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Friday, January 6, 2012

Well, shit

Three weeks, still no broadband. I've developed a tic in my right eye, and my hair is falling out in clumps. Fortunately, I have my magical invisible pet marmoset Rupert to help me keep it together and stay sane. Still haven't been able to answer emails or blog comments yet. They say I should be hooked up and ready to go on Monday. I'll believe it when I see it.

During my all-too-fleeting moments of Internet access, I discovered to my horror that last week's B-Side had a glitch in the audio. (Only the HD version was affected.) Casper is responsible for postproduction and quality control on the B-Sides, so he has been flogged. I have a corrected version but I can't upload it (sigh). If you bought the glitchy version of B034, please email me at red@lostbets.com. Include a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale, and any two clips you would like to replace it.

This week's update features Julie vs. Kandie, with a consequential forfeit for the loser, and an even more consequential prize for the victor. Here's what's coming up in the near future:

Episode 259 features the return of Salem and Lumen, joined by Xena. Loser gets stockaded, drawn on, and paddled.

Episode 260 is one I recently teased: Ember plays against her big (though not nearly as big as when last we saw her) sister Rainy. Loser must submit to a sororal forced orgasm… or two, or three. If there are any theology majors out there, please let me know if I'll be going to Hell for this.

Episode 261 is one I teased several months ago. Some people have been waiting for it very patiently since. New girls Alice, Marie, and Leda make their debut, in a simple game of high card, with the winners getting to do whatever they want to the loser. And what they want involves clothespins. Lots of clothespins, a piece of ribbon to clamp them to so they can all be ripped off at onc, and the loser's tits.

Leda has an extremely unusual physical characteristic. I didn't know about it when I invited her to play, but if I had I probably would've welcomed her anyway. Some folks will undoubtedly find it off-putting, but variety is the spice of life. (And no, it's not a dick.)



GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red,
Sorry you're still having problems with your internet connection, but I know you'll get it worked out soon enough. (Not soon enough for you though. As for your most recent upload, Jerkamole with Julie and Kandie, I hope Julie loses this game. I saw in the description that the winner gets a boob job, and Julie doesn't need one (Kandie doesn't either, though). From what I've seen in her other videos, Julie's boobs are perfect the way they are. There is no improving on perfection. Besides, natural is always better than fake.

Tom Ohlendorf said...

Hey Red, how about putting some of these videos on the Lost Bets Com site???

Anonymous said...

hey red,

i think cory shud come back. she is amazing in defeat and victory too!

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UKFan#1 said...

Hi Red, may your connectivity woes be ended soon. As an avid Julie fan, may I add my relief that she lost 258. You may not be keeping up with events in Europe on your side of the pond, but recently boob jobs have NOT had a good press on our side, and that's quite apart from misgivings about pandering to an unnecessary, and unhealthy, obsession with an unachievable image of a "perfect" body. Julie, Kandie, and indeed all the rest of ladies don't need any tinkering to be attractive.
Keep 'em coming! (but without the surgical modifications please!). If you feel you must alter appearances, persuade Julie to shave again!

GreenMonster89 said...

I have to agree with UKFan#1. If one of your ladies feels the need to change her appearance, the only changes necessary would be a new hair style or color or shaving down below.

Anonymous said...

I bought one of the b-sides recently because all the featured ladies had small tits. There are not many guys for which it is a turn off and i guess most men prefer natuaral. Especially with stripping games i find it exciting when a girl has a modest size she must show. I still hope to see a forced strip here some day where a girl's small breasts are exposed to a small audience.

BTW , anymore clips with Bibi coming up?

grtz, AS

Anonymous said...

Make it that all players should have to strip before playing then put on only jeans and a shirt and the video be for free.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of this site, though the open nature of the game does sometimes produce disappointing results. With #259 featuring Xena, Salem and Lumen, for example, it was a let-down to see the two luscious new girls win, with Xena being left to be paddled. And with that epic snooker game a while back, it was equally disappointing to see Julie escape the paddle while that ferociously unattractive man was chastised instead. While I think a level playing field is in principle a good idea, I think the formula should be arranged to produce the maximum entertainment value!