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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sister act

Episode 260 is posted, featuring sisters Ember and Rainy. I heard some very weird stories about their family life, involving Ember, Rainy, Rainy's baby-daddy, and Ember and Rainy's younger sister. Might explain a few things.

I've already mentioned that episode 261, for next week, features three new girls playing a game which resulted in a forfeit never seen before at lostbets.com. Episode 262 brings back Candle, Isobel, Kitty, and Graham, playing a new game (Tile & Error) that I think needs a little work. I'll ask for advice once the episode is published. There were two losers, who were supposed to have an orgasm race, straddling the massager, with the first one to succumb to orgasm getting paddled for it. But things didn't quite work out as planned...


Anonymous said...

I love the forced orgasm forfeits, but I think I prefer masturbation. I think it's more embarrassing, and super hot when the girls are embarrassed to do something. I automatically buy masturbation forfeit videos. Other videos I have to think about a bit before buying. Just my 2 cents. I keep of the great job. I love your work.

OD 99x said...

Red I had sent this idea via e-mail to you a while ago, but it was during on of your blackout periods so i'm sending it again.

Ppaintball would hurt tender bits I'd love to see an paintball like outdoor game using Nerf guns. Using 2 teams of two girls playing outside you could have a team loose their clothes when both girls on a team get hit. Once one team is naked they do a classic duel standing back to back and waling 5 steps and turning and firing. The girl who gets hit first is the big loser. She would get tied down spread eagle with tent steaks in the middle of the playing area. The two girls on the winning team would get to use dildos, or vibrators, or whatever to force her to have an orgasm tied down in the great outdoors. I'd love to see girls who are athletic and wouldn't be prissy about running around shooting at each other.

A few qustions

Any chance of seeing Amy (200, 213) again, she showed a lot in 200 when she wasn't even a loser and seems like she'd be up for some hardcore forfeits.
Any more Cory coming up?
Any chance of getting Renna back?
Any chance of some old school B-sides with Stephanie and Tristen?

Are we going to see the F machine or the P pump again any time soon?

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure they are really sisters. There are several films on the internet of the two of them doing full scale lesbian acts together - kissing/oral/fingers, the whole 9 yards. They were really into each other. If they are truly sisters, it must be quite a family. But they are cute.
SB Boy

Red said...

@Anon 11:38 (please sign your posts): Thanks, I'm glad you like my work! More masturbation forfeits, check. It's been awhile, hasn't it?

@OD 99x: I'm thinking of all sorts of options for outdoor games, and a Nerf gun duel was on the list. Outdoor forced orgasm with tent stakes sounds great.

I haven't heard from Amy lately, but I'll try to contact her. Cory and Renna are both maybes but chances are pretty good, I think. As for Tristen and Stephanie, no, all of their games have been published. I've tried to get them back. Stephanie hasn't responded (my contact info may be out of date). Tristen would be willing to come back, but she has extremely tight limits -- no open leg -- and won't budge on them.

Finally, I've got at least one game on film featuring the fucking machine, and it's a good one. We'll see more of it in the future, and the pussy pump too.

@SB Boy: You may be right. I'm not nearly as sure of their relationship as I am of Ashley and Kala's. But they represented themselves to me as sisters, and I didn't see any reason to doubt it based on teh way they bantered with each other and the stories they told off-camera. It's possible they sold me a bill of goods. If you've seen 'em doing hardcore together, well, either they lied about the family relationship, or they're into incest. Not sure which, but if the stories they told were true, it really is quite a family.

OD 99x said...

Red thanks for the responses, too bad about Stephanie, her spread is one of my favorite early forfeits as for the sister issue, its possible that they are step sisters or just grew up in the same house, they don’t look much alike but may consider each other sisters.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, got some stuff for you.

Have you ever done/thought about the good ol' classic poker?

I think I may have asked the before, but do the "models" get paid?

If you remember way back when, I recommended uploading pictures or videos to free sites as a forfeit. Did you ever get around to it? If not, I had a thought. It might be an interesting idea to upload the whole thing (or most of it to the sites you pick, instead of just pictures and a video of the loser twirling or whatever.

And lastly for all of us strip fanatics, I found a stir you may have heard of: Strip Game Central. Some of their clips look decent, and you can buy them separately or get a membership. Just a sidenote, the forfeits are usually/always softcore or nonexistent, and I haven't seen any dudes, so no fuck forfeits. But I digress.

Yo Momma

Red said...

@OD 99x: I suppose it's possible that Ember and Rainy are sisters in something other than the biological sense, but that's certainly not the impression I got from talking to them. I'll ask them what the deal is.

@Yo Momma: I've both thought about using and actually used poker as a game/ Episode 246 was POV poker vs. Ashley and Julie, and way back in episode 037, Lily, Julie, and Elizabeth played a sudden-death version of strip poker. I also have a poker game with Xena, Lumen, and Salem on film waiting for postproduction. I haven't used poker too much because it turns out that a lot of young ladies have no idea how to play, and it's a little complicated to explain on the spot. Especially i you want to use rules involving betting, rather than the essentially-random rule that the loser of each hand strips.

Of course the talent gets paid, and they well deserve it. But I have never (and will never) paid somebody more for losing, even if she has to do something extreme. I pay the girls to assume the risk of having to do something, not for actually doing it. In a fair game, I never want to give somebody an incentive to lose.

As for posting embarrassing pictures to a free site as a forfeit, I don't want to promote my stuff on somebody else's site without their permission, so I asked the proprietor of truthordarepics.com for it. He gave it cheerfully, so that will happen, but I unfortunately forgot for my last (MLK-day) shoot. I'll use it next time.

Finally, I'm familiar with SGC, which predates LostBets by quite a few years, and in fact indirectly led to LostBets's existence. When they first started, they only did still photo sets for a few years. Then they started making videos, but had only made a few before they got a cease-and-desist order from the patent trolls at Acacia Technologies, who claimed patents covering all Internet video and made their ill-gotten gains by threatening small video producers with lawsuits unless they paid licensing fees or shut down. SGC chose to stop making videos rather than pay or be sued. I missed the videos so I decided to make my own, and the rest is history.

SGC and its sister sites have a practice of "keep it nice", meaning they keep things fairly tame, and I believe even open-leg shots are avoided there, although they have had a dude or two. Personally, my tastes run a bit more risque, but if you're okay with their limits, they're certainly a lot cheeper than LB.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to see another slingshot swimsuit video? I like the post suggesting a tennis match and a slingshot swimsuit. If the girl was naturally busty, it'd be almost impossible to keep that suit in place while playing the game!


Anonymous said...

Cool, can't wait.

They shut down? They seemed like an active site to me.

Just wondering. I agree, it is well deserved, so to speak.

Yo Momma

Red said...

@Fernando: Episode 264 will feature another slingshot swimsuit walk. It's a good one, too: the loser had to go outside on the street. Tennis in a slingshot would be great, I agree, but first I need to find a tennis court I can shoot on.

@Yo Momma: No no, SGC is still active, I think you misunderstood. At first, SGC only did still photosets. Then they started doing video. Then they got a C&D from a patent troll, and they stopped doing video and went back to just doing photosets. Then they started doing video again, and still do to this day.

Anonymous said...

SGC and that other "daring" site don't hold a candle to LostBets. Not that the others are bad, it's just that LostBets has nearly perfected the stripping game format on video.

I'm just a regular guy who happens to enjoy watching pretty girls strip with the elements of chance and embarrassment involved. I won't say that every LostBets game is perfect but there's enough to like in just about each and everyone one I've seen to keep me coming back for more. The other sites seem to have a general idea of what to do but they never really get it just right. That's only in my opinion, of course.

What I like about LostBets is that Red really seems to appreciate the comments of the customers/posters here and takes advice and criticism with good intentions.

I guess I really have nothing construction to add to the conversation tonight... but I just wanted to throw in an "Atta, boy" to Red and Co. for the continued growth of the productions.


Anonymous said...

i still wish darering was active though. maybe Red can try to bring it back.


RS said...

I loved the DareRing style games, never knowing who was going to have to do what, or with whom. Sometimes you got to do something awesome, or with someone you were attracted to. Sometimes you were forced to do something you didn't want, possibly with someone you really, really don't want to. My New Year's resolution for 2012 is to arrange to play some sort of game like that this year, with some sort of high disincentive to wimp out on dares (like a lot of money or even clothing as collateral).

Anonymous said...

any links SB Boy?

Red said...

@JHO: Thanks very much for the kind praise, it was very nice to hear. I certainly hope we haven't attained perfection, though... there's no room for improvement on perfection. And as for listening to people's comments and suggestions, I'm very happy to do it. What I don't get is why this seems to be unusual. Why wouldn't someone in my position cheerfully take all the free ideas he can get?

@Mark and @RS: I've gotten numerous requests for a DareRing-style game, and I may do it at some point. Although if @RS wants to give it a try, I'd be glad to let him have first shot at it, no sense me getting to have all the fun. @RS, the problem of keeping people from wimping out can be tricky, that's for sure.

@Anon 1:12 (please sign your posts): I usually prefer that people not link to other sites here, but you can find these girls easily enough by searching for them by their stage names, Ember Skye and Rain Daniels. And @SB Boy is quite right, you can find them doing things that would be shocking if they were true siblings. I'm kind of miffed and I'll be asking for an explanation. If they've lied to me, they won't be invited back.

Anonymous said...

Red said... " @JHO: .. Why wouldn't someone in my position cheerfully take all the free ideas he can get?"

Ha-ha! Cheerfully take constructive criticism and advice? You're unique amongst many on the Internet, Red. And LostBets fans are the better for that.


RS said...

I don't think I'd have the guts to play on camera. But off camera, I'd push my limits if others were willing to, including doing things with a randomly chosen opponent.

Red said...

@JHO: Well, if I'm unique, it's inexplicable to me. I mean, why wouldn't a producer like me listen to his customers? Even if for some reason a producer didn't have the artistic pride to want to make the best content possible, or the ego to love the cheers and accolades that result from making better content, his customers give him money. You'd think he'd have every incentive in the world to want their good will.

Oh well. I suppose I should be grateful for the apparent idiocy of other producers, since it makes me look great by comparison. I get kudos for doing what it's in my clear self-interest to do.

Er... by which I mean, you're welcome. I do it all for you ;-)