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Friday, December 21, 2012


I showed Episode 314 to three different people on three different occasions before publishing it, and every one of them used that word to describe it. Epic. Is there any better word to describe a ring of fifteen wild and crazy circus folk and friends dancing around a circle of chairs? Enjoy!

Two updates next weekend, with a double dose of amateurs Fern and Salem. But before that happens, there just might be a surprise from Santa on December 25. Or might not be. But might. Who knows?Only one way to find out for sure.


Riggins said...

Very nice update-- epic is a good word for it. I've enjoyed every episode with this group.

Question: Is this series of games being released in the same order they were filmed? Or for instance was this filmed before the gangbang episode, making the losers here warmed up for the possibility of losing that game.

Red said...

@Riggins: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

This series of episodes (and the previous megaseries) is being published in the order it took place. Nearly always, I publish episodes in order. This way, if a player happens to refer to an earlier game, or has marker drawn all over her body, or has a red ass or whatever, nobody is confused.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Erica's last name or what other names she goes by? That is one hot woman!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's Jasmine Mendez.

Jeremy said...

This isn't directly related to this particular video, but I wasn't sure where best to post it. I've thought for awhile that Strip Stella Ella Ola would be a good game, since Stella Ella Ola is a typical camp game in which players embarrass each other for fun and adding a stripping element seems like a logical way of taking this up a notch. For some reason, though, I have only been able to find two references to Strip Stella Ella Ola on the entire internet, and I thought it unfortunate that this idea has not been explored further. Would you consider making a video of a Strip Stella Ella Ola game?

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm mistaken, the loser list is incorrect on the clipsale site, you state Scarlet loses when it is Willow. It's a fair exchange so I'm not complaining but I do want to see more of Scarlet.