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Friday, February 1, 2013

321 Contact

Episode 321 publishes today. Not to take anything away from Tori, who's an awesome girl, but Candle is one of my favorite players and has been ever since I met here nearly four years ago. I always love it when she comes back. Blackjack is the game, glass dildo fucking is the other game. Enjoy.

On the horizon:

I already described Episodes 322 and 323 below.

Episode 324 is the grand finale of the massive party I threw last year with 15 players. It's another game of Team Champion, as the players split into two teams of 7 (with Skittles as MC) and compete in a series of physical challenges. The losers strip, and the winners get to have their way with the losers and a wide assortment of toys and restraints. A massive video that runs to over an hour long, this one is going to have to be split into two parts for publication. A worthy conclusion, I think.

Episode 325 is the first video taking into account the input I got last week when I asked who people would like to see back. It's Cory versus Lakota versus Tiana (who is now going by Tierra) in a game of Pod Stomp until two girls are naked and defeated. The losers have to 69 each other, trying to drive each other to orgasm. The first one to give in and succumb to climax suffers a paddling.

Episode 326 brings back Fern and Salem for their last game, but I'm not going to give away any details just yet. It's a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I should write you an email. And I've written it.
Which one of my suggestions are you interessted in?


Anonymous said...

What about games with orgasm denial forfeits in future?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red

Love the site. Was looking back through the older epsiodes and was wondering if there's any chance of a return for Sassy?


Anonymous said...


So I bought my first few clips from your site recently and they were great! I have got a suggestion though...

I'm into the whole messy thing so I was looking forward to 312 (Erica/Fern/Anastasia) - it was good, but the winners practically had to stand on tiptoe to reach Erica's head! Just thought it might have been better to have her sit in a paddling pool or something, put everything into a bucket and then have the winners pour it from there. That's the standard way in the WAM world.

But anyway, keep up the good work and I'll be buying more clips soon.


Anonymous said...


When Darering stopped posting new material, I thought that was it for this type of material. Too much of a niche for someone to bother spending money to market material to it.

I was mistaken and I am glad. I have not purchased anything from you yet, but it's on my list. What I have seen captures the essential quality of good strip games - amateur spontaneity (at the very least, it looks like all money did was get them in the room and loosen them up).

As a non-paying customer you've no reason to especially listen to, but on the off chance you're taking peanut gallery suggestions - I would LOVE it if the site could throw together a Dare Ring style game (pretty sure I'm not the only one).

So, Red - you? You're awesome. You made a Thing and Anonymous Internet Person thinks it's good.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be "that guy," but I noticed that January has come and gone and episode 273 still hasn't been reposted. Is there a new timeframe for this?


Red said...

@kinkfan: Since you were the first to suggest the forfeit, you get a free copy of Episode 323. Send me an email and I'll tell you how to collect it. And thanks for the idea!

@Ravenfan: If I were to do an orgasm denial forfeit, what's the scenario you'd most like to see?

@WAFan: Actually, there's a decent chance of getting Sassy back. I was finally able to get in touch with her last year when I was planning the shoot that eventually included just Fern and Salem, but she couldn't make it. That was my last shoot for the year. Now that it's 2013, I need to re-establish contact and plan a shoot for her. I know quite a few people want to see more of her.

@Matt: Thanks for being a customer! I'm glad you like the clips you've bought and hope you like the ones you buy in the future.

Thanks for the feedback re. 312. I have to admit that when I was planning, it never occurred to me that height would be a problem if Erica won. Give Fern and Erica credit, though. They did their best. they could. I should have given them stools. Do you really think it would be better if all the stuff was put into a bucket and dumped all at once? I would think that'd make it be over too quickly, while doing it one at a time draws it out.

@Anon 2:14: Well, when I started LostBets.com, I wasn't thinking at all about the potential market. I just got tired of waiting for somebody else to make the sort of videos I wanted to see and decided to make them myself. I thought of it as more of a hobby than a business, and I never would have dreamed I'd still be doing it in 2013. It still feels amazing, and I still love getting kudos from Anonymous Internet Persons. Thanks.

Speaking of anonymity, if you're going to post anonymously please pick a name and sign your posts with it. You don't need to sign into Blogger, but I'd like to have something to call you other than "Anon".

While of course I really appreciate it when people buy my clips, I'm always looking for good ideas and I'm happy to accept them from anybody, whether or not a paying customer. You're definitely not the first to ask for DareRing-style games. I wouldn't want to ape their style exactly, since I think people should add their own creative spark when they use other people's ideas, but I thought about them when I was doing my own party games. I think Episode 310, Witch Hunt, might have come closest to DareRing's feel.

Red said...

@Albert: Damn it! I just reminded myself on the 25th that the deadline was near and then plumb forgot about it. No need to apologize for being "that guy", I appreciate the reminder. The new timeframe: next week.

Anonymous said...

Red I would like for you to try and tell how how far the girls are willing to go any thanks for forwarding my email to Julie blottyguy@Yahoo.com

RS said...

I agree that Witch Hunt came closest to the DareRing vibe. One of the things I really loved about them is the randomness of everything. You never knew if the card drawn would be a punishment or a reward. If you were paired up with someone, you never knew who it would be or what you'd have to do with them.

Red said...

@blottyguy: I'm not sure what you mean. Different girls have different limits. I did pass your email on to Julie but it's up to her whether she answers.

@RS: Thanks for the insight. I haven't done nearly enough games which have forced random partners to interact. I need more of that.

realnot said...

I've been hoping you'd do an orgasm denial game for a long time, but I kind of gave up on the idea because it didn't seem like it would happen. Hopefully with more support we can see it become a reality.

Here's one idea. Let's say you have two (or more) contestants who are competing while being stimulated by vibrators. Preferably something that requires concentration, like the word-spelling game or something. The person controlling the vibrator is given instructions to arouse the contestant, but not allow her an orgasm. Hopefully the game takes a long while, allowing the contestant to get well and truly horny and distracted.

The twist is that whoever wins the competition is allowed an orgasm, perhaps with the loser eating her pussy. The loser is locked in a chastity belt and sent home horny. She'll have to be locked in until you mail the keys to her later.

Or maybe there's two losers, and they both get locked up until they return two or three days later for the right to remove their belt.

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Thanks for replying. You're right - speed is a problem if you use a bucket for WAMming, but I think the resulting coverage is better. Just my personal preference though.


Anonymous said...

as orgasm denial forfeit I would like to see the most two girls being tied up and having some vibrator put on their clits. Now you ask them trivia questions for each wrong answer the vibrator is put one step higher. When one girl has reached the maximum speed and answers again you put some clamps on her nipples, or do some suctioning on her breasts, etc. Once a girl can't resist the orgasm she loses and has to do another forfeit like spreading her now swollen pussy lips in front of the camera.


Anonymous said...

what is WAMming?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I wrote you an email on February 6 and on January 21.
Did you get it?
Thank you you made my suggestion true. Please send me a copy of the video Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I have an idea for a game called "strip search".
You have 3 girls and determine one ultimate loser. Now this girl has to hide a small bullet. Then the two girls try to find the bullet as fast as they can. You take the time they need to find it.
If the strip searched girl was able to hide the bullet for longer than let's say 3 minutes the strip searchers lose and she can do whatever she wants to them. If she fails to hide the bullet long enough the strip searchers can do whatever they want to her.
Perhaps you should tie up the strip searched girl to prevent struggling and injury as result of the fight between the girls. If you tie her up you should lower the time limit for her.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

please can you tell us the teams


Julie Lomar said...

meow meow, Hi Fans!!! Hey Mr. Blottyguy. What's your question?