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Friday, November 18, 2011

High stakes

Check this out:

That right there is a for-real no-foolin' honest-to-God needle-and-ink ouch-ouch-ouch tattoo. One should always think twice before betting against me, especially when it comes to sci-fi trivia.

I've got some exciting news to share. Many girls have come here to play, then have vanished without a trace. Certain of these girls are very popular and I've fielded many requests to find them and bring them back. Well, I still haven't managed to get a hold of Nicole or Taylor, two of the most-requested girls, but just yesterday I finally got in touch with Camilla. She's alive and well and wants to come back. What do you guys think, should I let her?

Once again, I'm behind in blog and email responses. My excuse this time is that I'm moving and the process is consuming much of my attention. The fact that Arkham City, Skyrim, Saints Row 3, and AC: Revelations all came out in the span of a month might also have something to do with it. I'll catch up soon.


Anonymous said...

Camilla? oh hell yeah!!!


Anonymous said...

Of course she should be allowed to come back! I'd definately buy any clips with her in.

Anonymous said...

ok Red, you gonna tell us had to get the lostbets tattoo???

RAJ said...

Love Camilla. Now I could buy several porn clips of her getting spanked, fucked, BJ etc... from other sites. But that would be a lot of money. Just love to see a simple game with her and another babe where there is a spanking or strap on
forfeit. She and Julie would be so

Anonymous said...

Just discover this site and I just buy my first movie. This is an awesome site!! Good job Red!!!

I agree. Camilla should be allowed to come back!!!

Raj or anyone could you please tell me where i can find more camilla's movies??

Thank you

RAJ said...

Just go to Google type in Camilla
Rhodes. She has done some spanking,
BJ, and sex stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think that RAJ has perhaps presumed that LostBet's Camilla is another, more adult-famous Camilla.

Our Camilla looks much younger and less... worn out :D

Camilla was my third favorite until I started watching the videos. Nicole ended up being pretty un-enthusiastic and so Taylor, who has this innocent petite little "corrupt me" body, was at first place and Camilla second. But watching how Camilla got into one of the videos with full on PIV style sex, I think she bumped Taylor for my spot #1. As long as Taylor isnt being choked. She always grabs first place back for a while during that.

Anyways, I am 100% in favor of Camilla coming back. I haven't bought a video since their streak. Red's finest batch to date. (Not to insult his latest work, I just really enjoyed the fresh faces. I know I am getting 252 when it comes out, so that will break the dry spell. 252 is going to be the best scenario I think so far)


Anonymous said...

Ok. I take it back. Same girl. Red, if you're not cool with us lining up google hits, just silently delete me. :)


RS said...

Now that Game #250 is under your belt, it's time to think ahead for the Game #300 milestone and plan for something super epic. I have an idea, one that would maximize humiliation, but finding the right players will be a lot of work. I'm not sure it would be everyone's cup of tea, but I think it would be so audacious if you found the right players that it would be worthy of a press release.

It's a DareRing style games, where the dares are random (drawn from a jar or something), and then performed solo and/or with an opponent, often also selected randomly.

There would be six players (so that you could use dice to choose players randomly). At least two of the players would be women, one straight and one lesbian. At least two would be guys, one straight and one gay. Of the remaining two, one would be transgender midway through transitioning (either MTF or FTM). The sixth is up to you.

That means if a player does a dare that involves another player, it might be someone he or she is attracted to, but it might not. The straight guy might get a BJ from a hot girl ... but he might have to give one to another guy. The gay guy might have to perform oral sex on a girl (and the gay guys I know would be as freaked out about that as the straight guys would be about going down on a guy).

You'd either have them agree in advance to accept any dare, no matter who it's with, or you'd have to come up with something extreme for backing down on a dare. Like, each time they back down they destroy an article of clothing. (In which case, you'd have to also film them walking home on the street in their final state of undress. You could do that in San Francisco and some other cities without public nudity laws.)

Too extreme for many viewers, perhaps, but for me, it would be the best chance to see players truly mortified.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that in the past all of your games have been played in hotel rooms, while more recent games are often played in a house. FOr a house game is is possible to get a girl fully naked outdoors?


Red said...

Sorry for the delay in response, folks. If you were waiting for a reply in the last blog thread, it's probably there by now.

First off, guys, when I said, "What do you think, should I let her come back?" I wasn't seriously considering not letting her come back. Of course she can come back. I'd walk over hot coals to get her back.

As for Camilla's experience posing for other sites: in general I'd really prefer that people not publicly discuss other work that my players have done because some of my players are more amateur than others and I think a lot of fans would prefer not to know which. But the cat is kind of out of the bag on this one, so I'll leave it there, but in the future if you want to know if a player can be seen elsewhere, please ask me via email.

The lucky lady who now has a big bright red LostBets.com logo tattooed on her right wrist is none other than Xena. It's far from her first tattoo but it is her first that's not black or dark blue and I think it was damn brave of her to take the risk and damn honorable of her to follow through. I've got the whole tatting experience on tape and will probably share it at some point.

@RS: Your idea is hot, but I gotta say I think that recruiting the players might be nearly impossible. (Episode 300 is still almost a year away, so at least there's time.) I can try, but...

@Annon: Absolutely! With most of the houses I've shot in this hasn't been an option thanks to extremely close neighbors, but I just got access to a new location for shooting where the neighbors are far enough away that sending a naked loser outside (or even playing whole games outside) will be a definite possibility, and yet close enough that there's a real risk of discovery and exposure. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

What happened to all the videos and what the heck is a Gizmo card. All the videos are going to go back up right? and im not going to have to discover what a gizmo card is am I?

RS said...

Yeah, I figured it would be near-impossible to find recruits for it ... but I figured I'd propose it early so you'd have plenty of time to put out feelers and also ask new players when you speak with them.

(It's a game I would play, but not on camera.)

I like Annon's idea of "public" forfeits at a private out. Even better if there are neighbors nearby, but they're in on it, unbeknownst to the players. You could arrange for the neighbors to "accidentally" catch the losers and get the losers' candid reactions to being caught.

Red said...

@Anon 4:16 (please sign your posts, although I understand if you were in a state of panic): GizmoCard is an optional payment system for Clips4Sale. I believe it's their private stored-value system, but the operative word is "option". You should still be able to use other payment methods such as credit cards, and in fact I just checked the site and credit cards still seem to work fine. This was either a momentary glitch or something that affects you only. Please check again and let me know, and if it's the latter drop me an email and we'll try to troubleshoot.

@RS: That's a cute idea. I wonder if the neighbors would go for it...

Anonymous said...

It was just a temporary glitch Red. Sorry about the panic.

Anonymous said...


What was the sci-fi trivia in dispute?


Anonymous said...

I had mistakenly posted this suggestion to an older blog so it likely went unnoticed, so I'm going to suggest it again.

If spanking is one of the fan-favorite forms of forfeit, how about a losing girl(s) having to run through a spanking tunnel -- you know, the old fashioned gauntlet where the other players stand spread legged and the loser(s) crawls through them and gets slapped on the fanny as she (or they) passes through? I've heard this called "the gauntlet," "the windmill," and "the spanking tunnel."

If you're planning on having a large number of participants for the 300th game, then a spanking tunnel might be a perfect punishment. And you can easily do it indoors or outdoors, with or without neighbors watching. And you can use this punishment with just about any game you choose.

As I've seen this done in gym classes and such forms of "torture" and "embarrassment", the first loser goes through the tunnel 3 times, the second goes through twice and the last loser goes through once. The number of trips through can be adjusted according to the number of losers the game eventually produces.

It's a simple punishment that's fun to watch and easy to set up and do.

Now, as for Camilla... Always liked her. Bought all four of her appearances. She's easy on the eyes and always a winner especially if she winds up as a naked loser. I'll welcome her back with wide open eyes, since I can't welcome her back with open arms!

Keep up the great work, Red!


RAJ said...

Sorry about the other sites thing. It is my fault. I love spanking as
a forfeit but the spanking tunnel
is not very sexy. I buy clips to see something I know I won't see out my
backyard. Now in I think it is 228,
Julie and another babe get spanked and you won't find that anywhere else. No offense.

Anonymous said...

I take it jho is using the American meaning of fanny, as I doubt any would agree to the uk version...


Jack said...

Some time ago, you asked for ideas for rather tame forfeits with girls who don't want to go hardcore.
My opinion: Let them talk to us!

1. Let them introduce themselves shortly and say why they would (not) like to do the forfeit.

2. When posing/spreading/masturbating in front of a camera, let them say what they expect us to do when watching.
It may either cause some extra-embarrasement or make the viewers get hornier.

Second thing: Let people watch! Play the game with a dozen ordinary guys in the background who may just watch the game (step 1) or strip the girls when they lose (step 2) or may even qualify for getting a lap-dance by the losing girl(s) (step 3).
There should be enough guys to be engaged for free ;-)

Another idea is for boy/girl-games. I would like to see a "pre-blow-job-race". Different girls try to get a guy hard (and of course not touching him, but just stripping, spreading, masturbating in front of him etc.). Either one by one with the same guy against the clock (and some time between of course, in which the guy must get a cold shower to make it even for all). Or next to each other different girls with different guys.
In the game with one guy the loser is the girl to take the longest time to make him stand hard. She will get fucked by him.
In the game with two or more guys the one who gets hard first will fuck the losing girl or the losing girl has to make all guys cum in a different way (hand-job, blow-job, fuck, ass-fuck, ...) and the first one hard may choose.

Anonymous said...

@RAJ - You see naked spanking tunnels in your backyard? LOL! I've got move next door to you. But if you don't think seeing a hot naked girl crawl through a spanking tunnel isn't sexy, then you've never seen a hot naked girl crawling through a spanking tunnel. Believe me, it's sexy! But, to each his own. I'd never force my fetishes on anyone. I just threw it out there.

I'd also never nix anyone else's suggestions to Red unless he asked for a discussion. I know that LostBets doesn't cater just for me so I expect a wide variety of forfeits so that everyone else can be happy too.

@Cb - Yep, that's good old American fanny that I'm talking about! :D I suppose it would be a lot ruder if we were spanking British gals' fannies! Red could consider British fannies for one of the harder forfeits!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

what about the cum on her face roulette suggested a time ago? Will it be done. Two girls kneeling naked in front of a guy one girl takes his cock and tries to make him cum while the cock is aimed at her opponnent. She has let's say 30 secs then the gilrs change roles.
The girl the cock is aimed on has to keep her eyes and mouth wide open. This will be very embarressing when she gets the full load. It will be fun viewing two girls trying not to be the one having all the cum on her face.

Please make this dream come true.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

a time ago there was suggested a forfeit with the girl having to go through a tensed rope between her snatch so she has to go on tip toes to keep the rope away from her snatch. This would be great. To make it harder for her you could have some knots she must pass in the rope or you can place a hitachi or vibrators in the middle of her way where she has to stay for a while

This would be great.



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I've got a suggestion for a penalty game between two losers to determine the ultimate one.
They have to do a lap dance contest with the worser performing girl having to do another forfeit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

is it possible to have Lilly and Ashley having a game against each other. This would be great because both girls are very competitive and both are much mocking about the loser I remember Lilly in the strip No Name with Amber H where the loser got waxed she laughed at her and said something like this: You'll get a bare pussy totally bare, bare bare... " That was funny. I also remember at the vids with Ashley against Alexis they were also epic especially the Noname where Alexis got hogtied and vibed and Ashley held the hitachi against her pussy piercing. Viewing these two battling against each other would be much fun. Extremly if it would be a very high stakes game which both don't want to lose.

Do you think there is a chance getting a game where these two compete?

Thank you very much.



Anonymous said...

The pussy waxing with Amber H. was great. Is there any chance getting another girl risking her pussy geting waxed or getting depilated for example with halawa suger cream that's better than wax because it doesn't hurt.

Waxing of armpit hair isn't necessary.

Please more pussy waxing.

Or are there at least some vids in progress with girls getting her pussy shaved.


RAJ said...

OK I'll buy the spanking tunnel if Julie has to go through it. I loved that game of pool awhile back where the 2 losers where spanked by members of the audience. And then the member of the audience who did the worst job spanking was spanked also. Alas dear Julie was saved in this one.Do a all female cast, go can't go wrong.

Red said...

@Dex: The dispute concerned the name of a minor character from the late, lamented Firefly.

@JHO: A spanking tunnel/gauntlet does sound like a great forfeit, especially for a large game. I'm trying to think of the best ways to film it... we definitely want some good shots! Thanks for the idea.

@RAJ: No worries about the other sites thing. It's not a big deal, just please try to avoid it in the future.

@Cb: Hole crap, I didn't even know that "fanny" had a meaning other than what you Brits call a "bum". It must be hilarious to you when you hear news reports talking about Fannie Mae.

@Jack: Thanks (as always!) for the excellent (as always!) ideas. I've been trying to get the girls to do more talking to the audience. I generally tell them that they're free to break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience (as well as to those of us on the other side of the lens) and some do, but I'll make an effort to encourage it more. Audience, yes, definitely. I sort of did that (well, not really) when shooting Salem and Lumen, since my young intern Casper got to watch. Tripled the number of girls he'd seen naked, and very embarrassing to the girl he knows and interacts with regularly. Unfortunately, Casper's girlfriend wouldn't let him appear on camera so it's not as good as it could have been. (She changed her mind and decided to allow him to do it, after shooting was done. Sigh.

@Panther: I want to do come-on-her-face roulette, I really do. The hard part is finding girls who are willing to do it, which most of my girls aren't. Re-establishing contact with Camilla was a good first step, now I just gotta find another player. And some more fun games and forfeits I can do when b/g is on the line.

@Darkbeauty: Thanks. Walking a pussy-rope is definitely on my list.

@Ravenfan: I can try it... but tap is hard without shoes. I'd have to let the losers put them on.

@Blacksheep: Lily and Ashley are among my most popular players, for just the reason you say. They're both great at trash-talking a loser and intesifying her mortification. I just talked to Lily (she's crashing at my house for a little while) and she'd totally be up for it. Ashley is not local but comes out here every now and then. I'll try to put them together. Got any suggestions for specific games and forfeits you'd like to see from them?

@Waxenegger: I'm sorry, it's been much too long since I've done a game with a shaving or waxing forfeit. I will try to fix that situation soon. (I'm still talking with a couple of girls who might be willing to risk a head-shaving. Maybe not your thing, but it'd still be pretty major.)

Fliptheswitch said...

My idea for 300 is inspired by Ultimate Surrender's Royal Madness. http://www.kinkondemand.com/kod/shoot/6052-ROYAL-MADNESS-12-girls-2-teams-1-score-one-massive-orgy.htmlR

12 players (or any other even number). All with 4 articles of clothing.

The two most veteran players (Say Ashley and Lily) are captains and get to draft a team of six.

You announce a game, and the captains pick their players. And the teammates root for them.

When one player is naked, they do a minor forfeit (jumping jacks, shower, iced nipple, etc.) and the winner goes to the final round dressed as they are.

The winners play one final, probably luck based game (high card, spin the bottle, RPS) with the clothes they had left until one team is entirely naked.

The winners celebrate and get to look at the loser's approved list of penalties (either off or on camera) and within that, can do what they want to the losers in what ever order or sequence they see fit with the worst for the losing captain.

The preliminary matches can be the 290 series games (maybe two each in 297. 298 and 299), with the final and penalty as 300.

[You can include guys as long as they aren't in the same preliminary match or are "the equipment"]