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Friday, February 22, 2013

Grand finale

Today marks the end of an era: Episode 324, the last game from the 15-player party. Like the earlier 9-player party, the game is Team Champion (or Team Challenge, I kinda use the names interchangeably) and the forfeit involves a whole lot of naked people doing a whole lot of things to each other. It's a good one. Now to start planning the next party...

Here's a glimpse into the future:

I already described episodes 325 and 326 in an earlier blog post. Well, actually, I didn't have too much to say about 326 at the time, but I still don't. Stay tuned on that one.

A little while ago, I presented a list of players and asked who you'd most like to see back. I first started to make use of this feedback in Episode 325, with Cory, Lakota, and Tiana. Another popular veteran returns in Episode 327, which matches Dre against newbie Cheyenne. They play a new game, Dueling Balls, where the players wear Velcro vests and try to hit each other with balls. The loser has to put on a masturbation show for us, and the winner does a great job of goading the loser on.

Still more veterans return to break in a newb in Episode 328, with Catherine making her first appearance since Episode 287, and Kimberly, whom we haven't seen since all the way back in Episode 122, over three years ago. I've had a lot of requests to see more of Kimberly, so I hope her fans like it. They're joined by new player Caroline. The game is Pod Stomp, which involves a lot of jiggling when the players are well-endowed. The loser is secured to a chair with plastic wrap, and then mercilessly tickled. She's very ticklish. The outcome was hilarious.

Cory, Lakota, and Tiana (now calling herself Tierra) play in Episode 329. The game is Earth and Fire, a real favorite. I love telling girls how to play the game, and hearing them express extreme skepticism that they can be forced to cum with such a short period of stimulation, and then watching them play. They always underestimate the effect of having two determined girls working over their pussy, and they always seem almost astonished at the their body's response. The loser of this one will find herself exposed, very exposed, in a way we've never seen before on LostBets.com.

And Episode 330 is the first one from the shoot I just completed, with Belle pairing up with newbie Alexander against Amber and newbie Zoë. It's team Air Hockey, it's really competitive, and the losers were written and drawn on, posed, and photographs. I'm going to make the photos available to the public for free when this one is published.

That gets us into April. Will have more to say about future episodes as they draw nearer.


RS said...

324a looks interesting. In the description, you say who the team captains are, and behind the spoiler blockout you reveal the losing team -- but you don't actually list which players are on which team. Or will that be revealed in Part B?

RS said...

Having now seen the preview for Part B, I'm not sure my previous question is entirely relevant. ;-)

Acewalks said...

Red, are you still concerned about bringing genuine ENF to the table? There's good content, but I find a lot of the players are a little too "willing" now, which in my interpretation has been against the spirit of LostBets.

Anonymous said...

I likes!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Wonderin about the status update of the PoVs games and videos. Keep up the great work :)


Red said...

@RS: Yeah, that's what I thought when I read your first comment. It doesn't matter all that much in the end; things turned into a free-for-all. I could post the team membership, but I don't have the clip with me at the moment and won't until Monday. Anyone who's bought the clip and can look up the team membership wanna post it? If not, I'll do it when I can.

@Acewalks: Absolutely I'm still interested in genuine ENF! In fact, I may have a line on some young amateurs, friends of the Lumen/Fern/Jelly crowd, who have never been naked on camera an probably would be embarrassed to be. But I also like to get a lot of variety in my videos, and the party videos are fun too.

@GWKS: Thanks, glad you like! As for deciding how orgies go, I can't speak for other producers, but in my orgies (episodes 300 and 324), I left it pretty much entirely up to the players. I'm not sure how they made their decisions on who got what. But I gotta say: poor Daria.

Perhaps things could have gone better if I'd given more direction, but I like letting things go as organically as possible, and I'm satisfied with the results.

@DaM: Status on those is that I'm a lazy bastard. Lily has been filming PoVs for me, and at this point I've got an embarrassingly large number of games filmed and waiting to be edited. The good news is that I have a new intern (by the name of Quarry) and I'm going to give him the job of postproducing the PoVs, so maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Hurry them up :) I got money that needs spending on PoVs in specific as well as some of those masterpieces :P also I have my own short clip Ive made that kind of shows how a PoV game ought to run if you would like it (once Ive edited it) if you believe it would be beneficial?

Anonymous said...

If you do manage to get those young amateurs to play some games, any chance of them jumping the queue a bit? I'm sure a lot of your fans would just love to see that.


Misono said...

Just brought it, and it's good, although not quite as I was expecting!

I've brought a few in the past, and I think the ons I've enjoyed previously are where the loser is quite reluctant. 196 is possibly one of my faves ever, mainly due to that.

Any likelyhood of possible future updates where there's to be a forfeit bad enough that nobody would want to do it, therefore bringing out their competitive natures? As another person said, sometimes it seems people are a bit too willing!

RST said...

Red, how about an idea that has a wheel of forfeits, that is either spun at the beginning or the end of the game to determine what the loser must do. The wheel of forfeits can have everything from the 'simple and easy' to the 'extreme and hard'. It will certainly add some spice to the competition (especially if they don't know what the forfeit is until after the game)

Anonymous said...

I too like the idea of randomly selected forfeits. Such was the case as the b sides seriers between courtney and Mallory.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you needed to do anything different, it seemed like everything worked out. I got to see someone get fucked who I wanted to, and that was nice. My only complaint...although what can you do because of the subject...but too many cutaways from what I was digging. But again, what can ya do, it's an orgy.

I don't know why and I don't remember his name, but the big guy seems like the most laid back, hilarious dude.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

when you have a jubilee. For example your 500.st video or a birthday of lostbets.com. I have a suggestion for a forfeit.
A losing girl gets stuffed some burning birthday candles in her pussy or asshole while lying on her back. Now she must sing:"Happy birthday to you,.. Happy birthday dear lostbets.com..." Then the winner blows out the candles.

Perhaps you could take some relightning candles or these one:

If the winner blows powerful I'm sure some wax will drop on the sensitive body spots of the loser.

But you should take not too short candles,cause we don't want injury.

What do you think.


Anonymous said...

somehow... i KNEW that was from Ravenfan before i read that it was from Ravenfan....


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like the wheel of forfeits plan as much as the upping the ante plan. You might actually play some kind of game where dare might add up. So after the first girls loses, you keep playing until a second (or third) naked girl loses. Each time the first girl loses again she has to do an additional dare.


RS said...

Love the idea for Episode 330 that the photos will be distributed for free on the Internet once the game is published. It's one thing to know you're risking being embarrassed on a video that people will have to pay to see. It's another thing to know that photos will be floating out there free for everyone to share. Scary!

Red said...

@Anon 4:33 (I assume you're DaM): Of course, please send me your PoV clip. As Lily's been shooting these, one of the things we've found challenging is coming up with new and varied ways they can be run, and I'd love to see your ideas.

(P.S. "Masterpieces?" You flatter me.)

@N: I've queue-jumped before, and will do it again if I shoot something so awesome I have to share it right away.

@Misono: Ah yes, 196. I love the unexpected way that one ended. While it's true the circus folk are willing (eager, in fact) to do just about anything, that's definitely not true of everybody, and there are some coming up that the players tried desperately to win to avoid being stripped and subject to the penalty. Some, in fact, featuring one of the players from 196…

@RST: I know that random forfeits would add a lot. I should do them more often, Next shoot, maybe.

@GWKS: Yeah, that was one of my concerns with the editing in this episode. So much was happening all at the same time. I'd be watching something hot, and just when I was starting to get into it, it would cut to something else. I'm not sure what's the best way to handle that. Maybe do time-shifting and show the same time period multiple times from different cameras, catching different things.

@Ravenfan: I'm not sure how many of the players would agree to have a lighted candle inserted into their nethers, but I can certainly ask.

@RS: Believe me, the players were well aware of the exposure the losers faced. The winners taunted them with it mercilessly.


So, lately quite a few people have asked for more ENF. Well, we just took Episode 328 through final postproduction, and I'm happy to report that it's got some great ENF. These girls did not want to lose, and expose themselves. Hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

yeah the idea of having the photos posted for free on the internet like on episode 330 is great.

Anonymous said...

having some photos of losers posted on the internet will be great promotoin for your site


Anonymous said...


Did you see the Oscars? A salute to Bond films and musicals, I was expecting. A salute to movie stars who have done nude scenes, not so much. But Seth MacFarlane went there with his hilariously juvenile song and dance number "We saw your boobs".

The best picture always gets a boost at the box office, but what I want to know is how much of a boost films he mentioned, like Gia and Mulholland Drive, got in streaming and rentals. I'll bet Brokeback Mountain got a whole new audience.

Pretty embarrassing for the women, though. But not as embarrassing as singing it themselves, which gave me an idea for the next time you have amatuers you want to embarrass. (See, there is a reason I'm posting.)

Have the loser sing and dance. Here's a sample song I came up with.

Everyone on the internet can see my boobs
See my boobs, see my boobs
Everyone on the internet can see my boobs
Because I suck at pool
(or whatever - because I lost a bet, because I'm bad at games)

verse 2. ...see my ass
verse 3. ...see my pussy
verse 4. ...see me nude
verse 5. ...see my blush or ...see my shame
verse 6. could be tied to an additional forfeit for the game
e.g. ...see me cum or ...see me spanked

(This is just a demo song. Feel free to come up with something better, if you like the idea.)


Anonymous said...

# Dex's previous comment...

When was the last time you put a girl saying "I lost all my clothes at lost bets.com on the blog?


Anonymous said...

So I've been thinking over this upping the ante thing. What I've thought is something similar to that "name that tune" game show. it can be something like High card. A card is turned over, then before the next card, the girls go back and forth betting clothes or forfeits whether the next card will be higher or lower. (1 girl risks 1 piece of clothing that the next card is higher, the other girl risks 2 pieces that it's lower etc.) They'd be willingly upping the risk with a game of chance. Works for overly cocky girls, who bet on a King and an Ace shows up. It sounds better in my head honestly.


Red said...

@promoter: Yes, and I do believe it was your idea, wasn't it? Drop me an email and I'll send you a copy when it's ready.

@Dex: No, I missed the Oscars this year. But after reading your post, I went straight out and found it on YouTube. And yes, I bet that the films mentioned do get a boost. I did feel a little bad for the actresses, who looked intensely uncomfortable, but it's a bit late for modesty now. We saw their boobs.

I like the idea of making the girls sing an embarrassing songs. I can just picture a girl like Lumen blushing brighter and brighter as she sang about how everyone on the Internet can see her boobs.

@K: Been too long, that's for sure. And I plumb forgot to shoot any when Amber, Alex, Belle, and Zoë were around, my bad. Will be sure to get some next time.

@E-Male: I like the basic concept, but I don't think it works in this particular incarnation. Let's say the card is a 2, or even a 3. The girls have no reason not to escalate to infinity, if you know what I mean. One girl bets 1, then the other 2, then the first 3, and they go back and forth until whoever doesn't get to bet on the nearly sure thing is naked in one shot. Keep working at it. (I've got a couple of ideas swirling around in my head too.)

Anonymous said...

The interest in escalating forfeits, especially E-Male's suggestion, reminds me of an idea I had recently. I've seen strip poker suggested here before, and you've pointed out that while poker makes for a great stripping game, it can be difficult to find girls who will put on a good game.

My idea is to use blind man's bluff (also known as Indian poker). Basically, each player gets dealt a single card and holds it up to her forehead, showing the other player(s) but not herself. The players then place bets based on the cards shown by their opponent(s). The rules are far simpler than poker, with high card winning and only one round of betting, so it could make for a great stripping game.

The idea may need some work. If both girls bet conservatively, the game could end with little excitement. However, the right situation could lead to big bets, i.e. if one girl has a 2 and the other a 3, both will be confident enough to bet big. Having the right girls could also help. For example, one girl may think her opponent will not be willing to risk any major forfeits, and so will bet big to try to intimidate her opponent into folding every time, but could get caught with a card low enough that her opponent calls.

Even in the right circumstances, the idea requires some thought to work out the rules of betting. For example, say one girl has lost her top, she needs a way to earn her opponent's top. This could be where the forfeits come in. When a girl runs out of clothes, she can continue betting forfeits to win her opponent's clothes until she chooses to give up (or her opponent runs out of clothes and decides to give up). This could lead to two (or more) naked girls earning more and more forfeits, but could also lead to an uneventful game with no forfeits bet (Although that unknown is a large part of the appeal I think).

I think there are other ways to handle the betting too, I was just thinking out lout so please excuse the rambling. In any case, you would probably need a baseline forfeit intimidating enough to motivate the girls to bet other forfeits.

- Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Yeah the idea of having the loser to sing a song is great. She sings: "everyone can see my boobs" while she shakes her boobs. Then she sings about her ass shaking it. Then about her pussy while spreading it. About spanking while getting spanked, etc.

Great idea Dex.


Red said...

@Mr. X: Indian Poker would be a good game to use, but it and other betting games have to be handled carefully. You can't just use items of clothing as chips, because with each player having such a short "stack" the game is over far too quickly. Instead, I'd give the players actual chips, and they'd sell garments to the bank when they ran short. I'd also have the bank rake a few chips each hand, ensuring that the supply of chips (and therefore clothes) is constantly diminishing.

Anonymous said...

the idea about having a loser singing an embarrasing song while naked is very good. It's much better promotion than the nude photos in the internet.


Anonymous said...

the song idea is great. You could vary it by having the loser sitting on the sybian, while she sings. Would be nice to hear her singing while orgasming on the sybian.


Anonymous said...

Another hooray for the singing loser idea. Some line about "I show my boobs (ect.) like a little slut becuase i suck at pool" would also be pretty embarrassing.

And i still miss Lumen, loved her vids :(


Red said...

Okay, so a few of things about the song:

1) I really like the tone of Dex's song: I screwed up, I lost the game, and now I'm on display for the whole world and there's nothing I can do about it. I think the song needs some tweaking but I'd like to keep that feel.

2) The lyrics should be set to the tune of a common (and out of copyright) song, This will make it easier to teach to the players, and make it less likely that they'll forget the tune.

3) If possible I'd like to work the words "LostBets.com" in there. If I'm gonna use these for promotional purposes, they might as well have the name of the site.

@sybianlover: I don't know about that... while it'd be interesting to see a girl trying to sing and stave off orgasm simultaneously, that Sybian is LOUD. Really loud. Lawnmower loud. I don't think we'd be able to hear her very well. Maybe she could sing while the winner works her over with the wand massager.

By the way, you may like Episode 326, coming a week Friday.

@AS: Everybody misses Lumen. I hope she comes back someday.

RST said...

Red, how about an idea for a couple vs couple match with an 'innocent' bystander watching them play. They play until one couple loses. If the bystander is male then the female on the losing couple must sexual engage the bystander (either hj, bj, or sex depending on the agreement). if they bystander is female then the male on the losing couple must engage her. I think it will be a great embarassment having the losing couple forced to watch their partner with someone else and there is nothing they can do about it. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


One subtle, but nice thing Seth did in his song, was only mention nude scenes in very prestigious pictures. Anne Hathaway, for example got mentioned for Brokeback Mountain, a great movie, instead of Havoc, a bad movie with some great nudity.

That's no comfort to Scarlett Johansson, who got in the song by having her phone hacked.

A lot of love for the song idea. Thanks, guys.

You're right, lostbet.com should be worked into the song. Okay, how about this. (Sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb, the last one was more If I'd Known You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked a Cake)

Everyone can see my boobs
See my boobs, see my boobs
All because I lost at pool (a game, my bet, to Belle)
At lostbets dot com

Same verses as before. They might mess up and forget to switch to line three, but that just lets you punish them and make them start over.

You could also have a singing contest between two losers to avoid a worse fate.

Feel free to tweak the song. Or if someone else wants to give it a try, I'd love to see what they come up with.


JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...


That idea about the betting game where they change in their clothes for chips is excellent!!! Please make it happen Red.

Anonymous said...

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