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Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of order

Just a quick note: I wasn't too happy with the final rendered version of Episode 281, which was to be published today. It has a few technical glitches, some of which may be irreparable, but some of them maybe I can fix and I want to at least give it a try. So Episode 282 (Julie, Fern, and Lumen, playing a new game for a new forfeit) is jumping the queue and will be published in a few hours. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Red, I want to play some interactive games like the rock paper scissors game with Mia. I really loved that game and would like to see more of them.

Anonymous said...

Can you at least tell us what the forfeit was for the outdoor game. I've been looking forward to that for weeks.


Ladies lover said...

Yeah I would love to play some interative games as well. Please Red will yo be making any interactive games?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, then outdoor game sounds HOT. I spend a lot of time on the CamGirl sites and they'll do just about anything for you that you can possibly imagine. But when I ask them to do something as simple as go out in the backyard naked when it's dark at night, they either say a flat-out no, or actually get angry that I aksed them to do that. Even the 3 only girls who have entertained my request all said they would go outside for betwren 3-10 minutes and not one of could stand to make it more than 60 seconds. I love the reluctance and horror that washes over the faces of the girls when they realizr what they have to do. And a good exhibitionism forfeit will put a look of terror on the face of even the nastiest porn star veteran. Keep up the exhibitionist forfeits!!! Thanks

Martin H.

Anonymous said...

Who Is in the outdoor game?

Martin H.

Red said...


May or may not work on your browser. If it doesn't, try Google Chrome. Let me know what you think, if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions.

Myself said...

Hi Red,

Your interactive game works fine on Mozilla Firefox. It loads until 130% (no joke) and then it starts. Though to my slow connection (ADSL1 at 6Mbps) it took some time to load (1min 30). I suppose it loads in a few seconds on the faster internet connections like cable and VDSL.
The gameplay was very good. Liked the comments from Laura (both when she won or lost). And the bonus for winning the game was also a very nice surprise.
Great. Thanks for the game.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new beta much harder to read opponent like after mia 1st play. I know this is an older game but hoping you can do the full forfeti aspect like your old trailer for those lost bets games. if you remember what Im thinking of. cheers for your amazing progress!!!

Anonymous said...

previous commetn by DaM <3

Red said...

Thanks for the feedback on the interactive. By the way, this is another example of the serendipity I mentioned earlier that seems to happen an awful lot around here. People started clamoring for more interactives (after several months of nobody mentioning them) right when I had one ready to go. What are the odds?

This game was made using very old footage, from my second shoot ever. I've got more recent (higher-quality) footage which I plan to put into the same engine.

Credit for the game, by the way, goes to intern Casper, writing his first HTML5/JavaScript/CSS app. (My hope was that by using that platform the game would run unmodified on cellphones, but that doesn't seem to be the case.) This is what he's been doing rather than editing B-Sides lately.

@K: The loser of this one had to do a revealing calisthenics routine... outside, of course. It was pretty cold. There was still even a remnant of snow on the ground.

@Martin H: I can understand why the CamGirls are reluctant to go naked outside. We were all pretty terrified of being discovered and possibly arrested. Cars were driving by on the nearby road, and while they were going fast enough that they'd get a split-second glimpse at most, any one of them might have done a double-take and turned around for a closer look.

The players were Betty and Veronica, although there is another outdoor game (in a slightly -- but only slightly -- more secluded location) featuring returning girls Erica and Fern and new girl Anastasia.

@Myself: Honestly, it takes too long to load even on my (sort of) fast connection. That's a bug which will need to be fixed, as is the 130 loading thing. Thinks for telling me. (It's Elora, not Laura, by the way.)

@DaM: Yeah, I remember SGU. Got a bunch of footage for interactive games, never used. Someday, maybe. The rock-paper-scissors game was quite a bit more complex than the others, featuring branching paths. The plan was to start with most of the paths locked, then give the player "tokens" for winning the game which could be used to unlock additional branches. Again... someday, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Loved the interactive game Red. Please let us know if you make more of them. Why don't you make a game with Ashton. I would love that.

Anonymous said...

hoping for the days the weekly interactive games will be made lol

ladies lover said...

red, I really liked Julie. I would love it if you would cast her in an interactive game

Brian West said...

Love the domme vs domme idea.

Can you play this game with Ashley and Kendra or Ashley and Paris?

And to uneven the odds, pick a game at which Ashley is not that good. I would love to see her lose and be tied and vibed and strap-on fucked. Any change of this happening?

And some time ago you said yuo had a 4-girl game where the loser got in doorjam cuffs and vibed with 2 vibrators by the other girls. When will this update approximately going to be online?

Red said...

@Anon 12:14 (please sign your posts): Ashton has retired, so I won't be getting any new footage of her. However, I already have footage for at least three interactive games featuring her. Early on in my porno career, I shot footage for interactives nearly every shoot. Later, whern I ended up doing absolutely nothing with this footage, I stopped doing it. Now that I have an actual engine to use, I've been doing it again lately, but the upshot is that a lot of my very, very early players, whom we haven't seen in awhile, will be making appearances in interactives. Pettles, Tristen, Stephanie, Elizabeth... there's a few.

@DaM: It may happen! Don't hold your breath, but it's not impossible either.

@ladies lover: And I have interactive footage featuring Julie as well. Just one game, though. I'll try to get more.

@Brian West: That's very, very possible. Both Kendra and Ashley live far away, but I'm planning a trip in late July where I just might see both of them. I'll try to get them into a game. And I'll try to stack it against Ashley :)

And honestly, the game you mentioned (with the loser getting multi-vibed) had slipped my mind. I'll make sure it gets on the schedule.

Red said...

Say, anyone got anything they'd like to see if I happened to have three players, two girls and a guy, with sex a possibility?

RS said...

"Say, anyone got anything they'd like to see if I happened to have three players, two girls and a guy, with sex a possibility?"

Is it two losers, or just one? I guess these ones work either way: Shaving of body hair (either everything below the neck, or just genitals). Public nudity (like streaking outdoors). Tied up, tickled, and spanked/paddled until bottom is VERY red. Or ... two losers perform a porno under the direction of the winner, limited only by what Clips4Sale won't allow.

Anonymous said...

Where and when will the old inter actives be appearing?


Red said...

@RS: As for how many losers... well, they're coming by for a day, so hopefully they'll play lots of games, so maybe some will be one loser, soem will be two. Maybe there will be a boy-versus-girls game, maybe there will be a girl-versus-girl game where the boy just comes in to help punish the loser. It's wide open.

@K: Not sure, but it might not be that much longer. While giving them away for free is nice, I do kinda need a way to get some money out of them to at least cover the cost of making them. I'm talking to C4S about allowing me to sell the games there (in general they allow videos only) and they seem like they're willing to play along. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


You can probably guess my suggestion for two girls and a guy...pubic hair as the last item of clothing (when an already naked girl loses again, the guy gets to shave them); once naked and shaved, if the girl loses again, the forfeit this time is sex with the guy. Of course it only works if both girls have something to shave off...but if it were to work out perfectly, there would be two naked, shaved girls, one of whom was having sex!

And in a completely, utterly, ideal world...one of the girls would be Julie!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, what ever happened with the supposed siblings you mentioned a while back?


Anonymous said...

"Say, anyone got anything they'd like to see if I happened to have three players, two girls and a guy, with sex a possibility?"

how about the winner gets to prep the loser (cuffs, ropes, shackles, blindfold...) into a creative position to be used by the third player anyway they want, no holes barred.

make it happen!!!


Anonymous said...

For the two girls and a guy game. How about you order a pizza, and when the pizza is on its way make the two losers have an orgasm race. Whoever cums first has to answer the door naked. If neither cums by the time he arrives then they both have to answer the door naked


Anonymous said...

nice one, JB.
better still...

order the pizza to be delivered during a sex act forfeit.


Ladies Lover said...

If you already have footage of Julie and Ashton, then why not make an interactive game out of that. The fans would love it. You can also include a surprise at the end that can only be viewed by buying the clip. Since most of the fans of lostbets love it because of sexy forfeits, you can cast the whole game for free and cast the forfeit at the end. The forfeit can only be viewed by buying it. I think it would not only attract people, but also increase your sales. And since Julie is one of the most favorite girls at Lostbets, try to make an interactive game with Julie.

Anonymous said...

The more games I watch, the more I enjoy the Jester game. It seems to bring out the girls' personalities.

As to 2 girls and one guy, I guess I would enjoy watching the girls play against each other. The first set would result in the loser being undressed and fingered by the guy. The second would require the loser to give the guy a blowjob. And the third loser gets fucked while she has to eat the winner.

OK - I guess that's a traditional set. But it works for me.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

Almost suffocated holding my breath on it ;). Big thing for me is that when you win they are embarrassed to take something off. and enjoy it quite a bit when you take something off. Its hard to portray that to a camera but still, they are actresses so Im sure they will improve :))).

Red said...

Unfortunately the two girls, one guy game fell through... one of the girls fled the country to escape. Instead it turned into a one guy, three girl shoot, but the limits were extremely tight, and sex was definitely not on the menu. I made the most of it, and I think people will like seeing new girls Jelly and Serengeli playing with Fern and new guy Jerome.

@Anon 11:19 (please sign your posts): these girls aren't actresses, that's part of the difficulty. At most, some of them are models, but many of them aren't even that... they're just girls who heard about LostBets.com and thought it sounded fun. It can be really tough to get them to do interactives, but I'm trying.