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Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

Hola, folks. I hope all the readers from the United States had a happy Thanksgiving, and had a lot to be thankful for this year. I know I sure did.

I'm on vacation for the holiday at the moment, but fortunately I set episode 252 up to publish before I left. This one has been highly anticipated and I hope it's been worth the wait. You wanted a handjob race, you asked for a handjob race, you waited for a handjob race, and today, you'll get a handjob race. Enjoy.

(It's a shame I couldn't get the players to agree to a blowjob race, because the time of year would've made for a great "gobble gobble" pun, but oh well.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Red.

Since I was out of commission (so to speak) last week, this will be a massive post.

In reply to the Camilla question, if you lost touch with her accidentally (lost number, etc.), then obviously bring her back. If it was purposeful (she didn't answer your calls,etc.) then obviously bring her back, but make her suffer. A forfeit or two she doesn't want as say, compensation.

In reference to RS' suggestion for #300, I agree that would be hard, and if you did manage it, not everyone would like it (namely, me). So maybe releasing 299 or 301 with it. My idea for #300 would be Stripception (awesome name, no?). It would be all girls (because not everybody likes looking at dicks and balls, but everybody loves boobies), as many as you could find. You would play a normal, massive, game, with stripping. There would be a fee winners for each level (eg. with twenty players, say four winners per level, with five levels). The losers perform the forfeit, then play the next game, something they would do naked. (or half naked, with each game level being one level naked-er. ie. first level is fully clothed, next is without a shirt, then without pants, and so on. Or like the way I have outside the parrenthesis.) the if you lose a round, miniforfeit. If you lose five rounds, you lose that level. The losers of level two, play game/level three, same as level two was played. And so on, leading up to a suitably massive forfeit. Like a orgy or very public humiliation. Now, for the problems with this. One, you would need a lot of girls, games, and forfeits. It's also really complicated. Along with some others I can't really think. Also, how would you top this? So maybe do it for the "anniversary" this site

I also have an idea for Christmas. Either a triple update weekend or a free clip. Since Christmas falls on a Sunday, it could be free for the week(end). Just do it for the clip you would have released that week.

One more thing: is this how you make your living? If so, you are a lucky bastard (no offense), making money by watching (and filming) girls stripping. If not, it's a fucking awesome hobby.

Yo Momma

dac99x said...

Episode 252 was nice. More of these women, please.

My vision for Episode 300 (or the next Epic Episode) is this: Nine women and three men. The men play some game, one of them wins. Then the women play a strip memory tournament, three rounds of three players each. The first loser of each game goes on to the final. The second loser does a mild forfeit.
In the final round, the three first losers square off. The winning man gets to have his way with the two losers. The winner of the final has to masturbate while watching.

Anonymous said...

better yet, for 300:

have several girls, maybe 4 or more, play to one loser who gets bound and used by two guys.

it decreases the odds of losing, and would make for a hot vid.


RS said...

Loved 252. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Red...Nice game and forfeit but in certainly was not much of a contest. One of the ladies was definitely into the hand job and the other was not. Somewhat lackluster in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Had an idea for another game, how about an obstacle course of games. Take some of your faster playing games, say High Card, High or Low, Rock, Paper Scissors (or your version) and maybe 1 or 2 more. Then you have the ladies involved play these games, but not against each other. Each lady would play the games in a specific order and if they won they would move on to the next game, if the lost the would strip 1 item off and play again until they win. The ladies would then go through at least 1 cycle of the games, maybe more until there are the specified number of losers. To win they would have to complete a cycle of the games, so maybe there would be no winner. Once a lady is nude she has to continue until finishing the cycle risking some mini-forfeits.


ForfeitFan said...


Got another game idea for you... This one involves 4 girls. First, play a quick game of high-card to determine a loser... That girl will strip down to thong and bra, and get blindfolded.

Now, the remaining 3 girls will compete for 1st 2nd and 3rd places. They will compete by shooting rubber bands at the loser's butt from a predetermined distance. Each girl gets 10 rubber bands. If she hits the loser's butt, and the loser flinches or moves in response, she scores 1 point and gets an extra shot. The loser must flinch or move so the girls will make sure to fling the rubber bands hard enough to sting.
(I got this idea from a rubber band video I saw on xhamster)

The 3 girls play one round of this, and the girl with the lowest score at the end is the next loser. Now, she strips to her thong, and puts on a blindfold, and her tits become the next target. Same game as before, but now with 2 girls competing against each other. The winner of this round is the overall winner.

The loser of this round is stripped naked, blindfolded and tied up with her legs spread, and the 3 other girls compete in a bonus round for some extra cash, where the target is the naked girl's pussy.

I like this idea since the closer a girl is to winning, the more painful and humiliating it will be to lose. Also, there is an incentive for the competitors to shoot the rubber bands hard so the target will flinch, and there is an incentive for the target to hold still (since if she flinches, she gets shot more times)
As for positions, I'm thinking in round 1, just have her bend over and touch her toes, round 2, have her sit on a chair with her hands behind her back (but not tied), and round 3, she will be tied up on a bed or a couch so her pussy will be nicely exposed (hands tied too, no covering up).
As a kicker, you could also allow the girls a free for all on the tied up girl after the bonus round has been concluded.

Let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

what about the cum on her face roulette suggested a time ago? Will it be done. Two girls kneeling naked in front of a guy one girl takes his cock and tries to make him cum while the cock is aimed at her opponnent. She has let's say 30 secs then the gilrs change roles.
The girl the cock is aimed on has to keep her eyes and mouth wide open. This will be very embarressing when she gets the full load. It will be fun viewing two girls trying not to be the one having all the cum on her face.

Please make this dream come true.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I've got a suggestion for a penalty game between two losers to determine the ultimate one.
They have to do a lap dance contest with the worser performing girl having to do another forfeit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

is it possible to have Lilly and Ashley having a game against each other. This would be great because both girls are very competitive and both are much mocking about the loser I remember Lilly in the strip No Name with Amber H where the loser got waxed she laughed at her and said something like this: You'll get a bare pussy totally bare, bare bare... " That was funny. I also remember at the vids with Ashley against Alexis they were also epic especially the Noname where Alexis got hogtied and vibed and Ashley held the hitachi against her pussy piercing. Viewing these two battling against each other would be much fun. Extremly if it would be a very high stakes game which both don't want to lose.

Do you think there is a chance getting a game where these two compete?

Thank you very much.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

a time ago there was suggested a forfeit with the girl having to go through a tensed rope between her snatch so she has to go on tip toes to keep the rope away from her snatch. This would be great. To make it harder for her you could have some knots she must pass in the rope or you can place a hitachi or vibrators in the middle of her way where she has to stay for a while

This would be great.



Anonymous said...

The pussy waxing with Amber H. was great. Is there any chance getting another girl risking her pussy geting waxed or getting depilated for example with halawa suger cream that's better than wax because it doesn't hurt.

Waxing of armpit hair isn't necessary.

Please more pussy waxing.

Or are there at least some vids in progress with girls getting her pussy shaved.


Red said...

Okay, first of all, I should make clear that there was never any chance I wouldn't invite Camilla back. When I said "What do you think, guys, should I invite her back?" that was a badly-failed attempt at humor, asking a question with a perfectly obvious answer. Of course I'll have her back.

@Yo Momma: Here's the problem I've always had with games played over multiple rounds, with forfeits escalating for the losers: it gives girls an incentive to lose early. If you think you're one of the best players but not the best player, your best strategy is to deliberately lose an early game, because if you make it to the last or penultimate round before losing, you'll face a harsher penalty. The girl who doesn't win a single game could be considered the worst loser, yet she gets the lightest penalty. On the other hand, if you flip it around so the worst penalties fall upon the earliest loser, it gets anticlimactic as the forfeits get milder and milder. That's why I've avoided doing this for so long despite multiple requests. I just haven't been able to come up with a way to do it that'd be both exciting and free of perverse incentives.

I don't have any special games filmed for Christmas (alas... I ought to do more holiday-themed games) but maybe I'll do something nice for the holiday weekend.

Finally, as far as whether LostBets.com is how I make my living: it never used to be. It started as a hobby and stayed that way for quite awhile. But 2011 was a bit of a transformative year for ol' Red, and things have changed a bit. Maybe I'll do a blog post about it.

@dac99x: Glad you liked 252. There are two more games on tap featuring these players, although I should caution you thet neither is quite as hardcore as this one was.

I like your idea, but I foresee difficulty getting the players. It can be tough to find girls willing to have sex on camera, and even tougher when the sex could be with any of three men and she doesn't know which it'll be. I'd need to find nine girls with fairly relaxed limits. We'll see.

@Alexander: Your idea would definitely be easier to cast.

@RS: Very glad you liked it. You're welcome!

@gv: Well, sorry you didn't like it, but at least it was because of the players and not a problem with the game itself. This one was popular enough that I'll definitely use the game again. The "obstacle course" idea needs a little fleshing out but definitely has merit.

@ForfeitFan: I like it! Sometimes it can be tricky to get girls to agree to a game that involves pain (like Shockinaw) but this one shouldn't be too bad.

And finally, guys, sorry for falling so far behind. Like I've alluded to, it's a bit of a hectic time right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I didn't mean to imply I didn't like it, I did. But I liked it because of the one of the ladies and not both. To me it seemed like one of the ladies was not quite into the competition factor as the other. My opinion, but I do like the concept and do wish you could have gotten them to do a blowjob race instead of a handjob race. I know you work with what you have and you do a great job.


Anonymous said...

As to your "multiple stages" dilemma, why not make it so the winner is the one who doesn't have to play the next game?

Say have four girls, and the winner of each round gets to sit out, meaning there are three rounds with all losers performing the forfeit.