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Friday, December 7, 2012

Return of the gunk

Hey dudes. I'm (once again) way behind in blog comment replies. I see I've got 31 comments in the last thread to reply to.  I will. I've been out of town. Still am, actually, but sneaking a few moments to update the blog. Back home on Tuesday. But the Kodak situation has been mooted: she sent me a message saying she's no longer interested. It's a pity but at least it resolves the dilemma.

So I can't fulfill the requests I've gotten for more Kodak, but that's not the only request I've gotten. I've also gotten quite a few requests for more wet and messy forfeits, and it has been awhile since the last one. So Episode 312 will rectify that, with one of Anastasia, Erica, or Fern getting a whole lot of messy, sticky, disgusting stuff dumped all over her, including in her hair. Messy fans, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Did you really intend for the preview on this clip to start right at the beginning, or was that a mistake?

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Anonymous said...

I'd absolutely love to see a public foot worship forfeit in the skimpy lostbets floss. and the loser(s) get drawn on before they have to go in public and worship the winner(s) feet.Please.
- N

Anonymous said...

here's a new forfeit idea:

similar to the doorjam cuffs, but the loser is left bound in the center of the room, available from all sides... preferable with a blindfold.

her arms and ankles could be locked into spreader bars, with a rope pulled over a hook in the ceiling, or the rafters of your garage...
then vibed, paddled, tickled, drawn on... whatever.

whatta ya think?

would also like to see the twister game brought back into usage.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

More Erica! Have any more of her in the pipeline?

And since I haven't asked about her in a while, any luck getting Sarah back?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Anastasia and Jelly together with Fern.

Though perhaps those two might be encouraged along more being with two other experienced players. But if they are going to continue to have tight limits they would be a great cute combo.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about some real Businessgirls in Businessoutfits as players? If it´s not possible to play with real Businnesswoman than "normal" girls in the right outfits.

Greets Kai

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

When can we expect to see the Fern v. Salem match with the Sybian forfeit? I'm dying to see it ;)

Also, maybe you could incorporate the Sybian into an earth-and-fire style game, where the loser of a quick game endures a certain amount of time riding it. The loser is the first to cum.


Anonymous said...


what about the assholetickling forfeit or the cum on her face roulette suggested a time ago?

What about the strip contest suggested or about the publication of nude photos of a losing girl in the internet.

pubic hair as last item of cloth would also be great.

Pussy waxing also

Please fulfil one of my suggestions. Thank you.



RS said...

Hey Red, I wanted to revisit the idea of creating interactive computer games. You had mentioned before that it was these sorts of games that drew you into filming this sort of thing. I bet it wouldn't be hard to partner with a programmer that would develop the game engine around your content. You could take a handful of your players, male and female, and film solos of them slowly undressing (and putting clothes back on, if you want that to be a component of some games) and doing individual solo dares (perhaps with an emcee facilitating dares like being paddled, tickled, etc.). Then when people play the games, they can choose which players to include in their game, and pay for extra players down the road. With all that content, you could create a wide variety of interactive games -- strip poker, strip blackjack, trivia games, etc. And then when you find new players, you could have them shoot solos as booster packs for your video games in addition to filming scenes for Clips4Sale. Any thoughts about pursuing that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with shredder. its one person with a fetish spamming it over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Red, I'd like to see your thoughts on the "No Loser" game idea posted in a comment to the "Tori, Tori, Tori" post a couple of weeks back.

If you missed it, the idea is for the lose of one game to serve as the "prize" in the next. Each contestant is guaranteed to get some playtime with her (thus, "no losers"), but the game determines how much each will get.

Tienteaser said...

Another Sybian forfeit would be good. I'm surprised we haven't seen that in a while. The key though is having the loser unable to control the Sybian. Your hogtie cuffs might work for that - just fasten her wrists to her ankles kneeling on the Sybian.

Here's a thought: make it a two-part game. The first can just be chance: maybe high card or Estonian Roulette. Loser mounts the Sybian. Then while she's on it try a skill game (say, Memory or Trivia). Every wrong answer causes the Sybian to go up a notch. If she has an orgasm then she's tickled on the Sybian for the rest of the clip.

Might be a little complicated, but could be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Red

Are news about Sassy?


Anonymous said...


any plans to treat us extra again during the holidays like you did last year?


Anonymous said...

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