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Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white MLK Day

So I was supposed to be catching up on emails and blog comments, and while I've made some (not enough) progress on the email I still haven't touched the blog comments. Bleah. I'll catch up eventually, I promise.

I did, however, manage to pull off a shoot. It was hasty and haphazard and thrown together at the last minute, but I think it went pretty well. Popular newbie Lumen came back, along with extremely popular veteran Julie. Also joining in were Lumen's friend Fern, and Julie's friend and/or boytoy Kyle.

At the moment, there's snow on the ground, which isn't terribly common for this area. So in the first game, the three losers had to go outside naked in the snow and make snow angels. The second game produced just one loser, who then got pelted with snowballs by the winners. It's good stuff. Other forfeits that day included barehanded b/g spankings, naked sushi (I've always wanted to try that), and a wet-and-messy scene that turned into an incredibly hot shower scene.

B-Side publication will resume tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty awesome!

But I have another request, could you bring back Sienna&Idelsky or Mariah&Liliana?
I would like to see those girls play again very much..I bought every clip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

what about some games with pubic hair as last item of clothing. If a naked girl loses again she would have to shave that would be great.



Anonymous said...


yeah more games with shaving or better waxing as forfeit.



Anonymous said...

What about the cum on her face roulette suggested a time ago?



Anonymous said...

For the record, I'm not really a big Julie fan. It seems like every other shoot includes Julie, and she really just doesn't work for me. She's reasonably cute, but the giggling and awkwardness are really just a turn-off for me.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see a lot more of Lumen, she is unbelievably cute. Salem is also extremely hot and I hope she wont escape some embarrassing forfeits in the future. My third most favorite girl is Bibi, even though we have not seen that much of her. Is she coming back for more games?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see these snow games. I wouldn't mind seeing them jump the queue.


Red said...

Okay, I'm going to catch up on all the blog comments that were posted in the last few weeks, I promise, but I'm going to start responding to current comments too rather than making them wait.

Also, it didn't occur to me until after I posted this that talking about a "white MLK day" might not be the best phrasing.

@Hans: I'll see about getting them back. I shot them on one of my East Coast trips, so I probably won't be able to get them back until my next one, but I'll try. Also, there's one more game with Mariah and Liliana that was never published. It'll be published as a B-Side soon.

And thank you very much for buying every one :)

@Ravenfan: Couldn't do the pubic hair thing this shoot because of a distinct lack of pubic hair among the participants. When I get some players who've got bush, I'll do it.

Cum-on-face roulette also wasn't an option with this crowd, although Julie might have been up for it and sure as hell Kyle would be. If we had another girl with less restrictive limits, could've done it.

As for asshole tickling, um, yikes. I originally wrote that I'd done that and published it as a B-Side, but then I checked and it doesn't seem to be there. I'm sure it was edited, now I just have to find it.

@Anon 6:33 (please sign your posts): Sorry to hear it. It's true I've used Julie a lot lately, and while she is popular it wouldn't want people to start getting sick of her.

@Anon 7:10 (please sign your posts): I agree about Lumen's ethereal cuteness, although I do wish she'd be a bit more outgoing. She's got a nice personality, she just needs to learn how to let it sparkle when the cameras are rolling. Fortunately, she loosened up some in her second shoot and hopefully will do so even more in the future.

Bibi was another of my East Coast girls. I'll definitely try to get her back, as well as the other girls she played with. In the meantime, you can look forward to a Bibi game making it to the B-Sides in the not-too-distant future.

@K: Yeah, don't worry, you probably won't have to wait too long to see those games.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more Lumen and more Bibi :D
And the "snow games" sound brilliant. I hope one of the girls got rubbed in, but if not, maybe next time.

RS said...

Yay, I love naked-in-the-snow forfeits. Probably because even if a loser isn't shy, being naked in the snow is still damn uncomfortable.

RS said...

I would also like to second the idea of pubic hair being the last item of clothing. For one thing, it helps increase the odds of even winning players being naked before the game is over. Plus the shaving itself is almost guaranteed to be awfully revealing -- and potentially embarrassing if one loser has to shave another.

Anonymous said...

Tired of Julie? Can't imagine that I'd ever feel that way. A cute gal who's giggly and awkward when she's naked? I'm all for it. That's an honest reaction to losing a Lost Bets game.

Variety is the spice of life. I suppose it's good for Red to hear everyone's opinions. My opinion is no better than anyone else's.

Glad to see snow in the Lost Bets forecast. Variety! I like it.

Once, on a camping trip, I saw a naked gal making out with a snowman. It was pretty hot even though she was pretty cold. Strap a strap-on to a snowman and you've got the makings of a very interesting forfeit.


Anonymous said...

So I was just looking back through some of the clips and saw episode 250 with the uneven forfeit and it made me think that a good way to help stretch a girls limit is to have the girl risking more start with more articles of clothing than the other. A girl might stretch her limits if she has a better chance of winning than the other girl by doing so


Mindworm said...

I have to agree with JHO. I will never get tired of Julie. She has probably stretched her limits more than anyone else, and she manages to do so and still look kind of innocent. Not many girls would be able to do so! Sure, she might be a bit giggly and awkward, but that’s actually her greatest charm. She is believable when she flushes before doing a forfeit, and in many ways she is THE LostBets-girl, as she’s a symbol of what these games are really about! Cute as Julie is, there are some girls at the site that are more sexy and more beautiful, but when they start doing their forfeits, and looking very professional while doing so, this isn’t closely as fun watching than as watching a somewhat awkward Julie doing her forfeits.

The videos Red are making, are not “ordinary porn” (whatever that is), as things are not scripted (or at least very loosely so), and we’ll never know exactly what will happen. Even the more professional girls, featured here, act differently than what they would do in scripted porn, as they don’t have restrictions on what to do and what to say down to details, and this makes it a lot more fun to watch. What is done here, is unique (I have looked all over the web to find something similar, without much results), and a girl like Julie is maybe the foremost of unscripted-porn-games-girls (Maybe together with Lilly).

I will probably buy all the games where she’s featured (as long as there are no men participating as well, as that is a turn-off for me), even if every second game should feature her!

On a side-notice, do any of the girls still read this blog? I remember when I first found this site (quite some time ago), occasionally some of the girls made blog-entries, something I found awesome! It would be very nice to get comments from any girls featured here! Are they even aware of the blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I've got a question for you. Where do yu find the beautiful women? Some of them are friends of one of your lucky as hell interns, but what about the others? Do you find hot women walk up and ask, "Hey, you wanna be in a strip game, on camera?"

Yo Momma

Red said...

@AS: Nobody got snow rubbed in, unfortunately, but as you say, that gives me something for next time.

@RS: Damn uncomfortable? I dunno, but there sure was a lot of squealing, especially when the winner pushed the losers onto their backs in the snow.

I agree with using pubic hair as an article of clothing, the trouble is finding girls who have any of it and are willing to part with it. It's not the same if a normally-shaved girl lets it grow out a bit so she can shave it on camera.

@JHO: Well, if you like variety, 261 is the first appearance of Leda, who certainly is different than every other girl I've shot before. Dare you to watch it without looking at the spoiler.

@Pareto: It's a good idea that just doesn't work in practice. I've tried it. To see why, imagine something that you're just not willing to do: suck dick, eat shit, smoke meth, whatever. Now imagine that someone tells you, "don't worry, the odds are 6:5 against you having to do it." Does that change your mind, and make you ready to risk doing the thing you're not willing to do?

I've managed to smooth-talk a lot of girls into stretching their limits, using a variety of tactics. But "the odds are you won't have to do it" has never worked.

@Mindworm: There's no "probably" about it, Julie is unquestionably the LostBets girl who's stretched her limits farthest from where she started, considering that at first she would not even open her legs on camera. It's been a very fun and rewarding process coaxing her out of her shell. And "awkward" is a great word, it really encapsulates the embarrassed, blushing look we love so much.

As for your very kind words about the uniqueness of our productions, all I can say is thank you. I'm really glad you feel that way.

I believe some of the girls still read the blog. Pretty sure Lumen and Xena do, at least. I'll mention to a few of them that they're welcome to post, and their fans here would get a real kick out of it.

@Yo Momma: At this point, I find most of my players through referrals from previous players. As you can probably tell, the players have a lot of fun here, and they leave eager to tell their friends. (Plus, I pay a referral bonus, which I'm sure doesn't hurt.) I found my first models, Ashton and Mia, by advertising on Craigslist. That's not a good idea, and I was fantastically lucky that two great girls answered my ad.

And yes, I do occasionally proposition hot women in appropriate settings, generally bars when everybody's a little tipsy. I'm a little more subtle than just flat-out asking if they want to play stripping games on camera. You gotta work your way up to that.

Salem said...

I think I check this blog at least 3 times a week, and I know Lumen reads it quite frequently.