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Friday, January 27, 2012

The woman you are about to see has no fucking...

...something. Like I say in the clip description for today's update, I didn't specifically seek out a woman like Leda, but hey, beauty comes in lots of different forms. I'll be very interested to hear what people think.

Leda is only one third of the new players coming to LostBets today. Alice and Marie make their first appearance as well, and while I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Alice (or Leda), Marie really gets to me somehow. There's something about her dimpled smile that's really cute in my eyes.

Anyway. Enjoy the new players and the new forfeit. Feedback always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Variety is the spice of life. Considering the circumstances (and the fact that there's a lot of spoiler to be protected), you've provided plenty of spice with this latest entry, Red.

People who overcome the odds are so special. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Leda is gorgeous, hope there are many, many more games with her. Regardless of whether the people who play your games are pro or am, it takes bravery, and I personally find that, in combination with any battle scars, very sexy.

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Just checking in. Leda is cute.

It's been a while since I got anything. The new girls you have been adding have my interest very piqued, however. I feel like you could have that triple point again with some lookers like Brianna, Lumen, and their cohorts. I just really want to see some good old fashioned fucking for forfeits. Don't get me wrong - I am here for the bet, that's still the fetish being tickled very nicely - I just would like to see some more hardcore like we got back in the Nicole/Taylor/Camilla era from about 8 months ago. God, those clips Red, those were 99% identical to how it goes in my head. You're the only bloke I've ever shelled out for this kind of product. Argh it's so frustrating how good you are at this.

DirtyOldMan (32 actually)

Anonymous said...

FYI. You've posted the details of what happens to the loser in spoiler text. But the clip category has it out in the open.


Red said...

@JHO: Leda had a sense of humor about her battle, which IMHO goes a long way towards helping to win it. (Although this might be getting a bit heavy for a porn site.)

@Rotten Rope: I really like having girls like these in the mix: girls with bodies that have flaws, girls who have a little extra padding, but girls who are unquestionably real. I have plenty of stunning hot models in the roster as well, but it can be just as sexy or even sexier to watch a real woman slowly stripped to reveal her real body.

Unfortunately, I only have one other game with these three, but all three are eager to come back. (They're the ones who I might be able to talk into risking a head-shaving forfeit.)

@DirtyOldMan, who's younger than I am, you jerk: First of all, thanks for the kudos :) I admit that there's been a real lack of hardcore around here lately. Mostly I've been focusing on girls who wouln't be up for it... Lumen, for example, is an 18-year-old girl who'd never posed naked before. I can't ask her to risk getting fucked on camera, at least not yet. You have to work up to that sort of thing.

But the hardcore videos I did have been among my most popular ones, and I've been remiss in not doing more of them. I'm scheduling a shoot right now, with boys and girls of adventuresome spirit. Will keep you posted.

@Patches: Yeah, I know, and I'd thought about that. I decided to do it the way I did because it was a brand-new Clips4Sale category for me, and I like to make sure that people who are looking for that category find LostBets.com. The spoiler covers a lot more than just the category, anyway.

Anonymous said...

will there be another game of twister in the future?


realnot said...

Still waiting on that teasing/orgasm denial shoot!

Anonymous said...

And I hope to see more of Sienna and Mariah, but great work, keep it up!
One of your fans,

mismanager said...

Interesting looking clip on your B sides site today, Red. There is no spoiler saying who wins. Would you care to give us an idea?

Dagulus said...

Indeed, and it would be nice to see more costumed games on the site.

Red said...

@Mark: There will be now that you've reminded me of it.

@realnot: Keep waiting, I'm afraid. I'll most likely do it at some point but it's not in the immediate plans.

@Hans: Mariah will appear in an upcoming B-Side very soon, would have been this week if not for schedule maintenance on a server I kinda needed. I don't have any more with Sienna but I could always try and get some.

@mismanager: Whoops, I thought I forgot something. Thanks.

@Dagulus: Yeah, no kidding. Me too. Dunno why I haven't done more of this sort of thing, but I'll fix that, too.

GreenMonster89 said...

Hey Red, like Patches I noticed you more or less revealed the spoiler for the latest video in the category. It's all good though. I had a thought. If you are able to pull off shooting (and then publishing) the video with the forfeit I requested (the head shaving, pussy shaving, forced orgasm forfeit), what could you possibly do to top it? A head shaving would probably be the ultimate forfeit for a woman, as there are so few willing to do it.

Dave35 said...

Hi Red,

Some time ago there was talk of being able to post RAR's for the interactive (POV) games any news on that ?


Anonymous said...

There needs to be way more tickling in your videos. I love tickling and watching girls get tickled especially during or after a forced orgasm! Awesome combination!

BB said...

A minor criticism, if you will - many of the girls whether acting or for real, hide the equipment and we never see them in all their glory. The only girl on your site that consistently does a slow turn after losing is Julie. Perhaps a reminder before they play to turn after losing.

Thanks, and site gets better each game.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with bb on the slow turn bit idea. But also I enjoy the player being abut embarrassed of her situation. Also been wondering about the POV rars hope they are on the menu soon :)


Anonymous said...

When you release the vids in the evening, I have to wait for them to download on a Friday night. How about releasing them at like 6:00-7:00 am like the LostBetsGames site does. That way I can hit the download button in the morning and it'll be downloaded, waiting for me when I get home?


Red said...

@GreenMonster89: Oh, I don't know if I'd be unable to top head-shaving as a forfeit. Maybe I'll come up with something. As it happens, Leda, Marie, and Alice were the girls who'd expressed interest in risking a head-shaving forfeit. In case you were interested.

@Dave35: No progress has been made there, unfortunately. It's still on the plate.

@Anon 1:57 (please sign your posts!): Weirdly, I've been having a lot of players lately who just plain aren't ticklish. But I'll get more tickling in (as well as combining it with forced orgasms, that's a good idea) next chance I have.

@BB and @DAM: Got some good news for you guys. I have been making an effort to get more twirling and exposure as the girls And if you like the exposure of girls who are really, genuinely embarrassed by it, I think you'll really dig episode 263, to be published next week. Watch for it.

@Mike: Hmm, I never thought of that before. I've been doing my releases in the evening because Clips4Sale has their "Recently Updated Stores" list on their front page. Being on that list tends to drive traffic, but you don't stay on it too long, so I've tried to update during times I figure C4S will be getting a lot of visitors to its front page. But I'd never considered that I was making people wait to download. Let me rethink that. Starting next week I'll shift publication earlier and see how it goes.