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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten's a crowd

Got some news, mostly good with a little bad.

First: July Jubilee! Every weekend in July will feature two updates, one on Friday and the other on Saturday (Sunday and Monday for standard-definition versions.) This weekend doesn't count as July, but the next four do. There's been a lot of good stuff lately and I want to get it out quickly so people can see it.

Next: this weekend's update, Episode 285, is our biggest game yet, with ten (count 'em) players. This game was played at the same party/shoot that produced Episodes 278 and 279, and the players are just as awesome. Enjoy!

Also, as I hinted at in the last comment thread, I have hosted another party, featuring some of the same players and some new ones. I'm not sure how much I should say about it, though, since it'll still be quite awhile before any of the games make it into production. Some people suggested I just give the names and pictures of the players, which doesn't seem like a bad idea, but I want to stretch it out a bit. So for starters, here are the partygoers who were also at the last party:

Cherry (now known as Willow)

There was also one player who wasn't at the first party but wasn't new to LostBets.com. I'll disclose her identity next week, and each week following I'll introduce another party guest, along with his/her picture and "I lost all my clothes" promo. It shouldn't take that long to get through them all, right? I mean, I've already listed six players and alluded to a seventh, how many more could there be?

Finally -- and this is the bad news -- I'm really sorry about this but for the games from these parties, I'm going to have to charge a little more. It turns out that inviting tons of people over and having to transport and feed them all gets pretty expensive, so instead of $16.99 ($15.99 SD), these episodes will be $19.99 ($18.99 SD). I know my stuff already is not cheap and this doesn't help, but I want to make sure I can keep doing this sort of mega-shoot in the future. I think they're worth it and I hope you do too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Does this mean a party without Julie?!?!?!?!? Surely not?

Hope you're well,

Red said...

TrueS, Julie totally put this crew together. I asked, she delivered, and she did a fantastic job. But she couldn't make it herself. Believe me, I'm as sorry as you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
thanks for doing the double updates.
I'd really like to see Belle bent over & getting some of the hardcore action.
In fact here's a forefit : giving a blowjob whilst on a sybian!


Red said...

Oh yeah! That reminds me of one other thing I meant to say in this post: I finally coughed up the money for a shiny new sybian. Haven't used it yet but will soon.

Anonymous said...

A Sybian, that is what i call good news.

There's a lot of girls i'd love to see take a ride on that, but Lumen tops that list. Please on't forget to at least ask her to risk it.


Anonymous said...

Lumen on a sybian! If only that wish would become true.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine Fern or Lumen reading all this (if they still read the blog) and googling for "Sybian", hehehe.


Red said...

Guys, I think it's virtually impossible that Lumen would go for that. Fact is, she found herself a decent job and doesn't seem interested in playing any more games for us, let alone playing games with much higher stakes than she's faced in the past. But I'll ask. Worst that can happen is she says no, right?

Anonymous said...

I kind of expected that, but stranger things did happen. She's my favorite, too bad she didn't lose more games.


Red said...

@AV: Stranger things have indeed happened, that's for sure. I certainly never would have imagined what I'd someday witness Julie doing on that day in 2009 when, during her third shoot with LostBets.com, she finally agreed to risk having to open her legs on camera... but only if I left the room.

Lumen lost more games than you know (and won more, too) because I still have quite a few of hers that haven't made it into production yet. I should get at least one or two in the queue especially since I'll be burning through it at twice the rate this month, but the truth is I'm not really happy with the quality of the games and I think many of them are not A-Side material.

First things first: Lumen is one of the most beautiful young women I've laid eyes on, and I've laid eyes on a lot. As stunning as she looks in video, the effect is even stronger in person. Meaning no disrespect to my other players, Lumen is the only one who's made me think, "This girl should be in Hollywood."

But she couldn't seem to loosen up on camera at all. She's not quiet and reserved by nature, but once the camera are rolling (an especially once the clothes start coming off) she just shuts up. And the forfeits are always super-tame and usually short. And as stunning as Lumen is, I have to say that I find the episodes a little boring. Some of them I haven't reviewed in awhile and maybe I'll be surprised when I look at the footage (I often am but that's why I haven't had much enthusiasm for getting them into production,

Anonymous said...

I see your point... I hoped she'd be a little more relaxed and confident in the next shoots because she does seem to have a great personality besides stunning looks. Anyway , i'll still buy anything featuring her and Fern (who is also quiet but seems a lot more naughty).

Anonymous said...

Fern is my recent most favorite ( i like salem, too, but she all but diappeared)
here to hoping Fern gets a lot more naughty in the future.

invite her to a party, or something...


RS said...

Episode 285 was great. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

And speaking of things you never thought you would see Julie do...any chance she might have risked hardcore yet, or be about to?


Anonymous said...

Episode 285 is worth the new price, Red. That was a lot of fun! (Is it still masturbation if lots of people are involved? LOL.) Looking forward to the big conclusion of the first party. Definitely looking forward to the second, too.

Shame about Lumen, as she really is a very lovely girl, but at least there's still some footage left to be produced. Even if it's on the B-Sides, I'm sure it'll attract plenty of interest.

— Big Sam

dac99 said...

TrueS, episodes 208 and 218 may be to your liking.

Episode 285 was great, and many cheers to the woman who went the furthest in the forfeit. Wow!

Also many cheers for Double Update July. Don't worry about the price increase Red, these players are worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red. Saw the posts a several weeks ago and love the idea: Warm weather around WA only happens in July and August I suppose. Perfect for outdoor microbikini forfeits on naturally busty players, preferably multiple naturally busty loosers at the same time. The colder weather will be coming your way and going to a beach, resort pool, apartment complex pool, outdoors, on the street, a park, etc, will be "temperature prohibitive" before you know it. I love that the forced "exhibitionism" makes every girl cringe, seemingly no matter how hardcore she may be behind closed doors. Any chance of this? Pleeezee? : Tony

Blue said...

Is it the long awaited return of Taylor? Please!

Unknown said...

are you coming to fetcon this year...id love to work with you again

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
realnot said...

Yes, you should work with Catherine Foxx again!