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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Return of the Peg

First things first: nearly a year ago, I published Episode 273, featuring a unique forfeit for LostBets.com. Unfortunately, I quickly pulled it down because of glitches in the video, then promptly forgot about it. Well, it's fixed, and it's back.

And so are Eve and Grace. Cyndi had to leave, but I think the two new cuties did a fine job on their own. Enjoy.


Fetish Auteur said...

Hey Red, how can I contact you by email?

RS said...

I bought #273 back when it was first published (and you sent me a corrected one once the glitch was discovered and fixed). It is an unusual forfeit and I can totally understand why it's not to everyone's taste. But I'm an unusual guy, I guess, and it remains to this day my favorite LB episode ever.

BTW, Red, I sent you an email with some sample trivia questions see if the formatting works for you. They're designed to be printed on Avery business cards but it's super easy for me to mailmerge into any other format. They're now at a pausing point and I can send you 450 trivia questions in whatever format you'd prefer.

Red said...

@FA: I'm red at lostbets.com. I look forward to receiving your email, although you should be advised that I'm sometimes terrible at making timely replies.

@RS: I'm glad you like 273 so much! It was an interesting one to film. And thanks for the endorsement. I still haven't shot anything else like it yet, although I do have a forfeit similar to 155 on tape and waiting editing. As for the trivia, thanks for what you've sent to far. I haven't had time to really go through them yet but you can be sure they'll be used in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I noticed there is no spoiler with the winner/loser.


Red said...

@RA: Whoops! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Now fixed. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Thanks for doing a female-male strap-on scene. I'm a great fan..
But a small piece of advice:

Loving the strap-on is not the same as being bi-sexual.

I think your audience for female-male strap-on scenes is enthusiastic yet limited.. and you reduced that audience even further by introducing a second male into the scene(bi-sexuality).

To appeal to a larger strap-on audience I suggest future strap-on scenes should not have a second male.. in my humble opinion ofcours;)

Thanks for many great videos, keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I have an idea for a game called "strip search".
You have 3 girls and determine one ultimate loser. Now you sent this girl to the toilett where she can hide a small bullet somwhere in her clothes pockets or perhaps in one of her holes. Then the two girls try to find the bullet as fast as they can by stripsearching her. You take the time they need to find it.
If the strip searched girl was able to hide the bullet for longer than let's say 3 minutes the strip searchers lose and she can do whatever she wants to them. But she must show where she has hidden the bullet cause she is not allowed to swallow it or leave it at the toilett.
If she fails to hide the bullet long enough the strip searchers can do whatever they want to her.
Perhaps you should tie up the strip searched girl to prevent struggling and injury as result of the fight between the girls. If you tie her up you should lower the time limit for her.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Smashing scene Red. Both Eve & Grace are lovely. A shame Cyndi had to leave but I very much hope there will be more of all three of them.

Anonymous said...

Any chance we'll ever see Cara again? She was rather infuriatingly lucky...


Red said...

@Mark: Thanks very much for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate hearing about what you didn't. For the record, I didn't include Ray in the clip in an effort to appeal to bisexuals. I included him because he really was JC's real gay friend, and he really did hear about what was going down and asked if he could watch it. And I thought that having him as an audience might heighten Bob's embarrassment.

@Ravenfan: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure it'd work well as-is. Three minutes isn't very long, but I think it's more than ample to find a rigid object hidden in clothing, And there aren't that many orifices in which to hide things.

However, I do have some good news. I did recently use some ideas of yours. But you'll hear about that in the next blog post.

@Furrychris: I'll definitely do my best to get both girls back, but it probably won't be for awhile. Sorry.

@N: Hmm. I haven't even tried to get in touch with Cara for years. I will.

RS said...

Mark is probably right about the general tastes of pegging fans. For my part, I'm a fan of embarrassing the male players (when I imagine myself playing, I imagine myself *losing* and experiencing a humiliating punishment). So having this playing being punished in front of an audience was better for me. But I recognize my tastes may not be to everyone's.

Red, I'm polishing up a more complete list of the trivia questions (450 questions). I'll send them today.

Anonymous said...

A few months a go you put a free clip of player against girl on. have you got any more of these and what was the link of that previous clip?


Red said...

@RS: Well, your tastes might not be everybody's tastes, but that's okay, because nobody's taste is everybody's taste. I'll keep trying to shoot a wide variety of material so I have something for everyone, or if not everyone, at least a lot of people.

@jayymez: I think you're referring to this. Yes, there will be more of these but I've given up promising a date when they'll be available.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I'm not sure if anybody has pointed it out yet, but at about 16:02 on 322, the screen goes red for about five seconds. Just letting you know in case you want to fix it.