loser endures a forfeit we haven't seen since June: a good old-fashioned strap-on fucking.

252 brings back Catherine (last seen playing Maia) along with her boyfriend Ziggy. They're joined by new girl Camille (not to be confused with Camilla) and her husband Michael, and the couples pair off in a handjob race: they switch partners, and the ladies try their best to get the other girl's man off. Loser has to strip, help the winner finish off her boy. Then the winner gets to sit on her face.

253 is our first game of Team Noname. Jessie (last seen as the token white chick in a sea of black beauties) pairs off with new girl Ember against new girls Nyssa and Chelsea. The losers have to get on the couch and spread 'en, the winners get armed with vibrators, and they race to see who can force her loser to orgasm first. It's an interesting one, and I'll have more to say about it when it gets closer to publication.

Good stuff coming up. Thanks again, everybody.


Anonymous said...

252 is just my thing - I suspect I'll be the grateful guy in 2 weeks


Anonymous said...

the preview is a spoiler as it shows the forfeit

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU Red for everything. I haven't bought all 250 videos but those that I have I've loved.

and do you have some pics of the new upcoming players. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

250 was one of the best. The players talked about some great furture game ideas. Have these two ladys played the most game in your site? MJ

realnot said...

Is the teasing/orgasm denial game and forfeit still on your list of stuff to do?

Anonymous said...

Oh Salem looking so great. :)

Have you pictures one the others?


Anonymous said...

252 has me the most excited for a clip on this site I can recall. It's bad to get horny over three sentences in text. And since I like continuity, I'll have to go back and grab those other Catherine clips now, too. At least the third of the three, since that's quite a forfeit and I'm not even sure how I missed that one since that's got to be about the best forfeit that you can have, honestly. (Eating at Denny's, as you put it.)

Those new girls are super cute - it's an affinity for all of us, I think, when a girl reminds us of a friend, an ex, or a buddy's wife just a little bit. Those two girls each have a thread in common with some girls I've had fleet through my brain stark naked.

Lots of good things to look forward to. It sounds like Christmas is coming early this year. Me too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, another great video.

Do you have any more with Amy (from the 200th Special)?


Anonymous said...

Nice new girls. Really excited about Lumen, can't wait till it gets published. I know you can't spoil, but I hope she had an embarrassing day :)

Any interviews beforehand or material of them looking at (and discussing) some of their footage would be nice as it's their first shoot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Got a game idea for ya Red.

It's a trivia game (or actually whatever, I'm focusing more on the stripping and forfeit aspect, not the game itself), with four girls (or six, or eight), with teams of two (for this description, player one and two are a team, and three and four). The opposing team asks player one a trivia question . If she gets it right, the other team gets a question. If she gets it wrong, player TWO (her teammate) strips. (If it were a different game, like poker or whatever, if player one lost the hand, two would strip and vice versa, with the same for the other team.) Play continues, with player three answering. If she gets it wrong, four strips. Then it goes to two, with one's clothes on the line, then to four. Now, this is the interesting bit: once a team member is naked, and her teammate loses another round, she's out (like normal). However, her teammate has to also strip completely and do the forfeit with her teammate (I'd suggest layers, since you never know if you partner will suck). Comense forfeit. (Like always, I don't have an idea for one.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

keep it simple. more blow job/sex forfeits. with bondage.


Anonymous said...


I was thinking about your request for ideas for a forfeit for Casper's friends (or if you want to use it as a future mild forfeit, I won't complain), but I stumbled across this website called truthordarepics.com where users can upload anything they want so I was thinking have the winners take pictures of the losers however they want to pose them and have them post them in this very public website as a mass embarrasment type of thing (this would be good/free advertisement for the site as well). If this is possible I think this would be a good idea.


RS said...

Looking forward to #252.

Mindworm said...

Congrats on your 250th game!

This was a worthy game to be the 250th, and I absolutely loved it! Just the kind of game I love most; two of your hottest ladies, and one of the most sexy forfeits I can think of! Keep up the good stuff!

Look forward to #251 and #253. #252won't be in my interest, but I'm glad you keep on doing different kind of games and something for everybody's taste!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red...not sure I am going to purchase number 250. I understand in the past when you have had different forfeits depending on which girl lost and I feel that is okay as long as the girls agree and the winner does not get to do anything to the loser that she was not willing to have done to herself.


Anonymous said...

Dying to see 252. I would love to see more couple's competitions. It makes the forfeits even more intense.

Red said...

Sorry, folks, for the long delay in response.

@Yoyoma and @RS: Less than a week to go. Hope it's worth the wait.

@randomguy: Thanks, fixed.

@E-Male and @swedishguy: Oddly enough, I don't have pictures of the new players for some reason. At least, they/re not where they should be. I'll keep lookin'.

@MJ: Ashley is the #1 veteran player on the site with 34 games, but Julie ranks #3, with 29. Lily (31) comes between them.

@realnot: Still on my list... which means I haven't done it yet. Sorry. Will get to it.

@DirtyOldMan: Well, like I told @yoyoma, I hope 252 lives up to expectations. For that matter, I hope the new material with Lumen and Salem does, too. (Johnny's editing the first video from that set right now, it'll be 254.)

@Marcus: Yes, there's at least one more video featuring Amy, which will show up on the B-Sides before too long.

@AV: I did shoot a little video of the girls talking about themselves before playing, but I'm not sure if it's any good. Filming the girls looking over their footage is a great idea. I didn't do it at the shoot but no reason I can't do it after.

@ANON 11:56 (please sign your posts): There's one more game featuring those four that I didn't think was quite as good as the other three so it'll find its way to the B-Sides. But those four girls were so fantastic and popular that you can bet your ass I'll do everything I can to get them back for more games.

@CAFan: Duly noted. With the return of Camilla, I'll at least have a player willing to risk b/g. So many girls aren't.

@JAD: That's a great idea which I unfortunately didn't see before the shoot... but I'll definitely use it next time. Thanks.

@Mindworm: Glad you liked 250 and I hope 251+253 live up to your hopes. Thanks (as always) for the kind words.

@gb: Yeah, the feedback I've gotten on the asymmetric forfeit has been generally positive. In this case the winner did get to do something to the loser that she was unwilling to have done to herself but I'm still glad I did it that way. Like I said, I'd have hated to give up the opportunity I had with Julie but I also would've hated to rig the game. This was the best option, I think.

@Panther (and @Ravenfan, in spirit): A lot of people have requested ass-tickling, and have been waiting patiently for a long time. I'll make use of it next chance I get, I promise.