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Friday, July 6, 2012

Unfinished business

Today is the first weekend of July Jubilee, with four weeks of double updates. This weekend, I'll be taking the opportunity to close out a couple of sets, both of which feature couples, that were started quite awhile ago but never finished.

First, Episode 286 finishes off the series with Alexis and Tony vs. Whitney and AJ. Actually, it's just the ladies playing today, with the guys in the enviable position of spectators. A slow-paced but interesting card game ends with one girl rubbing her pussy in the other girl's face.

Tomorrow, Episode 287 brings back Catherine, Camille, Ziggy, and Michael. It's boys against girls in a game of Team Noname, with each gender hoping to get some laughs out of embarrassing the other. The winners get to put the losers through a revealing calisthenics routine, and boys and girls alike were gleefully anticipating what they'd make the others do.


Oh, I almost forgot: I promised to reveal the identity of another guest at my 6/17 party. I've already told you the six people who attended who were also in 278, 279, and 285:

Cherry (now known as Willow)

The other guest who'd been on LostBets.com before was Mika. Making her first appearance all the way back in Episode 174, Mika's back, and she's cuter, more adventurous, and has finally turned 21. It was great seeing her again and having her at the party.

That's it for the returnees. Next week I'll start telling you about the newbies.


Anonymous said...

Okay, all of those girls are hot, but Mika is awesome. Nice to know she's getting even spunkier.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

realnot said...

That's great news! I always liked Mika, and wanted to see more of her.

RS said...

Have you ever thought about collaborating with a computer programmer to create an interactive stripping game? You could do solo video clips of some of your most popular players removing articles of clothing, performing dares, and ultimately masturbating on camera. The videos would be filmed with individual performers solo so that the players can be mixed and matched together. If you wanted to have some dares require someone else (like getting spanked or foot worship), you could have emcees (male and female) that administer the punishments in those film segments. The game could be something like strip poker, hearts, etc. (you could even have different games built in). The player would choose which opponents to play against (maybe up to three?), with some sort of animation to represent the player. Player tries to get the opponents naked and doing dares until one final loser has to masturbate -- but if the player loses too much, the game is over. Wish I was a computer programmer. It would be fun to help work on something like that.

Anonymous said...

The next time you do a couples game why not have the men play the game and then the loser of each round has to remove an item of clothing from his girlfriend. Then the losing man has to reluctantly administer an unpleasant forfeit on his own gf. I think this would work best on cutsie loveie dovie couples.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious if Mika went hardcore.

Red said...

To everyone who gave an enthusiastic cheer for Mika's return, I'll make sure she sees those comments, I'm sure they'll make her feel good. Thank Julie for her presence; the girl assembled this crew single-handedly.

Did she do hardcore? Feel free to speculate.

@RS: Making interactive games was actually my initial intention. I believe I've owned just about every strip poker game ever made going back to 8-bit days, and I think I know how to make the best one ever. The reasons I haven't done it yet are mainly stupid. Someday. I do expect to be publishing interactive rock-paper-scissors games by the end of the year, so stay tuned.

@JB: Not bad… got any specifics in mind for the loser to have to administer to his lady?

Ladies' Lover said...

Instead of administrating a forfeit on his own girlfriend, the winning men will perform the forfeit on the loser's girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Paddling or Bound orgasm come first to mind. Anything in which the winner usually takes glee over the loser.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red...how about letting us know if Mika was put into a position where she COULD have done hardcore? Such as, in the games I saw from the group before, Julie didn't put herself in the running for the one that ended in the threeway...although I guess she could have ended up doing more than usual in the birthday party episode, which I'd consider hardcore.

Red said...

See, I like the idea of the winning guy doing something to the loser's girl. I've done that sort of thing before and will do it again. But I think the idea of the losing guy being forced to punish or humiliate his own girl has its appeal too. The problem with paddling is that the losing guy can go easy on his girl, and probably will, if he knows what's good for him. Can anyone think of a good forfeit that's doesn't have this problem? Forced O's might work, but even then, I don't know how well it would play with an unwilling guy holding the vibe. I think it'd encourage faking.

Hmmm. Maybe the losing girl has to blow the winning guy, while the losing guy has to masturbate and the losing girl takes a facial from both of them. The winning girl can hold a camera. Let's see about making that happen...

@Anon 11:49 (please sign your posts): No, I think I'll sit on that information for at least a little while longer. Settle in; it'll be some time before these episodes are ready to publish.

Anonymous said...

The idea of paddling lightly had occurred to me too. Maybe if the winners got to say how red they wanted her ass to be. I've always been fond of public walks. The losing guy could hold the leash. Of course I too want to hear others' suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Also I want to add that I am a fan of ENF forfeits over hardcore forfeits. I know the hardcore stuff sold here is way more popular, but if you take my suggestion into production, I hope you keep it tame. I think what I'm really after is the girl getting furious at her man for losing :). Again a naked (or near naked) perp walk could keep her angry for a while. ANother idea I had for this or perhaps another scenario. A naked streak down the hall (or around the house if done in the house) where two losers are handcuffed together. This will keep them from running very fast and keep them from covering everything at once.



Anonymous said...

Maybe the loser's guy has to tickle the loser until the winner is satisfied. Tie the loser up with that over the door restraint thingy. A guy with a mischievous streak in him might really get into performing the forfeit. Imagine, for example, Franco tickling a naked Zayda like that! By the way, is Zayda still working for you - I think you posted a while back that she was going to do some recruiting.


Anonymous said...

In regard to 'hurting the one you love' with a paddle (great idea), you could make sure the loser does not go easy by allowing the winners to declare that he 'redo' any strike that they don't think is hard enough, but put a cap on it to stop overkill, i.e a max of 5/10 redo's for every strike. Unless the winner is a sadist, they should see what hurts and not need to call for another strike, and if the loser is going too lightly, the repetitions should be enough to still cause hurt over time, menaing that it would be in his partner's best interests to spank properly.

Another alternative (I don't know how feasable this is, just thinking), is to use some sound equipment to measure the decibel levels of the strike, and state that every strike has to be in a certain range. Imperfect if the spankee has a high pain threshold, but doable?

Would love to see more hard and prolonged spanking, and strapon usage as well. Loving the updates generally.

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...

Hi red.
Great clips, is it possible for another wam clip?
Also like the spanking idea


Red said...

@JB: It's true that the hardcore stuff is more popular than the ENF stuff, at least as measured by how quickly they're likely to make it to #1 over at C4S, but I'm a fan of ENF and it'll always have a place here. And I can't promise that when I do games where one member of a couple has to punish the other, the punishment will always be mild, but I'll do mild ones first.

@Gordon: It would take the right kind of couple. With the wrong kind, I can easily see the loser half-heartedly tickling his girlfriend despite the winners' demands to do it better until they just give up out of boredom.

@Rotten Rope: A big part of the problem is that it's hard to get people to be really vicious to each other; this is because humans are inherently good. Making somebody hurt a loved one and commanding them to do it harder jut isn't nice, and most of my players aren't professional enough to put that aside. It's really easy for the winners to take pity on the losers and let them off the hook. I've thought about putting out ads seeking to recruit players that genuinely detested each other.

Your idea about using a VU meter to gauge an acceptable spank is pretty funny, and reminds me of a game idea I had awhile back which would involve one player trying to arouse a girl while she tried to resist, success being measure by probes detecting moisture, electrical conductivity, and/or pH. I think your idea is a lot more practical.

@Jg: Not only possible, but likely. Stay tuned.