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Friday, July 27, 2012

Do you remember...

July Jubilee comes to an end this weekend as four amateurs play two games of Strip Memory. First up, Jacqueline and Dahlia return in an episode I teased a long time ago, finally published. If you like keeping it real, if you like seeing genuine emotion and sex, you'll love 292.

Tomorrow, the long-awaited return of Salem and Lumen. Their game of memory ends in embarrassing exposure for the loser, who gets to show us her startling flexibility.

And then there's this week's update to the next party roster, which currently consists of:


Meet Adrian. Hey, you can't have hot boy-on-girl action without boys, right?


Anonymous said...

Red, I was playing around with your lostbeta site and I noticed that you have several girls who have never lost (I will keep names out for fear of spoilers, although most of those games are pretty old now). It was actually more than expected when I started counting. I realize that it is because you have not done much with most of those and there is probably a reason you didnt work more with a lot of those girls but I think it would be good to see you get a group of girls who have never lost before together for some games


Anonymous said...

with the salem/lumen game, has a better job been done with such things as close-ups, and getting the camera 'in there' a little better?

sorry, i like your stuff, but i wont purchase another forfeit of this manner unless i know this issue has been improved somewhat.


Anonymous said...

If this is what we can expect from the "amateurs" category then I def want to see more.

The winner was awesome. I liked her after the fact enthusiasm (sorry to be vague but I don't want to be a spoiler). Hope to see more like this one.


Red said...

@Pareto: Actually, the reason we haven't seen some of these girls come back is more likely due to lack of opportunity than anything else. A lot of them live out of town. But a "battle of the undefeated" would be a great idea. If you don't want to put spoilers on the blog (which I appreciate, although once an episode is more than a week or two old it doesn't bother me as much), drop me an email with the players you'd like to see again, and I'll see what I can do, or at least tell you why I can't :-)

@shredder: I think so, yes. There are some pretty good shots of the loser, although I'm not sure just how close you would want to get. It's not exactly a gynecologist's-eye view if you know what I mean. I'd rather you not buy the episode than buy it and be disappointed, but at least 293 is short and therefore not as expensive.

@FATTOM: Thanks! I noticed I didn't have any episodes in Category: AMATEUR, and figured it was about time. Plenty of my episodes have featured amateurs, but they always ended up in a different category. (I put 293 in AMATEUR also, although IMO it's not nearly as good.)

Anonymous said...

292 is absolutely, hands down, the realest, hottest thing i have ever seen here.


beleive the hype, fellow readers.
its real, and its hot!


Anonymous said...

are there any wet and messy episodes with either lumen or anastasia in them?

mark hill11

Red said...

I want to express my deep gratitude to all the fans who sent episode 291 to #1 on the Clips4Sale hotlist, which in turn was partially responsible for propelling Lost Bets Productions to #2 on Clips4Sale's list of top stores. I hope you all liked it.

@shredder, thanks for the ringing endorsement! I don't know how much credit I can claim for 292 though, since as you say, it's great because it's real. It's not like I did anything to make it happen. I just filmed reality, and reality obliged by being awesome.

@mark hill11: There was a WAM game with Erica, Anastasia, and Fern, but it won't be out for awhile. Lumen was in a WAM game, episode 271, but didn't lose.

MickB said...

Dear Red,
Just had an idea for a future game forfeit, depending on the number of players in the group.

To have the losers act as wait staff like in a restaurant, and serve the customers (winners) nude.
E.g. take cutsomer's orders and return with the meal and clean up after the meal was finished.

It can be like a mock restaurant / cafe setting, and the losers maybe not fully nude. As the girls could wear stockings and a bow tie as their outfit, and the guys wear a bow tie.
If cooking the meal were involved, aprons could be permitted (if they were clear / see-through).

Red said...

@MickB: That sounds like it could work pretty well with a decent-sized group of players. I'll think about how best to pull it off.

Anonymous said...

Red, any possibility we'll see more Guy vs. Girl "winner does what they want to the loser" games?

Thanks, J

Anonymous said...

yeah guy vs girls games would be cool. Especially with two guys vs two girls.


Anonymous said...

the suggestion with the random forfeits by using a wheel of furtune is not that hard to do. You can use some forfeits double so you won't have to think about that much. Also in the Roulette you could use lets say only 10 forfeits which are randomly spread on the number 0 to 36.
The idea of using random forfeits is to push the girls limits to harder forfeits.


mismanager said...

I don't see how your suggestion of random forfeits would encourage girls to extend their limits. I assume that they are not stupid so would see no difference between a forfeit that is beyond their limits and a list that includes one or more that are. Why should they risk it? If they turn one down they surely would turn down a list including it.

RS said...

This new player Adrian looks like the kind of goofy, good-natured guy that could totally be goaded into taking a crazy bet at a college party. Now I'm curious what the game and the forfeit was. I know you're keeping that secret for now, but do you have a general timeframe for when we might get to start seeing games from this filming?

Anonymous said...

Great set of episodes last month:

292 : I bought it based on the blog comments and loved it. Good close ups of Dahlia's face.

288/291 : I really enjoyed Anastasia's debut. I hope you can get her back although she must be hard to work with.
She was a good sport about the forfeit. Also a nice episode if you like small breasts.
In a lot of poses she demonstrated perfectly how small her breasts are. This made this forfeit a lot of fun to watch for me.

On a side note: i liked the concept of W.H.O.R.E.S. . I still hope you'll shoot a bet where the girls aren't stripped right away but marked (fi TOYS or TITS above their breasst).
Loser gets handcuffed and stripped before an audience.

285 Great camara work by Belle again with close ups of Devon's face as she finished.
Again, please try to catch close ups of the girls faces when they orgasm. The slapping was brilliant too. I can't wait untill Belle loses.


Red said...

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, guys, but I'm on an East Coast trip, shooting some awesome fucking stuff. Look forward to more merciless teasing about the trip in the months to come.

@J: Absolutely we'll see more Boy vs. Girl games where the winner gets to do whatever he/she wants to the loser. I just filmed such a game today, in fact, although that was Boy vs. Girl vs. Girl.

@Ravenfan: I'm with @mismismanager, in that I don't think that random forfeits would be all that useful in getting girls to stretch their limits. I've heard similar ideas before, suggesting that girls might accept otherwise unacceptable forfeits as long as the risk was low enough, and I don't think that's the case. I mean, think of something that you would absolutely refuse to do as a penalty for logy sing a game, like your mama. Would you agree as long as the risk were low enough? Probably not, at least not unless the risk were so vanishingly small as to be virtually zero. And if the unlikely happened and that near-zero chance came to pass, I for one would almost certainly renege rather than do the thing I found unacceptable. So if I've got a player who refuses to do boy/girl on camera, I don't think it would help if I told her there were only a one in five or one in ten or one in a hundred chance of her having to do it, and if it did, I think it would just lead to girls breaking their word.

That's not to say that a forfeit wheel (or otherwise randomized forfeits) isn't a great idea. It is. And I did a random-forfeit game during the party I've been teasing over the last several months. And I'll do more.

@RS: That's a pretty good description of Adrian. As for hints as to when the material will be published: not in August, and if it's September, it'll be late in the month. I'm sorry. I did say that it would be a long time. I can't say for sure until the footage is through postproduction, but I really think they'll turn out to be worth the wait.

@AV: Thank you very much for all the great compliments. I'm really glad you liked he episodes in July Jubilee. As for the specific episodes you mentioned:

292: Yeah, I was really happy with the camera work on this one. (The editing, too.) It's not like any of us has had any formal training in porno production, and as we get more practiced, I think we're getting better at it. Of course it didn't hurt that the cameraman (I don't remember if it was Johnny or Casper) had such an awesome subject to shoot. The looks on her face as her body was wracked with pleasure like she'd never known, were priceless.

288/291: I have to admit that the popularity of these ones took me completely by surprise. 291 made it to #1 and stayed there for several days. That's wonderful (and helps make up for Anastasia's last-minute demand for more money) but it's rare for an episode as soft as it was. It's good to know that there are enough fans of shy, embarrassed amateurs who are nervous enough about just being naked on camera to make it worthwhile to seek them out. I'd seek them out anyway, because I like shy, embarrassed amateurs myself, but it's nice that I can make money at it.

Stripped in front of a crowd would be great, but requires a crowd. I'm working on it.

285: Tori and Candle just finished a game of Strip Blackjack with a forced orgasm forfeit. The gasping, flushed face of the loser was a sight to behold, and we get some great shots of it as she came. But to be fair, the sight of her pussy at the moment of orgasm was also well worth seeing. I think we'll have to use some tricks in editing to show both.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can pull it of to strip an amateur of her top and panties Anastasia would be perfect, she did really well on cam. Or Fern (and Lumen of course).

I agree it's hard to choose face or pussy, so please try show both. For orgasms shots i hope you can try picture-in-picture and/or a replay (like a score in sports).

When you have a party again, having one girl masturbating, standing on high heels in the center of attention would be a nice forfeit.


Anonymous said...

That should read:

*to strip an amateur of her top and panties in front of a bunch of spectators...

(LOL, stripping amateurs is something you do very well at already)

Anonymous said...

"to strip an amateur of her top and panties in front of a bunch of spectators... "

that would only work is the amateur hadnt been naked before spectators before.

Anonymous said...

if you were doing some shoots on the east coast does that mean more of bibi and kodak, i think you said they lived around there?


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 2, 2012 11:00 PM

_I assume Red&crew behave "profesionally" when filming a girl getting naked. In this case the loser is clearly stripped for the enjoyment of the crowd.
- being handcuffed and stripped means the loser is totally out-of-control and unable to cover up.

I think this would create an embarrassing sitiation for girls with little experience on Lost Bets, but i could be wrong off course. Only way to find out is to try it.


Red said...

@AV: Standing in heels and masturbating for the crowd, nice. I'll definitely use that.

@Markhill11: I'm sorry I have to be the bearer of news that isn't entirely good. Bibi, Kodak, Cody, and Tori made a great and popular foursome, and I was determined to have them play some more when I got back east. But I wasn't able to reach Bibi and Kodak. I did get in touch with Cody and she was scheduled to play against Dre, but she had an emergency and had to back out. Tori, on the other hand, played some great games with some great forfeits against Candle.

Anonymous said...

please dont stop trying, those girls were so hot i would buy everything with them


Anonymous said...

I agree, esp. Bibi.'And I miss Taylor. Also a pity if Lumen wont be back.