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Monday, November 7, 2011


Whew. There's a lot of stuff happening this week, including two new chicks coming by for a shoot, and on Friday, the publication of Episode 250. I didn't do something epic in scale like I did for 200, but it's not bad. Here's a teaser:


sinfull said...

fairly new member to lostbetgames but thought I might leave a few ideas/ thoughts. Ashly and Amber are overdue for a high card rematch with the loser being posed more "openly". IS THERE EVER A CHANCE VIVIAN WILL COME BACK!! She is a goddes. Also would love to see a repeat of #179 perhaps with a game of chance, as i'm sure the last lossers would like a chance at redemption. Lastly #109 was excellent but the losser seemed to be expecting a harsher punishment and I quote "thats all" it seemed as though she was expecting to ride a pool cue or something, hopefully she my be obliged in the future.
Thank you for your time.
P.S. has Vivian done any other work anywhere else?

Judge said...

Epic trailer bud, love the announcer :D

Red said...

@sinfull: I haven't seen Vivian in three years, but I'll try to get in touch with her. It's not likely I'll be able to but it's not impossible either. She may have done work on other sites, but I'm afraid I don't know. As for 179, I can do a similar forfeit but I've lost touch with most of the players. Again, I can try to get them back, but please don't hold your breath. Ashley and Amber there's a much better chance of getting back.

Sorry I don't have better news for you. Thanks for subscribing, and please feel free to write anytime with suggestions, feedback, or ideas.

@Judge: Thanks! That lovable announcer is me, trying my level best to sound like one of those guys who promotes monster truck rallies and feeling a bit dorky doing it. (Non-Americans who have no idea what I'm talking about should Google for "monster truck rally commercial.")

Johnny said...

@Darthhood: this answer is a little late my friend, but you had wondered how one gets to be an intern at Lostbets. The answer is simple. Have your mom date Red for a while. Seems to work.

Red said...

Yeah, that is pretty much how I came to know Casper. In fact, I tried to get his mother to pose here. She was sorely tempted, but before she could work up the courage she got herself married to a jealous man. Now her son works for me and I'm recruiting her daughter's friends. If all of this seems a bit creepy to you, you're not alone.

Oh well. It's all in the service of art.

Anonymous said...

Were those number the girl records I counld not hear what the trailer siad.

Anonymous said...

Great site. Relatively new arrival - I found you when looking for a site that did something similar to the long moribund Darering.com. Have you ever thought of getting a group of your girls playing a darering style game? That would be great.


Anonymous said...

Hey you wrote somewhere about a upcoming game of Earth and fire with Kandie.

When? And its the same rules like last time. With the loser who comes get in the stockade and been vibrated?


Red said...

@Anon 7:49 (please sign your posts): Yes, the numbers were the girls' records, at least as near as I could determine them through a slightly quick-and-dirty process. As for the voice at the end... yeah, it kinda got clobbered by the sound effect. It says "Loser gets anal... maybe." The reason for the "maybe" is that it was a conditional forfeit and only applies if a particular girl loses.

@Grogers: Thanks! Welcome, and I'm glad you like the site. You're not the first to compare my stuff to DareRing's, or to request videos like theirs. I'd like to do it at some point, but I've had so much on my plate that I just haven't gotten around to it. When I do, don't expect something identical to what DareRing did... I'm not a fan of ripping off people's ideas and would want to put my own creative stamp on it.

@Swedishguy: I don't know when the Earth and Fire game with Ashley, Julie, and Kandie will be published. There's another video that needs to be published first -- it's sort of a setup video for it -- and that one's not even edited yet. It'll probably be published sometime in the 260s. Maybe late 250s, but don't hold me to that.

The rules were the same as last time. The forfeit was a little different. But if you want to see a stockaded-and-vibrated forfeit, you only need to wait until Friday. Episode 250 features a stockaded-and-vibrated forfeit. Plus anal... maybe.

RS said...

Relating to the comment about DareRing ... if you do get around to doing games similar to theirs, there is an element that I really, really liked: the fact that so much of it was random. Sometimes the card drawn was positive, sometimes (more often) negative. Often it involved doing something with another player, often chosen randomly, which meant that you might *get* to do something with someone you were attracted to, perhaps someone you might not otherwise every have a chance with, but you were also risking *having* to do something with someone you were not attracted to.

I would totally love to play a limits-pushing game like that in real life (but not on camera) with pretty much any combination of other players. And I'd be willing to risk some pretty extreme punishments if there was the potential for some pretty awesome rewards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I'm sure your creative ideas will add greatly to a darering style game. Don't worry about ripping off their ideas - imitation is the greatest form of flattery and it's not as if darering is doing anything these days


Anonymous said...


I like K's idea (in the last thread) of making the scantily clad loser invite people up to her room to watch her strip (or more). Security shouldn't be a major problem, after all there are video cameras present.

To ensure that the invitations aren't half-hearted, why not send down two losers. Either have them both approach, say, five people or give them a certain amount of time and see how many people they can recruit. (Overtime can settle ties.)

They would both have to strip back in the hotel suite, then whoever got less spectators would be spanked by the winner (or whatever other penalty you came up with) in front of the audience.


Anonymous said...


I am also reminded of Croesus' idea of a nude swim race between two losers with a nice bathrobe awaiting the winner, while the loser must dry herself off with a washcloth.

Impractical, maybe, but a brilliant concept, and it got me wondering how a swim race in borat-kinis would go. The backstroke, maybe.

Lastly, 250 videos is quite an achievement, and that doesn't even count the B-sides. Congratulations.


Anonymous said...


I too stumbled upon your masterpiece when I was looking for something similar to Dare Ring. I was in love with the concept for many of the same reasons the RS mentioned. The element of unknown and the random situations of the game were unmatched and still are to this day. And also, as RS said, that's a game that very much intrigues me personally, I've always wanted my own (though likewise, couldn't do it on camera). I have seen your creative streak and would certainly expect that you would add amazing flavor to the concept. I am certainly one rooting for a sooner, rather than later appearance of this type of game.

Anonymous said...

Is Tristen returning?

Anonymous said...

add me to the list that would like to see a return of the darering games.


RRFrope said...

Wonderfull video. I hope to see some of this kind in the future. Congrats