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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Episode 281 is published today, a week late, but better late than never. Honestly I'm still not too thrilled with the quality -- there are video and audio glitches -- but at least it's short and therefore cheap, and the subject matter is pretty kick-ass. Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The glitches aren't too annoying. It's a worthwhile and enjoyable 10 minutes, Red. No worries. Worth the buy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Red. I'm not going to spoil the latest outdoor forfeit vid. It'll suffice to ask if the names in the title frame appear in the same order as the girls do, left to right, and is the spoiler that is in the clip description in the store correct? I'm not sure.

For me, which girl looses is a huge factor in whether I buy the vid. If the girl that looses doesn't have the bigger set of boobs of the group, I don't buy it.

Red said...

Thanks, @JHO, that's good to hear. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these videos. I'm fully aware that they are Not Cheap, and it's important to me that people get their money's worth.

@Kirk: It's usually the rule that the players go left-to-right in the thumbnail, and this one wasn't an exception. Betty the blonde is on the left, Veronica the brunette is on the right. As far as I'm concerned, they've both got pretty nice tits.

Anonymous said...

there's a really old post that you can still find on google, but it's of a game against mia that the user gets to actually play. any chance you could make another one of these?

Anonymous said...

Not much has been said lately about what's been coming up on the game site. Strip Jarvis with Zayda and Amber is really hot.

Also deserving honorable mention is Estonian Roulette where Sarah and Kandi 69 - really HOT - and I believe Zayda really wanted to be one of the losers.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

As a matchup, it'd be neat to see a domme (like Natalie) go against a shier, less experienced player (Fern?). I realize that it would take some swift talking to arrange, but the juxtaposition of character would be neat, and the potential for dramatic, interesting forfeits would be high.

Finally, a game idea: remote control cars. You could either race them or battle them, but either way I think they'd be fun and competitive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I suggested pussy waxing a long time ago. It would be great seeing this. But I know that it is hard finding a girl accepting her pussy getting shaved so a new pussy shaving would be also fine.

I have a new suggestion for a game.
You play roulette with 3 girls. Each girl has a chip an bets on black or red. If the girl isn't right or the 0 is shown she has to remove one item of clothing. So maybe more than one girl has to remove an article of clothing or noone if all girls bet red and red is shown. Once a girl is naked she is out of the game and into the forfeits which a determined by the other two girls rolling the roulette. They play until the next one or perhaps both are naked. Each number they roll represents one forfeit. This forfeit must be done by the girl who is out of the game. So this girl might have to do more than one forfeit. Depends on how long the other two are betting right and stay into any article of clothing. For example the 18 stands for pussy shaving so she gets her pussy shaved. When there are two naked girls the winning girl rolls one last time to determine the forfeit the two having to do.
Rolling the Zero would mean the forfeit can be chosen by the rolling girl.
Because it might be heavy to find 36 forfeits you could say number 1-2 = one forfeit 3-4 = another forfeit so you have only to suggest 18 forfeits or if you want less you can say 1-4=one foreit 5-8 =another forfeit so there are only 9 possible forfeits just as you want. If a forfeit is allready done you role again.
What do you think?