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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here we go again...

So it's been brought to my attention that the initially-published version of 284 was faulty and cut off in the middle. Aargh. This sort of thing has been happening more frequently lately, and while I won't be satisfied until the rate is zero, I'm going to pay more attention and do things like check file sizes before publishing on Clips4Sale.

In the meantime, if you purchased the corrupted version, please email me a copy of your Clips4Sale receipt and I'll send you a link to a good version. And, as always when I make a fuckup of this kind, please also choose any other video from my catalog you'd like and I'll send a link to that one, too, to apologize for the inconvenience.

Coming up this weekend, Episode 285 our biggest (published) game yet. Ten players, comprising seven girls and three guys, play a wild game of musical chairs. This is the same group of players who were in 278 and 279, and they're awesome. Five losers have to show us how they masturbate.

On tap. we've got:

Episode 286: Strip Barracuda with Whitney and Alexis, two popular cuties. Their male friends get to watch, as one girl is forced to let the other sit on her face.

Episode 287: Another game of Team Noname, boys vs. girls, Catherine and Camille vs. Ziggy and Michael. Winning gender gets to paddle the losers.

Episode 288: Fern returns, along with a popular girl we haven't seen in awhile, Erica. And making her first appearance, Anastasia of the hidden vagina. I'm not going to say what the game is yet.

Episode 289 debuts two new girls, Jacqueline and Dahlia. Jacqueline was very literally the girl next door, but since the shoot (in the last week, in fact) she moved. Oh well. The game is Pod Stomp, fast becoming a personal favorite, and the loser has to masturbate. She's a good sport about it, too.

Episode 290 brings back the crew from 278, 279, and 285 for their fourth game. I'm tentatively calling the game "Hot Grapefruit", because it's like Hot Potato, only you do it with a grapefruit. And you have to hold (and pass) the grapefruit using only your neck.

Finally, a question. Suppose, hypothetically speaking, I threw another party, only this one was even bigger and crazier. But because the queue is so long, nothing from the party wouldn be published for months. Should I tell you about it, or would that be too much fo a tease?


Anonymous said...

Red, please do tell!


Anonymous said...

Don't tell! I prefer surprises, also people might save for it and you'll cannibalise your upcoming clips. ECONOMICS

realnot said...

The obvious answer is to publish the clips immediately, duh!

Chris said...

I would tend to do not tell us.
Depends on HOW long the queue is...

Anonymous said...

Going to second the posters above me and suggest that you keep the details as hush-hush as possible. We like our surprises here at Lost Bets, right?

Oh, by the way: More Catherine? Thank you! One of my favorites.

– Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Large group? Party atmosphere? Sounds like a perfect combination for a truly memorable Lost Bets game. Kind of like one I've been suggesting lately! (Psst... check your e-mail.)

Whatever you decide is going to be great, I'm sure. My only concern when I'm ordering a Lost Bets clip is what is available at the moment. Telling us what's coming up may restrict current sales if someone is saving up for the big one that's coming (just as an anonymous poster suggested above).

I'm happy with your weekly posts about what's coming up now or what's coming up next. I try not to focus on what might not be coming up in a few weeks or months. A surprise is always good for the soul!

But I'm with you whatever you decide.



Anonymous said...

Just give the names of the players in the new party and maybe a little pictures if there are new players to look forward too.


RS said...

Sounds like I'm a minority, but I like to hear what's coming down the pike. Perhaps, as someone else suggested, the names of the players and maybe some teasing hints of what's to come?

Could be an opportunity for some sort of "truth or dare" style gaming, like the DareRing games.

dac99 said...

I agree with posting pictures of the players. No description of the games, just let our imaginations go all out. And then you can let one or two of the episodes jump the queue or, even better, have some double-update weekends.

Red said...

Thank you for your counsel, gents. After careful consideration, I think I'll play this one close to the vest for now. Just remember, as you watch 285, and 200, and 300, that something even bigger is coming.

Anonymous said...

If you have so much on queue, why not post some of it on the B Sides page!


Red said...

Because I don't consider it B-Side material. A B-Side, as far as I'm concerned, either has something wrong with it such that I don't think it's high enough quality for the main site, or it's gone unpublished for over a year. None of the material currently in the queue qualifies.

But stay tuned. I'm going to have an announcement in the near future

Anonymous said...


I've always considered your B-Side material to be nothing less than A- or B+.


GreenMonster said...

Do I dare hope that Episode 288 is the game with the forfeit I suggested months ago? I'm trying not to get my hopes up, since I know it has (had?) to be difficult to find two girls willing to take that risk.

Anonymous said...

i like where the loser gets gangbanged, preferably while restrained or blindfolded...
still waiting for that one.


Anonymous said...


What is your email address to send voucher for faulty clip?

Anonymous said...

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