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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Which hunt?

Sorry for the lateness of this blog posts, folks. Episode 310, Witch Hunt, has been published for awhile. Thanks again to Dex and Carm22 for the game idea. On the whole, I think the game worked well, but could definitely be improved. For one thing, the players should all stomp their feet at night so the witches don't give themselves away by their motion. On that subject, the witches could stand some tips on staying covert, such as believably accusing a townsperson of witchcraft, rather than sitting quietly while the townsfolk debate. Also, usually I like to have more girls than guys, to increase the likelihood of naked girls. But in a game where the players decide democratically who gets stripped, maybe having girls outnumber guys is not a great idea.

If I really wanted to nitpick, I'd say the forfeit could have used a bit more structure, but what the hell. I liked leaving these fifteen to their own devices.

Faults or no faults, it's still yet another epic game from the Circus Folk. See them next in Episode 314, when they all play a mammoth game of Musical Chairs. Seven losers masturbate.

Update: Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks.

I've already mentioned that Episode 311 marks the long-awaited return of a girl we haven't seen in years, Cyndi. She's matched against two extremely cute newbies, Eve and Grace. Losers have to do themselves with glass dildos.

Episode 312 features slender Latina Fern, voluptuous Latina Erica, and shy Anastasia playing a game we have not used in quite awhile: Starving Hippos. The loser finds herself drenched in all sorts of nasty, goopy stuff. Been awhile since the last Wet & Messy forfeit, and it's high time we did it again.

Episode 313 brings back Whitney and Ashley playing Noname. The loser of this one is in for some face-sitting.

And Episode 314 brings us full circle to the mammoth crew from this week's episode 310. They play Musical Chairs, and a crowded field of seven losers have to circle up and masturbate, with toys (where applicable).


Anonymous said...


Your Witch Hunt game gave me an idea for another large group party game I'd love to see: Wink Murder. I don't think you've done this one yet? I think this would be a great game for different forfeit ideas, as it allows several girls to be doing something at the same time...

I don't know your email, but I'd be happy to write more about the rules etc...


RS said...

I really liked this one, and I hope you try it again. I am looking forward to the musical chairs. Any sense of when that will be published?

Anonymous said...

Hi red, what is coming out over the next few weeks? and will we ever get to see the game you teased a long time ago with Stella, Betty and Veronica?

Red said...

@Citrus: I've thought about doing Wink Murder before. I'm concerned that the game might not film very well. An eyeblink is very quick and the camera may not catch it. But I'd definitely like to hear your ideas. My email address is red@lostbets.com.

@RV: Very glad you liked this one! It was a fun game and I'll definitely use it again. (Sadly, the curse "walk over to the camera and let the LostBets.com crew grope you" didn't end up getting used. Next time.) Musical Chairs will be published in four weeks as Episode 314, on December 21.

@Anon 12:17 (please sign your posts): I've updated this post with the upcoming episodes for the next few weeks. Thanks for pointing out that I needed to update the previews. As for the game with Stella and Veronica (Betty didn't play): regrettably, no, don't expect to see that one, sorry. Here's the situation. Both of these girls are complete amateurs, just regular girls who'd never done anything like this before. Well, afterr the first game with Betty and Veronica was published, Stella got a call from a (male) friend, apparently a fan, asking, "Hey, did you know that Veronica has done porn??" Stella panicked, realizing that if her video appeared then soon all her friends would know about it and would see her embarrassingly naked and doing an extremely graphic forfeit. She begged me not to publish the game, and after much thought and soul-searching, I decided to honor her request, even though it would be a lot of fun to humiliate her. She's a friend. Sorry, but this one is likely to remain in my private collection for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Thats a shame, but i would say you did the right thing red.

Ethan said...

I have to agree with wink murder. I think this would be fantastic and could even lead to some fun. the tell doesn't even necessarily have to be a wink. it could be a nod.

Anonymous said...

Hey red wondering how Casper's work is comin along and if we can expect any POV vids/ games comin out in the near future. Miss seeing those gems :)


Red said...

@Anon 4:04 (please sign your posts!): Yeah, I think I did. It wasn't an easy decision.

@Ethan: I'll definitely keep it in mind for the next time I throw a big party.

@DAM: Regrettable, Casper is no longer with us, which is why there have been no new B-Sides for awhile. I need a new intern.

Anonymous said...

May I ask what the forfeit we won't be seeing Stella in anytime soon?


Red said...

@ET: Sure, if you want. But first, I reviewed the footage and I was wrong: Betty did play in that game along with Stella and Veronica. I'm not sure why I thought she didn't. But Stella was the loser, and she ended up locked in the stockade taking a strap-on from one of her best friends, something she'd never done before, on-camera or off.

Sorry I don't get to share it with you. If it makes you feel any better, the footage does not show Stella at her best at all. She's a good-looking woman, but she does have some meat on her bones, and bending over in the stockade was not a flattering pose for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi red, in several episodes the game ws not set up to be much exciting because some "gameplay glitches" (e.g. Episode 304) the bottle was not spinning at all:( there was not many thrilling situation (when waiting when it will finish), just raw of stripping.

The strip spinner was much better (the game played, i like the players of 304 more), but the players were waiting for results like sheeps, no interaction with game, just stripping. And the spinning wheel was not visible.

I'd like to see some atmosphere of "italian strip tv shows" from 80'

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I know its been awhile since Julie left, but I just thought of this. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd be happy to pay for another "remote session" in which she sends an embarrassing video to you for publication. Maybe even host her own little game with her circus friends? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

How about a coed game of strip poker, with a twist. Everyone playing is risking there ass. Lose the game & take in in ass from everyone playing.
Game has guy's risking a bi forfit. What's everyone think?

steve said...

does mika do anything other than this site? I think she is gorgeous. bought the video just because of her.

Anonymous said...

I would buy this but I think red might have a hard time finding players will to risk anal and gay male sex. Might be a little easier if the forfeit is oral sex but I bet it will still be though.


RS said...

@Anonymous and @Openminded - I would buy it. I love the idea of sexual forfeits where it's a real punishment and the losers are not sexually attracted to whomever they're paired with. I love the idea of a straight man and lesbian woman having to suck a dick while making a gay man and straight woman perform oral sex on a girl. But I totally understand how difficult it would be to cast such a film, and a lot of people here wouldn't buy it. But I would. I love it when people risk doing something they really, really, really don't want to do. And there's a twisted CFNM side of me that loves it when guys are humiliated in front of girls. But I recognize that I'm probably atypical of Red's fans.

Anonymous said...

RS I am in agreement with you. I would love to see this too but I know it would be hard to find people who are willing to risk that and not sure how many fans on here would buy it :-/

Anonymous said...

I thought this was sort of okay, not great though. The game was good, but it did need to have a more structured ending. Mostly you end up with so-so POV shots, and then the backs of a lot of heads. Cool to see Mika doing hardcore, but it was all far shots and droopy weenies. Oh well!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Carm22 said...

Hey Red,

glad the game turned out good. I sent you my email address a while back when you requested it, but never got a response. Did you get it?