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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho, ho, and ho

UPDATE: Fuck. As was helpfully pointed out in the comments, the clip mentioned below is already  published as a B-Side as B045. Goddamn it, I don't know how I missed that. Sorry to get people's hopes up.

On Thursday, I was digging through dusty folders on my hard drive when I stumbled upon something. I think it was left by Santa, for me to bring to the world on Christmas.

It's a long-lost episode featuring none other than Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole. It was already edited and just needed titles. When it was first edited, I was a little disappointed in it. The game is DaCunt, which just isn't very visually appealing. (The forfeit was glass dildos.) I set it aside, intending to publish it in the future, and promptly forgot all about it, little knowing that I'd never see these three again.

A lot of people have been pleading for the return of these three. I haven't been able to get them back. But I can give you a little more of them. Coming at midnight (EST) on December 25 at a the lowest price Clips4Sale will allow. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Isnt that clip on b-sides already

damndable said...

y'know... no-one would complain if you let the first of this weekends updates out a few days early instead, seeing as we're getting two this week anyway. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I thought you said a little while ago that Camilla was coming back?


Tom said...

No video christmas present for us?

Red said...

@damndable, that's a great idea. Done.