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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going to eleven

Back to just a single update this weekend. Phew. Thank you all for making July Jubilee a success!

This week, Episode 294 is our second game filmed outdoors, the last one being 281. Erica, Fern, and Anastasia playing and stripping in the breeze under the sky (and the occasional small plane.)

The roster for the megaparty continues to grow, currently consisting of:


This week, meet Scarlett with the jet-black hair.

That brings us up to eleven players, a LostBets.com record, surpassing the ten players at the last party. And we're not quite done introducing players just yet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I would like to ask if you most recent posting with Fern, Anastasia and Erica outdoors shows any of the girls barefeet at all? I just want to make sure I am not disappointed before I make a purchase.


OD 99x said...

Red I can't wait to see the big party, if its anythiong like the last one I'll be buying them all.

I have posted some idea's before, but it was during one of your "blackout periods" here is an idea for a forfeit,

The pussy pump seemed to truly scare the girls, even the ones without limits, because of the unknown. There is another sex toy that may work to get the girls really nervous about losing. Its the "Fetish Series Shock Therapy" and can be found at several online sex toy stores for about $40. The forfeit could be the attaching it as shown on the box cover and using it for a number of minutes on the loser. They may cum to like it, but the unknown would bring that element of "fear of losing" that a lot of us like. This would also work for those girls with tight limits since there is no actual sex involved. It could also work for men or women, who really wants an electrode on there balls or clit. Another thought is that even the pros may not like bondage, especially being blind folded and tied and not know what, or who's coming next. You have two dommes who could dish out the forfeit.

I too would love to see a game with those who've never lost play agasit each other, as someone posted last week. Along those lines any chance of getting Renna (undefeated), Cory, Mariah or Sassy back to play?

Any word on the bet your ass cd


dac99 said...

Red, when you do a random forfeit, see about using a d20. I'm sure a portion of your audience would get a little thrill out of watching a pretty girl roll a d20 to decide her fate.

Anonymous said...

Safe words could be tricky, maybe if they say the safe word they get a second more risky forfeit. That way they will need to decide do I continue to bear it out or do I say the safe word and face something more risky. Jack.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, was Aubrey given a safe word in the gangbang forfeit?


Anonymous said...

Does Erica get topless in any of the recent games with Fern and Anastasia? Debating which one to get.


Anonymous said...

just bought 294. there are several glitches in it where the video disappears leaving a red screen.

i dont know if it is just my copy, or if the problem is at your end.
you'll need to look into it because other clips still play well for me.

and yes, i like this one, despite the playback issues. seeing you know who all trussed to the door was awesome. i hope she does more like this, since she's a favorite of mine to look at.
and i like bondage forfeits.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I also had a similar problem as CA Fan with red screens. I at first attributed it to the outdoor shoot but I'm not sure. Either way still enjoyed the clip.


Red said...

Hey guys, we're shooting right now so I don't have time for a proper reply. But I just wanted to say to @GreenMonster89 if he's reading: mission accomplished.

BB said...

May I suggest for your audio - a wind screen is nothing more than a thin piece of foam. Preformed ones that fit over a mic are relatively inexpensive but wrapping a thin piece (about 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick) around the mic and S***ch brand tape to hold the form should do nicely for you. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Any hints we can get at the videos to be released in the weeks to come?


Anonymous said...

@av I'm sure red came up with something, it is exceedingly unlikely to be non-consensual...

Viredae said...

Hey Red,

I wanted to draw your attention to a website called malloferotica.com/ that is very much like Clips4Sale, except that they allow for more flexible prices, not to mention its billing system is better than C4S (to me, at least)

Anonymous said...


I'm probably as impressed as Greenmonster will be if you've managed what I think you mean! Was it by any chance combined with my pubic hair as last item of clothing idea? I still really hope to see that at some stage, if not combined with a headshave then combined with a forfeit requiring the girl has sex with a guy...who also gets to do the shaving.

Do we get to find out who risked Greenmomster's penalty? Is it anyone we have seen before?

All the best,

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing that faulty glichty downloads are a low priority...

poorer, yet wiser.

Red said...

@Footguy: I'm happy to report that all three girls get barefoot in Episode 294.

@OD 99x: The second party was both similar and different to the first. You'll have to wait and see. The "Fetish Fantasy series Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe" is only $28.74 with free 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime, and is winging its way to me at this very moment. I look forward to seeing the reactions it provokes. Haven't seen Renna, Sassy, or Mariah lately, but I have REALLY seen Cory, in a way I'd never seen before. From anyone.

@dac99: Heck, for maximum geek appeal, why limit it to d20s? "Take 3d8 swats with the paddle" could be a forfeit.

@AV and @Anon 10:59 (please sign your posts): Aubrey didn't have a safeword. I tend to think they're only necessary when the subject is restrained, since otherwise she can just leave. And while I've made plenty of girls do things they really didn't want to do, of course none of it was truly nonconsensual.

@99bottles: Erica shows her boobies in 294, and there's still more to come from that series.

@CA Fan and @E-Male: The problem isn't the download, I'm afraid the glitches are in the actual video. Somehow the raw video files seem to be corrupted (I think I may have accidentally used a Class 6 SD card instead of a Class 10) and the result is a few frames that show as red. I'm sorry about that, and ordinarily such glitches would relegate this episode to the B Sides, but those are on hold indefinitely and I'd promised more outdoor games.

@BB: Thanks for the tip. Next time I shoot outdoors I hope to have better audio.

@Brad: Episode 295 this weekend features five girls (four new players plus the one and only Ashley) playing a game where the loser is doorjambed and attacked with multiple massagers. Beyond that, I don't like to announce videos until they're all the way through postproduction and ready to go, and recent activities have kept us too busy to edit lately. I'll let you know more of what's coming once it's ready.

@Viredae: They look like they're just gettign started. I'll check them out.

@TrueS: Sadly, at least one of the girls had no pubic hair, so I couldn't use "pubic hair as last item." The players were Alice and Leda.

@poorer yet wiser: Actually, making sure that people are happy with their purchases is a very high priority of mine. I didn't think the handful of glitches in 294 were all that bad, but if they really ruined the video for you and you don't think you got fair value, please send me an email (red@lostbets) and we'll talk about making it better.

realnot said...

Have you been able to film any orgasm denial/teasing games yet?

Anonymous said...

@295 I have been hoping for that forfeit for a long time.

Also any forfeit where the loser is vibrated and has to ask permission to come would be great as realnot suggests.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Red,

That's frequently a problem with setting up the pubic hair as last item of clothing idea! It might not, however, be viewed as a problem in general!

Hopefully, the idea can be reserved for Julie risking sex with a guy against a girl who is equally not a professional performer! Seeing as you are making a habit of coming through and delivering the seemingly impossible, I'm hoping that idea is not too much of an ask!


Anonymous said...

Red: i was kinda hoping the glitches could be fixed and is why i mentioned them here, but i guess not.

as for 'fair value'?: cant speak for "poorer but wiser", but i did not pay a bargain price for this clip.

now... you've always had quality here, and it is why i only shop with you (i own 50 LB clips and counting...)at C4S because everything else i've bought there, with the exception of your stuff, sucked or didnt deliver to it's hype.

FTR: i really enjoyed the content of this one, if not the download/product that delivered it.

be more careful next time. maybe, download one for yerself to make sure it's glitch free or something?

be warned: others will feel screwed, especially if this the the first clip they purchase.
(such is not the case with a customer with my record. i'm just hoping that this one doesnt signal a trend.)

but, to be fair:
too many glitchy vids, and i will assume that things here have changed... and purchase accordingly.

if you wanna make it up to me, get Fern naked more often... and maybe raise her level a bit. she's HOT!

CA Fan

RS said...

It occurred to me (watching a video elsewhere) that the investment of a small, low-cost trampoline could lead to some fun outdoor forfeits.

Red said...

@CA Fan: Fern will appear in episode 296, to be published next week. Does she manage to hold onto any of her clothes? I don't want to answer directly, to avoid spoilers, but if you want to know, visit http://goo.gl/ZtB6I.

@RS: Trampoline. Excellent. Will get one.