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Friday, December 14, 2012

Detroit Rock City

As I said last week, I was out of town and wasn't able to respond to blog comments. I also said I'd be back on Tuesday, which I was. What I didn't count on is that I'd come back sick as a dog. I've spent most of the last few days in bed (and most of that, alone). Sorry for the continued inattentiveness. I'll make it up to you.

Today's update is Episode 313, which is coincidentally also the area code where I grew up. To everyone who still lives in 313, you have my sympathy and I hope you manage to make it out soon. Enjoy the return of Ashley and Whitney, with one of them getting to eat some yummy pussy whether she wants to or not.

On the horizon:

I've already mentioned that Episode 314 features our largest yet game of Musical Chairs, with the losers having to put on a masturbation show for us. It's a good one.

Episodes 315 and 316 both feature Fern and Salem and will be published as part of a double-update weekend.  The first game is a new one I'm calling "Aros", while the second is a new twist on Strip Basketball. I got one of those arcade basketball games with the cage and the canvas ramp, and yhis is the first time I used it. The two girls continue to stretch their limits, with the loser of the first game forced to go down on the winner, while the loser of the second game is cuffed in a doorjamb and vibrated to uncontrollable ecstasy.

And if that wasn't enough hot sexy action for you, episode 317 involves a game we haven't seen in awhile: Earth and Fire, with two girls desperately trying to force a third to have an orgasm while she struggles just as desperately to avoid it. Cyndi, Eve, and Grace give it a try, with the loser having to satisfy both of the winners with her mouth. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Fern and Salem... oh wow, i can NOT wait...
love those gals.

bring it!!!!

CA Fan

dave35 said...


Any more POV on the way at all and what ever happened to the interactive games did it die ?

RRFrope@hotmail.com said...

Fern and Salem...good news!!!

Anonymous said...

More Clothes must come off i think every game the episodes are shorter

Red said...

@CA Fan and @RRFrope: Yes, Fern and Salem. And these are just games 2 and 3 of a 6-game day, my last shoot of 2012. There's better still to come.

@dave35: Yes, there are a lot of POVs to come. And the interactives are far from dead. They're just kind of back-burnered. Something to look forward to in 2013.

@Anon 12:38 (please sign your posts): Well, I agree that it's good when more clothes come off. But since the games aren't rigged, I'm limited in what I can do about it. Sometimes games turn out shorter than I'd hoped.

Anonymous said...

A few questiones. Kandie where is she?

I love to see a game with girls is good on trash talk meet up. Maybe 4 of them and the big loser eat cunt on winners. I think Belle, Ember, Ashley and Kandie gonna be a big winning contest. Damn hot.


Red said...

@swedishguy: I haven't talked to Kandie in awhile. I think she didn't answer my last few texts. I will try to re-establish contact with her when I start shooting again. I agree that she'd be great with the other three you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Kandie and Mika go head to head.


Anonymous said...


ok I'm getting over the assholetickling forfeit suggested. But what about the other great suggestions posted by many people:

What about the strip contest suggested or about the publication of nude photos of a losing girl in the internet.

Nude cleaning the house.

pubic hair as last item of cloth would also be great.

Pussy waxing also

Please fulfil one of my suggestions. Thank you.



Margrune said...

I hope that we can maybe work together i have the ideas you the models.

Anonymous said...

If he uses your idea you get the video for free. It seems fair to me, Ideas are cheap. -Sisphus

Margrune said...

Sorry I wanted to say, of course, the money does not matter.

Red said...

@J: I'll see if I can arrange it. It will be tricky since Mika's in Portland, but maybe it can be done. I definitely want to get Mika back up here along with the circus folk and/or a few new faces for some more mammoth group games, and there may be time for some one-on-one as well. We'll see.

@Ravenfan: You've made a number of suggestions over the years that I've thought were fantastic. I'm sorry I haven't used more of them. The next shoot I do, I will use at least one of the things on your list, and that's a promise.

@Margune: Sure! Either post them right here or email them to red@lostbets and I'll take a look. I'm always looking for new ideas.

Margrune said...

I have send you a mail i hope the ending from your email is .com

realnot said...

I agree about Mika! I'd love to see more of her. In fact, while I have enjoyed the 10+ person games, I'd very much like to see some of the contestants in smaller two or three person games. Especially Starli.

Anonymous said...

hey Red,
any chance of using the twister/bender game again?
i love that one.

also, i liked the forfeit where Kat was bound to that X thing after Johnny lost a dart game.
would like to see that X thing again. its better than the door jam cuffs, imo.

and that classic forfeit where Holly was abused by all three 'winners' is another all time fav of mine. maybe, you could do a forfeit like that again?

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above guys, get Mika into some smaller scale games. I like when the stakes are higher because you only have, say, a 3 in one chance other than a 10 in one.

I think the hottest game you did was the Strip Bender or the card game that ended with Kandie getting two guys at once. I'd personally like to see games like that, and it seems like Mika would be up for it now.

I like the "regular" cast members showing up and having stuff to do. It sort of makes it more like a porny sitcom.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@realnot: I've heard the Mika fans loud and clear. When I start shooting again, I'll reach out to her.

@CA Fan: Yeah, it's about time for another one of those, isn't it? Again: when I start shooting again

@GWKS: What specifically was it you liked about episodes 164 and 169 that you want to see more of? I have a few ideas but never hurts to get confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I liked 164 and 169, I guess because they were fairly simple games but allowed for a lot of banter. Which led to a hardcore forfeit. I like how even during the sex there was a lot of joking around too...obviously you can't control that part, but it's fun to see sex that's actually kind of fun, where normally it's gonzo/fetishy/ultra serious with overacting. Just the whole vibe was good, the staging was good, etc. I did like in Bender how there was only one winner.

Might be interesting, if you had a single loser, to do something like they then have to roll a dice and see how many guys they have to screw. But then you'd have to get a bunch of guys so that's probably be a pain.

Guy Who Knows Stuff