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Friday, February 15, 2013


Episode 323, featuring Fern and Salem and a big red rope, is published. Enjoy.

This one is fairly short. Next week's mammoth update is not.


Wanderer said...

The rope in this one actually did make me thing of something- have you ever tried a limbo contest? Preferably, have the girls strip from the bottom up to get some interesting shots during the game...

Anonymous said...

Red, I forgot, did I suggest this rope grinding forfeit to you?

-YouTube guy (I was the one who suggested the Fucking Machine wayyy back when it first debuted, along with a ton of other ideas)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. I have a way to potentially spice up close games. When a girl is naked and loses, instead of immediately facing the forfeit, they can decide to play another round, at the price of the forfeit getting worse if they lose. For example, a spanking forfeit becomes 30 instead of 20, but at the opportunity of an extra life. This would work best in a close game, so preferably one probability based such as high card.

It doesn't necessarily have to be the same forfeit. For instance excersize routine -> masturbation -> forced orgasm. This would work well in a game with a newbie, as at the end of the day they control what they are willing to do, but with the heat of the moment a competitive game may stretch them further if they feel they can win one more round.

Anonymous said...

I have thought about the extra lifa, extra forfeit idea as well. i think its a great idea. Its something i always wanted to see in the games. just never got round to recommending it.

Anonymous said...

A while back I asked about a battle of the undefeateds. Any chance of that still being an idea for the future? I just sent you an email with a list of names that I put together awhile back.


Anonymous said...

I'll add my vote for "upping the ante" at the end of a game. It made for a very interesting set of circumstances between Johnny and Kat in their "You Bet Your Ass" MC competition, and Amber spontaneously did something similar in one of the Pizza Trilogy shoots, so you've got precedence. I think it would be a wonderful addition to games with tighter-limit players.

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Englishman said...

That was a cruel forfeit... I loved it!

How about turning it into a game idea: you have two people holding a rope, and waving it around, with the players having to climb over/under it. If the rope touches a piece of clothing then they have to take it off. The longer the game goes, the more difficult the height of the rope and the more the people holding it wave it.

Then for the loser this forfeit looks eminently reasonable....

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the execution of the forfeit was very good the girl went without using her hands with the rope between her snacht it was nice to watch. But the interacion between the two girls during the game could have been much better. They didn't say much. You saw nearly no emotions. It seemed some kind of rigged. But I would like to see this forfeit in the future cause it has much potential


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

for the strip search you could also tell the searched girl that she is not allowed to move during the search so you must not tie her up.

you can also set another time limit than 3 minutes.
The girl can also hide the bullet in one of her pockets in her clothes, or in her pussy, ass, mouth, ears,etc.


JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...

I wold like to support the suggestion to upping the ante at the end of the game. This would add depth to the games, and could make girls stretch their limits. Might I suggest that there should be a limit of, let's say, three "uppings" so the girls know that there is an upper limit. The result could be that a tight-limited girl ups the stakes instead of taking the forfeit right away, because another girl has already upped twice or three times and guesses that this girl will lose anyway, which might not happen after all. Could lead to some very interesting results indeed.

Jack said...

Support from me as well. You could extend the game and the tension, or even include the possible forfeits in the game.
After the last garment the losing girl can decide to continue with legs spread, after that she could masturbate for 30 seconds, after that take a dildo in, after that rub, suck and fuck the cock of Johnny (or anybody) acting as a spectator for 30 seconds.
If the next step is inacceptable for any girl who lost a round, she has lost the game and has to perform the last steps she was willing to do with full exposure to the camera.
So if girl A was willing to suck but girl B is not she may have lost even though girl A has lost more rounds. In this example the forfeit after the end of the game would be giving the guy a complete handjob.
This may be an interesting option for girls who are not too sure about their limits, and it is good for girls with different limits (if the girl with stricter limits would normally win the game) and for girls with similar but not too strict limits and a close game is expected.

Anonymous said...

I never expected my idea to be so popular. I forgot Red asked my to sign my posts in an earlier topic (I suggested the girls write forfeits for each other and then people vote on which they'd like to see).

From now on I'll sign my posts as C.

Anonymous said...

Red, I know you mentioned that a girl with set limits wont just just "up the ante" in the middle past those limits when I mentioned this idea awhile back, but I would like to add my support again to this idea in some way.


Anonymous said...

The way I see it, "upping the ante" would be an *option* for the players, not mandatory. If someone with tight limits doesn't want to take the risk of raising the stakes, they don't have to: they simply lose, and pay the originally agreed-upon forfeit. On the other hand, even a tight-limit player *might* be willing to risk "upping the ante", because they may well believe they can get away with not losing at all: that's what happened with Johnny in the You Bet Your Ass clip, after all. Some players may be willing to take that chance. If they aren't, they still lose per the original terms of the game; if they *are*, we all stand a chance of seeing something we might not have otherwise. If there's a downside to this process, I'm certainly not seeing it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I really like the raising the stakes idea brought up herebut I suppose it would have to be used with games of chance. Otherwise the losing girl would never go for it.

Red said...

Gentlemen, I apologize for taking so long to reply to you. I'm gonna lay the blame at the hands (and other parts ) of Morgan, my girlfriend. I realize I can't keep going to that well forever, but hopefully I'll get away with it at least once more. I need to find a way to make time for blogging and answering emails while she's around. Morgan also reminded me that when I said that it had been a long time since I'd been in the company of an embarrassed naked chick, I was forgetting something. But that incident wasn't caught on film..

@Wanderer: Actually, just last week I saw a Japanese video involving naked limbo and the views were fantastic, although marred by the Japanese penchant for blurring genitals. I think limbo will make a fantastic stripping game, and stripping from the bottoms up is a given.

@YouTube guy: I've been crediting kinkfan for the pussy rope, for his comment at August 16, 2012 at 6:13 AM in "We be trippin'". If you suggested it sooner, please let me know.

@C, @++, @‪JustAnyOtherRandomGuy‬, @Jack, @LSD, @Furrychris, and everyone else who commented on the idea of "ante upping": It's a great idea. And it might help encourage some players to stretch their limits. It definitely works best when the game is close, but I think it might work even better with games of skill than with games of chance… when a player is utterly convinced that she can beat the pathetic nearly-naked bitch in front of her and it's only through bad luck that she's facing a forfeit unless she ups the stakes. I like the idea of capping the number of escalations, for pretty much the same reasons JAORG mention. Effectively, the escalations are optional extra garments to lose. Girls who aren't willing to escalate will be at an extreme disadvantage against girls who are. Hopefully they won't realize this until it's too late and they're deep into the game.

@Pareto: As any of a number of fans could tell you, I am terrible at answering emails. I'm not proud of this, and I've done wrong by a lot of people I owe a great deal. But I'm afraid I have no updates on the contest of undefeated.

@LSD: Those were some great moments. The only caveat is that in both cases, those really were spontaneous ideas by the players on the spur of the moment. If the escalation were planned in advance, I don't know if it'd have the same impact. Maybe have a set of increasingly-harder forfeits in sealed,, numbered envelopes.

@Englishman: Thanks, I'm gal you liked this one. As for the game idea, I like it and I'll give it a try. Is the player trying to make it past the rope allowed to use her hands? If so, it seems like it'd be pretty easy.

@kinkfan: I've honestly had the same complaint about some of these young amateurs. Sometimes, they don't seem like they're really getting into it. But 323 was not rigged in any way. You have my word on that.

@Ravenfan: I'll try some experiments and see how it works. By the way, I mentioned in the previous post that during my last shoots I was able to fulfill several fan requests. At least one of those was yours, and I'm actually pretty sure we hit more than one. I think you'll be happy with the results.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could try this forfeit with 3 losers and turn it into a race where the fastest girl doesn't have to compete again.
The other 2 race again with
shock therapy for the slowest girl. It's diabolical but maybe the circus folk are up to it.

Also, is it possible to have to circus crew as spectators for a losing amateur? I can imagine it must be quite embarassing to do even a mild forfeit with these "freaks" taunting and hollering.


Anonymous said...

Another idea: have a ringmaster announce the forfeit of an amateur like a circusact. For example, as a freak or clown displaying her enormous bossom or incredible flat chest and doing tricks like shaking her boobs.


Englishman said...

Hi Red - no, no hands, obviously! Possibly the contestants have to hold something in the air above their heads for added confusion....